i really wish i was better at this... :(

Day 2/3

I only did 20 mins of cardio yesterday so, woooo fun.

But today was my first real day with Ron, my trainer. And we did arm stuff, all the pulling. And boy oh boy I’m gunna feel it. Then I did a 25 minute power walk/jog for cardio.

My arms gunna be straight noodles but it’ll be allllll worth it in the end.

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For 7x20, what kind of scene do you think we will get for Emison's HBO sex scene? Like I want to see them going down on each other but thats prob not gonna happen lmao. So do you think we'll just see more skin & prob no explicit action?

Let me say this right now: we are not getting HBO sex. All of that is the usual hype that MK loves to create because she knows how to make a buzz. They can’t even really curse on the show so how are they going to have “HBO” sex, you know? HBO sex is very….well….graphic. It kills me that she would even create hope like that for fans who don’t know better. That being said, the show must go on, right? 

I WISH that we could get some: neck/body kisses, some kind of grinding, implied fingering???, OPEN MOUTH KISS FOR ONCE, I mean a girl can dream. Realistically, we probably won’t even get a side-boob shot. We’ll get lips pressed together kisses, Emily’s fingers in Alison’s hair, them rolling around probably, and maybe - JUST MAYBE - an orgasm face. Probably not but maybe!

Moral of the story here: Do not let them play us. Keep expectations low so you won’t get hurt, my dudes. 

I’m in this weird headspace again where time is a blur and I’m just passing through the days. A month has gone by. I keep assessing my mood and emotions to find an answer and some peace. Through all the daily ups and downs, worries, cries, screaming matches with myself, I can’t take being like this anymore. I really cannot take hating myself on this level. I don’t deserve this. I have so much good in me. Light and love, happiness untouched. Somewhere. Waiting. I get on tumblr to try and avoid my feelings, but I’m thrust right back into them seeing model after model on my feed. I wish so badly for nice skin. To not feel as though the scarring all over my body is disgusting to others…to myself most of all…is utterly heartbreaking. I wish I could go back and re-do my life to see if I would’ve turned out differently, and could’ve had better skin. People I talk to say it really doesn’t matter but it does. It keeps me a recluse. It makes me lie in bed on the weekends and waste time I should have for myself to enjoy being alive. It makes me (in addition to my health problems) skip meals as a way to punish myself because I feel like foods make my skin even worse. Guys I try to talk to and/or meet ask what I like to do, what hobbies I have, what ways I am creative…and I don’t have any. I’m next to nothing. Y'all may reach out and say I’m nice. But what else? Who am I? I don’t know because I haven’t explored. I haven’t created. I haven’t experienced. All I can think of right now is music. Without music, I’d have probably taken my life by now. I don’t know why I’m writing all of this out but I want love.

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Me (a girl) and my girlfriend broke up about last October- we got together in July and our 'anniversary' is coming up and it's giving me feels. I never truly stopped loving her, and I don't know if I should admit that I still like her or just stay silent.

It depends what you really want hun. Think about why you broke up, is it something you can both fix and get past? If so then reach out to her, tell her how you feel and ask her for another shot. On the other hand, if you don’t think you can fix your old issues, then maybe it’s best to try letting go. It’ll make you feel better in the long run
Best wishes 💟

on remaking

hey! it’s Alex gayfaes. I’m not gonna be using this blog anymore, because I feel I’ve gotten “in too deep,” for lack of a better way of saying it?
uhh, I guess the point is that I really don’t want a lot of people coming along with me. Ideally, this’ll be a fresh start.
Like, you can interact with this post if you want, but you probably won’t be getting my URL unless I’m following you already!
Also, I’m not gonna change much, even if I am changing blogs. You might find me again, lol, but ideally it’ll be just me and my good friends for a while!
I wish you all the best, and I give thanks to all my followers and mutuals, whether you followed yesterday or back in 2014.
I’ll still be using this blog as I transfer URLs and sideblogs, and it will stay up as an archive, but I probably won’t be logged in for much longer. This weekend will probably be the last time I’m signed in as gayfaes, actually, once all is said and done! (so feel free to confess anything while I’m still around ;p)
Really though shoutout to every kind anon, sweet mutual, and all the support I’ve gotten. I want a fresh start, but I won’t forget about you!
Ily all 💜💖💜

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Hi! Welcome back!! I am really glad that you are back and writing again! i know that so much things happened to you and i really wish you the best and that all good things happen to you! We may not ever meet but I personally think that you are an awesome person! Keep writing Dee! Bless You!


Ah, thank you! You’re all so nice to me! It’s nice to be back, I missed you guys :*

I honestly feel like I’m never going to be able to draw anything lazytown related ever again, not after yesterday. 

I’ve been feeling so sick and anxious to open this site and just…see this message again, and just having false hopes. I can’t look at pictures of him without feeling my heart just breaking over and over again. I know we must stay strong, hope for the best, continue to show support and make content.

It gives me some comfort that this might not be the ultimate end. And yet I just can’t bring myself to think about all the things i still wanted to draw without feeling my heart shattering. I can’t. I just really cannot.

I’m not sure if this will be a goodbye but… if things will not become better, I don’t think I will be able to contine. I am scarred.

If you wish, you can unfollow me, i will not stop you, nor hold it against you. Please know that this is all i can do at the moment.

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I loved Vanessa rays acting so much I do wish she was alive and was ad or part of ad. But if it was any other a like Toby, even Ezra nah don't want a repeat of them Thanks!

I actually agree! I always said I wouldn’t want CeCe to be alive, but she really makes the show a lot better. Her flashback scenes make me so excited.

Ugh this is probably the worst day to make a post about it because I’m physical tired right now but like keep in mind I’m not yelling at people here but I do wish folks that get really into fiction knew the difference between appreciating good writing and romanticizing actions.

I’ll give you a really good personal example, ready? Here’s Lusamine

This is probably one of the better characters Pokemon has come up wit over the years. Unlike most of their major villains she feels like she has real attainable goals rather than “change the very layout of the planet” and “kill literally everyone”. I really like her character.

Do I think her actions are good?


Even with “but but she only became bad because her husbo disappeared” that’s no fucking excuse for abusing animals and her own children.

Now the problem with tumblr people is they see people going gaga for villains and assume those people would be alright with the villains behavior up to including calling them an apologist. Like here’s the deal kids: I was actually abused emotionally and psychology as a child by one of my parents. Like scenes with Lusamine literally made me cringe because she reminds me of my dad in terms of the manipulative language she uses. Good villains should be people you love to hate and I feel as long as people stick to that mantra rather than go “oooh I feel so bad for Genocide McMurderface because bad things happened to him once” there should be respect for their preferences.

Like really there is rarely a justified reason to call a stranger on the internet an apologist for shitty irl behavior based on their preferences in fictional characters. Again you don’t know anything about their personal life and its unfair I have to give out that info about my childhood just to show how the logic here doesn’t add up.


save him

also my commissions are open, if you’d for whatever reason be interested :’)


Tale as old as time, true as it can be. (Twitter)

I was on my car on the way to work when some DJs for a local radio station started talking (gushing) about these lyrics, and this is literally one of my most favorite Disney songs. I couldn’t pass up the chance to scribble something (even if I’m not that good, sorry x’D).

Sorry if the first pic looks a bit different from the rest. I drew it some time before the rest.