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It’s time for me to brag about my knitting again!  And with this project 9 months in the making, I think I’m entitled a bit. ;)

This is the Inari Kitsune pattern by Tania Richter, during which I learned that I am a slow-ass knitter because I could NEVER have done this KAL in the allotted time.  But still, I’m really proud of how it came out.  I recommend full view, to see the details!

It’s reversible and really super soft

@samuraipudding‘s request for the bosses to have a “boogly woogly adventure.” I highly recommend looking at the full view! 

I decided to hop onto the #MerMay2017 bandwagon, but not taking the day by day challenge. This picture already took long enough to do DSJFNSJF. Honestly, this is actually my first time exploring mermaid concepts in a full colored illustration, so I feel rather accomplished but it isn’t that perfect yet.

I recommend you guys to view the picture in full view too.

Art & Characters © 7-Days-Luck

Hey man, I thought that you were dead

An illustration for one of my fics, Between Life and Death. (So yes, that is Jotaro and not just Star Platinum.) I’m proud of how the colors came out! I’d recommend full view, please, and look at the background just to the left of them.

I suppose this drawing could be considered something of a spoiler for the fic? But most people who follow my main blog probably know what’s going to happen anyway. By the way, this isn’t necessarily a 100% accurate depiction of a real scene that will actually happen in the fic, it’s just art my dudes


Okay, so, recently someone recommended Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo to me (and yes I do have plans to read the Grisha trilogy as well), and last night I finally found the time to compile some notes on everyone’s appearance and do a little sketching!  It’s not everyone, but y’all can expect more soon enough.

Uuuhhh, what else…  I was too hype to draw everyone’s faces to do any research on what kind of clothes exactly they might be wearing (see: Kaz’s tie and bowler hat, which together make him look like an American gangster in the 20s), so these aren’t final designs for me.  And I imagined Inej as extra-super-small and Kaz as having one thousand years of darkness carved into his face, so I’m still struggling with getting them to look their age, haha…  @v@ Not 100% on Nina and Matthias either, but I do love them. <3

More notes in full-view!  Highly-recommended literature!

Redrawing some Ready Player One fanart from three years ago that I won’t link to because I am very ashamed of. Looking back at it now, there were a lot of issues with this book, but Aech was never one of them.

and yes she is signing ‘lesbian’ that was on purpose

also tumblr fucked up the quality so i recommend full view


I would recommend FULL VIEW guys. Why tumblr…why you gotta do me like this?

*wheezes* I am done fiddling with this, it’s finally finito. There are a billion and one mistakes but I can’t be buggered to give a poop.

Hope you guys like!

From Outlander, Chapter 17 - We Meet a Beggar

Jamie and Claire sitting on a rock, overlooking the inn in which they took refuge after their hasty marriage. Moments before they meet a beggar.

24 x 32 cm, ink pens & pencil (I recommend looking at the full view, tumblr eats a lot of details)