i rearranged it

Today was supposed to be a "work day."

Because yesterday was my birthday AND because I hurt my shoulder/neck pretty bad doing who the hell knows what, I lounged around most of the day and alternated heat and ice (which is good, because it feels so much better today despite my sleepless tossing and turning). (Don’t worry–I also got to go out to eat at my favorite restaurant and drink a yummy martini, and I had breakfast with a good friend–my mentor teacher from last year.)

So I told myself last night: you have to do work tomorrow because you didn’t do diddly on your birthday. You have grading and planning to do. Do it now so you’re not stressed and panicked the Sunday night before you go back from Break.

So what did I do first thing this morning? I rearranged my living room and hung up curtains (after what, 3 years of living in this house?) and cleaned my dining room chairs.

And now I also have a master plan to make a little breakfast nook with a wall bench in the kitchen because why the hell not?!

Have I graded or planned? No. Haven’t even taken anything out of my bag. But my house looks good, and I’ve done several loads of laundry and downed several cups of coffee. ✌🏼



endless list of my favorite characters:

0.03. Tom Marvolo Riddle: “Voldemort,” said Riddle softly, “is my past, present, and future, Harry Potter… .” He pulled Harry’s wand from his pocket and began to trace it through the air, writing three shimmering words: TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE Then he waved the wand once, and the letters of his name rearranged themselves: I AM LORD VOLDEMORT” 

  • <p> <b>Lance:</b> If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together ;)<p/><b>Keith:</b> Why would you do that? That makes no sense. Why are you changing the alphabet for two letters??<p/><b>Lance:</b> No, Keith, god, I mean you and me.<p/><b>Keith:</b> ...??? What?? Do you mean our initials? It's L and K, and they're already next to each other.<p/><b>Lance:</b> ...I'm trying so hard here, Keith.<p/></p>
Shit Slytherins Say on Valentine's Day: #4
  • Gryffindor: "If I could rearrange the alphabet I'd put I and U together."
  • Slytherin: "Oh, really? If I could rearrange the alphabet I'd put F and U together."

Despite the world reminding her every day of her life that she’s undeserving of being given anything by it, that she was unworthy of what little she’d managed to take from it - despite all of that, she never believed a word of it.

The Women of Black Sails in 4x08


cassandra spent hours setting up her makeup/beauty care channel and she went out and bought a crapload of new cosmetics to show off and new cameras for her videos. alexander’s been making fun of her because her insecurities make her constantly ask “is my hair ok?” to which he replies “no” just to see her freak out lmao (she even did her makeup 5 times for 5 different videos)