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Personal Story: Karma

This week has really solidified my belief in Karma. These may seem like little things, but sometimes little things are all it takes.

The other day I went bar hopping with some friends for a birthday. At one of the bars, they had a $10 credit card minimum. I only wanted one drink, because I had to drive later, so I asked the girl next to me what she was drinking and told the bartender to put it on my card. She was really surprised at the gesture and told me she would give it to her friend for her birthday. I told her to wish her a happy birthday from me. The total came to about $13.00.

The next day I went on a small grocery trip for a few essential things. My card wasn’t working in the scanner, so the woman next to me pulled out some cash and paid for my groceries. The total was about $13.00.

Later in the week, I was going in to work and I noticed a cart from the next store over in our parking lot. At first I thought “I’m not taking that all the way back there. I didn’t leave it in the first place.” But then I remembered Karma, and thinking “energy in, energy out,” I returned the cart to where it belonged. It was a small gesture, but I knew it would make somebody’s job a little easier.

That night, a woman was trying to use a coupon, but she needed to add another dollar to her order to make the coupon valid. I told her she could get some candy. She said “what’s your favorite?” I told her “I would go for the Mint Musketeers, if you like mint chocolate. I haven’t seen those anywhere else but here.” She put them on the counter and told me to leave them out of the bag. She paid and started to leave without them, and I said “Wait, your candy!” She said “oh, that’s yours now. And here,” she handed me the receipt, “take this so they don’t think you stole it.” It was a small gesture, but the minty goodness sure made my job feel a little easier.

No matter what you do, make it positive. Release positive energy into the universe. The energy you give is the energy you recieve.


shiratorizawa page from the big 2017 haikyuu anime calendar! really wish i had a huge size scanner right about now!!

i wonder what tendo is talking about. something ushijima doesn’t care about for sure. but he’s paying attention anyway because he loves tendo ;__; THIS IS SUCH A GOOD AND PURE STZ ILLUSTRATION

B for Brother

And there it is. As I said before, I’m a little bit rusty yet I really wanted to be part of the ABC’s of Merle Dixon Challenge

I wish I could have finished it yesterday to use my office’s scanner.. sadly I had to do with my camera. Yet I had a lot of fun doing this and I hope it’ll look god among the amazing fics and arts already made and those whitch will complete the challenge set by  @rooker-renegades

Another HaruEru!

…No one can stop me for loving this two.

I have two of this doujins, because it said you can get a poster with same picture as cover, if you buy one at comic city. Bought it, but didn’t get poster because it’s gone already /cry

Translate the short free doujin i got when i buy this baby here. As usual, I still wish a scanner will come down from heaven for me ><

Title : Myaku utsu hanbun no mirai (Future where we share the same pulse)

Author : アオリ (pixiv : 1462211)

Warning : Bad quality, really. Feeellssss~ Canon HaruEru after episode 24, mean.. yeah. No Repost it anywhere!

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#22 The Travelogue (Harry Styles)

OMG! It’s 22 already!! 

Okay so, I’m so excited about this. It’s different so, please tell me how you think it is and then, I’ll continue. So, please let me know as I am writing for you guys! 

Also, I touch 1200 followers which is so unbelievable! Thank you for all your support and for reading my work! 

Love you. xx. Okay, Read.

This seems ridiculous. Maybe even is but, I can’t get out now. I entered the restaurant and gave my name.

“Yes, Mr. Styles. Your number is 22. Please follow me,” Why was I doing this again? There were a lot of ways to go for an adventure. I could do anything.

“It’ll be fun, you fucker! At least go for it. You can always back out!” Niall hit my head.

“This is ridiculous. Like why would anybody do this?” I questioned again.

“It does! It worked for me! Now, I have a beer companion without any doubt every Saturday for the next two months!” He cheered and I just shook my head frowning at him.

“Your wish was to have a beer companion?” I raised my eyebrow.

“Well, a stranger who is my beer companion, and I found two! They have some capacity!” He laughed. “Okay, look. It’s just a game of luck. Fulfill Your Wish.” He put up the pamphlet in front of my eyes. “You can either choose from the wishes or drop in a wish and wait for a response. It’s simple. It happens every Saturday and you just have to give your name and register. It’s really secure so no creeps, either.”

“What do I have to do?” I asked.

“That’s the spirit. Okay listen, it’s easy. You can either choose from the wishes in the basket and see if you want to be a part in fulfilling that wish or you can drop a chit and wait for somebody to find you.”

“I don’t have any wish,” I leaned against my chair.

“Go and pick up a chit, then!” He hit my head, again.

I went and sat on the bar stool and ordered myself a drink. I had to just go there and pick up a chit. I picked up the rule sheet kept next to my glass.

#Only pick up the wish you want to be a part of fulfilling.

#Only wishes meant to be completed with someone else should be thrown in.

#Scan the chit in the scanner to find out the number of your wisher to see if they are still in the restaurant. If they are not there, you may contact the number (if given) or communicate with the head for more details.

It went on and on but, I didn’t have the patience to read it. What would I really want to do? I don’t know. I really didn’t have a particular wish. I just went through a break up so I wanted to be single for a while. I had my film starting in about 4 months. I didn’t have a wish.

I took another sip and then, walked up to the big container kept under the spotlight. This shit was taken seriously. Does it even work?

I closed my eyes and picked up a chit.

I want someone to just go on long drives with me.

Long drives in London? No. I dropped the chit and picked up another one.

Sex. I want sex. I know we aren’t supposed to mention about sex or look for people here but, I just want to have regular sex with someone – no commitments.

This was a bad idea. All these are really useless. Last one, okay.

Okay so, I read this book as a kid where these two people, strangers completely go on a trip together. And they have the time of their life. I want to go on a vacation and I want to do what these two did. So, if you like the idea of maybe, going backpacking with a stranger around the world or to just some beautiful remote places, come?

I took a deep breath. Do I want to go for a vacation? Something about this chit made me feel that the person writing this genuine. I won’t mind a vacation but, backpacking? With my track record….why not? I can go for a holiday. I nodded to myself and took the chit. Scanning it in the scanner, I waited for the result.

Your wisher is number 20 who is still in the restaurant sitting on stool number 12 near the bar.

Okay, near the bar? Alright. I turned around and noticed a girl sitting on the opposite side of where I was sitting. I picked up my glass and walked towards her. She had her head down with her black hair falling down in curls in front of her. They were really long, till her lower back maybe. She was playing with the twister in her drink, wearing a crème dress. I took a deep breath in, thinking again if I wanted this. I really did. I wasn’t a double guesser. I wanted this.

“Are you number 20?” I asked in a low voice.

She got startled and looked at me. Her coffee colored eyes wide in surprise. They were so big and beautiful. That was the first thing I noticed. Her nose was a longish and thin with real bitable lips covered in red polish. “You’re Harry Styles,” She whispered out.

“Yes, yes I am,” I smirked and sat down next to her.

“You picked up my chit?” She asked.

“Hmm,” I said placing it on the table.

“Oh.” She looked at the chit in suspicion. “You did read it, right?” She asked, frowning.

“I did, yes,” I nodded, again.

“Okay, okay,” She snapped out, “Hi, I’m sorry, I was just surprised that somebody actually agreed and that somebody is Harry Styles is not one of the scenarios I prepared for…” She took a deep breath and giggled nervously.

“it’s okay, relax…” I laughed, lightly, “What were the scenarios that you planned for?” I asked, taking a sip of my drink.

“Umm, creepsters, uhh..those people who are like always arguing from the start, umm, drunkards?” She counted.

“Well, I don’t know about the arguing but, we’re fine on the other things,” I laughed and she shook her head, laughing.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. This just took me back, umm,” She put her hand forward, “Hi, I’m Layla.”

“Layla,” I took her hand.

“My mother was a big fan of Eric Clapton,” She chuckled.

“I’m Harry, Layla,” I smiled. “Another drink?” I asked, looking at her empty glass.

“Uhh no, thank you. I’ve had two, already,” She declined. “So, umm, the wish,” She crossed her fingers together.

“It’s very interesting,” I nodded.

“So, you’ll do it?” She asked, her eyes wide again.

“We weren’t supposed the pick it up if we didn’t plan to…” I said, with my eyes as wide as hers.

She titled her head, knowing that I was being sarcastic, and then, laughed. “Well, that’s great then…”

“Where do you want to go?” I asked, smiling back.

“Umm okay so, in the book these two people go to like all the big cities in the world – New York, London, Paris, Sydney, New Delhi, Tokyo….that’s it,” She exhaled. “But since, I’m sure you’ve gone to all these places…”

“I haven’t been to New Delhi…”

“You should. It’s beautiful,” She smiled. “But, since, you’ve done the others, I had a list…”

“You know about me?” I asked.

“Yeah…” She nodded, taking out a paper from her wallet. “Yes, almost everything, I’m a big fan.”

“I couldn’t tell,” I smiled.

“I’ll freak out and ask for a picture, later. Don’t worry,” she smirked and then, laughed throwing her head back, making me laugh too. “So since, I can only go for about 20 days? I thought of Corsica?” She looked into my eyes with expectation and I nodded.

“Okay so Corsica, Peloponnese in Greece, Aswan in Egypt and two more, I left for the partner….” She smiled, shyly.

“Why all these places?” I asked.

“Well, they all have amazing, amazing history,” She gushed and I knew, she was a history fan, “Beautiful places with amazing night life,” She explained pointing towards me. I laughed thinking she had already judged me as a party fan, “and, I want to disappear for a while, these places do that…”

“I like it. Especially, the history part…” I smirked and she gave me a big smile.

“I’m glad! This is going really easy…”

“Yeah, we’ll have to discuss the costing and the ticket expenses and the stay, passports etc…” I went on.

“I know, yeah yeah okay. Although, you can afford it- yeah?” She asked, nervously.

“I can yes,” I smiled. “I’m just worried about the backpacking part…” I explained.

“I can’t afford the big hotels,” She said.

“We’ll figure out something,” I smiled.



Please tell me how you like it! Please. I’m so excited for this. I’ll update faster if I get good responses!

Also, The Fixing Procedure will be up soon! 





Recently, and by recently I mean like a month and a half ago, I really got into two blogs: ask-glittershell and aero-replies. The have helped me out a lot, and made me truly take another look at myself, allowing me to accept my more feminine nature at times and make me wish I could crossdress more XD

But anyway, a couple weeks ago, or so (I can’t really remember at this point) I decided I should do fan art of both Glitter and Aero, and so I did. Problem was, and this had been my problem for months, I didn’t have a good way to save my art and upload it places. Today, however, I went through the trouble of setting up my old printer/scanner and scanned in my 45 or so drawings I’d made in the past 5 or so months.

Now, I feel that it would be a good time to upload these pictures to tumblr, to show my appreciation and give my thanks to both Tales-from-the-Krypt and senseidezzy. You both are seriously awesome, and even though I’ve essentially never interacted with either of you, I love you both with all my heart. Thank you for crafting such beautiful blogs. Thank you for helping me discover who I am on another level. 

I wish I could have colored these pictures, but I only have 3 colors at my disposal: red, blue, and black. So I will upload them as is. Hope the both of you enjoy them.


Taniyan’s interview from PASH! magazine August 2016 issue!

Note: Because school (ugh) I’ll be doing this translation in bits, so please bear with me onegaishimasu >< Also gomen for the crappy pictures I wish I had a scanner OTL

Status update: Next 4 questions up!

Hello all! I’ve finally gotten the translation down and I can now share it with you guys :DDD Warning my Japanese isn’t the best, so if anyone spots any errors please feel free to correct me :3 Interview under the cut!

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A little sketch for something I’m working on. Since my tablet is broken, I have to do paper sketches instead, which is fine… it usually comes out better anyway. uvu I just wish I had a better scanner OTL but I’m coloring it at least

In any case: Headcanon that whenever they have a group hug, Mettaton wraps his noodle arms around the whole group. Sans is slightly uncomfortable with Mettaton, mostly cause of his flirtyness, but can you blame him really? xD

Oh yeah, and in my headcanon they’re Frisk’s uncles. She has three. xD

EDIT: Finished!