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Just got back from Voter Protection Training!

It went really well! We do it in odd election years before the primaries because there are historically a lot of shenanigans regarding people crossfiling to get in primaries for parties not their own and we tend to have election observers for the different candidates in place, but there was a lot of general purpose information I want to generally make sure everyone knows.

Polling Place Dos and Don’ts: Campaigning

  • Candidate Behavior in Polling Places: Candidates can enter, vote and leave. They cannot hang around inside to say “hi” to voters, even if it’s stuff that’s not technically partisan like “I just want to thank you for voting today!” Vote and get out.
  • Not a candidate? You still literally shouldn’t even speak a candidate’s name while inside the polling place. This extends to the poll workers - if you forget a candidate’s name and ask the poll worker what it is, they actually should not even tell you that much. If you ever see a poll worker suggesting a specific candidate or seeming to promote a candidate, it is a violation and should be reported.
  • Along similar lines: do not wear candidate paraphernalia inside. No buttons, no shirts, no hats, no weird fun themed socks. This is a bit of a gray area but generally speaking, err on the side of caution and don’t.
  • Pamphlets should be handed out outside the polls, not inside. Rules vary by state, but generally you can’t hand out literature for a candidate inside the polls or within a certain perimeter of the entrance. I’ve seen some argument back and forth as to what counts as the “entrance” if you have two sets of doors, with an outer one to the building and an inner one, but I’ve absolutely reported people for being inside the polling building and seen them dutifully standing outside afterwards, so generally assume they should not be in the building.
  • I want to really emphasize that last point - if you are in a voter ID state, your ID will be checked INSIDE. If you are asked for your ID outside the poll, that is a violation and those people do not have legitimate authority.
  • If someone is intimidating or harassing voters, including demanding to see ID,  report them. Additionally AS LONG AS YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE POLLING PLACE - get them on video on your phone if possible. Post the video to social media, but also post it to your local news station’s Facebook page. That having been said, be veeeery cautious about doing this inside a polling place - there are definitely rules in some states about recording inside a polling place. I’m afraid I can’t give general advice for this situation.
  • If you are unable to get into your polling place due to accessibility issues, that is also a violation. Report it, same as above.

Reporting Violations: See Something? Say Something!

  • Spot violations? Report them ASAP so they can be stopped before the day is out. They might get one or two voters, unfortunately, but don’t let them scare people away all day! They can be blatant about this type of thing, too - we had a story in tonight’s training about a district where, for years, Latinx voters were turned away at the door and told that “Latinos don’t vote here.” It was finally uncovered three years later when a phone banker calling for a local candidate spoke with a Latina woman who asked “Will I be able to vote this year?” and “I haven’t been able to vote these past few years, do Latinos vote somewhere else?” This was uncovered in 2012. Keep a sharp eye out. 
  • Generally speaking, each polling place should have a Judge of Elections - if anything is wrong, go to them first. Ask a poll worker until you get to speak to them.
  • Is the Judge of Elections complicit or not cooperating? Then go over to their head to the County Board of Elections. This information, obviously, varies by County, but I suggest googling it for your County and putting it into your phone’s address book.
  • 866-OUR-VOTE also does voter protection services, but their reactions may be slower, so go to them only after the above steps.
  • Phone issues/phone anxiety/etc.? There may also be places to report online! As I was informed, state sites are often more reliable for that then county, but please try to file a report on both. 
  • But the most important thing of all? Report A.S.A.P. The day after the election might stop them from pulling a repeat act next year, but who knows how many voters they’ll be able to stop before then? Don’t let these clowns operate all day! 
  • Finally, just as a note if you do see someone actively intimidating voters: record and report, but do not engage. However, you can offer to escort voters inside if they’re being intimidated! 
  • If you see someone being intimidated, encourage them to come forward - if you’re being intimidated, PLEASE come forward. Reporting when it happens the only way to nip this kind of thing in the bud. Without people coming forward and reporting, we get Latinx people being turned away from a polling place for three entire years before someone actually alerts the authorities because apparently no one posted a competent election watcher in that entire frigging time.
  • (I’m still so mad about that story - just oh my god.)

Trouble With Voting? Name Not on the Roll? No Voter ID?

  • Again, can’t emphasize this enough: If you have any trouble voting, flag down the judge of elections if you need help, then call your county board of elections if that fails or the judge is complicit in the problem.
  • Is your name not on the rolls? If all they’ve done is flip the book open to your alphabetical spot, they have not done their due diligence. Voter registration can be slow: sometimes, voter registrations will be sent in as “supplementals” to the book, depending on when they arrive. Have them check back of book for the supplementals first.
  • Still can’t find your name? Are you reasonably sure you’re in the right place and have registered? Better yet, is the online voter registration checker telling you you’re registered? Have the Judge of Elections call the county board of elections to see if you’ve been registered but not yet entered in the book yet!
  • Also, live in a Voter ID state? Check to make sure of the requirements! Some states only require voter ID if it’s your first time voting in that polling place. The exact form of acceptable ID may vary but your driver’s license should always be enough. If they’re telling you it isn’t, they are lying. Report it.
  • And if all else fails? ENTER A PROVISIONAL BALLOT. If you can prove after the fact that you’re eligible to vote at that polling place -  say, if you forgot your voter ID - you can still have your vote counted! 
  • You may never be denied a provisional ballot, ever. If someone tells you they’ve run out of provisional ballots they are ALMOST CERTAINLY LYING - they have a truly absurd amount of those on hand and can call for more. If someone tells you this, call the board of elections and tell them “Hey, [x voting place] is out of provisional ballots.” That’ll be resolved real quick then.
  • In fact, was there a mixup about your polling place? Whenever possible, you should always get to your actual voting place, but if you can’t make it in time to vote there, try filing a provisional ballot at the polling place where you currently are! It may be counted for your proper polling place later! Basically only do this if you physically cannot get to your polling place before the polls close, though. 
  • If you or someone else needs translation services, they are legally entitled to them; however, the translator does need to be certified, generally; you can’t just bring a friend or family member in to translate in the booth.

Poll Watcher and Worker Responsibilities

  • Poll watchers are usually registered for a certain candidate. I’m not sure if this is true for all states but in at least some there is a limit to number of poll watchers per candidate. Sometimes they’ll let a generic political party have a poll watcher (E.G., ‘Poll watcher for the Democratic Party’, etc.), but it’s rare and may be thrown out, so don’t count on it if you have another option.
  • Poll watchers need to be registered and approved. You can’t just show up and ‘poll watch’. If someone is claiming to be a poll watcher without official papers, report them. If someone is trying to ‘poll watch’ inside the polls without official papers, definitely report them.
  • What can poll watchers do? Well, for starters, they can check before polls open that numbers are at zero! After that, their job is to sit at table and watch. 
  • Do NOT tell any voters what candidate you are pollwatching for. That is a violation. See that thing about “literally do not speak a candidate’s name inside of a polling place” above.
  • Poll watchers can also watch the votes being counted and can even watch as the write-ins and absentee ballots are counted.
  • Aside from the Judge of Elections, poll workers, and poll watchers, polling places may also have an inspector for each party. Poll staff can be elected or appointed, depending on the position - if your polling place doesn’t have anyone from your party, you can tell the judge of elections you’re interested in volunteering. HOWEVER, you’re there from before it opens to after the last vote is counted, so make sure you’re up for that because that is a loooong day.
  • Finally, just as a general note: Exit pollers can ask you how you voted, but you can refuse to answer - no one can force you to answer how you voted.

And that’s my absurdly long voter protection spiel! There’s a lot of other voting rights stuff to know in terms of registration, felon registration rights (varies by state!), homeless registration rights (I know in at least some states you can register even if you’re homeless and just need to circle the area you’re usually in on a map in order to register, but that may not be universal), but we just covered stuff at the polls themselves here.

Now, get out there and vote! Every year has at least a primary and a general election, plus sometimes special elections - please don’t just turn out for Presidential elections!

A sliver of silver reflection.

I remember years ago, while working in C-Sec there was this case where Turian children kept disappearing on one of the wards. Posters were popping up on every street corner, countless faces. Within weeks the outpost I was stationed at was packed with dozens of Turian parents begging for their children to be found. Often mothers doing most of the talking while the fathers were either out trying to find their sons and daughters themselves or simply did what they could to somehow get us to work harder on figuring out what in spirits name was going on. This was all happening within my first year as a C-Sec officer, before I got moved up to investigations at the C-Sec HQ.

My immediate thought was to figure out where all these kids were from and after a few days of asking around and looking through the public records of all the parents that had approached us I was able to narrow it down to a half dozen blocks of residential buildings. A mostly Turian enclave area of the Citadel with some Volus and Elcor mixed in, maybe even the occasional Salarian. 

One thing I noticed was how quiet the streets were. For an area that housed over ten thousand residents, the main streets were mostly empty. The local park had the occasional shady figure who would run off if you tried to get close, but for the most part it was also empty. 

I walked down a few dozen more blocks, out of the enclave and into the Asari/Salarian dominated area of the ward. Children and families were noticeably making up over half of the locals walking by. Asari school groups, and the occasional Salarian cluster created the kind of bustle you would expect. 

Growing up on Cipritine I was accustomed to streets filled with other children playing war, and building forts out of dumpsters and cardboard in back alleys and raiding the bases other ‘factions’ of kids who were part of different educational regiments or schools. 

As a kid I was much more fascinated with tearing things apart and figuring out why they work and trying to improve them or splice them into something else. 

Sol, my sister, took after me in this aspect a little as she got past her infant years my tools and projects would often go ‘missing’ often ending up under her bed or hidden in a closet.

I was never the kind of kid who was into reckless violence and growing up unless I had some kind of conviction for what I was doing. I only ever got into one fight with this one kid named Valaksus because he kept harassing the smaller kids. Ended up breaking his arm, and dislocating his other shoulder; I only walked away with a bloody face. We ended up moving to the outskirts of the city after that.

I could see the value in something like hand to hand as a form of protection for myself and others. Aside from that, if I didn’t believe in learning something I never really gave it my full attention much to the frustration of my father. I hated rifle training and hunting trips when I was young, needless violence, and why did I have to kill them? I always had a moral high ground of thinking people could, with enough persuasion see things my way and that violence could be avoided. My dad tried to help me understand that the convictions of the self and the convictions of the cause must always be worth dying for, and while this may seem close minded as I argued, he pointed out that some people’s causes are for peace and for helping others like he was with his job at C-Sec. keeping an open mind is always important when dealing with so many different people he said; but sometimes violence is necessary. Sometimes people need to die, and it is their conviction to their wrong doing that decides their fate. When I asked him how he decides who lives and dies he simply said their lives weren’t up to him; and that whether they needed to die or not wasn’t a choice he could make as a cop, but rather a personal belief he had to set aside for a noble cause: Staying within the lines of the law and of civility.

So walking around on the Turian enclave later that night while off duty I happened to pass by an alley when I saw a kid out of the corner of my eye at the far end. 

She ran off before I could say anything, and given the lack of any other kids in the area and the fact that they’ve been going missing, I ran after her. Down the alley, through some fences, and two residential buildings I followed her to this basement under some shabby restaurant that had closed years ago.

Ended up upon this ring of Turians who were selling the kids to Batarian slavers and auctioning others to Krogans who wanted to take their revenge out on the Turians who put their species down with the genophage. The kids couldn’t fight back. The kids would get shipped out to other parts of the citadel and would be beaten to death and disposed of, even cooked afterwards by some of the Krogan, most of the kids were homeless but as they ran out of those, they started taking the ones who had families just to keep the business going. 

Even to this day I can’t recall the firefight that ensued, or even fully recall tracking down every monstrous customer of this nightmare from the ledger I found and doing the world the service of removing them from it. I had never in my life experienced such an intense rage towards another person or group of people. 

 I killed them all. Every single one.

When my dad found out he was furious. Yelled at me about fair trial and following the rule book. Especially when it came to those that I had tracked down. 

He ended up covering the whole thing up, aside from giving me credit for shutting down the crime ring, which gave the promotion to the investigations unit, no one ever really knew or found out about everyone who had bought the kids. Several of them were returned to their families after a couple raids on batarian slavers weeks later, and the ones I saved that night went home the next day. The young girl I had followed had managed to escape and led me to where she was taken, before running home once she knew I would enter the building. Turns out she knew I was a cop because she had seem me on patrol weeks before. Within weeks the enclave seemed to be no different from the streets back home.

But he covered the whole thing up.

It was the only corrupt thing he had ever done in all his years at C-Sec. I know damn well I would have lost my job and probably gone to prison for murder.

But… they had to die. Of this I was fully convinced. 

From then on my relationship with him got even harder, we hardly talked, and anytime we did, it was either him lecturing me or both of us arguing. I began to loathe all the rules and red tape the came with the job and after what I had witnessed. 

The capability for unimaginable cruelty of other people. I always had more of a mind that taking these kinds of scum off the streets in such a way that they could never harm anyone ever again was worth whatever means it took to accomplish that, even if it meant bending or breaking some of the rules. 

This is how I went about my job at C-Sec for years, each year feeling more and more restrained by the rules that felt like they were only there to help the bad guys get away. People like Dr. Saleon. 

And then I met Shepard, this… amazing human who taught me how short sighted my frustrations had left me. Who showed me more than I ever would have learned with C-Sec. She showed me the direct approach of convincing others to see her side or dealing with them if they won’t. Who had the ability to set out the ideals I had as a kid and put them into practice in the real world. And who’s combat ability was a terrifying force to be reckoned with. The first few missions with her I caught myself distracted by how quickly she moved from target to target, clearing rooms faster than I had ever seen. The Geth, and the Pirates, Mercs, assassins. The minute she arrived they didn’t stand a chance. 

I aspired to be like her. How even with merc bands smart enough to talk first, she would give them the opportunity to leave, rather than shooting them first. Always offering the handshake first and the barrel of a gun second. 

Every encounter with Saren she fought him through words as well as weapons, and her spirit never seemed to back down. Her influence was so great she was able to convince him to take his own life, the last act of defiance against Sovereign. A power with words I had never seen in my entire life.

It was as if she was glowing and I was careful to absorb all I could from her and to be at her side no matter the situation. 

After Saren, I went back to C-Sec with a renewed fire and passion for serving; for protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves. And even though the frustration of the red tape was almost immediately apparent, I kept my head held high, and always offered the handshake and a way out, before going for the gun. Those months I brought in more criminals alive and unharmed (mostly) than I had ever done in entire years of working with C-Sec. Many of them recognized me next to Shepard on the vids of the battle for the Citadel, cutting through Geth heavy lines and kind of gave up as soon as I showed up to whatever operation they had going so I guess that made the job a little easier. 

 Intimidation wasn’t something I was used to, but I learned how useful it was in ending fights before they even began. 

 And then Shepard died.


 It’s still kind of hard to talk about or clearly recall.

It felt like losing a part of myself, and life on the Citadel fell apart. 

The constant drug busts and same scenario criminal kingpin wanna be’s made me feel like I wasn’t accomplishing anything.

I was losing it. 

Everything Shepard had taught me, everything we accomplished. 

Everything she taught me to be, everything that I was and wanted to be. 

I was losing control of it all. 

I had to do something. 

Had to stop the problem at the source. 

It’s what she would have done.

I Ended up drifting for a few months from colony to colony in the terminus systems looking for trouble as I went before losing my way all the way to Omega. 

I needed a cause to believe in and Omega was no shortage of causes. 

And well… Heh… I’m sure your familiar with how that went down hmm? 

When Shepard came back from the dead it felt like a part of myself that I had lost had been restored. I fought better, the banter came natural, I could let my guard down around her. I could truly feel like myself around her. 

No way was a I about to let a rocket to the face cut short what had been returned to me only moments prior. Though I’m sure how high I was off the stims might of affected how i was feeling. Three days straight of shooting bad guys can make even me a little… whats that human word? Cookoo? 

With Shepard back in my life I could feel more myself, and I could let my guard down around her, even more so than back when we took down Saren. It felt more natural this time round for us to be just us. 

Just like old times, but better still. 

And with very few people onboard the Cerberus ship that we felt like we could trust (I removed like three dozen hidden cameras and audio devices from the forward battery, as well as a algorithm tracker from my terminal) It was only normal that we turned to each other more and more. Old friends, a hard thing to find back then. 

And then after Shepard helped me with Sidonis, and the way Kaiden reacted to Shepard on Horizon, I suppose I should have expected Shepard to want more than friendship, me being the only one she could fully trust. And well… being completely honest that caught me completely off guard. 

It was… nerve wracking and awkward, but the more we felt out our feelings the more natural it became, the more… right it was and the more we could feel like ourselves. And this innate need to find ourselves in each other and to support each other defined every aspect of who we were, and spirits be dammed if I ever let anything happen to her because I know I’ll lose myself as well. 

 It’s a kind of belonging of the soul that I think we all strive for, and I couldn’t be more at peace with having found my place in this world by Shepards side. 

Because as I’m sure you know. 

There really is no Shepard without Vakarian. 

 And damn does being me feel good. 


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Threaten my pregnant wife over parking? Enjoy your misdemeanor! HOA Bully.

(warning: long story)

This was last year. I just sold my home in my HOA.

About 5 years ago I bought a 1500sq ft townhome condo in an up and coming town. Right in the downtown area. This is a valuable property with home prices having increased 35% since i purchased. This was a wonderful area in walking distance of everything I loved as a single bachelor. When I moved in all my neighbors were wonderful. We all got along great except for one person. She belonged to the HOA board but was moving on because you can only serve 8 years. We’ll call her Gimpy J.

Gimpy J is a 65+year old widow whose husband died unexpectedly from a heart attack. She doesn’t have much to do. She met a man online and moved on and I was happy for her. Talking to my passive neighbors I hear bits and pieces of why things are at the HOA because of Gimpy J and another woman who had to move because of age. On the board the two of them bully residents. They change the landscapping from mulch to pine needles, they stop upkeep on the pool deck because they hate kids. They reported one house for anything and everything because their kids were too loud. She bullied a woman with MS because Gimpy J was feeding feral cats and attracting raccoons and possums near our homes and Animal control was called. Residents did not like her.

I got married and wife has been living with me for 2 years now, at this point. We are very happy.

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Living Truthfully

Characters: Introducing Michael with Castiel, Balthazar, Gabriel, Lucifer, and hunter!Reader (with mentions of Sam and Dean)

Word Count: 9,218

Warnings: none! Just some angel/archangel shenanigans

Request: can you pls write a michael x hunter!reader where the angels tease him about his crush but ultimately decide to help their brother?

Author’s note: Thank you so much for this request! I was very excited to get my first Michael fic request, and I had a lot of fun writing this with all the angels being meddling dorks. I really hope I did his character justice (considering he has the least screentime ever.) Also a general note, I used the young John version of Michael for this fic. Hope you like it!

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Winter’s Witch Part 3

Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes
Warnings: FLUFF !! 
Summary: Bucky Barnes had just escaped his captors, Hydra. He didn’t know where to go, or what to do. Somehow, he manages to stumble into a girl’s apartment who he’s met before. The twist is- she’s not your average girl.
A/N: Make sure you listen to ‘Hourglass’ by Catfish And The Bottlemen when you read this. You will get ultimate feels.
Word Count: 2.1K

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

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Step Study Schedules/Resources/Etc

Here is it, as requested and as promised, my official “what I’m going to do for Step post”. I’ve included my schedule (which will likely be subject to change over the next several weeks as I go through it) as well as little blurbs on all of the books and resources I will be using on and off throughout the process. 

Massively long, so I’ve made it a click-through. Enjoy!

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Judging You Softly - Pt 1

Yayy for @kijilinn ‘s fic “Bellflower” inspiring me to write something of my own. I’ve never done a self insert before so for all intents and purposes here one is. 

I’ll be ducking and dodging the smut area cause I’m like…I have a feeling Negan wouldn’t have sex with an 18 yr old? Like me personally I’d hit that ass cause I’m of age but I know the subject can be iffy for some people so we’ll see what happens, especially since this fic may also deal with or mention my real-life  past of having random traumatic shit happen to me for no goddamn reason. For all intents and purposes this is me interacting with Negan.

I’ll tag the homies at the end and if u wanna have ur name added or removed lemme know.

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as an add on to my other ralts crossbreed variations post that i made a while ago, these are rarer crossbreeds, most resulting from chain breeding between different egg groups. many of these are bred for contests because of their unique and distinctive appearances. i’ll go on explaining stuff about each crossbreed under the readmore

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KCON Tips (≧◡≦)

Whether you’re going to KCON in Toronto or KCON LA/NY later this summer, you may find these tips helpful! So, bookmark this page and come back when the glorious time comes!

General tips:

  • Pack light: if possible, bring a small backpack. Only bring essentials: wallet, ticket, water, and super small snacks. I brought a purse to KCON and it was the biggest nightmare when I was waiting for the Got7 runway show. I had to turn it into a crossbody because it was hurting my shoulder. NO PURSES/MESSENGER BAGS. JUST BRING A BACKPACK, YOU’LL THANK ME LATER.
  • Free stuff? TAKE IT. KCON brings in a lot of venders who are trying to get their name out there so if they offer you free items in exchange for playing their game, do it. It’s good PR for them, if people see a long line for a certain booth, and you get free stuff!!!!
  • Meet and greet with a mystery guest? SIGN UP FOR IT. I made the mistake of passing up a random meet & greet sign up because I thought the meet & greet would be with the smaller artists like Zion.T and Crush, rather than Got7, Block B, or Monsta X. It turned out to be Got7 and I was devastated, but I was able to get some interaction with them on their way into the booth and on their way out.
  • Bring a portable charger/wall charger. While you’re going to have the time of your life and you think you may not need your phone, you’re wrong. You’re going to want to record everything and meet up with voucher traders. Trust me on this one. You can also cool down (if you easily get hot walking around) in one of the movie screenings upstairs.

Fan engagement:

  • If you just want to grab a glimpse of your favorite group, go ahead and buy a fan engagement pass off someone. If you’re like me and you’re easily discouraged by the ‘so close, but so far’ tease, don’t do it. In the fan engagements, there is a fence that separates hi-touch pass holders and audience pass holders. If you just want a glimpse of noona/oppa before the concert, go for this.
  • If you want something more personal AND WORTH IT, buy a hi-touch pass off someone. People can AND WILL sell the hi-touch pass anywhere from $100 to $300, especially if it’s a well-known group because they know fans will buy it. But if you really think about it… how often does your ultimate bias group come to KCON? Not often. If you want the once in a lifetime (or for maybe for the next 5 years) opportunity to touch their hand and look into their eyes, do it.
  • Keep in mind. At least at KCON LA, since it takes place in August (a super hot month) and they’re trying to get as many people as they can into an artist engagement, if you’re audience, you WILL be waiting in the blistering heat. The hi-touch pass holders got to stand in the shade (I’m still salty about it). But there are far more audience pass holders than hi-touch, so it’s an understandable way to get everyone lined up somehow.


  • It’s very likely you’ll see your bias group walking around the convention, so keep on the look out! Got7 walked out from behind a curtained area every time they needed to enter the convention, so when I was standing by the Running Man booth, positioned in the back, I was able to see them then. Soyou made an appearance at one of the beauty booths. Roy Kim came out to a booth as well. CHECK YOUR PROGRAM SCHEDULES.
  • You’re gonna get hungry from fangirling all day, take the snacks they offer you. Whoever’s sponsoring the event, play their games– they always have goodies!!!
  • They sell posters, CDs, and general merch if you’re looking to go home with something!


  • If you’re blessed with the opportunity to be face to face with your ultimate bias, smile at them kindly and say hello like a normal person. DON’T SCREAM WHILE THEY’RE LOOKING AT YOU. Scream when they’re gone and out of ear shot. After I was acknowledged, I fell to the ground and bellowed “YESSSSSSSS”– but will Got7 ever know? Nope.
  • KNOW YOUR IDOLS’ NAME/STAGE-NAME/PROPER PRONUNCIATION. You’d be surprised how many times Jinyoung was called “jay-are”. When I called him “Junior” he had such a bright smile on his face. Even Yugyeom managed to say “hi” back when I greeted him. It’ll make their day… and yours ;)
  • Check out the schedule in the booklet at KCON for any possible special guest appearances. That’s how people found out about Roy Kim, Soyou, and Got7 appearances. 


  • food trucks will most likely be there, but they’re pricey!!!
  • bring snacks or play some games at the convention to get free snacks!


  • At KCON LA, each ticket package came with benefits (hi touch passes, audience passes, red carpet passes, etc.). It’s very unlikely you’re going to get the pass for your bias group (unless you have crazy good luck), so you’re going to have to trade/sell/buy.
  • A few weeks before the convention, look on facebook to see if anyone’s started a “KCON VOUCHER TRADE GROUP”. Someone will eventually begin a group chat on kakaotalk, and on the day of, everyone can state what they have and what they’re willing to trade/sell for. 
  • Sometimes you can bargain, depending who you’re talking to. Eventually people will want to just get it off their hands and will sell it for as low as $5 or just give it away. 
  • But don’t rely on group chats, talk to the people at convention! Odds are they’re looking to trade for something as well! I had a Shinhwa engagement pass and I didn’t even have a ticket for the day of their concert– luckily, while I was buying a Monsta X pass, the group of ahjummas next to us wanted Shinhwa but had a Got7– LETS JUST SAY IT WAS MY LUCKY DAY.

Ticket Pricing:

  • If you’ve never been to KCON before, this past summer they did a two-day deal. Because the concerts were broken up into two days and maybe if your favorite groups were on separate days, they made tickets available for two-days at discounted prices (rather than buying each day separately). Prices ranged from $800 (basically ultimate VIP experience), $450 the second cheapest and so on. Individual days cost: $400 (for the VIP experience), $250, $200 (what I got), $150, $100, and $75. 
  • My ticket came with: P2 check-in (a little faster check in than the lesser check-in lines), 1 red carpet opportunity, 2 hi-touch opportunities, 2 guaranteed fan engagement audience passes, and a swag bag. 
  • I found my ticket to be quite worth it in respects to where I sat. I had a perfect view of the stage. The whole thing with passes though was stressful, but fun at the same time. The best part of my day had nothing to do with where I was seated (seeing got7 at the convention portion), but I don’t regret where I sat!
  • KCON has been constantly improving every year so everything might be different this time around!!!!

If you have any more questions/concerns about KCON, feel free to message me! They should be updating their website in a couple months, maybe by May or June, the ticket/artist info will be up! You can also follow @KCONUSA on twitter for updates :-) Best of luck!!!!!


The Avengers travel to Baltimore to find you, believing they can help tame your errant powers. Things don’t exactly go smoothly.

Eventual Bucky x reader

Warnings: Mania, mentions of mental hospitals

Tony walked into the board room, a serious look on his bearded face. He glanced around at the others with tired eyes- he’d clearly been up for hours, before he called an impromptu Avengers meeting at 4am. Natasha, Steve, Clint, Thor, Bucky, Bruce, Wanda, and Sam all sat around the long table, looking sleepily at him. Clint and Wanda were still in their pajamas. Sam looked the sleepiest; since he didn’t currently live in the tower he’d been given the heads up a few hours ago and had driven there. No one knew where Vision had gone off to. He was a little odd.

“We have a potential addition to the team.” Tony slid a stack of files onto the table, one to each person. They all opened the folders and read the dossier. “We need to plan an extraction.”

“An extraction? For a manicurist in Baltimore?” Sam raised an eyebrow. “I can just, you know, drive my car and pick her up. You know that right?”

Tony frowned. “She’s a little more dangerous than meets the eye. Keep reading.”

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Season 1 Episode 2: Winning the Lottery!

CaptainSparklez = Jordan
SynHD = Tom
II_JERiiCHO_II = Tucker

Transcript below; episode dialogue under readmore.

(This episode was recorded straight after the first episode, so there’s no intro this time.)

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aro/ace/nb dr who quotes

here, have a fuckton of quotes that either confirm or imply aro-spectrum ace nb dr who

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anonymous asked:

I think that what stops me from writing is that I don't know how to manage my time. I'm always busy with my studies and writing is like a hobby. And I love thinking of new ideas, but I never get to really write them because of the time and then I get hit by another idea, so I don't finish the one I was developing.

Jumping between ideas is a whole other issue entirely, which I’ll post about later on, but let’s focus on making time to write when you’re busy. 

Fit Writing Into Your Schedule

When it comes to time management, I cannot help but bring up Chris Baty and No Plot? No Problem. In it, he outlines how to fit NaNoWriMo into your schedule, and I think it’s a method that you can apply throughout the rest of the year as well.

Step One: Grab a small notebook and start recording every single thing you do throughout the day.

  • 8:00: Woke up
  • 8:30: Had breakfast
  • 9:00: Went to work/class
  • 1:00: Had lunch

I won’t do the entire day here, but you get the idea. Include things like check email, browse Tumblr, YouTube. Anything that takes up more than 5 minutes of your time should go on this list (going to the bathroom - no; take a shower - yes).

Step Two: Once you’ve kept this schedule going for a week, get out three highlighters and assign a color to each of the following:

  • Necessity
  • Priority
  • Dispensable 

Go through your schedule and highlight each item on your list with one of your colors. Necessities would be things like eating, sleeping, showering - think personal health and hygiene. Priority would be work, school/studying, volunteering, school activities, chauffeuring your kids or attending their events - think things that you don’t have to do to survive, but that you need to make you happy. Dispensable is all the extra stuff - the internet surfing, TV watching, other hobbies.

These have gray areas, depending on how you live your life. Some people might consider cleaning a necessity; others may think of it as a priority, or even dispensable. You make these judgments based on how you feel. 

Step Three: Begin replacing some of those dispensable blocks with writing. If you have very few dispensable things in your schedule, you’ll have to cut into your priorities. If you’re still having trouble, consider cutting down the time you spend on priorities/necessities rather than replacing them altogther. Cut 5 minutes from your shower + 15 from breakfast (prepare something simpler) and you’ve given yourself a 20 minute block to do some quick writing. Also look at combining activities. Are you able to write during your lunch break? Or on the bus/train? These are last resorts, but options nonetheless. 

The bottom line is: If you want to have time for writing, something has to go. 

If you can’t replace anything in your life with writing, then you’ve decided writing isn’t a priority. That’s okay. Writing may not be a priority for you right now, but that doesn’t mean it can’t become one later. Your life may become simpler, you may drop hobbies, your kids will get more independent…your life will evolve and maybe eventually you will have time to fit it in. But don’t decide that until you’ve gone through this process and really evaluated how you spend your time. 

Thank you to Chris Baty for introducing me to this process. 

Tell me what’s stopping you from writing and let’s talk about it!

anonymous asked:

I'm just about to start high school and I've heard its a large transition, especially with studying and the amount of work you get. Can you offer any tips or how I can prepare (specifically study habits, etc.)?

Here are some of my tips for high school.

Create your own block schedule with study time - since you have so many subjects, it’s quite difficult to make sure you have studied everything and that you are not just focusing on one or two courses. Creating your own weekly block schedule will help you to make sure you have spent certain amount of time for each subject every week, and of course you can assign more study hours for subjects that you are not good at / or that you are good at (depends on your studying strategy).

Have the habit of recording every class’ content and have daily review study session - it’s quite difficult but it always works for me. In my planner I used to mark down every class’ teaching content of the day, and review them when I am home. (So that list will become my checklist for the daily review session). This makes sure that I understand everything that’s being taught on that day.

Preview your classes if you can - it is great to do chapter previews and weekly previews. I usually do chapter reviews only because weekly previews are quite impractical (plus I would rather do weekly reviews instead). Just skim through the next chapter that you know the teacher is going to teach. Use a specific colour (I use red for example) to indicate areas that you don’t understand. This allows you to pay more attention when your teacher is covering that part.

Practice, practice and practice - I am not sure about your curriculum, but for me I used to do practice questions for a particular chapter every time my teacher was done teaching that. Then I do mock test papers when I am preparing for tests and exams. (Usually I am too lazy to actually complete a past paper or mock paper, in that case I just do multiple choice questions/tests, they are amazing because they test your understanding thoroughly.)

Besides you can also look at the following:

The Station, Chapter Nine

Fandom: My Mad Fat Diary

AU Synopsis: Rae moves to the seaside town, Croyde, where Chloe’s family has a vacation house. She’ll live there over the summer with Chloe’s family and work as an intern at a local radio station before heading off to her first year of university in the Fall in London. Upon arriving, she meets everyone in the gang and starts developing unexpected relationships.

Fic Master Table of Contents

The summer so far…

Chapter One | Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight


Chapter Nine

Days melted into each other as the Finn and Rae found a rhythm for spending as much time together as possible, the weeks passing faster than Finn chose to notice. They stole moments at Heart, with the gang, and all the times in-between. Exchanging glances, talking, joking with each other, and kissing. It’s like we’ve had a lifetime together, but I don’t want it to end.

They talked about everything, but Finn knew that wasn’t entirely true. Rae avoided talking about college in her hometown and changed the subject when he mentioned summer ending. Finn was good at ignoring some realities in his life, but it was getting harder to ignore the ones Rae didn’t want to talk about. He focused on being content to spend time with her without any specific agendas, confident they had an endless amount of time together in the future. A future. It’s the first time I’ve even considered having a future with a girl. Not just any girl. Her. Rae.

His eyes closed, the late summer sun on Finn’s face, Rae shifted under his legs, which draped across hers while they lay on the grass. He heard the gang’s inaudible voices as they played frisbee near by.

“What are ya thinking about, girl?”

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Only Fools Rush In

Summery: One story may be over, but the song doesn’t end. A series of sequel one-shots set in the ‘Vindicated’ universe.

Rating: K

Pairing: Hollstein

Note: Some “I love you” fluff for you Vindicated fans to soothe your Hollstein wounds. Also a bit of commentary on Laura’s hesitance to use those words in canon.

AO3 link

Wise men say: only fool’s rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with you…

Silas held two concert series a year. The first was in the fall as a welcome back block party in the quad. The second was an end-of-year concert, also in the quad, that usually got a lot more attendance with the weather balmy and the sun shining.

Laura did not attend the fall concert, too busy in the library with a midterm paper and helping LaFontaine organize some data set for a lab project. However, when April finally rolled around and the stage was in the process of set up, Laura was buzzing with excitement.

Carmilla had been a last minute decision by the student committee in charge of the event. They’d apparently been fighting over some hipster ska band or some band that opened for Ed Sheeran and the middle ground was reached in Carmilla Karnstein, should she accept, which evidently they weren’t to keen about but Laura couldn’t blame them either and was fairly convinced the only thing that swung her to the yay side of yay or nay was Laura pouting over Skype that she hadn’t seen her in a month and something about that Rollingstone cover just not doing it for her…

Carmilla emailed them back within 2 minutes. And they thought Carmilla was the ladykiller in the relationship.

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Fic: And Learn to See

And Learn to See
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
AU future fic - set about twenty years into a future in which Kurt and Blaine haven’t met. Until they do.
Word count: 5,100

Summary: Kurt has a store cat, a few loyal celebrity clients, and a retail clerk who’s a little terrified of him. He doesn’t want for anything.

Notes: This story was made much better, and given a title beyond “boutique fic - doc,” by damnpene - thank you!

Also on AO3

- - - - -

On a tree-lined block of Elizabeth Street in Soho stands a quiet boutique with a simple sign out front. Kurt Hummel, Men’s Clothing. It’s been there for over ten years now: one of a few high-end boutiques on this block at first, now surrounded by flashier neighbors, stores with big plate-glass windows facing the street and no one behind the counter who could tell a half-Windsor from a four-in-hand. The sort of people who shop in those stores might peer in the window at Kurt Hummel, but they keep on walking. Which is fine with Kurt Hummel, men’s clothing designer.

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