i really wanted to make something out of these pics


So it’s Tummy Tuesday I know but please bare with me…. there’s a bit of a story with these.

I wanna thank @valykas for posting something a few days ago that really hit a nerve with me. He posted some stuff about body positivity and being called out for basically not having the right to promote it coz people thought he was too hot etc. After a chat with him it made me realise that up till these pics I’ve always tried to find the right angle to hide my belly or make it look smaller. I’ve posted what I thought people wanted to see and not necessarily who I actually am.

People of all shapes and sizes have the right to be or not be happy with how they look.

I might lose followers coz of these pics and this rant but it’s me, plain and simple. Sorry for going on 😔


It's Time for Answers....

Steven Universe returns in January! Episode descriptions from the Crewniverse are always vague but there are some hints in them.

“Steven’s Dream” : A strange dream prompts Steven to search for answers.

“Adventures in Light Distortion” : Steven and the Gems take off on a search and recovery mission.

“Gem Heist": The Gems try to pull off a heist.

“The Zoo” : Steven visits a special zoo.

“That Will Be All” : Steven and the Gems make a daring escape!

From the promotional pics we will hopefully learn more about Pink Diamond.

I think the search and recovery mission will be for one or more of the Rubies. Plus light distortion is why we think stars twinkle so SPACE!

“That will be All” sounds like something someone in authority would say…. Diamonds!

I really want to find out more about Lion this Steven bomb.

So you have any predictions or just plain wishes? I can’t wait!!!

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It actually makes perfect sense for Harry to record outside the U.S. or U.K. If he tried recording their, there is bound to be pap pics at some stage, and fans hounding him, while he is trying to work on something important to him.

I agree. Even if he could mostly keep private in the studio, people literally follow him around if they spot him in the US and UK, so it really does make sense for him to hole up somewhere extra private if he didn’t want ANY information getting out.


Entry - Recipe for Design Challenge by @livingsimslive

I really love this little apartment! It’s such a shame I don’t do anything with my builds. Can I start an Adopt My Lot program? Anyone want to adopt my hobo apartment for their rp or something? xD haha. The challenge was to make a kitchen based on/inspired by a dish, this was my reference pic, if you’re interested! I like how it turned out so… pfff. 

Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled Simblreen program.

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Hello! I have a question. How do you guys make the fake snapchats? Do you use snapchat for it? Thanks! I really want to make my own Fake Snaps to prank my friends so im really curious

Hi babe!💜 So we each have our own style of making snaps~ but if you want something more realistic and believable I’d suggest using the app SnapFake(when using this app add the text bar with Snapchat to keep it from being blurry. Also make sure the picture you use is the right size to keep it from looking wonky) and we use Yazzy for the fake texts. I hope this helps you, let us know how it turns out.

//Here’s a pic so you can see what the apps look like// Also shout out to our lovely Admin Min-Y for showing these to us thank you boo~ 😘

~ Admin Momo^^

heyy so to add on to this I actually use the same method butttt as far as I know snapfake is only available for android as one of the other staff tried getting it on the apple store and it wasnt available sadly :c

Now as far as I know, if you are on apple, you may have to use a website OR another photo editing service if you wanna add the time stamp and/or the contact name. Now, if you use the photo editing service like former Admin Park-C used to use (even though she was on android as snapfake kept glitching for her) you may have to make the contact name and time stamp yourself.

ALSO! Side Note: when you use snapfake once you finish your edit and you press the arrow or check at the bottom it will show an ad, once you press the ex and you see your edit screenshot it as it doesnt save otherwise c:

~ Admin Min-Y

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sorry if this is tmi but i just really want to complain. im having such a bad period and everything hurts. i just wanna cry and these pics of Jess moving out makes me wanna cry even more

It’s not tmi! Periods are normal and healthy, period. (Lololol!) Sorry gal, wish I could help :( It sucks! Go cry cause sometimes you’ll feel better after haha. Eat something yummy and stay warm, that always makes me feel comfy! Hopefully you got some time off and you can relax! 💕


Last post for tonight, fidds and Ford with Cat Tate. He’s a mixed breed but he’s got a lot of Maine Coon in him. he’s just a ridiculously goofy baby I love him. 

First pic is just fidds hanging out with his fur baby. I added a tuft of hair on top of his head to make him feel more like a Tate, even though domestic cats don’t have anything like that. 

Second pic is based on something @memyselfandyoutube said in the tags for the text post. whenever Tate curls up in Ford’s lap he freezes and stops working in order to be the best seat. He does it in part because he wants to impress Fidds, but he also just really likes Tate. (One time he got sick and Tate curled up by him and wouldn’t leave cause he wanted to keep him company. That cat knew how important Ford was to his daddy way before Ford realized XD)

For one, I’m posting this kinda early, cause why not? (And I’m too excited. And I’m also worried I’ll forget to post it this week as I’ll be boarding my film starting tomorrow. Who knows how many days that’ll take me to do :’D But tbh I’d probably remember, but I don’t want to take that risk. I could be blessed with a sudden load of work, I really don’t know xD)

BUT I HAVE ANOTHER FOR THE DAY OF, SO NOT TO WORRY. Cause I couldn’t decide on what to draw..but really I had planned on drawing this earlier, but decided hey..lets make it a bday pic cause yeah. I’ll stop rambling..

It’s someone (I really REALLY care about)’s birthday this week… u_u <3

Chose to dedicate a drawing to something we do often together..and that’s pig out on some good ol’ pulled pork poutine!!
See…we’re a good match. Like..pretty damn good, actually. There’s a lot of reasons as to why, but one big one being cause I’ve always had the problem of never getting much of the cheese curds in poutine. Either they dont put enough cheese on, or everyone I typically share poutine with literally ALWAYS fights me for it. But that’s not the case with us!! I get all the cheese without a hassle, aw yeah! Cause he’s actually not a big fan of cheese, so it works perfectly!!
(I just have to fight for the meat now xD Naah, I’m actually not a big eater at all, so it’s never actually come to that..plus we usually get extra pork anyway c: ) Of course if he did like cheese as much as I do, I would be more than happy to share them with him u_u (BUT NO ONE ELSE >8C) Yeah..its just a bonus seeing how well that works out with poutine :’D I find it hilarious, actually.

But anyway! Enough rambling, and being selfish with cheese.
Here’s our characters chowing down on some good ol’ Canadian food! Probably in a park somewhere..likely Hamilton. I didn’t want this to have a plain solid background, so a late summer scenery works just fine! (Hey Brad, let’s go eat poutine in a park..we haven’t done that yet u_u )

Anywho! Happy (really early) birthday, Cool Fox <3 I’m really looking forward to spending lots and lots of time with you this week, but that’s pretty obvious c: <3

Artwork & Nicole©Niki.S


So I had to “make” this photo myself (refering to pic 1). + some other moments that I love.

I really wanted to share these and idk inspire you guys to do something fun

I used picmonkey.com, they have a simple polaroid frame edit tool. I’m planning on doing a collage of Life Is Strange so I’ll print these photos out. I’ve just started though and these are my first! :)


if you type in “(ship) fluff!!” or something pls be specific about what they’re doing or something cause idk what kind of fluff i should do most of the time

my ideas are like garbage when it comes to fluff ;;w;;

I will only be drawing:

  • youtubers
  • septiplier
  • other youtuber ships :y
  • your ocs
  • your own profile pic if you want one 




so im sorry….

Please help me build a list of gender-variant tarot cards and decks

My significator has been the Queen of Wands all my life, before and after I realized I was a trans man. I love all QoW designs but obviously most appear female! Eventually I’ll make my own tarot decks and will likely do some art soon to build a good QoW representation for myself, but until then I was wondering if anyone knew of some decks that have gender-variant versions of the Queen of Wands or really any other cards. And then I realized this is something a lot of people need!

So please make suggestions for decks/cards that don’t follow convention on gender! It’s okay if it’s just one card out of a deck, I still want to know about it! Even art that’s not from a deck, such as tarot-themed art prints and stuff. Gender ambiguity is fine as well and genders besides male or female are very much appreciated. Pics are great too! Either reblog on this post with your suggestions or tag with #tarotgenderwhat so that I can find your suggestions. I will compile suggestions into a master list for us all to share!

BTW if the deck is rocks/animals/trees/buildings instead of humans, please note that. A lot of trans people are looking for human representation of their human gender and don’t like having to only identify with objects or non-humans. In fact, a lot of trans people in their lives have been purposefully misgendered as “it” and basically identified as an object or animal instead of a human, as a type of harassment. So I’m keeping non-human non-gendered decks in a separate category for those who want it, and also so that decks that purposefully bent the human gender norms are given due credit for their efforts.

(And signal boost please. <3 )

what I want to know today: why were those pap pics of Louis and Oli so expensive?????

it made a tiny bit of sense (admittedly not much) that the Louis/Danielle pics from the grocery store were expensive because this was only the set second of pap pics they’d had done, and let’s face it in the Project London pics, it looks like Louis is dating Stan, not Danielle. They’re only in the same frame a handful of times, and I don’t believe he was even looking at her. In the second set of Louis/Danielle pics from the grocery store lot, they’re in the same pictures more than once and they look like they might be conversing. Like hardly a passionate romance, but a step up maybe.

but the pics of Louis and Oli from yesterday? why???? why price them out of other outlets’ budgets? so the Daily Mail could include them in a single article about babygate, where the only new information was the first line, which was that the birth was “imminent”?

I’m side-eyeing this BIG TIME.