i reeeeeally like how this is turning out

Happy weekend! Here’s some hella punk Nerdanel.

Re: elves and tattoos, my headcanon is that it’s not super common, but students of Aulë can be pretty avid about their tattoos, regardless of race. The tengwar on her left knuckles are the initials of her first four kids (the others are on her other hand but facing the opposite direction). The letter on her neck is her initial N, and the tengwar on her right arm spell AULE. She’s also got the Two Trees, some roses, the star of the house of Fëanor, some cool designs, some hammers, and seven diamonds representing her kids. Plus probably some more you can’t see here.

Basically what I’m saying is HELLA PUNK NERDANEL and ELVES WITH TATTOOS

hello world, i fixed myself kind of a strong manhattan tonight and here are my thoughts

so as you may know, most white people have at least a little neanderthal blood in them

but my dad had his side of the family tested and it turns out we are disproportionately neanderthal, like if you go far enough down the line, i am definitely the result of multiple human-neanderthal unions

and i just, i reeeeeally hope it was all consensual

both for, uh, obvious reasons, and also because can you imagine the prehistorical culture-clash rom-coms. the meet-cutes. the misunderstandings. forbidden love? meeting each other’s families! learning each other’s customs! “hey so you can bench-press like four times your body weight, that’s pretty cool”

lilysflowershop  asked:

Okay after seeing your most recent post where you mistakenly thought the person said that the s/o turns into an actual teddy bear, I reeeeeally would like to request something along those lines. So how would MTMTE Tailgate, MTMTE Rung, MTMTE Swerve, and MTMTE Rodimus react if they found out their s/o can turn into a cat whenever they want?? It's so cliche I know but I gotta ask. 😂❤

Magical cat s/o!!!!! O.O

-He keeps telling you about this cat he has been finding wandering the Lost Light and how it really likes him
-When he learns you’re able to turn into a cat, he is in awe by you
-He thinks it’s so cool that shows you off to everyone on the ship

-He tells you about this cat that comes in sometimes and will sit on his lap and purr, he remarks how calming it is and that his patients like it too
-He chuckles when you tell him, you do seem very cat like and no wonder the cat shows up in his office a lot
-He asks if you want to still show up during the therapy sessions to help the others, but remember not to share anything said in that room

-He tells you about this cat that somehow got on the Lost Light and keeps trying to enter his bar, he is worried the poor kitty will be stepped on
-When you tell him, he compares you to some movie he saw and thinks it’s awesome that his s/o is also a cat
-He asks you to help him with pranks

-He is determined to catch that cat, he tells you it’s because he wants you to see the cute little creature and maybe help take care of it
-When you tell him you’re the cat, he feels kind of stupid and hurt that you didn’t tell him sooner, it would’ve saved him from this embarrassment he’s feeling
-He likes playing with you while you’re a cat with cat toys, but don’t tell anyone else about you because someone might try to catch you or something worse

glaciesdraco  asked:

God that etched glass picture is SO BEAUTIFUL. You REALLY have a way with colors like WOW. What's your favorite color scheme that you've used in insomnia? I love the reds you used on Chara's spirit.

Ooooooh, I don’t know if I can pick a favorite.

This comic has been a massive art experiment and a way to force myself to try playing with color schemes and lighting. I kinda like most of the color schemes because they were all learning experiences.

But I guess if I had to pick, the above world montage after the first nightmare would be it. I was trying to show how colorful and beautiful at first glance  life on the surface world was and I reeeeeally like how it turned out.