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Matching spoilery TAZ icons for you and your friends!

Entire pic of all seven is below the cut, but I for one got spoiled (by this, which I love bc I love your art @judgement-booty, and thank you for it bc it gave me the inspiration and the reference needed to draw a quick one myself) so wanted to make sure I hid mine.

Also it’s super sketchy compared to norm bc I wanted to get it out TODAY and I should already be in bed by now I spent more time than I meant to.

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How The Fuck Do Guzma’s Eyebrows Work: An…Open Discussion(???)

as a person who cosplays Guzma, i am having the absolute worst time trying to translate his face onto mine. after thinking about it all day and losing a lot of sleep to it, i think a big part of it is his eyebrows. this fucker has like the world’s worst case of Resting Bitch Face i swear,,

ok so in his official artwork and character model his eyebrows look like this:

so from those references i’d think his eyebrows are something like this:

However, almost unanimously, fan artists depict his eyebrows something more like this:

The biggest differences between canonical depictions and fan depictions are pretty much, in general:

  • Canon: taper upwards at the end.
    Fan: taper downwards at the end.
  • Canon: become thicker towards the temple.
    Fan: become thicker towards the nose.
  • Canon: straight.
    Fan: generally angled, or, somewhat less commonly, curved.

So, I wonder why this is. I literally have no idea. If you think you have an idea of why, I’d actually love to hear it,,

As of right now, I do my eyebrows (and eye makeup in general, I guess) like this when I cosplay Guzma (although it’s still subject to change):

Also, Guzma has like…a really really heavy, low brow. So much so that it pretty much appears as if he has no upper eyelids. That’s really not a thing that actually happens in real life, so that whole issue has me puzzled too, honestly.

(It’s worth noting however, that you can draw Guzma and his confusing eyebrows however the hell you want. It’s your own art, your own interpretation of the character, your own style. I’m not trying to fault anyone or their work, I’m simply trying to figure out how best to do his makeup for cosplay purposes, as I prefer to base the designs of my cosplays off of canonical depictions.)

disco-robots  asked:

you all make up a vastly disproportionate amount of billionaires in this country and some of the worlds most powerful jewish people are insanely hatful to what you call goyim. You refer to non-jewish women as shishkas. don't tell me I'm hateful. I aware, if anything. next time come up with an actual response. and don't put the blame on whitey.

I’m sorry I can’t read this right now I’m too busy drinking blood with my secret society and ordering around world leaders what does this say

I wish I could lose enough interest in TWD to be able to stop watching. Then I could come back here in a a few years when the show is over and find out when Caryl finally went canon, how it happened, if they shared a lot of scenes, whether they died and how they died. I don’t want to care about the struggles, separation of two fictional characters and the want for them to become a romantic couple to a degree that it affects my mood and daily life greatly.

But the only way that can happen is if I find something in RL to hold my interest and fulfill my addictive needs OR find a new show to obsess over. lol. The catch is that with the second one I’m likely to fall into the same trap I’m in now.

Eh. I’ll start with the second one and work slowly on the first. Does anyone have any good TV show recommendations? lol. For reference, some of my all-time favorite shows are: TWD (duh), Lost, Angel, BtVS, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Kyle XY, Once Upon a Time, Smallville, Dexter, Heroes, The Vampire Diaries (though I quit watching several seasons ago). I also watch the Flash and Arrow, though I don’t love them. LOL, another genre apart from fantasy/sci-fi/horror, you ask? I love Scrubs and Friends. Oh, and One Tree Hill.

eta: Want to add that I’ve seen Stranger Things and Breaking Bad, too. Both amazing shows. <3

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Yana Toboso refers to Grell as a man. The whole 'transgender' theory exists only with fans who live in a western society. I've spoken to people who live in other countries, and the transgender thing is nonexistent there. Grell doesn't mind being referred to as a man. Clearly Grell is pretty comfortable. But no, let's hate people for calling an anime character a male when the character itself actually doesn't mind AND the creator of said character uses male pronouns.

I’m real tired rn but I’m gonna try & argue w u

K so first of all, Yana Toboso has called Grell an Okama many times. An okama can mean a crossdresser, a flamboyant gay man, or a mtf transgender. About every other characters using masculine pronouns and Grell not seeming to care, it’s 1889 in England ofc they’re not gonna respect her pronouns, and Grell’s probably corrected people enough times and been ignored that she doesn’t try anymore because she knows that they’re not going to listen to her. In the second musical, she corrects Will (“It’s not ‘him’, it’s ‘her’!) but he ignores her :^/ Also, um, she literally says she wants a sex change, she’s an actress, she’s a lady, she’s Juliet, etc

Wait I just realised.…Did you seriously just say that trans people don’t exist in Eastern countries?? Please take your tansphobic bullshit somewhere else, I’m too tired for all this.

What would you like to see?

Thanks to everyone that let me know how you’d like my longer crack posts to be handled :)  

As I’m going through the series (again), I’m working on putting together some non-love square crack posts that I’ll be posting once I finish the series (for the third, and probs not last, time).  So far, I have in the works:

  • Chat gets (almost) no recognition
  • Nino is awesome (but y’all knew that)
  • DJWifi moments
  • The besties (Alya & Mari, Nino & Adrien)
  • Chat Noir is an actual cat
  • Old school anime/game references in the show
  • Ladybug’s “done” face
  • The soap opera that’s going on with the background characters

If you guys have any other subjects you’d like to see covered by my oddball sense of humor, let me know in the comments :)


@fangirlsaywhaat: What did you have in mind?  I have some posts that include Alya, but nothing exclusively about her….so far.

Just a little note of appreciation :)

Hi! I just wanted to drag up some stuff from WAAAY back when and say how much I love your Homestuck Fansongs :D I found them as I was finishing up Act 3, and as I’ve read further and further into the immense work that is Homestuck, I keep picking up on all the little nuances and references you’ve snuck into your lyrics, and I just adore it! Meaningful and thought out lyrics are something I’ve always loved and just been enraptured with. Nothing makes a song better than when there’s emotion and meaning behind it! Each song is a whole new experience each time I take a listen. You have wonderful singing btw! (I’m assuming it’s you singing, if not I’m so sorry XD) Anyway, just wanted to show my appreciation and thanks! Buh-Bye!

Lol, thanks! :) it is indeed me singing haha

Since I told one of the many anons I’d tell my college stories, here’s one of those.

So this is the story of a man who I will refer to as Douglas MacGreggo.

Is that really his name? No. But he is a villain. Definitely Chaotic Evil. And boy am I glad he’s a part of my life!

So it all started when we were in a room with large TVs that are open for people to use as they wish. I gathered the gang up so we could use it to play a little visual novel known as “Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme”, which is as deviantArt as it sounds. We get pretty far into it, we’re having a good time, but then suddenly this man, this creature, walks into the room. He’s a man with a haircut similar to Leon from Resident Evil (he doesn’t anymore, but that’s the closest thing I can compare it to at the time), glasses, and resting bitch face. He then asks me how I got my laptop to display on the TV. I tell him I just used an HDMI cable and plugged it in my laptop. His response was, and I quote “Uhh do I look like the guy who knows what that means?”

Already off to a pleasant start.

I then tell him how it works and he sits down to watch because he doesn’t have anything better to do. Alright, sounds good. He then shows pictures of his girlfriend by starting the conversation with “This is my favorite Elizabeth”. It was awkward as can be and no one liked it. But that’s not where this adventure begins.

The adventure begins when I ironically shit talk anime.

As I’m wearing my drill core necklace, I start saying “oh I hate anime. It’s such trash” and stuff like that, in a very clearly sarcastic tone. His response?

“Uhh there’s the door and my foot and NOT in that order!”

I’m saying this verbatim. He legitimately said this to me.

He then asked me what anime I like. I tell him “Oh, JoJo, Steins;Gate, TTGL, GTO, Watamote” and things of that nature. He tells me how much he likes Attack on Titan and then we have a very civil discussion about it, my input being about how it’s overrated but still good. But then he drops the bomb. The SAO bomb.

I then proceeded to spout every single reason why I hate SAO, rapid fire. He was chill about it, but I could see in his eyes he wanted me destroyed.

After about 10 to 20 minutes of further non-anime related discussion, he left.

I would not encounter him for about half a year, when I shared an Action Analysis class with him. That’s when we became friends. We’re not close friends, but he comes to me for anime recommendations from time to time. He’s pretty chill, but boy is he the edgiest human being.

So later, the gang is hanging out and I meet up with Douglas MacGreggo for a class meeting that we went to. I show up to where the gang was hanging out with the evil man and it already starts off pretty bad. Why?

1 - The rest of the group doesn’t care for him, especially my roommate for little to no reason.
2 - He walks in with fingerless gloves, a bright anime shirt, and a leather jacket. He’s already ready to brawl.

Now, if it wasn’t mentioned before, the gang LOVES to engage in physical conflict. It’s always in good fun, but it gets violent very fast. So conflict begins, and Douglas MacGreggo threatens lethal violence almost immediately, saying he’s ready to break necks if he needs to.

I’m dying of laughter as fight engages. No necks were broken. It was super silly.

So, since that class with him, Douglas MacGreggo has been in my life, even seeing me as a rival to him. My all-time favorite moment we had together was when I was walking back to my dorm at night.

Now, the setup for my dorm is like this: there’s a large building where all the classes are, and across a long straight pathway is a dorm building. I live in said dorm building, but that path is pretty long. 

I approach the door to the dorm building, but then I hear a loud scream. 


I turn, and there he is, standing all the way across the path like a fucking villain. 

I scram his name back and stand like a JoJo character with an S curve and a hand on my hip. What do we do?

Simultaneously, we start walking towards one another, which quickly turned into a run. 

Now I’m running like this is about to become a stand battle. Think like Jotaro v DIO. But he doesn’t.

His coat flies back, and so do his arms. He runs at me like Naruto/Sonic. As we reach the halfway point of the pathway, we both do a big jump and throw missing punches. As we stand opposite to one another, we stand and look to one another like we were ready to fight to the death. Immediately, laughter erupts, and we walk into the dorm building, just talking about how silly that was.

We make comments to one another from time to time about how he’s an everlasting evil in my life, which may be true. He’s edgy, he’s a freak, and he’s a complete weeaboo.

But I’m so glad he’s apart of this timeline.

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Oh my gosh, you guys keep making references to Danish slaughter house, could you give a synopsis, or should I just go read it for myself?


A synopsis… ok. So, I think it was written during the time that Denmark was considered to have a very unstable mindset- like Russia in a sense- and this fanfic was the one that reflected that the most.
The storyline is that Denmark buys a house- a mansion- and invites the others with Sealand included to stay with him. Of course, they all go along. Anyway, Denmark runs them through a few tests, which they’re completely oblivious to, before he loses it.
He goes completely psycho, and begins killing all of the Nordics off one by one. He doesn’t do it quickly either, it’s like a game of cat and mouse. He also does… things to them before he kills them, and yes I do mean it as in things. In the ending he… brings them back to life and casts this spell on them or something so they forget about it all. The endings a little confusing, but that’s pretty much Danish Slaughterhouse summed up.
See why I don’t like it?

Okay, so Winn calling Lyra a She-Hulk confirms that Marvel, or at least the Hulk, exists in their universe (there may have been previous references I don’t remember). So I was thinking… Do you think Kara watches Superhero movies with the superfriends and they complain the whole time about how it’s not realistic at all. 

Or do you think Kara and Alex have arguments about who would win in a fight?

“I could totally take the Hulk.”

“What? No way, he’s literally indestructible.”

“So am I and he can’t fly.”

okie dokes! random.org consulted, bottle spun, winners drawn

@thetwobosses, @scribblesofel, @pierceaholic: welcome to Smooch Town, population: our dorks!

let me know whether you’d prefer a platonic (like a cheek kiss) or ‘romantic’ smooch, throw me a reference for your Boss/OC (because i’m a weenie who stresses about proper likenesses xD), and i’ll get cracking! i’m not in a good way medically atm, so it may take me a bit longer than usual, but rest assured i’m on the case <3

thank you heaps to everyone that entered! i honestly wish i could draw every single one of these pairings, y’all have some amazing bosses and Lux spends most of her time quietly 👀 👀 👀’ing them xD <3

gabe14limbs  asked:

hello there! again CONGRATS FOR ALL THE NOMINATONS AND THE WIN!! YALL DESERVE ALL OF IT AND MOREEE! and also, are you guys still planning on doing character reference for cosplay purposes ?? cause I vaguely remember long ago you guys asked the fans which characters we'd like to see and stuff. I know you have been very busy so, just wondering if you're still up for it!

We are totally still up for it! Convention season has been nuts, but we have a little time to sit down now and get some work done on it, thanks for reminding us! (if ya’ll havent seen gabe14limbs art we suggest you check it out btw!)

What A Great Night!

Oh. My. God!! You guys! Fuck! What!!

Like, not only did we get to have Rhett and Link on the tonight show; which was everything! Seriously, they looked so good; as usual. They were extremely funny; as usual. And they seemed to be more comfortable this time. They seemed more like themselves.

And also, The Book Of Mythicality, that cover!! It’s so pretty! Honestly! It’s more than anyone could imagine it. And I love how they are bathing in cereal on the cover. That’s perfect!

Also, Will It Smore? The tanning spray was the only one that worked, apparently, and I bet it’s just like licking a sunbather (haha, GMM reference).

But all of that wasn’t why it was a great night. No. What made it a great night, for me. Well. Maybe it was because a certain someones kept liking my tweets and their names are Rhett and Link! I was just live tweeting along with the show and I kept seeing them like different tweets of mine. That’s amazing! Like I can’t believe this! This is incredible! I should celebrate! And yeah!


Not just one. Multiple tweets! I repeat!


anonymous asked:

I know IMDB is not all the time a great reference but Jordan Calloway, the actor who play Chuck Clayton, his listed, and at the end of episode 3, Jughead said he (Chuck) will cause trouble in weeks to come!!!! I'm not sure but I think Dark Betty will come out when he will show up at the BD party!!!!!

ooh, that’s a really good theory! cheryl invites the football team (current and former members) and they start really causing chaos. it could bring dark betty out if they started picking on jughead because he’s her boyfriend. the two times we’ve seen her go dark before was brought on by her love for polly, so anybody she cared deeply enough for being bullied could probably bring out that side of her 

we are also supposed to be exploring jughead’s relationship with the coopers in this episode, so it could be something her mom and dad did as well– but i like the other theory better 


Drago’s Commissions!

To contact me about commissions email me at: 


All payments upfront and through Paypal

Character references necissary

I will not draw:

Complicated designs, comics, NSFW or suggestive material, or gore (however blood is okay)

I will draw:

design ideas (need character descriptions and/or original designs), anthro/furry (though this may be priced slightly more and take more time), simple backgrounds, transparency, and action shots

moritzsos  asked:

Are u gonna draw again? I missed your art <=( And did u also checked on GlitchTale? Just curious, but please draw again...

No worries, I’ll get back at it soon.

Also, Glitchtale looked reeeeaaaally drawn out and long, and I don’t really have the time right now to go and watch all of it. If you really want me to draw stuff for it, you could send me character references (if in fact the Sans and Frisk of that universe have different designs).

i’m announcing the header change today like a newspaper article from the 1800s.

HARK! From the heavens above! The MOST ASTOUNDING MAN TO HAVE EVER APPEARED has appeared RIGHT NOW! A man of short stature has appeared onto our beloved header! And that is not all, my friends! This man came from BEYOND OUR EARTH! Is he from MARS? JUPITER? URANUS? MYANUS? Only time will tell!

The man refers to himself as a BALLOON PEDDLER, selling REAL BALLOONS to anyone he meets! Truly a miracle!


Jaime/Brienne + goodbye scenes

pandalover7597  asked:

My birthday is coming up and I really really love your drawings of Bokuto. If you're not too busy, could you make my day with a Bokuto drawing? Thank you!

Ahhhhh thank you!! I hope you’ll have a great birthday~!!