i recognize that look on lea's face

Tori Spelling remembers asking her mother if she was pretty, and was told she would be once she got her nose job.

Lea Michele was pressured to get one.

Anyone remember Jennifer Gray’s nose?

Barbra Streisand was under heavy pressure to get her nose ‘fixed’, and only refused because she was afraid her voice might be damaged.

There were whole generations where American Jews affluent enough to afford it routinely had their daughter’s faces remodeled to look like white Gentiles’.It’s still going on. I can recognize the work they were doing in the 50s and 60s and 70s when I meet older women in my community. That funny shape that results from not quite remodeling the bridge, just lopping off some offending length. Now I recognize the teenage girl with the straight, 'perfect’ nose whose brother and father still look like Jews.

My mother remembers when a cousin came to stay with them after her nose job in the 50s. She looked like she’d been hit with a truck, of course. “Why?” my mom, then a very small girl, asked her own mother. “Well, she might want to get married some day,” my grandmother explained. My mother laughs when she tells this, and says, “It’s a miracle I’m straight.”

We mutilate our daughter’s faces to make them look white, and then it becomes a joke, a joke about vain women, and ugly Jewish faces, and Jewish affluence.

Yeah. We’re hella white.