i really wish i was tho let's be real

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TODD AND DARREN SAID THIS ABOUT ACE!RAPHAEL: "Because he’s a vampire, Raphael doesn’t use current terminology to self-describe his sexuality. But if he did, he would refer to himself as a romantic asexual. We spent a morning with representatives from GLAAD and ACE Los Angeles, who shared their insight on the topic. Raphael is definitely romantically drawn to Isabelle and feels a deep emotional connection, he’s just not interested in sexual intimacy."

HOLY SHIT I didn’t know about this!!! I can’t believe they talked to GLAAD wow!!! I don’t really see how being a vampire is supposed to stop him from using the “terminology” tho, I mean come on Todd. Also it still looks like he was written as demiromantic to me, considering how this is the first time in his entire life that he feels this way about someone and it would take exactly something like a deep emotional connection for romatic feelings to develop in a demiromantic person so I wish they would explore aromanticism as well but I guess we can’t have it all *sigh* (I’m still hoping tho). Anyway I can’t believe this conversation is actually happening??? I mean these things are being said about a popular tv show and they actually did research on this and Todd finally learned the difference between “sexual” and “romantic”??? I mean this isn’t perfect but it’s real and they actually went there and wrote a canon asexual character, they Did That!!! We are so blessed, I can’t believe selling my soul for this show is really paying off :’)

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Okay let's put everything aside. If Jimin and Jungkook announces that they're dating but don't post a long ass MAKING OUT VIDEO I WILL FLIP THIS EORLDOVER

afjsdf; ohmygod!!! okay but let’s be real for a second, if jikook did come out, we’d probs get a like announcement post and then never see them together again. because that’s what happens. idols are dating, and then you never see them together and 4 months later they’re getting married or something lmao. tho i really wish jikook would like, not do that, and keep us updated with jikook moments if they ever did come out.lmaooo. 


Sorry I’m not posting this much, studies just eating me alive. Also this is why the pic is not great, i feel like i overworked myself and now trying to get myself back to life

Anyway! Let me introduce you myself and my egos!

First, that’s me, Aurora! Or Galina if you wish, which is my real name. I used to be very alive, noisy and funny girls but now I’m feeling kind of down, for a year now. I really hope it’s temporary tho! I’m an art student, pansexual, I have a beautiful girlfriend and live im Moskow right now. I’m a trashcan full of fandoms and I roleplay 24/7

Then, there’s Dima. Their full name is Dmitry Dzhavaev and i know it’s unreadable, I’m sorry. They are actually really important to me. They are bigender and pansexual, and they helped me overcome the lonliness and weird fear that came when i got that I’m pan myself. They are my bright and beautiful child. I had a separate for them on russian social media and they hosted a whole blog dedicated to create a safe and sweet place for pansexuals in Russia. I often talk to them in my head, they’re very bright and kind person.

And last but not the least, Lillis, my dark persona. She’s a very closed and silent person. She purely wants to make the world better but in her very own twisted murderous way. But she sees art as the point of her life, just like me! I’m not sure that’s something to be proud of but i am :D

And!! Thanx to @snowelfxx for assuring me that it’s not lame to have my own aler-egos :зззззз

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand don’t know if anyone interested but all three of us are open for questions :з


 I originally posted this on my twitter @/septicrelp so here’s a copy paste here but im adding more from my recent rant. Also I was inspired to make this from someone else i forgot but they probably know who they are already.

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