i really wanted to make this to show how i see chase

 Ok but I honestly feel like no one talks about how despite being so strong, Annabeth Chase isn’t exactly the best with emotions. Now I’m not saying thats a bad thing and I think it really fits her character, however especially in MOA, HOO, and BOO, we get some really key moments that highlight this. Now I won’t make a huge long post on this (even though I really want to), unless you guys ask, but the top three have to her thoughts before being reunited with Percy and then proceeding to judo flip him, being petrified of Percy abandoning her, and her whole moment with Piper where emotions literally overwhelm her. Honestly I loved how in MOA we got an incite on Annabeth’s thinking since though she has been a main character throughout the series, this is the first time we get her POV. 

 We see how insecure upon meeting Percy, wondering if he’s changed. Then, her reaction is to literally judo flip the dude after hugging him and being reunited, which shows that maybe Annabeth isn’t as good at handling her emotions as we thought?? The next huge moment I can remember off the top of my head currently, is the part in Tartarus where she is blinded and cursed into thinking Percy abandoned her. We see just how much of a mess this makes her, and we see Annabeth just kinda loose it, for the first time. Now obvious this being a curse makes it a lot worse but still. Finally the last moment I can think of is that moment in BOO where she is talking to Piper right before going into the chamber and then while going into the chamber itself and being overwhelmed by all the emotions. First, Annabeth talks about how she is worried about Percy and their relationship, and again we see this kind of insecure side of Annabeth. Then while in the chamber, we see Annabeth Chase literally freeze in the midst of action and danger, unable to do anything, which is something that is a rarity.

  Like I said in the post yesterday I really want to see more of these vulnerable sides of the characters, and these three moments are key ones for Annabeth. We see that she isn’t invicible and despite being so strong, she still has insecurities and weakness. Sorry that I made this extremely long, didn’t mean to, but I gotta say I’m a sucker for Annabeth Chase and character insight. 

Things I wrote a while ago

If you want her, show it, go out and chase her. Don’t take no for an answer because if you really want her just go after her. Continuously text her first if you want to talk because you know she doesn’t start conversations but loves talking to you. Make the effort to see her if you can and show her you care for her. Send them cute and cringy text messages, what’s the worse that can happen? Tell her how you feel because you never know she could feel the same but is too scared to say it.

do you ever cry because the first order wanted finn to be heartless, they raised him to always follow orders, even if the orders are to murder unarmed civilians, but despite everything finn shows so much compassion. like he has literally only just escaped the first order and he has no idea who rey is, he’s never met her before but the second he sees her being attacked he goes to help. when he tells bb-8 “poe didn’t make it, i’m sorry”, he really is sorry. finn nearly treats bb-8 like a person and tries to comfort this droid who was trying to electrocute him only a minute ago?? when finn and rey are being chased by the first order and they get thrown back by an explosion the first thing finn does is ask rey if she’s okay. despite how desperate and afraid he is of the first order the first thing he does is ask this stranger if she’s okay. finn is so good and sweet and kind and i love him with all my heart

I know this is hella unlikely, but this is what I’ve always wanted for like the final scene of teen wolf:
Jump like 10 to 15 years in the future, and we just see them getting together for something completely normal. Like the pack and the parents are all gathering at Scott’s house (his own house, because he has one now) for a barbecue. And the kids are running around playing and you see Lydia scooping one (little boy who looks like stiles) up and tickling him, and Malia fake growling and chasing them around, one of them jumps onto Sheriff’s back, stuff like that. Scott and Stiles are standing on the deck looking out proudly over their families and like talking to each other about like “did you ever really think we would make it here? That we could have this?” And like a discussion about how much they mean to each other. Then as the episode is about to end we get a few comments from Malia and Lydia and then it shows meaningful glances and looks between everyone and then it goes back to Scott and stiles on the deck and slowly pans out. Then fade to black and credits.

God, I fucking HATE this dating mentality nowadays, if you can even call “dating”. It’s all playing games. Like people not texting back someone they’re talking to, because their reason was “Oh well I was testing them to see if they would double text me to show me that they really wanted me; they didn’t pass so byeeeee.” Like no, stop with the middle school bullshit; respond to them like a normal human being and stop playing mind games and “testing” people. Just remember that life is too short to be chasing after people who can’t make up their minds, and also expecting others to chase after you - Put in some goddamn effort and just tell someone how you feel about them and go from there. You don’t want to go out on that date because you’re not interested? Just tell them nicely. You really like someone and want to go out with them, and you want to know if they feel the same? Just ask. Don’t waste other people’s time, and don’t waste your own. Honesty and clarity is the best policy. I’m so sick of the immaturity, mind games, and beating around the bush.