i really wonder this as well

i had a dream about these two random guys getting together and it was the sweetest (and angsty-est) thing at the time - i was so invested! i just had to draw what i remembered!

might make a comic about these two one day once i flesh out their stories more

hope you enjoy this little doodle dump - had a lot of fun bringing them to life :)

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Non-blood Family

Picture an alien race that holds blood ties as practically sacred. They will do anything to for someone related to them by blood. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are not a blood relation, even if you are their mate, you are not nearly as important as someone of their blood.

And then they encounter humans for the first time. At first, they understand. We’re not quite so different from them. We, too, are willing to go above and beyond for family.

Then they notice a human willing to do anything for someone who bears no resemblance to them. The human is questioned by said alien, wondering if that other human is by any chance a distant cousin.

Human: No, no relation I’m aware of. We’re just really good friends.
Alien: But…you sacrificed a good deal of time and currency for them. More than is warranted for a non-family member.
Human: Well, she might not be blood, but she is family.

And the confusion intensifies when aliens see humans who appear to care more about their friends than their own blood-family.

Killer, Marco and Law asking for a baby

Killer: “I don’t really mind having a baby you know, like if you reaaally wants one, well I give up and let’s have one. But only if you want uh”

Marco: “Hey babe, I was wondering if you ever wanted to have a baby ? Like a baby phoenix ? You can buy them in the nearest animals shop”

Trafalgar law : “I want a baby.”

Appreciative Daddy Dom

I’ve been prowling through you blog for a while now and I have to say, it’s wonderful. My girl seems to really enjoy your posts as well and you put quite a lot of thought into it. I appreciate that you are not only teasing and titillating, but also taking a few posts here and there to educate both littles and their Daddies.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much!!! I try and have a mix, a little something for everyone! 😊

Ryuko: I finally get it now. I need to get naked. Putting on a Kamui means becoming one with you! It means you becoming my skin! 

I have to wonder: if synchronization with a Kamui really, truly means the Kamui “becoming [the wearer’s] skin,” does that mean that Senketsu feels everything Ryuko feels when they’re synced? Does it mean that when Ryuko gets hurt, Senketsu gets hurt as well, a bit like the Kizuna System in Kiznaiver?

I can at least say with some certainty that the reverse doesn’t seem to be true; Ryuko is surprised when Senketsu tells her he’s reached his limit when they’re first battling Tsumugu (episode 5), she’s similarly taken aback (and saddened) when she learns that her cutting of Senketsu to beat Uzu had been a painful experience on Senketsu’s part (episode 6), and though Ryuko demonstrates understanding of Senketsu’s pain in later episodes—for instance, she realizes something’s wrong with their connection when they’re blasted by Nonon’s music (episode 11) and knows that something’s off right before he dies (episode 24)—she still doesn’t seem to feel the pain herself, as Senketsu always has to tell her what’s happening to him.

Ryuko: You can tell something like that [Ryuko’s cocky attitude] from the flavor of my blood? 

Senketsu: You and I are one now, Ryuko. I am sensitive to changes in your physiology.

But as the one being worn rather than the one doing the wearing—and as a Kamui—Senketsu seems to have a bit of a different experience than Ryuko does when they’re together. Senketsu can read and monitor Ryuko’s heart rate, breathing, weight, etc., which helps give a lot of credibility to the idea that Senketsu feels Ryuko’s pain as his own. If Senketsu is so sensitive to what happens to Ryuko, it’s really not all that out there that “[Senketsu] becoming [Ryuko’s] skin” is fairly literal in the sense that he feels what she feels.

If Senketsu does feel what Ryuko feels, though… there’s something profoundly heartwrenching about it. On a whole, Senketsu is so quiet about his own pain—there’s a reason Ryuko is surprised when he tells her about it! 

But when Ryuko gets hurt? Especially by the end of the series, Senketsu worries out his mind about her, screaming and crying whenever she’s wounded and needs help, and even at the start, he still frets about Ryuko in the way he knows how, giving her advice and information that he hopes will keep her safe.

And when there’s the thought that Senketsu feels all of Ryuko’s pain as his own? It’s just… so touching and poignant and sweet that he always thinks of her first.

Hi there, friends! I’ve been noticing that some people reblog our writing (which is totally an ego-booster!) and it makes us excited and giddy, but I was wondering if you could tell us why you reblogged in the tags? Or you could just say that you liked it–anything works! Tumblr is difficult as a writing platform since you can’t really leave feedback in review form, but any sort of feedback is super important to anyone who writes. 

Of course we write for ourselves because it’s fun, but it’s also encouraging to see other people’s thoughts and comments about our work as well. I hope this doesn’t come off as ungrateful! It’s just something I’ve been thinking about lately. No one has to do this, naturally, but if you’re already reblogging our post, why not write a little commentary in the tags? It would really mean a lot to Mod Spookzz and I.

Anyways, thank-you for reading this if you did and I hope everyone is having a good day!

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Hey, I was wondering if you could explain wht pride commons is? I walk by it daily but I'm too nervous to go in since I'm hella deep in the closet

yeah no problem! ok so its just a chill study/hang space tho honestly nobody really studies for very long in there cause sometimes its quiet and then sometimes we’re blowing up condom balloons and tossing the community dildo around that sounds so fake but literally its what we do when we’re bored

when i started going i was super deep in the closet as well and worried about going in there but its really only scary the first time cause you dont know anybody there (tbh if you wanna swing by sometime let me know and i can be there if you want someone to talk to) tho its really easy to chat people up cause everyone loves new people

also if you’re worried about being outed by someone walking by your only real concern is getting in the door bc the windows are one-way (you can see out but nobody can see in) for our protection. we even have a back door exit that you leave out of (its one of the doors on the left side of the building when you’re facing pride co. head on) but if it makes you feel better not a lot of people are even aware that pride commons is there. to us the rainbow letters on the door are like GLARING but ive been in there when straight people walked in and asked for directions and then realized what they walked into and blinked like 45 times trying to take it all in… its kind of hilarious

so yeah anyways its just a hang out spot its where i met pretty much all my best friends and sometimes our lgbt faculty members pop in to say hi and thats fun too

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If you had to kiss someone in the group, Davey excluded, who would you kiss and why?

“And since I’m already heading in the direction of death, I might as well throw in there that I’d do it just for the hell of it. I would, however, like to remind you all that there’d be nothing homo about, I swear.”

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don't you wonder about the conversation d&m had for dorian to leave with the 13? like did she ask if he wanted to come with them, did dorian ask her where she was going now and if he could go and help her? i wonder about that a lot

Yeah. All the time. I honestly wonder what she said to make him laugh. @rufousnmacska wrote a fic called “Child of Peace” that started right where EoS ended and the line she gave Manon that made Dorian laugh I think it probably going to be close to canon. It just fits really well. I’d add a link but I’m on my phone!

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So now that we know Tyrannosaurs lost their feathers, I wonder if this may have happened to other coelurosaurs as well. Perhaps the gigantic Therizinosaurus, Deinocheirus, and Gigantoraptor lost their feathers to at least some extent?

Mmm, we don’t “know” T. rex lost its feathers, although we have evidence suggesting it may have; this also doesn’t translate to all tyrannosaurs, as we do have more than one tyrannosauroid species with confirmed feathers.

As for Therizinosaurus, Deinocheirus, and Gigantoraptor - it’s possible, certainly, but currently we don’t really have any evidence for it.

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hi! just wondering if IB class of '18 may participate in the network as well? lots of studyblrs are run by people who don't go to american highschools or something directly equivalent, but will nevertheless graduate upper secondary in '18! ^-^

of course they can, I’m not graduating from an american high school myself, it’s really just about finishing secondary school next year, whether that’s AP, IB, A-Levels, Abitur, baccalauréat…^^

chelidona  asked:

My favourite among your stories is "Nampara Garage" although I almost feel guilty for that, because I first fell in love with "The Prairie" and "Nisqually" :D I think it's because of Verity - as much as I adore Ross and Demelza, and Drake and Geoffrey Charles, and Dwight, and Richard, and Helen, I have this huge weak spot for Verity and she shines in Nampara Garage. Sorry for rambling, but it's very hard to pick ;)

Thank you my friend! No need to feel guilty – I love being able to give Verity agency in Garage, and am really looking forward to expanding her story arc very soon! And I’m very glad you have enjoyed Prairie and Nisqually. I remember being very worried about taking my favorite characters – as well as the new ones created – and moving them into a completely different time and place, and wondered if readers would be interested in such a concept. I’m so happy to see my worries were unfounded and that people are still interested in seeing what happens to these folks in the series.

Blessings always!

lexaeb  asked:

Hi! As a fellow trombonist and critical thinker. I know you're leagues better than me... I was wondering if you could suggest some method books for a freshman trombonist? I'm not bad but I'm not good I'm average. I was hoping you could be of any assistance. Also I went to D.C. with my school and I watched Twilight Tattoo and it was really cool! The band was great. I know you weren't in it but it was super cool. Did you ever do one of those? I may want to join as well! Band is the reason I wake!

Arbans. Arbans is your friend.


Game of Thrones Season 7

So with recent trailers and speculations, it’s safe to say season 7 will be packed with content. Recent plot leaks make it seem a bit farfetched however, there’s only 7 episodes so these speculations and leaks may be true. Some of these leaks were confirmed by the release of the second trailer.

Just the thought of seeing all these characters physically coming together is thrilling. Not just Daenerys and Jon, but Jorah meeting Jon Snow and Sam and the Night’s Watch, it makes you wonder what might come of it. As well as how Jorah cured his greyscale. Jaime and Tyrion could also reunite. What I’m very curious about is Daenerys meeting Gendry and whether or not she’ll find out who his father was. There’s so many things to look forward to this season, so in all honesty I’m not really upset with only seven episodes, because they still giving us a lot in each episode it seems. I think it’s awesome that characters such as the Hound and Beric are also teaming up with Jon and the others and I’m anxious to see how all these story lines finally culminate into one.

Personally, to me, regardless if Cesei joins ‘Team Wight Hunters’ or not, I would not be so quick to assume that she will turn a new leaf. I hope Jaime comes to his senses and realises that it might not be him and Cersei against the world anymore (was it ever?) and rather that everything Cersei is doing is to fuel her greed for power.

As much as I would like to believe all the plot leaks, it is Game of Thrones and these leaks could just be proper rumours. There is also a lot of doubt surrounding the Jon and Daenerys plot line, now it is predictable, but lets face it, EVERYONE knew Jon Snow was coming back, so these predictable speculations could possibly be true as well.

All in all I am just super excited for this season and I honestly can’t wait to see the multiple interactions of all the characters and the evolution of these characters for the rest of the series.

something-wicked-sims  asked:

Day 7: Villain You Love To Hate: So I chose two villains for today, one I actually love, and one I actually hate. Guess which one Remy is? LOL But I do love to hate him, because this guy... he has put me through so much shit since I started reading SR, and I have been back and forth about how I feel about him. But you know why? Because even though Remy is so unlikable, he is REAL and SO well written that you want to try to sympathize and understand him. Great job ♥ #15dayspreadthelovechallenge

Oh wow, this was so wonderful to receive! I really need to do better with the SpreadtheLoveChallenge because it feels great to hear from fellow Simblrs and be a part of this wonderful community and I need to let others know how valuable they are to me as well. As for Remy…sigh. He is definitely a villain and a bad boy lol.  I’ve actually had to reach out to my friends on here ( @simlishanddreams, I’m looking at you, amiga! lol) for the motivation to continue with the scenes Remy is in because he is a very draining character to write with all the issues he has. I’m so happy that he feels real to my readers and that there is a love/hate for him because honestly that’s who Remy Holmes is at his core, a character that battles with loving and hating himself. 

Thank you so very much for this message, you know that I deeply admire your writing and appreciate your comments and feedback! Hugs!

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Hey! I really love your blog! You and mama are so cute together and seeing you happy makes me happy! You do a really good job managing your in inner struggles and helping others as well. I'm really happy because I think I may have found an internet friend. We spent 3 hours Dm-omg today and I felt so loved, because someone was willing to spend that much time just talking with me. It made me really happy! Plus someone gave me rest feedback on a fanfic Do you know the feeling of being appreciated?

What a wonderful message! I am so so happy that you had a good time with another person and it’s wonderful to get feedback on your work. Seems to be an amazing time for you. I am so happy for you, really. It’s a wonderful thing to feel appreciated. I do know that feeling. It’s something Mama gives me everyday. I can be happy to be alife and I am able to fight than. It gives you power to be loved

By the way, I’m still 100% okay with not having a baby. I know a lot of people have wondered if I’ll be okay going home without a baby, and I am doing great. I told Mike that one of the things I kept wondering while I was pushing was if I wasn’t doing as well because it wasn’t about meeting the baby for me. With Wren I motivated myself through pushing by telling myself that he was almost there and I was finally going to see my baby, but with Noah it was more about wanting the pain to end. I know now that it wasn’t that, and I really was doing everything I could, but I thought that was an interesting difference. Also, I weirdly don’t associate him with having come out of me?? I mean I know he did, I have the stitches and squishy stomach to prove it, but I don’t look at him and go “oh he was in my tummy” the way I did with my kids. I think I did a really excellent job of mentally preparing, because I just don’t feel any attachment to him. J and D have sent me tons of pictures and I think “oh what a cutie”, but that’s it! I’m also relieved to say that while it has made me nostalgic for the days when my own kids were tiny, I still definitely do not want another baby, which was probably my biggest fear. I’m totally on board for another surrogacy journey, but I’m happy just having babies for other people now.


Okay so the last episode has actually been moved in the NRK schedule to saturday now!!… And it wont air until 23:30 😮 … Which makes me hope the last clip will be really long!! Because of course they have to start when the sun goes down, but that’s like an hour before that.

Oh my. I’m excited… I wonder what tomorrow will be then. I was sure the last clip would be tomorrow, but that it would just show saturday as well. Will we get another POV then, or go back to Sana?

I assume you mean other than Harley or Ivy.

Well, to be honest, I never really considered it before so I don’t have an answer. (Which is why it took so long to reply. Sorry about that.)

But… I do have one female villain that I really appreciate from a recent movie: Dr. Isabel Maru, aka “Doctor Poison.”

I don’t think she’s actually my favorite, but I would like to talk about her for a little bit. And I like her character because it’s very different from many female villains these days, especially in popular works. In terms of personality, she’s a sadistic maniac who strives to create the most destructive weapons possible and make a name for herself. And she has gained some notoriety, as Steve Trevor points out.

Not to mention, she’s an established chemist. Not only does that show that she is an intelligent woman, she accomplishes this in a time period where a woman in such a job was unheard of. What she lacks in fighting ability, she certainly makes up for in prestige and brains. So much so that he has earned the respect and trust of General Ludendorff. (They even shared a laugh together after a particularly evil moment. The specific moment is kind of a spoiler.)

And her creepy prosthetic (and the grotesque disfigurement beneath it) is something that I also appreciate. To explain why would take up too much of this post if I started talking about it. So I’ll leave it at that for now and make another post later.

She’s definitely different from a lot of mainstream villainesses in a number of ways and I’m really glad that she’s also getting some mainstream notoriety.

If I ever come up with an actual answer to the question, I’ll use the actual ask to post it. But for now, I just wanted to talk about her.

chained-to-the-mirror  asked:

That is wonderful that you get to see the puppies :) if you feel like sharing pictures I'm sure most of us readers would be delighted. The stormy weather sounds lovely as well... the clouds must be beautiful to look at. And sounds like John is really getting immersed in the renovations :) The bleakness of my day has to do with me being lesser-than-other-people, so the best I can do is try to ignore that and focus on other things. Knitting helps, and so does music :)

Yes, I will try to get some more pictures of the puppies.  It might be nice to have some to take home with me again.  And yes, John is very immersed in the renovations.  He has a great many good ideas, though I think that possibly we will have to rethink our ideas for the kitchen.  Something to do with load bearing walls.  

The storms were a desperately needed respite from the heat, and the air feels fresher now.  It was especially nice this morning.

As for the cause of your black mood, I know that I am only a stranger, but as someone familiar with similar feelings of inadequacy, may I suggest that perhaps the way we judge our worth is not always accurate.  You seem very interesting, an accomplished and committed baker and knitter, and most of all kind.  And those are all things worth celebrating in my personal estimation.  In a world filled with cruelty, hate, and destruction, kind, creative people such as yourself are much needed.