i recorded it but the sound didnt work

so i recently hit 900 followers and i was gonna show a karkat animation wip for thanks but apparently it didnt work out and now i have to delete it and find better software but heres a video of what i had done while i awkwardly narrate in the background
anyway im still half convinced some of yall are spambots but im glad you manage to like my art and i hope i can keep producing less horrible doodles in the meantime so thanks

so im at work today when The Song comes on the radio (”I’m in love with a saw-ed-ff” for those who dont remember) and i consider whipping out my phone to record a video (which i’d done previously, but the audio quality was bad) but my boss is nearby and i dont want her to think im slacking off (i would have been)

and then she fake-sings “I’m in love with a side ho” and im like wtf is that what hes singing. and im actually asking her this and she goes ‘isnt that what it sounds like tho???? right??’ and im “right???’ (bc im not gonna explain to her why i instead actually heard ‘sawed-off’)

and she tells me she was talking about this song with her kids, and she said the line she thought the singer was saying, and her son went no no, mom, its

pjo accent challenge

i was tagged by @bananannabeth  to do @hellevesque ‘s pjo accent challenge! thanks, this was fun! 

my voice probably sounds super gross also i did zero preparation before this so i am Sorry

im gonna tag @hamabee , @snowpipercy , @son-of-rome , @somethingmorecreative1@keeith, and @genderfluidalexfierro !!! 


“You ready?” Taylor asked Ella, who nodded in response.

“Yeah,” she replied, linking her arm through Taylor’s. “Let’s go.”

Taylor put her drink to her lips as they made their way to the exit, letting the last bit of the alcohol burn down her throat,  which she liked. To her left she saw Austin talking with Selena in the corner. She motioned with her head to the left, indicating to him to come her way. She watched as he leaned in to Selena for a goodbye hug, and said something in her ear.  He walked back towards them, Tree following all three from a distance.

Outside, Taylor’s bodyguard handled the car service as well as the onlookers, while Taylor, Ella and Austin huddled in the white tent. It was nearly 1 AM and a little chilly, but the rented heaters threw decent warmth towards them. Taylor pulled her phone out of her purse and scrolled through the texts on her screen, searching for one name in particular. Finding it, she swiped to the right over Adam’s name, typed in her passcode and read the text.

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i have a crush on u
maxina, warrior princess
i have a crush on u

ok and this is song 2/2!!! this ones a lot more polished than the first one but i didnt wanna post the whole thing bc it needs a little more work. hmu lemme know what u think~

we bought a tape recorder to record the sound of our eyes rolling

back into the middle of our foreheads,

kissed yr eyelids 3 times each cos yr my holy trinity

but god knows i have yet to be sav-ed


Ok, my whole life has changed and I will do a complete fan account since the moment I got at The Verizon.
1.- when I first get there, there was this huuuge line.
2.- texans are super polite and kind ok protect them at all costs
3.- when I was getting my tickets in will call, SoulSnatch (b.a.p’s fotographer) talk to me and he is very good in english and he is so nice and kind, jesus christ.
4.- he and the camera man recordered my sister and my mom. We gave them an special message from mexico~
5.- The gift table was very small.
6.- when I got my seats, I didnt thought I would be 3 meters away from them, actually I got perfect videos.
7.- I made friends inmediately. Since it was a seated event, it was all organizated and more friendly.
~here it is concert info~
8.- Youngjae and Daehyun were so playful on stage. There were always by the right side of it and they seemed so happy.
9.- The croud, including me, was so loud. But at the moment they were talking, we listened perfectly. We were only ‘calmed’ by them two times.
10.- Jongup body is no joke jfc
11.- Zelo is so perfect, I can’t believe he is one year older than me. Such a perfect Human being.
12.- I think hearing the voice of bang yongguk was like hearing the voice of God.
13.- Daehyun’s voice cracked in Bangx2 (still perf ok? Ok)
14.- Himchan mic didnt worked in Rain Sound for a seconds.
15.- Daehyun couldnt stop touching jongup and youngjae.
16.- youngjae’s english is pretty good.
17.- Fabchants were fantastic
18.- Horses/Check on part was epic. The whole croud was doing it, they even recorded the croud. (that was the only time i saw them record the croud)
19.- Jongup is a little shit that is so precious that you wont live until you see his abs tbh
20.- Bang was super happy, you could tell it by his face
21.- Jongup showed his abs because of the croud (we were screaming 6 pack 6 pack ~)
22.- all the croud were laughing with them making them feel more confortable
23.- Daehyun is the most beautiful person alive. He did a lot of fanservice. Youngjae too.
24.- They were so shocked when they say my mexican flag.
25.- I swear to GOD daehyun pointed me in Crash.
26.- Himchan is an actual angel okokok
28.- Jongup voice is so precious, but his part in dancing in the rain and stop it was cut. Yuyuyu
29.- HimUp moment in punch (I will upload the video later)
30.- Himchan was hit in the teeth and was aching through a whole performance, but then he was ok.
31.- I am 100% sure they were so happy and satisfied
32.- daehyun couldnt not believe I know the moves of Crash.
33.- Zelo almost fall with some cables.
34.- they talked a lot in english, they are getting better.
35.- himchan’s part in hurricane the roof is on fire was so awesome. Everyone said it and no one said loof. Point to Dallas
36.- their entrance was very powerful and their goodbye was simple. But you could tell they were really happy.
So, this is my first time seeing them, and I would cut my boob off to see them again. Of course they gave their best and it was a total honor to see them perform.
I didn’t cry, which is odd because I am too hormonal. But they were so happy I was happy too and I enjoyed the corcert at its best. I traveled more than 600 kilometers to see them and now it is done. And it all was worth it.
B.A.P, I love you so much. Thank you for reading.