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The Recruit (Chapter 14) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 75, Part II”

Characters: Mitch Rapp & Reader/OFC

Warnings: SMUT… and dirty talk and cursing and fluff and Shake Shack and ugh. this chapter. 

A.N.: I redid this chapter into a one-shot for Mitch Week, and if you feel like you should skip it because you read it, you could not be more wrong. Enjoy the real version of “Day 75, Part II”.

Summary: Mitch and Y/N arrive in New York City and kill time on their first day before heading to meet Mitch’s brother for dinner.

Chapter Thirteen - Chapter Fourteen - Chapter Fifteen

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“Ugh, it’s so good. I’m so happy.” You threw your head back in ecstasy as Mitch watched you and grinned. “How’s your burger?”

“Really good.” He crumbled into a fit of laughter as you took another massive bite from your SmokeShack Shake Shack burger. You were sitting across the repurposed wooden table in the crowded restaurant in the depths of New York’s Penn Station when you saw your phone vibrate with a text notification. You slid it over to Mitch. He didn’t have a phone and he was using yours to get in touch with his brother. “Steve is going to meet us at Cipriani Club 55 downtown in three hours. He left a key with his doorman for us to get in and drop off our stuff.” Mitch read the text message on your iPhone, closed it, and slid it back over to you across the table. “What do you want to do for three hours before dinner?”

“Have sex.” You said in a normal speaking tone, eliciting a look from the construction worker sitting next to you eating his own burger. You stared straight at Mitch with a smirk.

“I don’t understand what we are still doing here eating burgers then…” Mitch also ignored the close vicinity of the other burger-eating patrons. You laughed hard. He loved seeing you so carefree and happy. “Should we go?” You nodded and grabbed your bag. “The cabs are upstairs?” Mitch hadn’t been to Penn Station since college, and couldn’t remember the layout.

“Oh, honey, we’re not taking a cab. You’re with a New Yorker. We take the subway.”

“You are so smug right now.” Mitch laughed and pecked you on the lips.

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