i really wanted to make something out of these pics


quickly finished a old-ass wip hope you guys like~~


I need your help! November 12 is Sean’s 5 year anniversary on Youtube and I wanted to do something special! So I’m asking all you beautiful people to join in on this project I have planned called 5 Years Of JackSepticEye 

My intent is to make a 3 minute video and post it here on Nov twelfth. I will also be posting a longer one on Youtube but that one is probably less likely to be seen. I really want to make the video comprised of the following topics:

1)The first video you’ve ever watched of Jack’s 

    A)Screenshot of video

    B)Title handwritten with selfie/pic (or typed out w/o one)

2) Your favorite video/playlist of Jack’s

    A)Screenshot(s) of video(s)

   B)Title handwritten with selfie/pic (or typed out w/o one)

3) A selfie/pic of you with your JSE merch

4) A short message for Jack

    A)Handwritten with selfie (or typed out w/o one)

5)Fan art you’ve made for Jack that he hasn’t seen yet, 

    A) With or w/o selfie /pic


I will be searching the web for these for the next 34 days and making the video. If you want your name or username mentioned, put it in the post you make (on the pic/message/text post) and I will be more than happy to do so :)

**Submission deadline will be November 10th.**

Other methods of sending me stuff for the video if you don’t feel comfortable posting it here or you’re seeing this on twitter:

-DM’s here on tumblr, or twitter

-Email-  melissavinnedge95.mv@gmail.com

Make sure if you do post it on social media, to post it with the #5yearsofJSE

Please spread the word so that we can get as many people in the project as possible :D! I love you guys and I can’t wait to see what you all make!


Rape me!

I used the candid ap to get my rape fantasy to happen. It was so much easier to use it to find other people who were freaky like me! When I said I wanted to be raped, like a for real rape, a guy told me how to make it happen. He said I should say my city and street name, and say when I would be there, and a picture to identify me. So I said my city and a street, from 3:30 to 4:30, and a pic of me with a doodle on my thigh.
Around 4:15 I was getting bored, when I was grabbed from behind, and pushed into a van. An actual van! Someone in the back seat tied my hands and blindfolded me. We drove for a few minutes, and then came to some place that he must have decided was safe.
They pulled me out and ripped my clothes off and raped me. One in my butt and one in my pussy. I actually hate anal and wish they didn’t use my butt, but I never said that, and, well, it’s rape, right? They did what they wanted.
The guy in my butt came in my butt. The other guy came in my mouth. Then they posed me for a few pics, and sort of dressed me back in my clothes they ripped, and drove back to where we were, and pushed me out.
I was scared, and my ass and pussy hurt, and I was even crying a bit. Home was close, so I got home ok, and showered, and went and curled up up bed with my phone. I had a PM on candid from a guy who said my ass felt great, and who sent me the pics he took.

I masturbate to those pics at least once a week. It was scary, it was a real rape, but I wanted it to happen, and knowing those guys could have done anything, and used me like that, makes me wet. I miss candid, because I would do something like that again and again, but I don’t know how to set it up.
Still, a month after my 13th birthday, two men kidnapped me and raped me, and it was the best day of my life.

That sounds really dangerous, glad you got out of it mostly ok. You might’ve tempted fate and might not want to try that again. Glad you enjoyed it though

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hello! i am a patron of yours and just wanted to say thank you for all of your wonderful art! you clearly work so hard on all of them, and it always brightens my day when i get a notification that you've posted something new~ i really like the weather dance pieces- just saw the ballet wip and WOW! only thing that got me was that Yuuri looks too nice for the black swan!! he's always so sweet when you draw him (or spicy). as a dancer myself, i LOVE this series!! do you use dance pics as refs? <3

It makes me so incredibly happy that you like my stuff enough to want to support me like this ;;;
And I’m so glad you enjoy the stuff I put out ^^
Sorry this month has been rather sparse, it’s been busy >_>;;
But yeah, right, doesn’t Yuri look good as Black swan type thing??? X3

and I def use dance pics I find in google for refs!!! :D
Oh gosh, I could not live without refs ^^;
Dance poses are so amazingly dynamic!!!

Here’s a blast from the past :p

It’s recently been announced that Sonic Forces will have a character creator, the ability to play as your own Sonic character. That’s something I always wanted when playing the games as a child and… never really stopped wanting, if I’m honest.

But that desire to make self-insert and ‘original’ characters kind of gets trained out of you as something to be embarrassed about; those characters have a stigma of being 'cringy’ and inherently bad.

While they’re really just harmless fun, and why shouldn’t people have fun?

Sega has just acknowledged this by letting fans create their own avatar in Sonic’s world. And that’s amazing. Little me would be bouncing around the room. Older me definitely is.

So here’s a new pic of my old self-insert character from way back when. Her nickname is Rockchick and she’s a bootleg Shadow created by Robotnik, with a rather nasty Super form. I’ve drawn various toned down and/or reimagined versions of her over the years, but here’s an original-flavour RC based on a pic I drew back in 2003- dubious colour choices and all.

Who knows, maybe I’ll end up playing the game as a little white hedgehog…

Join the resistance~

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Today in RK World

I haven’t done an update in RK World for awhile but just had to chime in.  I don’t get into the WHERE is Rob and Kristen game near the way I used to. They are busy actors and models and they flit from hither and yon often enough but almost always land back in LA together for fairly long stretches of time.

Though this post is not exclusively about today but about my observations since Cannes…and don’t worry we will end with today…

Since Cannes it’s been interesting, hasn’t it?

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Does anyone know where to find some sewing patterns for Revolutionary War costumes?

I really want to go as George Washington for Halloween this year, but reenactment costumes online are just a *bit* out of my price range, and I sure don’t want to get something at Party City because it’ll be super cheaply made. I was gonna give my ol’ sewing machine a good dusting off and try my hand at making it myself since I’m familiar with sewing clothing patterns, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Help would be greatly appreciated in my search. Pics might follow if I ever get this endeavor off the ground…

For neonxxlights on Quotev: Y/n was best friends with Damon but when he turned into a vampire he didn’t want to hurt her so he left unknown that she would later turn. Meet years and years later.

Originally posted by xxslvxpingxx

Damon X Reader (Long Lost Besties)


Everything was chaos.

Some time in the middle of the night you had woken to screaming, crying and gun fire. Mama had been watching from the front window as she watched everything unfold and Papa had run into the house, eyes wide and face pale as he told the both of you to stay put and not invite anyone into the house.

And then when things had calmed down, it was Papa who had broken the news to you that Damon and Stefan Salvatore were dead. You were heartbroken for Stefan, or Baby Sal as you had taken to calling him, but were confused about Damon’s untimely death. On one hand, you hurt for the loss of your best friend, but on the other you were uninterested in the news which greatly surprised your parents because they knew how close you and Damon had been.

Days passed and life returned to normal, and then you had the shock of your life.

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thecolossustitan  asked:

9, 10, 12

9: Favorite thing to draw?


10: Least favorite thing to draw?

No question, hands and feet. I struggle for a long time trying to make them look correct, take a lot of reference pics of my hands. Feet are worse. I need to do some studies.

Backgrounds also give me a lot of trouble. I just tell myself I’m channeling Kubo Tite when I wuss out on a background again….

12. Any weird artist behavior you admit doing?         

I guess my weirdest habit is when I get really into a song and want to draw something based on the feeling, I’ll play it on repeat for hours. I usually space out and stop hearing it after a while. If I’m not wearing headphones this drives my husband insane. I’m also guilty of the stereotypical face making when I’m trying to draw a certain expression.


So it’s Tummy Tuesday I know but please bare with me…. there’s a bit of a story with these.

I wanna thank @valykas for posting something a few days ago that really hit a nerve with me. He posted some stuff about body positivity and being called out for basically not having the right to promote it coz people thought he was too hot etc. After a chat with him it made me realise that up till these pics I’ve always tried to find the right angle to hide my belly or make it look smaller. I’ve posted what I thought people wanted to see and not necessarily who I actually am.

People of all shapes and sizes have the right to be or not be happy with how they look.

I might lose followers coz of these pics and this rant but it’s me, plain and simple. Sorry for going on 😔


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hi! first off i'm really enjoying your current story and your cc is amazing! i was wondering if you had any editing tips for darker sims. my game lighting kinda washes out their skin color and makes them pale. but i want my in game screencaps to look like my cas screencaps and just hoping you had some tips. thanks in advance if you do!

ah, well I don’t really have any editing tips for in game because I use Reshade. Sometimes editing in game pics can be difficult, for me, because the game is not very kind to melanin.

if I needed to edit, I’d do something like:

Fotor (free Windows app) 

1. Scenes: 1-Tap Enhance

2. Effects: Walden | Strength 33

So pretty much just auto level and then add some saturation.

Looking to Trade! 

Items I have:

  • The Enchanted SpellBoard (retails for about $27), I’ve used it a couple times and it worked well but I’m more of a Ouija person 
  • Paris mirrored tea light holder
  • Purple lotus(?) incense burner, the kind where the incense goes upwards
  • Wooden Sun/Flower patterned cone incense burner
  • Peace Green Stone - NOT an actual stone, might be ceramic? 
  • Peacock Ore 
  • Rose Quartz
  • Two un-opened tiny geodes
  • A prism
  • Black or White Cat Fur and Claw Ends (from grooming my own fur babies)
  • Dog Claw Ends
  • A pair of pentagram swirly plugs, size 00g
  • A pair of Graveyard Leggings, can’t see them well in the picture but I can have my spouse put them on for a better picture if you like! They’re a size XL from Hot Topic, the tag is ripped off but other than that they’re like brand new
  • I also have a glass spray jar I can make either headache relief or de-stress aromatherapy spray in! I can use moon, river, stream, or tap water. Ask for pics of the container if you’re curious about the size
  • I also have access to many incense so if you’re looking feel free to ask I may be able to work something out if you have something I really want!
  • Playing cards
  • I also have various herbs and such in my kitchen, feel free to ask
  • Ask about anything! I have lots of etc. things!

What I am seeking out:

  • THE BIGGEST THING I am seeking is to trade my tarot deck for a dark, demonic, or spirit type tarot deck! I haven’t included picture because I am very particular in the deck I am wanting to receive.
  • Ouija Board
  • Snowflake Obsidian
  • Herbs 
  • A nice journal
  • Dragon related items
  • Vulture Culture things! not picky 
  • crystal points
  • pendants
  • cloak
  • Moon related things
  • Offer what you have! I’m usually not too picky, but I can’t promise I’ll be interested in everything! 

Please contact me @phoenixrayng 

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ayy any tips for shaping a more masculine/gender neutral body when crossplaying? I crossplay for most of my characters but I have problems with still looking like a female bleh esp in legs and booty, but also just trying to get my torso into a more square-ish shape ahh i hope you dont mind answering this! ((p.s. i really admire you as a cosplayer wowza youre so good yeh))

Thank you! I’ve actually been meaning to make this for a while, so I suppose now’s a good time.

Crossplay is all about the silhouette. Here’s my process for getting a male silhouette.


Here’s a roughly what my natural silhouette looks like. Notice that my hips are quite narrow, so these techniques may not be as successful if you have wider hips.


When picking what pants to wear for crossplay, I usually go two to three sizes bigger. (Keep in mind that these are usually women’s skinny jeans, since I can find my size easier. A better way would be to just buy the right size in men’s jeans, but I can never find a pair that fit.) This hides the curves of my thighs and makes my calves look more even with my thighs - basically giving me a more straight leg. I always wear the pants at the widest part of my hips.

I always make sure there’s plenty of room in the crotch for obvious reasons. I don’t usually pack, but that’s always an option if I ever wear pants that are really tight in the crotch.


Smaller feet are a feminine trait, so I also try to buy bigger, clunkier shoes. Combat boots work really well for this. If the shoes are regular sneakers, I will sometimes also buy a size or two too big for the shoes.


I often wear padding on my shoulders after I put on my binder (or a muscle shirt similar to this [x] which is expensive but you can always make something similar at home). Broad shoulders are a more masculine trait. I sometimes do chest padding to give the illusion of pecs. This works for me because I have a small chest to begin with, so the padding helps make me look filled out.

For the actual shirt, I try to wear a straight shirt that won’t cling to my waist/chest. If I want something form fitting, slim fit shirt are still pretty good at hiding any curves [x].

So yeah that’s pretty much all that I do to make my silhouette look masculine. Also keep in mind that makeup is almost as important as the silhouette.

Also posing is really important! I always try to pose like the pic below, with my hips turned away from the camera, so that my shoulders look ridiculously broad and my hips narrow. Camera angles are like magic, just practice in the mirror.


My Crossplay Makeup Tutorial

FtM’s Guide to Looking Like A Hot Dude

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Or Gakukai, I guess we all have our ships that we love but do you see me complain?

at first i didn’t rly get ur first ask bc it came outta nowhere and i thought it was about me complaining about something but i didn’tthink i was…. complaining about anything……….. but then i got the second one so i’m assuming these two asks are related  so sosooosoo i just wanna say quickly say that it’s okay!!! i guess it’s my fault mainly because i didn’t really read into it since i was blindsighted and i just wanted to make the pic myself without really thinking too much about anything alskjdalksjd but in the end i don’t harbour any hard feelings so it’s all ok ehe…………

but thank u for looking out for me though???? i made a gakukai pic just for u (hopefully ur the same anon but if ur different, here’s a random gakukai pic)

offtopic but i can’t believe i changed my hair spas without even realising wat

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So I have this guy whos been my best friend since I was thirteen and well.. Im 18 now and Im pretty sure Ive fallen in love with him. Hes supposed to be coming to visit me soon, and Ill be seeing him for the first time in over a year (because Id been incarcerated). I want to do something really special for the dude, but I dont know what. Any ideas/advise? Thankssss ❤

if you’re thinking about making something for him:

1. a sentimental book with a lot of pics with your memories together

2. a really long letter about how great he is and how much you value your relationship

or if you want to do something with him:

1. a picnic in the park 

2. plan a whole day out (lunch, amusement park/movie/some activity, dinner)

idk other people please feel free to add on haha