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Cas’s remarks on glimpsing tumblr:

“Why do all these people say fluff is killing them? I don’t get it.”

*tilts head, squinting until his nose bumps the screen as he finds another porn manip/drawing* Then, whispering: “how do they knooow?”

*spends an hour scrolling through a kitty tumblr*

“What does avacado toast have to do with anything?”

*spends another hour scrolling through a puppy tumblr*

“Hey!” *stabs screen with finger* “it’s me” *stabs a graphic edit* “there I am again!” *reapeats, growing excited* “again!” *stabs a pic with a trench coat before noticing it’s a kissing pic.* “Oh.” *turns red, scrolling down, but has a smile*

*Reblogs the 10,000th picture of Dean/Jensen that he’s found that day. Slams his hand down on the keyboard, breaking the enter key in half.* : “Another!”

After a long pause, and a scowl down at his clothes: “Does everybody hate my trench coat?”


A/N : This was based of this request. Sorry that I was really late with it, requests weren’t open but I had a little time to spare so I decided to write it anyways. Thank you for requesting.

Genre : Angst.

Warmings : Slight smut, a few curse words here and there but I’m sure everyone is okay with that

Member : Jeon Jungkook.

Word Count : +4K 

Request : If your open for requests can i please have either a taehyung or jungkook angst scenario where your married to him but he files a divorce bc his been seeing someone else and obv u just dont want to end the whole thing cs u still love him but all u want for him is to be happy so you agreed to him but on one condition that is, he has to hug you every single day for a month and then you’ll sign it after a month’s over u can choose the ending but please make it sad thank you! :* Hope this is sad enough for you anon xD 

Rain | Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 |

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Jungkook was tense. He squirmed in his seat like a prisoner waiting for a verdict. You held back a sigh, trying not to tear up right there in front of him.

“ Why ?” You asked putting down the divorce papers. The reason didn’t really matter, you might not even wish to know, fearing what he was to say.

“ I found someone else ” He smiled involuntarily, further breaking your heart, remembering her “ Someone I love ”

“ It looks like it will rain tomorrow ” you looked away, shrugging when tears betrayed you, staring out the window at the gray sky. It felt like the world was laughing at you.

“ Y/N … ” He sighed hurrying you up with his nervous tone.

“ Fine, I’ll do it ” Your eyes snapped back to him, the tears flowing onto your cheeks “ I’ll sign them ”

You saw his expression lighten like a small child. The prisoner was finally free.

“ Thank you, Y/N ” He breathed out in relief, grinning “ So much ”

Jungkook wasn’t even apologetic, you thought how much have you been trapping him that he would be this glad to get rid of you ?

“ But I have one condition ” You cut his joy short with a stern tone, trying your best to switch off your emotions. At least until he wasn’t there. He frowned but nodded anyways, ready to do anything for you to sign. “ For the next month, you have to hug me once each day ”

“ What ?” He hunched putting his elbows on the table “ Are you serious ?”

“ Don’t you want me to sign ?” You threateningly pushed the papers away from you but he was quick to stop you whispering a choked Okay.

Just how desperate was he ? You chuckled, wiping away your tears as you peered at his signature. The ink already dried on his name, on the divorce.

Day 1;

The next day, you heard the key turn and the door open. You shifted in your bed to read 5 AM on the bedside clock.

Before this, it was always work and you blindly believed him. However, you were now sure that it had never been that. For the past six months, ever since this started happening, he had been cheating on you.

Maybe if you stopped him the first day he came home at 3 AM with the scent of alcohol all over him. Maybe if you stopped him.

The door to your room creaked and you swallowed back a sob, pretending to be asleep when he quietly whispering your name. Pretended to be asleep when he made the couch his new bed. Pretended it didn’t feel cold without him there on the bed with you. Pretended to be okay with all of it.

After work, you found him sitting at the same table calmly sipping his coffee. You were about to vent out the frustration of the day when you remembered. He wasn’t yours anymore, you weren’t allowed to anymore.

You looked at him, oblivious to your presence, how annoying has it been for him to listen to your continuous rambling everyday ? How annoying has it been for him to put up with being with you when he wanted someone else ? How troublesome would it have been for him to say “ I love you too ” every time ?

“ You’re home ” He finally acknowledge you, momentarily peeking up at your from his laptop before closing it and standing up. You were snapped back to reality, blinking at him before dropping your bag.

“ Hug me ” You just said and he, although hesitant, did just that. Jungkook pulled you into his arms one hand on your back and the other petting your hair like he would always do.

“ Y/N-”

“ Don’t say anything ”

The two of you stood there for what felt like forever while you squeezed your eyes shot to keep you from crying. Saving it to when you were alone in your bed again to let the tears comfort you to sleep.

Day 2;

On the second day, you weren’t so able to hold back like the first time. You broke down in his arms when you realized that his scent wasn’t mixed with yours anymore but with someone else’s.

“ I’m sorry ” He whispered into your ear, his hands slowly stroking the length of your hair, feeling the vibrations from your whimpering.

“ How could you do this to me ?” You stuttered between sobs, helplessly trying to hold onto his shirt. Onto him.

“ I’m sorry ” Jungkook reapeated again “ I really am ”

“ Sorry doesn’t cut it ” You finally pushed him away, leaving a wet spot on his shoulder from minutes of continuous crying, and turned away “ You can go to her now ”

He didn’t say anything just left.

You sunk into the couch looking around the house. It was over, your happiness with him, you just didn’t to let it go just yet. Or ever.

Day 6;

It came more naturally, as natural as this could get, maybe even as routine. As soon as you would come home, usually later than him, he would silently welcome you with a loose hug.

“ Remember the first time we hugged ?” You asked, hugging him back.

“ When I confessed to you ” He smiled against the side of your head. How could he smile ?

“ I didn’t think you would like me back ”

“ I didn’t think I would be divorcing you five years after either ” You shrugged, unhooking your arms from around him.

“ Y/N, I’m-”

“ Don’t apologize ” You stepped away “ I don’t want to hear it ” I don’t want to cry today.

“ I never wanted to hurt you ” Jungkook’s arms lingered  towards you for a moment before he stepped back as well.

“ Then you wouldn’t have cheated !” You yelled back at him, taking him by surprise, “ That did not only hurt me, Jungkook, it -”

“ I know …. I know ” He reached for you you again but stopped when you responded by moving away.

“ No, You don’t know ”

Day 12;

“ I understand what you’re saying !” Jungkook yelled back into the phone “ It’s her way of saying good- no she’s not trying to pull me back ”. there was a silence. You figured that he was talking to her and just stayed quiet.

“ Don’t talk about her like that !” He sounded frustrated and, foolishly, you let a little pride swell up from him standing up for you before you remembered that it was his mistress he was talking to.

You pushed the door closed loudly, making your presence known.

“ Let’s talk later ” His voice calmed down, with slight panic when he saw you “ I love you too ” He whispered but it was still audible to you.

Your heart skipped a painful beat and the familiar lump formed in your throat. You wanted to just turn around and get out of the house again. But no, you had to face this, for the sake of being able to move. Even if you didn’t wish to move on.

“ Was that her ?” You quietly put down your car keys and bag, ridding yourself of your coat. He nodded turning to phone over on the table.

“ Tell me what kind of person she is ” You buried your face into his chest, cursing yourself for always asking questions you didn’t want an answer to.

“ She … Hmm … Just perfect for me ?” His smile was wider, brighter, than when he has talked about you.

“ I thought I was perfect for you ?” You snorted, laughing slightly, before tapping his side for him to let you go and he did so too easily. That day you left first, getting in your car and randomly wandering around the deserted streets like a stray dog. It damn felt like you were.

He went to her. As he always did. It made her feel insecure, knowing he was hugging you and being closer to you. It made her feel like you were trying to steal back what she had won from you. So, she did the only thing she could give him.

Jungkook senselessly pounded into her like every night except that it was bare of all emotions. Your words resonated inside his brain with each thrust into his moaning lover. He started to question his decision. He looked down at her, expression filled with euphoria. It wasn’t like yours, it wasn’t like when he was with you.

Was it love he felt for her or was it just the excitement she made him feel on the first night ?

“ Y/N” He moaned loudly as he came, loudly and unconsciously, collapsing down on her body.

“ What the hell, Jungkook ?” She pushed him away sitting up.

“ What ?” He caught his breath, supporting himself on his elbows. Oblivious.

“ Why are you calling her name when you’re balls deep into me ?” She scoffed standing up to put her clothes on.

“ Babe … wait ” Why was I ? He staggered and she laughed.

“ I told you not to fucking do it ” She was gradually getting angrier, her voice rising “ She’s affecting you !”

He followed, stopping her before she reached the door, and embracing her “ Please, just give it a little more time.”

“ Just leave ” She stepped away “ I’m not in the mood anymore ”

Was it always just the sex ?

When he went back home at his usual 5AM you weren’t there. He panicked for a moment, thinking something might have gone wrong, the feeling of possessiveness inside him coming to life. Is this how it felt for you everyday ? He asked himself, wondering if you were with anyone in the back of his head.

Jungkook had too many questions left unanswered.

Day 20;

Instead of driving straight home you decided to go somewhere you could think. 10 Days. A mere 10 days was all you had left with him. You wished it would be more. Even though he cheated, and continues to do so, even though he broke you beyond repair, something inside you still wanted him. Something inside you still wished he would come around.

Your phone lit up with a text message from his number, still saved as your husband. You took a mental note to later change it back or even delete it.

“Where are you ?”

“ Coffee shop” You wouldn’t help but wonder why he was even interested in knowing.

“I’m coming ” Or did he just want to get it over with so he could go to her ? You threw your phone on the table, looking out the large window. This place was in nowhere near your house, in fact your had to drive for quite a distance to reach it, and there was no way he would think of it or even remember it.

Minutes passed and nothing. Even if you ruled it out, you couldn’t help the slight anticipation building up but only ending in disappointment. You tightened your grip on the cup, already cold, and sighed closing your eyes.

“ Why didn’t you go home ?” The familiar soft voice resonated for a moment before you realized it was real. You opened your eyes to see Jungkook in his casual wear standing in front of you.

“ What are you doing here ?” You questioned with furrowed eyebrows.

“ I said I was coming ” He smirked with his smugish tone.

“ You know what I mean ” You sat straight brushing your hair back and glaring at him.

“ I will be really offended if you think I forgot about this place ” He grinned taking a seat, not that you offered.

“ You forgot about a lot of things ” You scoffed.

“ You have the right to be angry at me, Y/N” He frowned “ I know what I did was wrong”

So wrong ” You interrupted with a shrug.

“ You two are still together I see ! ” The owner of the shop cut into the conversation with the sweetest smile and a joyful expression on her aged face which you remembered to be a lot more younger the last time you were here “ I’m so happy to see you again ”

You forced the smile, greeting her back just as excitedly.

“ You remember me ?” Jungkook asked turning her attention to him.

“ Of course I do ” She patted his shoulder and he smiled “ You used to wait for her everyday until she talked to you ”

He laughed loudly at the memory, nodding “ I did. But that’s because I was afraid to ask her out on a date”

“ Well, she did have a lot of good offers to choose from ” You chuckled when she playfully winked at you.

“ And she chose the worst ” His expression broke into a frown. You looked at him, meeting his gaze for a split second before he shifted away.

“ I’m sure she doesn’t regret it at all ” The woman said before being called by her employee and leaving the two of you alone.

“ Do you ?” He suddenly broke the silence that took over.

“ Do I what ?”

“ Regret marrying me ?” Jungkook sounded just like you, when you didn’t want an answer.

“ What do you think ?” You shrugged bitterly.

“ You are right to ” He sighed deeply.

“ No, I don’t ” Jungkook looked up at you with wide eyes “ I still enjoyed every moment of it, every memory with you. I enjoyed being loved by you and I’ll have that alone with me forever ”

“ Y/N … ”

“ I want you to be happy, Kookie ” A tear traced from your eye and you hurriedly wiped it away “ With or without me ”

She wasn’t you .

His heart fluttered, clenching painfully at each word. How could I hurt her ? He cursed himself. This all because of him, because of his selfishness, because of a whim.

A whim that he wasn’t even sure he wanted anymore.

His phone rang but he ignored it. You knew who it was from his expression and knew that it was your time to go. It was getting late anyways and you were exhausted.

“ I’m leaving now ” You stood up, grabbing your things.

“ W-Why ?” He jumped as if you were going forever. It didn’t sit right with him, that idea.

“ I want to go home ” You sighed, brushing your fingers through your hair.

“ Give me your keys, I’ll drive you ”

“ You don’t need to ”

“ You look tired ” He tilted his head “ And it’s late. I don’t want you going alone ”

“ Might as well get used to it ” You feigned indifference, making it sound like a joke.

“ Y/N, please, let me take you ”

“ What about your car ?”

“ I’ll come get it in the morning ” Jungkook was persistent so you just ended up giving in to his plea. As you always do.

“ Oh right !” He stepped up to you hugging you right before you were about to step into the car “ I almost forgot ”.

Jungkook spent the whole night home, only leaving in the early morning for work.

Day 26;

It was your day off so you planned the usual clean up the whole mess that was created over the week. Usually, Jungkook would try and help which only ended in more mess than you started with. So today was quiet.

He was home but you didn’t see him all morning as he had locked himself in his office, seemingly stressed with work, but you didn’t ask. It wasn’t your place to anymore.

Lost in your work you didn’t hear him until he came up behind you, giving you a tight back hug, startling you. You tensed for a moment before relaxing back into his touch.

“ Anything I can help you with ?” He sounded tired, drained, and sleep deprived. You just shook your head silently, and even if you didn’t want to, enjoyed that he initiated it.

To him, he couldn’t understand how your scent alone made him feel better without it going further than that, something he could never find in someone else. Even her. Something he would never forgive himself for letting go but it was too late.

“ Remember when you proposed to me ?” You said as you twirled the ring around your finger.

“ I had bought the wrong size ” He chuckled.

“ My hands were trembling so much you couldn’t even put it on ” You smiled closing your eyes “ I loved you so much ”

“ I loved you too ” His arms tightened even more around you.

“ That’s the difference, Jungkook ” You pushed him back, fleeing his embrace “ I still do ”

You were about to leave when he gripped your arm turning you to him. His lips were immediately on yours stealing the breath away from your lungs as he desperately clung into you. Not knowing how much he missed this feeling until it hit him again.

You were about to give in and melt into the kiss when you snapped back into your senses and broke the kiss, glaring.

“ You don’t get to do that anymore ” You took off the ring and gave it to him.

Maybe you will regret this for the rest of your life. Maybe you should’ve held onto him. But it felt like it was the right thing to do. For the both of you.

Day 30;

Neither of you slept that night.

You spent it staring at those papers, the empty spot under your name waiting to be filled. Your fingers trembled trying to grip the pen as if your brain has ceased to function. It was easy as a few lines, a little ink on a couple of papers to end everything you worked on. You sighed for what felt like the thousand time and your eyes watered for what seemed to be the millionth.  

Jungkook stared blankly at the wall of your shared living room. A large portrait of your wedding day staring back at him with spiteful eyes.

What happened to him ?

This was once his dream and complete happiness. Was he really going to give it all up for a fling? For pleasure of the night ?

A pleasure you once gave him by existing. His phone rang again, her name clear on the screen but he turned it over and just ignored it. He was too much into this to back out now.

Turning off the alarm before it could go off, you stood up to cross off the final day of the month on the calendar. The final day of your marriage. You looked at the mirror, practicing the smile you had faked so many times it started to appear more genuine than your actual one. Which you couldn’t recall at this point anymore.

After a few seconds, you walked out to find him sitting on that same table as the first day with his usual coffee. You were never going to see this again. Him lazily sitting with his phone in his hand, dressed in a loose tanktop and sweatpants. His hair ruffled but always falling into perfection over his forehead.

“ Jungkook ” You reenacted the smile, holding onto the papers. He looked up from his phone at you with a more sincere and brighter smile than you could afford.

Don’t smile at me like that, jerk You scolded to yourself and as if he heard you, his smile broke into a frown when his eyes fell on the papers he knew too well.

“ Hug me ” You opened your arms for him, trying your best to keep you composure for this final day, still keeping your smile. And just like the first day, he stood up to wrap his arms around you. One hand on your back and the other tangled in your hair.

Jungkook buried his face in your neck closing his eyes and inhaling the sweet fragrance you always put on. You were always unchanged. You were still the same. It was him. This was his fault and his alone. And for the first time, it was Jungkook crying and not you.

“ You can let me go now ” You joked when he held on too long for your own good. He didn’t want to but this is his doing so he slowly released you, wiping his eyes.

“ I signed them ” You handed him the paper, with a smile, “ Have a nice life, Jungkook ” And after a deep breath you turned around ready to leave.

“ Y/N !” He called after you before you could close the door and you hesitated to stop, you couldn’t get hurt again, not anymore. You stared at him as he stood deadpanning. His mouth worked faster than his brain so he had nothing to say. He contemplated for a moment before sighing out a “ Thank you ”.

You left, closing the door behind you and maybe finally putting a period on the last few years of your life. Tears found you again.

“ Wait !” Jungkook caught up with you, halfway through the parking lot, breathless and disoriented “ Y/N … Please, wait ”

You halted turning back to him almost crashing into you.

“ What ? Is there something wrong with it ?” You said, trying to remember if you had forgotten to sign anything correctly.

“ You … I ” Jungkook hunched forwards trying to catch his breath, unable to utter a single constructed sentence, but his mind was made up.

“ What’s wrong ?” You repeated again, getting worried now over his behavior. He looked up at you, with tears filling his eyes making them glister against the faint sunlight, before getting on one knee.

“ I … Can’t do this ” He shook his head “ I know the first time was much better, more planned, but I can’t just let you go ”

Jungkook reached under his collar for a necklace. He had been keeping your ring around his neck ever since you gave it back, which more than just surprised you, considering he was the one asking for divorce.

His hands trembled as he tried to open it and get the ring out, frustrated at himself for not being able to do it properly on the first few tries but finally getting it free.

“ I know I don’t deserve you and I know I fucked up but …” He took your hand into his “ Can you please take me back ? I will do anything … anything I can to make it up to you ”

“ How will I know you wouldn’t just leave me again the moment someone grabs your attention ?” You stared down at him, not knowing what to do. Your heart screamed for you to just accept, to just give in. Every single piece of you wanted him back.

“ I know … I now know that I can’t live without you ” He begged “ I really can’t, so don’t make me. Please, I will do better this time. Give me a second chance, Y/N, please ”

“ You’re a jerk, you know that ?”

“ I do, please, I love you ”

“ You hurt me so badly ”

“ I love you so much ”

“ You -”

“ I deserve to die for it but I really, really, love you ”

“ Just … Just put it on already ” You yelled at him.

Jungkook suddenly sprung up to his feet, his tears still not dry but his mind clearer than ever, he pulled you in for a tight hug almost painfully wrapping himself around you. He pulled back just enough to look at you, searching for something.

“ So you really mean it ?” He asked, uncertain if it was true.

“ You will still have to work for forgiveness ” you brought your hands to his face, cupping his cheeks your fingers drying away the tears “ I still didn’t forgive you for what you put me through ”

He nodded eagerly, kissing you a million times, before pulling you back into his arms nuzzling your hair.

“ I can’t believe how much of an idiot I was ” Jungkook breathed out.

“ I can’t either ”

“ I will absolutely make it up to you ” He said as he slid the ring back into its rightful place “ I will treat you better than I ever did. I love you, Y/N ”

“ I love you too, asshole ” You smiled, reminded of how it was to sincerely do so.

Day 0;

I really hope you liked it guys, feedback is always appreciated.

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So, you’re saying, Goth is immortal? How will Poth have a good ending? Palette isn’t immortal, right? (Or is he?) Won’t he die while Goth lives? (And what would Goth’s reaction be if that happened?) Sorry if this ask was repeated

it is reapeated but I still have no idea how to answer this X”D depends on da story i guess


My knees went straight down like a gyro drop



Reasons why Robb Stark was one of the best characters in Game of Thrones.

When it comes to GoT we all have our favorite characters who have their flaws and good traits, but when it comes to name the characters that are truly good the list is quite short. Well, one of these characters is Robb Stark. And here are the reasons why:

- Firstly, Robb has always been described as a very good and caring brother in both the books and the show. He always looked after his siblings and loved them very much.

- Speaking of sibling love, he never, ever, called Jon bastard or even looked down on him, even though he could. Nor was he ever influenced by his mother’s distain toward him. On the contrary, he spent time with him trainning and pranking their younger brothers and sisters, treating him as a true brother.

- Also, he was a good and loyal friend to Theon despite the fact that he was a rebelion’s son and somehow a hostage to his family. Again, he trusted and believed in him.

- When he became The King in the North he did not changed his behavior toward his banners and his soldiers. He respected, consulted with them and even showed mercy to his prisoners and enemies ( 1x09 the Lannister spy ). 

- Unlike other characters in the show like Stannis and Renly, he did not declared himself King, his men did. Even though there were more experienced and older lords, they chose him. He became the first Stark King after 300 years in the north, something quite impressive for a summer child :D . 

- He managed to not only have Tywin Lannister aknowledge his abilities in war but had Kingslayer tricked and imprisoned in battlefield. He put them all to shame when he was winning battle after battle thus making him a great warrior and commander.

- Was one of the few men in the show who loved, cherished and respected the woman he married ( and who married so that her honnor would not be ruined ). * I added this after someone pointed it out, thank you for doing it :) *

- Lastly, he was probably the only one of the Kings who did not want to rule the Seven Kingdoms. Danny, Joffrey, Stannis, Renly and many other lords and commom people alike wanted to sit on the Iron Throne and rule all Westeros. Robb did not wanted it. He wagged war to save his family, not for glory, personal ambition or so that people sing songs about him. He just wanted his family and home again.

So, for all these reasons, and many more that I am most likely forgetting about right now, Robb was and always will be one of the best characters this series ever had. It was a terrible thing watching him go away in such way, but I am greatful that he existed. 

P.S: I would like to reapeat that I am only refering to Robb’s good traits without diminishing any other character. This is my personal opinion and you do not have to agree with it if you do not want it. Thanks for reading and good day :)


Monsta X youtube challenges with their girlfriends

omg yes this is a good request i really like this one. was fun to do. thank you for sending this is <3


 Bean Boozled/Every Flavour Beans Do not play this. i repeat do not play this. you think you can do this but oh my fucking lord i almost threw up like 5 times. i couldnt swallow it. worst bean boozled is rotten egg then vomit then stinky tocks. i reapeat do not play it lol

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Pants with no hands. self explanatory. get you trousers up/pants without using your hands.

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Peel banana with no hand. again just peel the banana with your mouth and fastest person is the winner.

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makeup with no mirror. your partner gives you a make-up style to copy but you aren’t allowed to use a mirror

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Toxic waste challenge. if you like sour stuff than this is for you. cards fro 1-10 pick up a card at random and you have to eat as many candies at once, as the card number shows.

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Partners in pen. back to back one with notepad and pen. one person has to describe to the other how to draw the object their holding. the other has to draw and guess what it is in 5 minutes.

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Water wars. deck of cards 5 cups of water and one big bucket. pick up a card. whoever gets the highest number gets to pour water on the other person.

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