i really wish she would date him again

Dating S.Coups would include:

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Choi Seungcheol

-a complete fool for you

-grants your every wish, even if he has to cross the oceans for it

-sometimes he gets you stuff you didn’t even tell him about, he just kinda knew

-and you’re just like

-……what kind of sorcery

-loves to show you off

-yet gets jealous/defensive when other men start checking you out

-“Y/N’s bod is so hot. Like she is BANGIN y'all. Look at her. I’m so lucky.”

-“Yeah, Y/N is really pre-”


-yeah he’s just the jealous type

-but you find it endearing

-such a great person with kids

-LOVES to visit your younger siblings/cousins because he could play with them for hours

-and you just love to watch him be a model father

-he’ll wrestle around with them all day, then watch a movie with some snacks

-and halfway through the ants on a log you made them you look over to find the kids passed out on papa coups’s chest

-and he’s snoring as well

-but he’s a different kind of daddy when you two get to be alone 😏😏

-them thighs……. how could he not be incredible in bed

-the boy got buns too let us not forget

-he thicc

-he loves when you praise his body because he always felt kinda insecure about his shape and his looks

-and that’s just a major confidence booster for him

-sharing with Jeonghan

-literally 24/7

-“Let’s go see the new Marvel movie, babe”

-“But me and Hannie are having a coffee date this afternoon”

-“I can’t believe you’re cheating on me like this”

-“But jagi-”


-a very big “It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination” type of person

-lots of road trips

-takes you to random truck stops and touristy photo ops like the World’s Biggest Ball of Yarn™

-because “there’s so much to see out there, jagi. We can’t afford to leave out the details”

-he knows how much you love music so he lets you pick

-you play tons of Nicki and he just watches in awe as you go tf off while rapping along in the middle of driving down a busy interstate

-but when svt songs come on you just sing really badly until he begs for you to stop

-but he secretly loves the fact that you know all the lyrics

-ice cream out of the tub HGTV marathon on a Saturday evening type of guy

-loves to stay in with you

-because he’s not huge on skinship in public

-but when he stays in with you, he loves to snuggle up to you with all the pillows and blankets in the house covering you both

-L O V E S to hug you

-it’s like his favorite pastime

-he’ll just wrap his arms around you real tight and bury his head in your neck

-and whisper what he loves most about you

-kissing isn’t everything to him, but he definitely likes doing it

-you hate to use a stupid anime trope, but his lips really do feel like petals

-they’re so s o f t

-and the way he holds you when he kisses you makes you feel like you’re in a kdrama

-he straight up whisks you off your feet or dips you before brushing your hair from your face and staring into your eyes

-just to give you a lil peck

-his number one favorite thing is torturing you with his looks on stage

-he always finds you in the crowd and refuses to take his eyes off of you while he does…… all of that

-you know what I’m talking about

-the tongue

-the lip biting

-the million dollar smiles

-the smirks

-E N O U G H

-but then he meets you after the show and acts all innocent

-“You look so beautiful today, Y/N. Thanks for coming to the show”

-“Don’t think you’re being sly, coups. I just hope you saved some energy up for when we get home”

-and then he becomes the human embodiment of the “😳” emoji

-and then you’re just like

-“You’re gonna need the energy to clean the house when you get home since you left me alone there all day”


-“Too late, pretty boy”

-in summation: Papa Coups would be an ideal bf who’s always acting a fool, but he’s your fool

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in an au where liz is with aram, what's your hc for who asked who out, and how did their first date go?

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Aram would be too shy to ask Elizabeth out (especially with Reddington hovering around; Aram doesn’t want to end up having to watch him re-assemble a gun ever again). But when Elizabeth notices that Aram might be interested in her, she takes the first step and invites him over for drinks and a movie. Aram spends the whole evening trying to figure out if this is a strictly platonic friendship kind of thing or if it could possibly be something more. He doesn’t get his answer until the end of the night, when he is about to leave and Elizabeth kisses him.

But still, neither of them would address the whole incident later on, leaving Aram to wonder if he imagined the whole thing. But then Elizabeth invites him over again, and they sort of slip into a routine - only that Elizabeth is sometimes too raw and distant, whereas Aram is a bit too much of a hopeless romantic, so they kind of end up misunderstanding each other - because Aram begins to believe that Elizabeth is just using him, whereas Elizabeth doesn’t really see the need to clarify that they are indeed dating. So cue Aram gathering his courage and ending up confessing his feelings in an awkward, flustered speech, at the end of which Elizabeth just shrugs and is like ‘yeah, okay. I feel the same. Do you want to grab something to eat and watch netflix now or’

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“i walked into this restaurant and you thought i was your blind date and i just kind of went with it because i don’t want to eat alone” solangelo AU

  • Nico sighed as he sat by himself in the restaurant. His older sister, Bianca, was suppose to meet him here for their weekly dinners. She moved to a town about an hour away so on the weekends she would come home. But she was having car troubles. 
  • I’m so sorry Nico. I promise next time, I’ll pay. She text him.
  • It’s fine. He wrote back.
  • He sighed and looked at the bread brought out for him. He took a piece and started to eat it. 
  • Looking down at the menu, he didn’t realize someone was sitting down in front of him until he looked up. There was a boy sitting there. Maybe a year older than him. He had tan skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. And a smile that still had a boyish charm to it.
  • “Sorry I’m late. Delays with the subway.” He told Nico. 
  • Nico opened his mouth a bit about to say something but the boy went on.
  • “I’m Will. It’s nice to meet you. Percy has been telling me a lot about you. And I was kind of nervous about doing this, but he convinced me.” 
  • Nico looked at Will. He thought I was his blind date. I should probably say something. But then again…I don’t want to eat alone….
  • The waiter came over and took their order. 
  • Will reached over and took a piece of bread. “So, do you have any siblings?” 
  • Nico nodded. “Yeah. A sister. She’s out of college, working..” 
  • “Oh really? What does she do?” Will asked.
  • “She’s a elementary teacher.” He replied. “Do you have any older siblings?”
  • “No. I’m an only child. I did wish I had a sibling though. It would be nice to have someone to relate to.” 
  • Now’s my chance. I have to tell him I’m not the person he’s suppose to be with. Nico thought.
  • “What about pets?” Will continued. “Sorry. I talk a lot when I’m nervous and around a cute guy.”
  • Nico blushed a bit. “Oh, uh, it’s okay. And yes. I have a dog named Cerberus. He’s a rottweiler.”
  • “Oh wow. Is he scary?”
  • “No. He’s actually really nice towards people. He loves belly rubs.” Nico told him. 
  • “So if I rubbed his belly…?”
  • “He would love you forever.” Nico smiled a bit.
  • Their food came and Nico started to eat. He listened as Will talked about his life. How his dad was a doctor and he planned to go on the same path.
  • “Oh! I never go your name.” Will said.
  • “Nico.” He replied. “Um, Will, I need to tell you something.”
  • “Sure, what is it?”
  • Nico took a deep breath. “I’m not your blind date. I was suppose to meet my sister here for dinner but she cancelled because of car troubles. I’m sorry I waited so long to tell you, but I really didn’t want to eat alone.”
  • Will blinked and turned bright red. “Oh gods. I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean-. Look, I’ll pay for dinner. I’m so sorry for putting you in this awkward situation. You just fit the description of who Percy described.”
  • “It’s fine!” Nico promised. “It was nice talking to you actually. I really had a great time.”
  • Will smiled a tiny bit. “Again I’m so sorry. I’ll pay for dinner.”
  • “It’s fine. I’ll pay for my half and you pay for yours.” He told him.
  • “Deal.” Will looked at his phone for the first time. “Oh…it looked like my original date cancelled because he wasn’t feeling good.” 
  • “Oh.”
  • “But I did have a great time. And I do kind of like you. Maybe we can go out for real sometime.” Will told him.
  • Nico smiled. “Yeah, I would like that.”
  • They exchanged numbers and paid before they went their separate ways.
fic: broken is the wrong word

Madison and Mason fic. Madison comes out to her brother. Asexual!Madison, bisexual!Mason. Madison’s experiences are based slightly off of my own, and might not reflect every asexual out there. Blame januarium for this one.

They’re walking home from Homecoming, Madison humming Home under her breath and Mason bouncing dreamily into space as they walk—a typical evening for them, really.

“They’re so hot,” Mason moaned. “Everyone said the Cheerios were the hottest people in school, but they lied. Clearly the Glee club is hiding all the hotties for themselves.” He fans himself.

Madison rolls her eyes, but doesn’t say anything. She’s not like Mason in this respect—Mason loves everyone, loves people and nakedness and sex, but Madison—doesn’t. She’s a virgin—possibly the only virgin on the Cheerio squad, but she’s okay with that. No, really, she’s okay with that.

She’s had a couple of boyfriends (and one girlfriend) but she’s never wanted—not the way Mason clearly does, with everyone he meets, apparently.  Kissing is nice, but she’s never wanted to do anything more than that.

“I don’t know who’s hotter, Roderick or Jane.” Mason sighs dreamily.

Sometimes she wonders if she’s broken, if maybe Mason sucked up all the sexual desire for them both in the womb and didn’t leave her with any. Maybe that’s why she gets so nervous when she’s kissing a boy or a girl and their hands start to trail up her skirt.

“Or Mr. Hummel and Ms. Berry,” Mason croons. “Or both.”


He laughs and shakes his head. “I’d like to be the center of that sandwich, is all I’m saying.”

It’s not even that she’s a prude—she doesn’t care who anyone has sex with, as evident by Mason’s—more-than-flirtations. She figures that’s their business. She just—doesn’t want it for herself.

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My mama never told me who to love until last week,
when she made me wonder if she knew what the word
Talking to her makes me question if she would still
want me when she saw my arms around his waist.

Last night, I pulled my fingers from his with a guilty
twist in the bottom of my stomach, even though his
bones were more of a home than mine have ever been.

I think Mama is scared of what she doesn’t know, ‘cuz
she’ll never understand the feeling running through
my veins when his body is close to mine,
when my skin touches his and our pulses race each
when our eyes meet and I can see galaxies in his
Mama doesn’t know what it’s like to love someone that
has the power to destroy your family in a second of his
she doesn’t know I can’t breathe when his lips touch
Mama doesn’t know that when she asks about meeting
my friends, I always hide him at the back of the
Because, really, I don’t think she’ll ever know about the
space he takes in my


I’m in love with a boy my mom won’t let me date. She hates him. He treats me well and I wish she would give him a chance. I’ve been seeing him secretly. I don’t want to hide our love anymore but if she finds out, I’ll never see him again.

thesoulpages || (c.n.p)

His Mom Finds Condoms (#6)

LUKE: He was just getting out of the shower when he walked into his room and his mum was standing there with her hands on her hips. “Mum, I’m kind of naked,” he said, awkwardly holding the towel that was wrapped around his hips. “Luke, have you had sex?” she asked, not budging from her spot in his room. “What?” “You heard me. Are you having sex?” “No, that’s ridiculous. Y/N and I have only been dating for-“ he stopped when she pulled an open box of condoms he’d been keeping in his sock drawer from behind her back. “I just wish you would have told me,” she spoke again, this time a little softer. “Yeah, but ‘be right back, mum, I’m going to Y/N’s to have sex’ doesn’t really sound so great,” he laughed, noticing his mum’s slight smile. “I’m just glad you’re being safe,” she said as she handed him the box and finally left his room. He was just glad that she didn’t notice you were still standing naked in the shower, mouth agape as you waited for Luke to bring you a towel.

CALUM: Calum woke up to his mum putting his clothes away in his drawers, smiling at him as she saw he was now awake. “Sorry to wake you, I just had to put some things away,” she said, placing his underwear in the top left drawer of his dresser. He smiled and turned over, ready to go to sleep, when she gasped. He turned quickly and sat up, now wide awake, and then facepalmed when he remembered he kept his condoms in there. “You and Y/N are having sex?” she asked, holding the box up and placing her other hand on her hip. “Well, yes, but obviously we’re doing it safely. And she’s on the pill, so we have double protection,” he countered, trying to smile at her to lighten the situation. “It’s not funny, Cal, you’re eighteen!” she protested. “Exactly, I’m eighteen and a legal adult. Adults have sex, it’s perfectly normal,” he reassured her, and her expression softened. “Please just continue being safe,” she added, picking up the laundry basket and finally walking out the door.

ASHTON: “What the hell is this?” his mum said as she walked into the kitchen, where you and Ashton stood making lunch. You both turned and your mouths fell open when you saw the used condom dangling from her fingers. “Oh my God,” you said, placing your hands on the counter, eyes widened. “Mum, why were you in my room?” Ashton said, offended. “I was going to empty your garbage, and then I found this. Explain,” she said, placing her hands on her hips. “Well, we’ve been together a while now, and we decided we were both ready to start having sex. That’s it,” he threw his hands up and turned back to his sandwich. “I’m not done,” she continued, “Y/N, you’re underage as of now, so I just hope you’re careful with who you’ve told about this. Ashton could get in big trouble if anyone brings it to attention.” “Yes ma’am, I know. We haven’t told anyone,” you said, awkwardly chewing your lip. “Well I’m glad you’re being safe,” she said, joining you to make a sandwich of her own as Ashton thankfully changed the subject.

MICHAEL: You and Michael were home alone, or so you thought, getting a little frisky on the living room couch. You had just flipped so that you were on top when his mum came barreling through the door. “Michael, what the hell is this?” she said, gasping when she saw you on top of him on the couch. She was holding an empty box of condoms; the box you and Michael had finished as of last night. “Where did you find those?” Michael asked, sitting up as you crawled off of him. “They were sitting right on top of the trash can outside. How could I not find them? And you were about to do it again, dear Lord,” she threw her hands in the air, exasperated and in disbelief. “No, mum, we were just… making out. Nothing more, and we’re being safe. Isn’t that all that matters?” he asked, scratching his head nervously. “I guess you’re right. And next time, make sure the house is completely empty before you start going at it, I really did not want to see that,” she left, and you and Michael burst into laughter. “She’s going to hate me!” you said, a huge smile on your face despite your worry. “No, she could never hate someone like you,” he said, pressing his lips back to yours and continuing where you had left off a minute before.