i really wished we would have become a regular

oliverhamptonx  asked:

Hey! Are you excited about HTGAWM s3?

Excited is an understatement! :)

I will admit that the finale left me kind of reeling, especially the coliver moment (this post by Jules (@ramblesandreblogs) sums up my feelings perfectly). 

But then came a relatively quiet hiatus, and I’ve just really missed watching the show and seeing all the characters every week.

We’ve gotten snippets of spoilers and promos that have made me more and more hopeful for what’s to come this season. It seems promising, and I can’t wait for this 12-day countdown to the premiere to just fly by! :)

In particular, I’m really looking forward to (listed in order of what I’m most excited about):

  • More Oliver!: The announcement that Conrad would become a regular in season 3 was one that really lifted my spirits! Oliver is such a complex character, and there’s so much more to him than meets the eye. It gave me hope that we might have a chance now to really delve into his character and understand his motivations, desires, etc., allowing us to get to know Oliver as his own person, as opposed to just Connor’s boyfriend.
  • More Quality Coliver!!: Okay, so this is more of a wish than an expectation, because I don’t actually have any solid spoilers to back this up, but I hope that with Conrad becoming a regular, this would also allow for more quality Coliver screen time, where they actually talk more? (lofty dreams, I know, but hope springs eternal - especially when your otp is on the line :D) I just really want things to come out into the open between them already (what with the murders and now Stanford), and I want them to grow in their relationship (which is really not very healthy right now, but we’ve all belabored this point countless times already, so I’ll just leave it at that).
  • A simpler and cleaner season: Last season was really messy, and it definitely suffered for it. We’ve all cribbed about it, and I’m glad to see the show itself acknowledging that as well. From the articles, I’m getting the sense that this might feel like a fresher and more streamlined season, with more of the depth I’ve really been craving to see.
  • Some semblance of normality: “Semblance” is the operative word here, because I’m not kidding myself, this show thrives on pushing its characters to the brink of the most unexpected and uncomfortable situations. That being said, Pete did say that he wants to explore the “everyday-ness of their relationships” and hopefully have a more “character-driven” season, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that.
  • Seeing the Keating 5 in school!!!: Call me boring, but I love seeing scenes where the Keating 5 actually attend class. It’s fun to see them being law students. Maybe this also ties back to wanting some measure of normality back in the show. I am also intrigued about Annalise’s new Criminal Law Clinic and the pro bono cases! One thing I really missed last season was having a case-of-the-week, and now it looks like we’ll get to see the Keating 5 starting to take lead on their own pro bono cases in the courtroom as well!
  • Michaela’s Backstory: She’s such an amazingly fierce and empowering character, so any opportunity to see and learn more about her is very much welcome in my book!
  • Answers about Frank: Annalise, Bonnie, and Frank have always been this extremely tight and unbreakable unit, and now that dynamic has just been thrown into the fire. It will be interesting to see how they work this out, and it definitely doesn’t look like it’s going to be an easy fix from where the season 2 finale left off. Cue the drama and angst! ;)