i realy hope i don't offend anyone somehow


Body Positivity for the win.

9 out of 16 are WoC from 9 different nationalities - Spanish, Native American, Middle Eastern, Greek, Hawaiian, South African, Indian, African-American and Chinese.

Even the “white” people don’t all come from the same place - French, Irish, American, Scottish, German, and English.

I’m really sorry if I left out YOUR nationality or YOUR body type, but if I kept going to include every single possible woman in the world I’d never have time for sleep or school work.

 Congratulations, tumblr, you have succeeded in making me FEEL BAD about this piece of work. The backlash is nothing compared to the positive reactions, but those who have gotten offended over this detail or that one are louder.


I recognize that peoples identities are important. There might be people out there with skin as dark as the night who identify as white and find it constantly and personally offensive that everyone calls them black. I don’t know how people work and I don’t claim to have it all figured out, so nobody else should make claim to the same thing.

I said once that since white is the default, the “otherness” of darker natural skin pigment by definition seems to be color, but I don’t want to make that assumption either because even people descended from Europe with white history can be born with a naturally darker pigmentation. Skin is wacky, people, and I can’t be SuperJesus and figure it all out for you.

But I can try, so here’s my amendment.

16 out of 16 women are nationally diverse. From Spanish to American, Native American to English, Greek, Irish, Hawaiian, Scottish to South African, Indian, German, Middle Eastern, to Chinese. They are all lovely women from all over the world with all different skin tones, facial features, body sizes, names and personalities.