i really wanted to include bones too

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do you have a list of characters your planning to do for the portraits? or will they all be surprises?

*deep breath* okay let’s do this *opens up my list with things to draw*

P.S. So the first two sets on the list are already done and will be posted in the near future, and I’m working on the third one now.

- The most significant Death Eaters: Lucius, Barty Jr., Quirrell, Peter
- Triwizard champions: Cedric, Fleur, Krum
- Next generation (the main ones): James, Albus, Lily, Rose, Hugo, Scorpius, Teddy, Victoire
- Secondary Gryffindor students: Seamus, Dean, Lavender, Parvati, Colin, Cormac, Lee
- Secondary Hufflepuff students: Hannah, Susan, Ernie, Justin, Zacharias
- Secondary Ravenclaw students: Cho, Padma, Marietta, Penelope, Michael, Anthony, and maybe Terry
- Secondary Slytherin students: for this one I’m still uncertain. I’m definitely drawing Crabbe, Goyle, Milicent, Astoria, Marcus. Then there are also characters like Daphne Greengrass, the Carrow sisters Hestia and Flora, Miles Bletchley, Adrian Pucey, Lucian Bole…. but we basically know nothing about them, so I most likely won’t include any of them, just those 5
- Gryffindor Quidditch team: Angelina, Alicia, Katie, Oliver. Maybe also Demelza. Maybe.
- The Dursleys
- Other professors: Trelawney, Lockhart, Hooch, Binns, Firenze, Sinistra, Vector, maybe also Burbage, and I probably need to include Grubbly-Plank too

^ So I really really want to get all those above done. I hope I will have enough patience and determination to do all of them. Then I have more ideas and I will move on to them if I am still determined to draw more:

- Founders of Hogwarts
- Hogwarts ghosts (the four ghosts of houses and Myrtle)
- Ministry workers (this is tough because again not sure which ones are necessary and which ones are not): Cornelius Fudge, Rufus Scrimgeour, Pius Thicknesse, Umbridge, Amelia Bones, Crouch Sr. Then there’s also Amos Diggory and Ludo Bagman and Bertha Jorkins and John Dawlish, and we also have Mafalda Hopkirk, Albert Runcorn, Reginald Cattermole. But that’s a bit too many, so we’ll see which ones I’ll do.
- Maybe other Hogwarts employees: Filch, Pomfrey, Pince
- Also other next gen characters….
- Then there are a lot of other random characters, like Rita Skeeter, Ollivander, even Gregorovitch, DOBBY, Xenophilius, Stan Shunpike, Maxime, Karkaroff, Greyback, Rosmerta, Griphook, Ted Tonks, Mundungus, Elphias Doge, Arabella Figg, Phineas Black, etc etc etc I don’t even know how to categorize all these D:

I feel like I also need a set for the characters of the First Order of the Phoenix, with the Longbottoms and stuff… There’s also the Gaunt family that we know about… other Death Eaters… what else have I forgotten… ugh so many so many D: I don’t know which ones I will draw and which ones I won’t.

I wish to do as many as I can and I really hope I don’t run out of inspiration to continue the portrait series, but I cannot give promises for anything because I can’t tell how long I will keep drawing :) It’s just a random hobby, after all.

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top five davekat fics :O (or just five good ones if that is too scary)

I c u there, angling for recs. 

Come On Up To The House by tweedymcgee. This is meteorfic that involves them watching nature documentaries together and wrestling and Dave touching Karkat’s horns and even though there’s no porn in it, it still manages to be really hot. I really like the characterization of both Dave and Karkat in it, it feels very true to canon.

Looks Just Like The Sun by messageredacted. Dave and Karkat have to navigate some dream bubble shit, and Karkat gets temporarily blinded. This starts out a little blacker than I usually ship them, but it was written pre-retcon so that makes sense. Really good bickering between Dave and Karkat, I love how they have to navigate their tendencies of accidentally going too far and hurting the other person by saying mean shit. 

A Little Off The Top series by Introsquirrel. This is a two-part series, in the first one Dave brushes Karkat’s hair and in the second Karkat gives Dave a manicure. But it’s really in-character, I swear. This is good meteor fic, with the dynamic of Dave and Karkat gravitating towards each other because they don’t know where else to go. Lots of cute cuddling that turns to makeouts.

30th-Century Night by Askerian. Really I can blanket-rec all the Davekat they’ve written–I really like Midnight On The Demon Patrol and Crash Standing, which is technically Davesprite/Karkat. But I’m reccing this one because it’s a one-shot and not a lengthy sprawling AU. This is a reincarnation fic where Dave is richer and older (essentially he’s alpha!Dave) and Karkat is a young hooker (sort of). Dave knows Karkat from their previous life and Karkat does not. I really like the uneven power dynamics in this, how Karkat is young and wary and defensive and Dave is sort of really obviously in love with him. 

A Switch by applejuice_motherfucker. Basically a pwp where they switch from black to red mid-boning. What I really like about this is it features Karkat taking the black thing too far and hurting Dave, and then feeling terrible about it. See above re: my fondness for the trope where one of them takes the antagonism too far and hurts the other one and then has to backtrack.

Bonus: Your fic, Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win, which I didn’t include in the list because I figured you wanted new things to read, but which is definitely in my top five. Not only is the nook-eating super hot, but I loved Dave’s perspective on Karkat in this so much, the way he really sees through all of Karkat’s bullshit and still likes him anyway. This Dave is super observant and really pays close attention to Karkat, which I fucking love.

I have a lot more Davekat recs in my bookmarks on the AO3. Ugh, I love this fucking pairing SO MUCH, it’s all I’ve been reading lately.

Why Jennifer Lawrence.......

This is why I feel Jennifer Lawrence is not a good actress 1.She lacks the drive, it takes sacrifice her refusal to do certain things (Lose weight exercise to get to a certain physical appearance) shows she does not have the burning passion needed to be an amazing actress ALL of the greatest actors/actresses who have been successful and not won any award by being the it person has changed their appearance (lost weight toned up, gained weight) 2. She plays characters close to her actual personality translation she acts like HERSELF another reason people say she is an amazing actress because they love her personality, an actresses job is to make us believe that she is that character!! The only thing I could stand seeing her in was winters bone because she wasn’t acting like Jennifer Lawrence! She made me believe she was that character! Playing loud mouthed white trash unapologetic ignorant characters is not a challenge for her considering that is how Jennifer Lawrence is! 3. She doesn’t take it seriously!! She keeps saying things like “I have no idea what I am doing” then why do it?? There are actresses who are way more willing to do what you are not! They are way more deserving as well! I am not talking about sleeping with directors either I am talking about losing a massive amount of weight or gaining a lot of weight choosing roles that PROVE they are an amazing actress! I can give credit where credit is do, she was amazing in winters bone. All other performances were not anything special yes this includes silver linings playbook, her performances were mediocre at best! I am so done with award shows robbing such deserving actresses of amazing performances only to hand Jennifer lawrence an award for what? Acting like herself on screen? To all the people who keep saying she is your role model I feel really sorry for you!!

Glance’s SorMik Picks

There’s so much out there, I thought I’d share my favorite Sorey x Mikleo fics with all of you!

Purity of Your Smile by evr – Unique in that it follows a situation in which Mikleo isn’t sure what his feelings are at first, and they grow over time.  It shows some tender mishaps along the way. 

Elixer Vitae by brightwinged – Smut that features the water armatus, and gets surprisingly poignant.

Marriage is Only a State of Mind by kolachness– A cute humor fic where Sorey argues passionately that marriage is what he wants to have with Mikleo despite not really understanding the concept.

Sweet Tooth by Everdarksilver – Cute stories about Mikleo and Sorey as told through food.

Head Over Heels by Angelic_Ascent– Sorey and Mikleo kiss to share water and it’s adorkable.

The Bone Zone by Haurvatat – Edna traumatizes Sorey and Mikleo with explicit instructions on how to bone, but they’re too curious not to try it.

Fusion Dance by Katseester – Rest of the part wants to find out why Sorey only wants to fuse with Mikleo.

BTW, this list doesn’t include any of mine, because I feel it would be an unfair evaluation.  But you can always visit my Ao3 page!

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Going around and asking people who responded to the technowitch/mage post: what in your words makes a technomage, and what do you consider central to your practice/how do you practice? (And feel free to include any helpful information not covered by that blanket question.) Thank you!

Hello!! Well first off technomage is my own term to call myself since I don’t really like the name technowitch for myself, and technomancer sounded too pretentious, etc etc etc. Call yourself whatever makes you comfortable.

What makes a technomage/witch, to me, is if someone consideres themself someone who uses technowitchcraft. I’ve noticed there’s this giant stigma of witches who don’t really do the whole candlelight and bones ritual-y witchcraft and I want to aim to get rid of that. Some people simply don’t have access to be able to do “traditional” witchcraft, be it in a conservative home or unable to get the materials. Others feel like they aren’t “witchy” enough to be considered witches. Personally, I was very interested in witchcraft as a whole but couldn’t find a path that fit me. Technomagic helped me out.

I know a fair few witches think that technomagic is BS. I get plenty of Anons saying how it isn’t TRUE witchcraft and how I’m just a poser, and a whole list of bullshit. Magic, to me, is not in chanting words by the darkness of a full moon and coating your house in protective jars and cursing people with poppets of cornhusk and graveyard dirt. Magic is not inherently physical.

The mind is a powerful thing. Witchcraft using lavender and st john’s wort oil and essential oils and sandalwood is all well and good, but at the end of the day? Rocks, plants, and oil who have no special properties by themselves. People use rosemary when they cook, but their meals aren’t inherently witchy as a cooking witch would. 

Magic is the power of the mind. 

I don’t mean Forer’s Effect, where you’re looking for it and make things up to fit it. The path to witchcraft is paved in intentions, whether or not you believe amethyst clears negativity, whether or not you believe burning sage will cleanse a room/object of impurities, whether you believe chanting those words under a full moon and making a concoction of wine, dirt, and nails will curse someone. The materials are a means to solidify your intentions, cement your belief that yes, this spell will work because I followed the steps of mixing rose petals and lavender and putting them in a satchet and saying a poem and imagined something happening to it. Because you believe it, because you will it to work, it will work.

So, with that said, I get on to technowitchcraft. Just like how greenwitches use lavender and sage, I use HTML and protective sigils layered onto images. I use cellphone photographs of charged objects and batteries and good luck spells traveling through satellites in a stream of golden electricity onto the recipient’s phone. I use pictures of burning sage and meditate on them, visualizing what they would do to my room just as physical smoke would do, matrix-like numbers and letters surrounding my bedroom like a firewall, my doors antivirus systems to keep negativity out.

Because I believe technomagic works, technomagic works. Because you believe graveyard dirt works to summon spirits, graveyard dirt works.

Your intentions open the doorway to causing the spell to work, the meanings assigned to your materials solidify your belief.

Witchcraft is not waving around jars of storm rain and causing it to make a person irrationally angry, witchcraft is your belief that jars of storm rain will cause it, and so it does cause it. 

TL;DR: Magic works because you believe it will, and if you believe that technomagic works, it will work.

It’s strange how you can be made to feel like a Bad Fan if you think a canceled TV show should stay canceled.

Take two of my big favorites, Gargoyles and Firefly.

These both, especially Firefly, seem to be constantly praised as “a TV show some one should continue”…

And I tend to always disagree.

I loved Firefly. Still do, if a bit differently 10 years later (differently doesn’t mean less, just different)… but I’m sorry, there’s no way in hell we could just “pick it up” now.

Yes, Netflix picking up canceled shows is the dream. Now fans of all kinds of shows are begging for theirs to be next.

But what is that going to realistically look like, folks? Nathan Fillion’s a little bit busy these days with another regular show that’s doing pretty well, everyone’s aged 10 years, two of the main cast died in the movie, etc etc. Sure we could have Firefly: Ten Years Later. But what would that look like?

Ideally it COULD still be good. But look me in the eye and tell me, HONESTLY, if you think it could A. be pulled off well enough, and B. make the fans happy.

B is the big one. You can bring back all the charm, wit, and story and you’d STILL be faced with having to accept this older, changed crew. With Wash and Book gone, and the possibility that some of the original actors might not be able to or even WANT to revisit these roles, they’d likely bring in new characters to fill in those roles (and/or new roles altogether). And we all know how well fans tend to respond to new characters (myself included sometimes - and I feel bad for it… any new character that’s thrown in there specifically to fill in the “gap” of some one we lost tends to start off on really shaky ground. It’s not their fault but the show tries a bit too hard to shove them into that spot even if they don’t quite fit… Bones, looking at you with the new not-Sweets guy)

The story would be interesting. Because there’s no way in hell we’re selling these actors as anything other than aged 12 years. So most likely we’d be jumping forward a minimum of 10+ years in the story too. Possibly intriguing, yes. But some of that same youthful vibrant energy the show had would have to be shown in a different light. Again, theoretically, not a bad thing. But do you honestly think it’d go over well enough to justify keeping this up? Do you really think fans will stick with it, even out of hyped up loyalty? Do you think the characters’ personalities and lives would remain unchanged enough to feel like the “same” characters we loved before? Would River still be in the same PTSD-state she was before, or would nearly-30-River have worked through so much of it that she’s nearly unrecognizable (which would be good for her, but most fans would miss the “quirky” River)? Would Kaylee still be cutesy and bubbly or would she mellow out or even become more bitter? Would, god forbid, Mal and Inara still be doing that ridiculous will-they-won’t-they ten years later (god I hope not)? Would Jayne go the hell away (likely not but I can dream)?

Gargoyles tends to have the same problem. It’s been over 20 years. Do we go back and continue from the last episode, in the 90s? Do we jump ahead to now? You know that means Elisa is at least in her… what, 50s now? I mean I’D love to see that, she’d still be kicking ass, but let’s not pretend people wouldn’t be disappointed to lose “young, hot” Elisa. I’d personally love to see that, but I’m pretty comfortable in the fact that I’m probably in the minority here. Most would want us to pick up where we left off - which could be cool too but I’m not sure who wants anything set in the 90s anymore. Most everyone seems content to leave the 90s behind us.

There are absolutely canceled shows out there that would do great if they got picked up again. I just don’t think Firefly is one of them. I don’t think Gargoyles would go over as well as some think. There’s a handful of other “OMG START IT UP AGAIN PLS” shows I’ve side-eyed a bit too but I kind of covered my reasons for that while discussing these two so no need to really repeat myself.

On the flip side, both these shows had continuations in comic form that were fucking fantastic, so… we still have something :D

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So I'm having a bit of trouble with my story (really every story I try to write) and I haven't been able to find any helpful links. Whenever I start a story, I have a very simple idea for the beginning, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what happens for the rest of it. Like I have ideas, but I can't get myself to like them and actually write them or I just can't come up with anything. I'm not sure if you can help me with this, but if you can, that would be great.

It sounds, to me at least, like you just might benefit from an outline!

I’ve been in that place, a lot actually, where I feel like I know what I want my story to be about, a general idea of where I want it to go and maybe even how to start it, but then I have no clue how to get from point A to point B, let alone point Z. One thing that I am trying is writing up an outline–just the bare bones of my story, the basic structure, the rough sequence of events that needs to happen for my story to logically and realistically make it’s way from point A, the beginning, to whatever point might happen to be the ending.

Some people get wary of outlines, finding them too constricting, and while that is a valid criticism, I would like to posit the idea that outlines are not set in stone. (You can write them on stones if you wish but that sounds like a lot of work to me.) Chances are, when you write the outline, you won’t really have any hard and fast ideas of where your story is going. The purpose of the outline is to provide a rough trail for you to follow–if you have a few big events you know need to happen before the conclusion of the story, you can more easily figure out how to get your story to those points if you lay them out chronologically. And if you actually have it written down, then sometimes just looking at the outline, at the general overview, can spark ideas that fill in the sinews and tendons and flesh around the bones, until you can see an actual story start to emerge.

If you’re worried about details–don’t be. Honestly, the less detail there is to an outline, at least to start, the better. Because, like I said, the outline isn’t set in stone, and you want to be able to change it without too much fuss if, as you’re writing your story, you realize that some events need to be moved around or changed completely, or or story begins to take a different direction altogether and you need to rework the outline to fit. That’s a lot easier if it really is stripped down to the basics.

You can add details as you go of course, if you think of random but important things that you want to remember to include when you get to that point in the story. I would recommend, however, that you keep the original, bare bones outline in a separate word document, and work on filling in details in another document, making it easier to switch the original around while keeping the detail-filled copy around for easy reference. And you should never be afraid to make those changes, because the outline should serve as a guide, not an all-knowing road map.

Outlines aren’t for everyone, of course. People have different methods of plotting out their stories (if they even plan ahead at all), and it doesn’t matter what you do so long as your method lands you with something approaching a complete story at some point. From what you’ve described above, though, you sound like someone an outline would benefit–you have the ideas, but you just aren’t sure how to get them down in the story, right? So write all those ideas down, just the basics, and see where they fit on the timeline–then continue building the outline from that. You might be surprised what your brain can come up with when you’re just looking over stuff you’ve already figured out.

- Hunter