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Hey wally what do you think about Suzie Campbell? (Sorry if I didnt get the name right...)

Geez! Keep ya voice down! I don’ wan’ her hearin’ me say about how I think shes such a swell dame and I wanna take her back ta New York ta see the big lights and tell her how I think she’s gonna make it real far one day and that if I could I’d shower her in all kindsa presents and gifts an’ treats an’ all and how my heart hammers everytime I hear her damn name?! Why would I wan’ anyone ta hear about how I try ask her on a lil date every time she comes aroun’ my general area but can’ bring myself ta even utter her name let alone ask her ta go ANYWHERES with me.

I don’ want anyone ta know that I refer to her as my uptown girl when Im makin’ my audio journals an’ all.

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I love in fic when Stiles comes out with all this random smart facts/pop culture references and Derek always ignores it, but then one time he acknowledges it and Stiles is like "O.O OMG YOU'VE SEEN (INSERT SHOW HERE) AND ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO WORK A TV??" lol... Like, I love when Stiles is a genius but... what's the word... gullible? Like the moment with Peter and the "underground network of tunnels" "really?" "no you idiot" moment. He's smart enough to know better, yet... I just love that.

That’s pretty cute and can be fun.  I also like when Derek does get a reference and Stiles is like ALL THIS TIME WE COULD HAVE BEEN RIFFING!

A question for my followers.

I was wondering where you all come from and in what hour you are more active. Since I live like in the other part of the world of most of you here ¿? I’m always posting stuff when no one is here and everything it’s dead xDD  

My time zone it’s (UTC-04:00) and right now it’s 4pm, I want to know when you guys are more active to have a reference to come here and post.  

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Hey Jenna so I'm having a real problem of not beating myself up over having bad writing. But for me since I'm a millennial I obviously was obsessed with Harry Potter and it is my all time favorite series of books. So I'm constantly worrying that my book isn't going to be a good book like HP. Any advice on how to get past this? Thanks!! :) :)

I think you need to read more books. Seriously. Branch out. Maybe widening your realm of reference will help you realize there’s a wide variety of “good” books out there, and “good” is entirely subjective. 

i love when i hear my upstairs neighbors talking while going up. its easy to hear bc the way the building is shaped, the sound funnels directly to my window, so im always hearing lil snippets. like this one kid one time was like “thats a BIG bird!” and another time i heard a kid yell “middle finger!” anyways all i know about my upstairs fellers is that one of them hates cherry dr. pepper, and that if they’re not sober, they just can’t do “it”

10 fandoms/10 characters tag except I sketch little profiles for all of them

Tagged by @ferelden-doglord <3

Now witness me go a bit extra on an ask tag bc it’s never a bad time to draw my faves

1. Sherlock Holmes is my all-time fave tbh and I’ve never drawn him before?

2. Javert, what a surprise considering what I post lately

3. Haytham Kenway aka I was crying over this video game for weeks

4. Regis, the only vampire character I’ve ever loved

5. Iorweth (or Iorveth, whatevs), he made Tolkien references, how can I not love him

6. Aaron Burr, precious child

7. Legolas, my elf son, I was dying watching him defy gravity in the cinema at 5 AM

8. Archie, my dumb son who almost drowned the world

9. Koga, he wat throwing blood around (also can u feel the anime tonight)

10. Aaaand Haymitch, I loved every scene with him


June State of the Game

Hey all! Hope you’re doing well. Just wanted to give a brief update.

The weekly NPC poll is up on Twitter until tomorrow (June 27) morning! I post these every Monday in case you want to get in on the action!

As far as the game itself goes, I’m still working on combat (particularly the animations). I’ve got some good reference pieces to work from now, so I’m excited! Other than that, progress has been a touch slow due to busyness and E3. If only I could work on the game in more than just my spare time!

Inspired by listening to the soundtracks to A Link to the Past and Secret of Mana, I started researching how to make/mimic SNES music. Apparently it’s much more difficult than making NES-style music! This is an experiment, so it could fail miserably, but I love learning about this stuff and giving it a shot regardless!

Finally, I’m traveling this week, so I’m not sure how much will get done on the game–could be a bunch or nothing! I’m heading to my best friend’s wedding and I have to keep him sane as best man. :)

Pearlmethyst Week Day 1: Pride Headcanons!

I’m short on time this week so I’m doing a Pearl/Amethyst sexuality/pride head canons today!

I headcanon Ame as bisexual! Personally, I kind of think she had a thing for Greg for a while, based on some of their interactions in he show. She *tends* to be more interested in women, since I don’t see her as being super interested in most humans, and all gems are women. Amethyst knows about human labels for sexuality and actually labels herself as bisexual and will openly refer to herself that way to both humans and gems.

Pearl: Pearl is a lesbian. Unlike Amethyst, who likes the human labels and will use them in casual conversation, Pearl knows there are labels for sexuality, but doesn’t really use them and the human tendency to categorize themselves by who they are attracted to baffles her a bit. She does, however, recognize her exclusive attraction to women, both human and gem.

Pride head canons: Steven is the one who tells all of the gems about pride month and pride celebrations. He originally tells Garnet, telling her he thinks Ruby and Sapphire might really like going to Beach City’s pride march. Amethyst overhears, and sneaks off to invite Pearl to go with her where she thinks Steven won’t hear (Steven and Garnet both know that Pearl and Amethyst are a couple, but Pearl and Amethyst think it’s a secret…they both kind of conveniently forgot about Garnet’s future vision and Steven’s tendency to meddle out of love). Pearl thinks it’s a great idea, but fusses over telling Steven and Garnet that they’re going *together*, since they haven’t official told either of them that they are a couple. They have kept their relationship secret at first because Pearl is worried that it’s not going to work out and if Steven knows he’ll be heartbroken if they break up. Amethyst takes this a little personally at first, but quickly realizes that Pearl is just being her typical, slightly paranoid self, and spends time trying to reassure her that telling Steven and Garnet is a good idea and that their relationship is stable, being surprisingly patient. Amethyst again reassures Pearl that telling them is a good idea. Steven, who has been spying on the whole conversation, can no longer contain himself and jumps out of hiding and hugs them, telling them that he’s known for months and that he’s so excited that they want to go to Pride. Garnet joins them and says that she’s known too, and scolds them both for keeping secrets from the team, but also embraces them and tells them how happy she is for them.

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Murder hobo's and you

A comprehensive guide on ending player behavior.

I recently heard this on an episode of WebDm and i thought it was really good advice not just for helping murder hobos but for keeping players on book if you need or for influencing your players in general. It’s a technique used by game developers all the time and is generally looked down upon as poor design in the gaming industry but I feel it can be used in moderation to get players and keep players playing in a way that is fun for everyone at the table.

What is this magical technique I keep referring to without naming directly? Why it’s the good old skinner box technique!! Also known as operant conditioning, the general idea is that you give the rat cheese for pressing the button and the rat keeps pressing the button. We DM’s use this all the time without knowing mostly in the form of XP. Items and loot can count but the way one gives XP is the most obvious and probably has the most profound effect. We see this more in loot in MMO’s where a developer might artificially increase playtime and thus subscription income by decreasing the drop rate of a vital piece of loot thus making players grind for the item. We can use a similar method in D&D. The way the Dungeon Master hands out XP is crucial to the pacing of the game, too little and the game feels slow and sluggish and it’s too long between any sense of gaining power for the players. If the DM gives out XP too quickly though the players can quickly out pace the monsters in a given campaign. Now this can be easily corrected by including more or harder enemies but it’s more work than it should be. There needs to be a balance between actions done and xp rewarded. And it is a reward, just like cheese the players will find the easiest button to press and they will press it until the cheese runs out.

So how do we get players to press the other button? More cheese! Instead of handing out XP for combat encounters only, try handing out xp for role play moments. Moments of good in character dialogue, good investigation queries or moments of heroism or altruism. And I don’t mean some bonus xp, I mean the same ammount of xp as an encounter of the same level and of probably normal difficulty. Maybe remove a fight later or make it easier and give less xp. But make your players feel rewarded foe doing something other than mindlessly killing for killings sake.

My last point is on making sure your players know what they’re being given xp for. You can do this in a multitude of ways. One way is to tell them when they finish something how much xp they get. This gives that feeling of instant gratification and lets them know for sure they are getting xp for something other than killing and they’ll begin to expect it and seek out situations like that. Another way is to break it down on a sheet of paper at the end of a session if thats more your style. Something like

Encounter 1 (bandits): 350 xp.
Encounter 2 (haggle with merchant): 300 xp
Bonus - Scanlan (Inspirational singing): 20 xp

This both gives a summary of what happened that session but also shows exactly how much xp the party gets.

Try these tricks in your game and see if your players don’t want to start talking to people rather than killing everything in sight. Happy gaming everyone!!

Ah but do you remember how throughout season 3, we were all shook, because we thought it was a parallel to R + J, and that it was gonna end in tragedy ’the lead must die, otherwise it’s not an epic love story’ but then we realised, we’ve been making the wrong parallels the whole time! Even says so himself ’the whole joke is that you think it’s a Romeo & Juliet reference’.

Maaaan, that was so good! It just flipped everything, and put all we’d seen in a new light.

All this time, we though it was some big, dramatic, epic romance, when really it was more real than that. It was a cheesy 80’s rom-com. It was just two people saving each other.

Byeeee, I need to go sob for 10 years now.

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What do you think of the crystal clods, I mean gems?

“In all seriousness, you’re referring to the rebels, yeah? I think they’re quite stupid. Going against the entirety of the Diamond Authority and for what? To be forced to Earth for the rest of time? Such a waste of gems.”


Firelizards and Dragonets are the same creature x3.

No they aren’t. They’re very similar creatures, but Dragonsdawn reveals that they aren’t the same.

Dragonet refers to the native creatures of Pern. Their most notable feature, when it comes to distinguishing them from their descendants, were their hands, which formed a three fingered pincer structure.

The colonists later modified these Dragonets, giving them hands with five fingers and some other features (I believe they made the knobs slightly larger, and increased their empathy). These altered Dragonets became known as Fire-Dragonets, and then finally Firelizards.

Over time, the altered traits proved more dominant, so the original Dragonets died out. All that remains are the descendants of the altered Dragonets, the Firelizards.

Y’all I seriously need help? What should I do when my mental health doctor (I forget what they’re called) won’t take me seriously and won’t even test me for things me and my family suspect I have (just immediately says no its my autism even though they’re symptoms unrelated to autism) and who has made me break down during appointments more than once?? I don’t know what to do because he’s the only mental health doctor in my city and he won’t refer me to someone in another city and my parents are too tired of scheduling me with doctors all the time that they won’t take the time to help schedule me in with someone themselves….? Please help I’m seriously unsure what to do!! I don’t know what to do!!!



distances taken from this

denerim to lothering : orange

230 miles on roads
11 days on foot | 7 ½ days forced march | 6 days on horseback | 4 days fast carriage | 3 days horse relay

lothering to ostagar : red

80 miles on the imperial hwy
4 days on foot | 2 ½ days forced march | 2 days on horseback | 1 day horse relay

lothering to redcliffe : purple

105 miles on roads
5 days on foot | 3 ½ days forced march | 2 ½ days on horseback | 2 days fast carriage | 1 ½ days horse relay

lothering to kinloch hold : light blue

195 miles on roads
10 days on foot | 6 ½ days forced march | 5 days on horseback | 3 days fast carriage | 2 ½ days horse relay
11 miles in a boat
3 hours rowing

redcliffe to gherlen’s pass : dark green

160 miles on mountainous roads
16 days on foot | 8 days on horseback | 6 days fast carriage | 4 days horse relay

denerim to soldier’s peak : light green

100 miles on the pilgrim’s path
5 days on foot | 3 ½ days forced march | 2 ½ days on horseback | 1 ½ days fast carriage | 1 day horse relay
20 miles on mountainous roads
2 days on foot | 1 day on horseback | ½ day horse relay

lothering to the dalish camp : orange + dark blue

80 miles on roads
4 days on foot | 2 ½ days forced march | 2 days on horseback | 1 ½ days fast carriage | 1 day horse relay
40 miles off road
5 days on foot | 2 days on horseback

redcliffe to honnleath  yellow

35 miles on hilly roads
2 ½ days on foot | 1 ½ days forced march | 1 day on horseback | ½ day horse relay

redcliffe to haven : dark green + pink

100 miles on mountainous roads
11 days on foot | 5 days on horseback | 2 ½ days horse relay
20 miles off road
3 days on foot | 2 days on horseback

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Wait what con artist from 2014

I’d like to title this story “Swing And A Miss

Okay, so my high school had this program where seniors could leave school like a month and a half early and opt out of exams if they took on internships around the neighborhood, but not everyone wanted to/was eligible to do it. Back in like 2013, they had like 15 bored seniors stuck in the school, so the administration brought in this Professional Life Coach, left him in alone in a room with them for two hours to talk to them about like, self-esteem or some shit. All the kids were pulled out of their classes for this*, and later told the administration that they loved him, they really enjoyed the talk.

So, about a year later, we have a new principal. He’s supposed to set up an assembly for all the 11th and 12th graders, but he doesn’t know what to do. One of his coworkers mentions that there was a life coach that was a huge hit with the kids that didn’t do community study last year, so maybe he’d also be great for a larger audience. The principal basically thinks “okay, what the hell” and calls up and hires Jason C. Jean to come talk to the kids.

Now, it’s like, 10:30, maybe 11:00 in the morning, and two entire grades are getting shepherded to the main gymnasium, and no one wants to God damn be there. We ain’t got time for self esteem talks. We want to sleep. And this guy, watching us all drag our feet in and collapse into the bleachers was just like…offensively peppy. There’s a couple faculty members sitting behind him, the woman who suggested he be hired for this, the vice principals for the grades- but the principal himself kept getting calls so he was in and out the whole time.

Now, Mr. Jean was like…the chill “Just call me by my first name dude” history professor at college times 30. He was trying so fucking hard. I’m referring to him as ‘Mr. Jean’ in this story just to be disrespectful. So anyway, we all get in there, and he tells us right off the bat “You guys are totally allowed to be on your phones and laptops during this! I get it! It’s no problem, like really, I insist!” so while the faculty members are exchanging smiles that read ‘how do we kill that while respecting him’, all the kids are immediately pulling out their electronics and he’s starts his speech.

Now, again, I really wanna reiterate that he told us we could be on our phones- because when the news articles started coming out about this, I remember all these angry, annoying comments from old people like “Why the hell were the students on their phones in the first place! So disrespectful! These damn millennials and their social media!” like, they were completely ignoring the entire story and just focusing in on kids using the internet, and it Really Super Pissed Me Off, so. Again, we had permission for this (which also ended up being Mr. Jean’s fatal mistake).

So, he starts off this speech fairly normally, like ‘hi, I’m Jason, I’m a professional life coach and I wanna teach you kids about how to be The Best You!’ and like people were tuning him out and listening to varying degrees. Some kids (like myself) were kinda dozing off, and everyone was on twitter or facebook.

His approach to a self esteem speech seemed to be ‘let me tell you my entire life story for hours’ and like, at first I was like “I’m not really hearing this, I’m half dreaming right now” but the more I started making myself pay attention the more…bizarre and rambling his story got.

So like, for instance, he told us he drank a lot in high school. Like, a lot. But he didn’t use that as a ‘don’t drink or party too hard’ lesson, instead he was like “I was fourteen so I always called my parents to pick me up, and they weren’t mad because they knew it meant I could trust them. So remember, always tell your parents when you’re drinking!” and then it kinda got to a point where it sounded like he was encouraging partying and drinking and the like to the group of underage kids.

And then, he told us how he used to play baseball all the time when he was a kid, and at 16 reached a crossroads in his life where the Phillies wanted to draft him or he could go play football for Penn State. And he said he went with Penn State but later lost the scholarship for some reason and we’re like…really.

There was absolutely nothing coherent about anything he was saying- nothing that tied anything together, made a point, seemed like it had anything to do with an assembly on self esteem. He told us at one point he was making upwards of 7 million a year. He told us one time before college he was homeless. He told us he used to own a construction company and built his own branch of nightclubs himself, that he and his friend then ran. He told us he fought a shark and came out with no scars. He told us that he had less money now, because after surviving a work related accident- direct quote- “I fell almost 30 feet and I broke in half” - he decided to leave that industry and spend more time with his family.

So, yeah, I was pretty positive this was bullshit, but there were clearly kids in the room that were falling for it. But then he said something like…he and his friend got bored one day and started jarring up their own pasta sauce, and made a deal with wegmans or some store like that to start selling it, and now he has a pasta sauce empire. Like he spent 15 fucking minutes on this. The way he kept saying ‘pasta sauce’ was so annoying I was about to claw my ears out. But anyway, two girls in my grade wanted to find out what brand he was talking about, so they googled his name.

And then quietly gasped.

And then furiously started typing into their phones.

And remember- everyone, even though they were paying attention- was on twitter and facebook. All the sudden I see heads flying up and wide eyes and people whispering to each other. Mr. Jean doesn’t seem to notice the change and keeps rambling on, but I know something happened so I google him too and-

Okay so basically he’s 1) been arrested, 2) filed for bankruptcy like three times and 3) has been hailed as a ‘Swinger Guru’ by playboy.


So by now, this is a fucking game- he still doesn’t notice anything wrong amongst the kids, so we’re all silently texting each other to fill each other in. Pulling up receipts. But still playing the part of politely intrigued audience members. The school faculty have no fucking idea what’s going on, until one of the students texts her mom, who happens to be the woman that convinced the principal to hire this guy. We see her check her phone, go wide-eyed, and she runs out of the fucking room presumably to either find the principal or hide in terror.

So Mr. Jean had been talking to random people intermittently throughout this speech, but we reach the ‘questions’ part of it. Everyone seems to silently agree that instead of just asking him anything outright, we should just see how good of a liar he was. So they’d be asking him stuff like ‘how much money did you make with ____ company’ and he’d give a ridiculously high number as people were sending each other reports of him filing for bankruptcy during that time. Or they asked him about his construction business which he said was great, and while he was talking about how great it was we were all reading his arrest report, from when a woman hired him to build her house, and he took her money and then like…just didn’t build anything. Wild. Someone asked him about his family and he’s extolling Christian virtues while we’re all on the website for his annual Swing Fest. People would ask him how he got certain jobs and he was making promises to hook kids up in interviews and shit. Everyone was loosing their God damn minds online and just barely holding it together in person. This man was so beyond full of shit- like, he was a God awful life coach but his dedication to lying was inspirational.

We eventually get to leave and everyone is yelling and cracking up and freaking out, all running to our classes to tell the teachers and the underclassmen everything, and the teachers are freaking out, alternating between horrified confusion and laughing hysterically. Before the school day even ended, someone had called a bunch of news stations. The principal was freaking out and denying he had anything to do with it, before calling some students to his office to see what exactly the kids had searched up on the guy…Because apparently teenagers can perform better background checks than school officials. It was all anyone could talk about for weeks.

A couple months after this, for my theater class’ showcase, I wrote and directed a skit called ‘Mason B. Mean’. It was a huge hit. The principal was in the audience. I’ve never seen a grown man look so dead inside. I made sure I was out of the room before he came up to congratulate the cast and everything. The next day, my theater teacher told me his only comment about the skit was a quiet, long-suffering “Why.” 😂😂

Annnnnnnnd that’s the time a Swinger Entrepreneur rambled on about pasta sauce and money in front of teenagers who knew how to use google for almost two hours.  



before i forget this is the reference I made for the Takubun I did 

(this is embarrassing)

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My birthday is coming up and I really really love your drawings of Bokuto. If you're not too busy, could you make my day with a Bokuto drawing? Thank you!

Ahhhhh thank you!! I hope you’ll have a great birthday~!!