i really wanted to make something out of these pics

Draw the hell out of Reyes Vidal #2 (still my choice of pic...sorry)

“You look like you are waiting for someone.”

The original version (with no filter) is under the cut.  (+ my comments) Only if you are interested……

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so @socivil (for some reason I can’t tag her :/ ) was talking about a weekly themed Jelix thing where every week there is a new theme that you can write, draw, make headcannons/imagines, and make edits about. To kick it off, this week is Hawaiian themed jelix.

I wasn’t really sure how I wanted to go about this? Like first I got inspired by Hawaii’s volcanoes, then I wanted to do something with Lilo and Stitch, then I thought maybe the beach could be a cool one??? maybe??? so yeah. My pic doesn’t scream Hawaiian but I’m happy with it anyway.

I’m trying out a new colouring technique. Basically I’m trying to use the blend brush as little as possible. And holy shit do I love the result! It looks so pretty! I’m super happy with it #weeklythemedjelix

thecolossustitan  asked:

9, 10, 12

9: Favorite thing to draw?


10: Least favorite thing to draw?

No question, hands and feet. I struggle for a long time trying to make them look correct, take a lot of reference pics of my hands. Feet are worse. I need to do some studies.

Backgrounds also give me a lot of trouble. I just tell myself I’m channeling Kubo Tite when I wuss out on a background again….

12. Any weird artist behavior you admit doing?         

I guess my weirdest habit is when I get really into a song and want to draw something based on the feeling, I’ll play it on repeat for hours. I usually space out and stop hearing it after a while. If I’m not wearing headphones this drives my husband insane. I’m also guilty of the stereotypical face making when I’m trying to draw a certain expression.

Here’s a blast from the past :p

It’s recently been announced that Sonic Forces will have a character creator, the ability to play as your own Sonic character. That’s something I always wanted when playing the games as a child and… never really stopped wanting, if I’m honest.

But that desire to make self-insert and ‘original’ characters kind of gets trained out of you as something to be embarrassed about; those characters have a stigma of being 'cringy’ and inherently bad.

While they’re really just harmless fun, and why shouldn’t people have fun?

Sega has just acknowledged this by letting fans create their own avatar in Sonic’s world. And that’s amazing. Little me would be bouncing around the room. Older me definitely is.

So here’s a new pic of my old self-insert character from way back when. Her nickname is Rockchick and she’s a bootleg Shadow created by Robotnik, with a rather nasty Super form. I’ve drawn various toned down and/or reimagined versions of her over the years, but here’s an original-flavour RC based on a pic I drew back in 2003- dubious colour choices and all.

Who knows, maybe I’ll end up playing the game as a little white hedgehog…

Join the resistance~

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Y’know what I really hate?

Well, OK, there are lots of things I hate, but I mean in a TS2 context. Well, OK, there are many things I hate just in that context, too. But…Yeah, something that really bugs me is this:

Why on Earth is nighttime so damn blue in Sim Land??? In fact, why is it so technicolor in general? Moonlight generally desaturates and yellows colors, you know. It doesn’t make everything blue. I hate it. It’s ugly. It makes me want to Photoshop the everloving shit out of any nighttime pics I take, but that’d be way too much more of a pain in the ass than I’m willing to commit to. 

Why didn’t The EA Powers That Be make it more like this:

Which, yes, is a really quick and totally crappy Photoshop featuring, for one thing, quick and sucktacular sky selection, but still….You know, still better. Black nighttime sky and yellowed, not freaking bright purple-blue. Yeesh.

Y’know…IMO the game would look a lot better in general if it were desaturated a bit. Which probably flies in the face of many people’s aesthetics since folks seem to like bright bright colors and stuff. But…Well, not me. Maybe I’ll start desatting all my pics a li’l bit…

OK, I’ll stop ranting now. This just struck me as particularly awful while I was cropping pics as my game was loading, since there was a run of nighttime pics, and I had to piss and moan about it.

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What are your tips or suggestions for taking a great nude selfie

1. Sitting down will always make you thicker bc your thighs and ass spread
2. If you want to look even juicier pull those cheeks apart lmao
3. For my personal nudes, suggestion of more is always key. Most of my nudes aren’t fully nude or are, in some way, covering what makes the pic a nude. Knowing that something you like is just out of reach is always gonna make people want more
4. Practice taking other people’s nude styles bc you might find a variation of theirs that you really like with your own body and you might learn what doesn’t work for you
5. Invest in a tripod: most of my nudes use either this 8 inch tripod or this 50 inch tripod bc it’s easier to find a pose that looks right when you don’t have a max distance of 2 feet lol
6. Accessories help. Like I said before my nudes are rarely full nude. If I’m not wearing a barely there bra or something I’m probably wearing a necklace, choker, chain, etc. it just adds something a little bit more to you, sort of revealing a personality in the nude lol


So it’s Tummy Tuesday I know but please bare with me…. there’s a bit of a story with these.

I wanna thank @valykas for posting something a few days ago that really hit a nerve with me. He posted some stuff about body positivity and being called out for basically not having the right to promote it coz people thought he was too hot etc. After a chat with him it made me realise that up till these pics I’ve always tried to find the right angle to hide my belly or make it look smaller. I’ve posted what I thought people wanted to see and not necessarily who I actually am.

People of all shapes and sizes have the right to be or not be happy with how they look.

I might lose followers coz of these pics and this rant but it’s me, plain and simple. Sorry for going on 😔


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ayy any tips for shaping a more masculine/gender neutral body when crossplaying? I crossplay for most of my characters but I have problems with still looking like a female bleh esp in legs and booty, but also just trying to get my torso into a more square-ish shape ahh i hope you dont mind answering this! ((p.s. i really admire you as a cosplayer wowza youre so good yeh))

Thank you! I’ve actually been meaning to make this for a while, so I suppose now’s a good time.

Crossplay is all about the silhouette. Here’s my process for getting a male silhouette.


Here’s a roughly what my natural silhouette looks like. Notice that my hips are quite narrow, so these techniques may not be as successful if you have wider hips.


When picking what pants to wear for crossplay, I usually go two to three sizes bigger. (Keep in mind that these are usually women’s skinny jeans, since I can find my size easier. A better way would be to just buy the right size in men’s jeans, but I can never find a pair that fit.) This hides the curves of my thighs and makes my calves look more even with my thighs - basically giving me a more straight leg. I always wear the pants at the widest part of my hips.

I always make sure there’s plenty of room in the crotch for obvious reasons. I don’t usually pack, but that’s always an option if I ever wear pants that are really tight in the crotch.


Smaller feet are a feminine trait, so I also try to buy bigger, clunkier shoes. Combat boots work really well for this. If the shoes are regular sneakers, I will sometimes also buy a size or two too big for the shoes.


I often wear padding on my shoulders after I put on my binder (or a muscle shirt similar to this [x] which is expensive but you can always make something similar at home). Broad shoulders are a more masculine trait. I sometimes do chest padding to give the illusion of pecs. This works for me because I have a small chest to begin with, so the padding helps make me look filled out.

For the actual shirt, I try to wear a straight shirt that won’t cling to my waist/chest. If I want something form fitting, slim fit shirt are still pretty good at hiding any curves [x].

So yeah that’s pretty much all that I do to make my silhouette look masculine. Also keep in mind that makeup is almost as important as the silhouette.

Also posing is really important! I always try to pose like the pic below, with my hips turned away from the camera, so that my shoulders look ridiculously broad and my hips narrow. Camera angles are like magic, just practice in the mirror.


My Crossplay Makeup Tutorial

FtM’s Guide to Looking Like A Hot Dude

2 quick, random, things ✏


I’m so excited to finally be active on my art blog again! I had been on hiatus while getting this blog established; I’ve really missed drawing. Head over to @tetrahedronart if you want to see what I’m up to there 😊

If there’s something you’d like to see me draw you could make a request that I may answer if it sounds interesting, keep in mind my limited abilities 😉 you can also ask me questions n stuff


Super random, but my family decided to make an Instagram account for our puppy so if you wanna see some (super cute) pics of our mini schnauzer check out ‘mightymoony’ on Instagram 😊

ALSO I promise I’m still working on requests, and this blog has just reached 200 followers! Thank you guys for all the support so far and hello to all of my new followers, requests will be open again soon so you guys can ask me for stuff 😊✌

It's Time for Answers....

Steven Universe returns in January! Episode descriptions from the Crewniverse are always vague but there are some hints in them.

“Steven’s Dream” : A strange dream prompts Steven to search for answers.

“Adventures in Light Distortion” : Steven and the Gems take off on a search and recovery mission.

“Gem Heist": The Gems try to pull off a heist.

“The Zoo” : Steven visits a special zoo.

“That Will Be All” : Steven and the Gems make a daring escape!

From the promotional pics we will hopefully learn more about Pink Diamond.

I think the search and recovery mission will be for one or more of the Rubies. Plus light distortion is why we think stars twinkle so SPACE!

“That will be All” sounds like something someone in authority would say…. Diamonds!

I really want to find out more about Lion this Steven bomb.

So you have any predictions or just plain wishes? I can’t wait!!!

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Texting Convos meets Stealing his Clothes - Parts 3

“I hate being away from you!”

“Same, but nothing we can do about it… How’s the tour so far?”

“Fun, exciting, ridiculous, great… lonely… I miss you!”

“I know, baby, I miss you too! So glad I got all your clothes to help me get through this ; )”

“Haha! I know you’re trying to make me jealous, but try again!

Harry sent you an image:


“… So sorry :D”

“Oh, you will be sorry! Just wait till you get home!

What else did you steal??”

“Borrowed, love, I borrowed a few of your things”

“A FEW?”

“Don’t be mad! I just wanted something of yours on tour with me.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you take requests for a wallpaper similar to the shoma one? tysm!

hi! it’s totally ok!

pls be more specific though. what quote do you like? and if you have a particular pic in mind. do you want the style i did (sketch-like + greyed out + white text) or something else?

this will not only make things easier for me, but will also make it more likely that you’ll get something you’ll like 😀 you (or anyone really) can just ask or message, whatever works

anonymous asked:

How are you able to make boards with gifs? I would love to do something like that I just can never figure it out.

I search for what I want on google and just drag the picture or gif to my desktop and it saves as a pic or gif! I feel like this isn’t really helpful, but that’s all I do to save the pic or gif I want!
Edit: Anyone can message me with questions about stimboards and I will try my best with helping you!

If other people can do it, I can do it too. I’m gonna start eating right (REALLY right), working out, and I’m gonna make this body into something that someone could want. Doesn’t have to be Elle. They can go flirt with all those other people and send them pics of whatever, whatever. I can’t conceptualize of my body as something that’s “for” her anymore, something that’s hers. And maybe once I get this body back on track they’ll stop acting like I’m just a bedwarmer that makes money but I don’t give a shit. It’s mine, now, fucker. You don’t get to call it yours anymore and I don’t either. And when it’s a better body, I don’t imagine that’ll change.


Last post for tonight, fidds and Ford with Cat Tate. He’s a mixed breed but he’s got a lot of Maine Coon in him. he’s just a ridiculously goofy baby I love him. 

First pic is just fidds hanging out with his fur baby. I added a tuft of hair on top of his head to make him feel more like a Tate, even though domestic cats don’t have anything like that. 

Second pic is based on something @memyselfandyoutube said in the tags for the text post. whenever Tate curls up in Ford’s lap he freezes and stops working in order to be the best seat. He does it in part because he wants to impress Fidds, but he also just really likes Tate. (One time he got sick and Tate curled up by him and wouldn’t leave cause he wanted to keep him company. That cat knew how important Ford was to his daddy way before Ford realized XD)


So I had to “make” this photo myself (refering to pic 1). + some other moments that I love.

I really wanted to share these and idk inspire you guys to do something fun

I used picmonkey.com, they have a simple polaroid frame edit tool. I’m planning on doing a collage of Life Is Strange so I’ll print these photos out. I’ve just started though and these are my first! :)

The Hacking of Anne’s iCloud

A very rude “follower” pointed out to me that Anne’s iCloud WAS in fact hacked. I don’t buy it. I have yet to see several people say it was Anne’s iCloud. Here are some reasons why it’s NOT her iCloud:

  • Harry. That’s it. Just pictures of Harry. What about her daughter Gemma? What about several other family members? What about her own husband? Nope. Just loads of pics of Harry half naked and flipping the bird. I know some parents can be fun and all “going with the flow” but several, several pictures of her half naked son giving the camera the middle finger? I love Anne but this doesn’t fit her personality.
  • There was lots and lots of Hendall. Any mother would love to photograph her child with their lover– oh wait. Did I mention that a large majority of those appeared to be photoshopped? Because in one them, you can clearly see Harry missing a finger.
  • Speaking of Hendall, they’re already working on keeping the heterosexual image going for Louis… so why not Harry? Last year there was a huge “iCloud hack” on Johannah (Louis’ mum) where several Elounor photos were released. But what happened shortly after? Elounor ended. I’d also like to add that Kendall Jenner’s rep confirmed 2 days ago that she was not with Harry Styles romantically at all.
  • If anything, this most likely has to be someone who knows or works with Harry Styles. Someone who hangs out with him on a yacht, at the beach, etc. Why? Anne isn’t with him all the time. Sure, the photos can be sent to her but…. the (likely) photoshopped Hendall pics? Uh…no. Why would she want those pics?
  • “Anne deleted her social media!” Okay. Fair point. It’s easy to assume that she deleted her Instagram (or temporarily disabled it) because of all this madness. But what if it’s because she can’t handle going along with a plan? Anne has hardly been involved with PR, except for a few times with Hendall (and, sadly, Haylor). So this must’ve been too much for her. She’s a sweet woman and it sucks bullocks that they got her involved with this shit. Fans and trolls attacking her all of the sudden! She even went on private shortly after all the pictures surfaced…. that poor woman.
  • There have been a few articles who knew ahead of time that this was going to happen. For instance, The Sun (may they burn in Hell) did a story about it 8 hours before shit went down. Not surprising, since they know most shit ahead of time. I don’t know if the article is still up, though. I will admit that the writers can easily go back and edit things…
  • I found this piece of evidence especially interesting: there’s a photo of Hendall that Harry took with his camera… and it’s NOT a digital camera. So how on earth could a perfectly clear photo like that be part of an iCloud hack? (Unless someone thought it would be cute to scan it in.)
  • The images, most of which are in piss-poor quality, were taken from a computer screen. That’s something hardcore fans and teenagers would do…. or it’s something that someone from a particular management/label would do if things aren’t working out as quickly as they’d like them to. They wanted Hendall to get out there fast. 

I hope most of these make sense. I’m not entirely ruling out the possibility that Anne wasn’t hacked, but why would she have photoshopped Hendall pics and images of her son flipping the bird every 2 or 3 images… and if it’s really her iCloud then why isn’t she herself featured that much? Just food for thought.