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I did this in a hour so it’s really bad but this is for the crossember day 5 WHAT IF

for some reason i always see cross as some sort of big baby so this is where this came from…… :\

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oh well. also i’m joining in 5 days late cause i didn’t know this existed till a few hours ago XD

I want to talk about this for a quick second, because this is one of the purest things that Lukas has ever done for Philip. 

Philip is such a giving person, he puts all he has into his relationship with Lukas and we have seen time and time again that he will put himself through hell to help make Lukas more comfortable. And while Lukas clearly cares for Philip, he doesn’t know how to show it and deal with his feelings and ends up taking more than he gives a lot of the time.

But this, Lukas was so ready to have some wet, wild fun with Philip and is clearly disappointed when Philip won’t get into the water, but instead of guilting him or trying to manipulate him into going swimming, he simply goes and sits next to Philip.

What really makes this moment beautiful to me is that Lukas doesn’t question Philip or press him about his reasons for not wanting to go into the water. Lukas has to be curious (I know we all are), but he can tell that Philip feels seriously about it so he simply accepts it.

And that is why it is so pure and selfless

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since it’s almost christmas and a time for everyone to be happy, and because i recently reached 2.5k, i decided to make another follow forever!! (okay truth is i’ve been wanting to make one for a while but ignore this) this time i have some special mentions to make, because i met some really amazing people here in the last few months! and i know better who my favs are this time lmao (also i can’t seem to get the links and mentions to work for some reason so just know that if im following you, you’re here. just search for your url)

> @khazbrekker > duda i love you so much, you have no idea! you are the most precious angel, my moon and my stars, one of my best friends <3 i love talking to you, i love working with you, i love everything <3 i remembered when we were both going to do enem and you said to me you were wishing i did well and that you would think of me during the test and i was like “who is this person?? how can anyone be so sweet?” and i just adore you so much! talking to you makes my days better love <3

> @vvinterhayle > ju i will never forget the day you came to me with the first idea for the yalitsquad!! for one it was what started the network, which i love so, so much, but more importantly it was the start of our friendship! i love you so much, never forget it <3

> @hxcates​ > vi, somehow it seems we never stop to talk properly (except for that first time, that is), but i really really like you?? you have a special place in my heart, and your blog is amazing darling <3

> @collinslily > pristine!! you are like out of this world amazing! and guess what i’m back to saying that we never got to talk much (we did a little at least) but i feel like we have a connection? somehow? for one i think your blog was like my first inspiration as my blog was starting to take shape and grow to be what it is now, and the first time i saw yours i was like “wow!! so pretty!! what an amazing icon! what perfect everything!” and you had that real great persephone url too that i just loved. you were an instant fave, and so far i haven’t changed my mind.

> @cuipid > teresa you cannot imagine how much i love your blog! whenever someone asks me about a blog that looks great, like theme goals, mobile theme goals, aesthetic goals, i think of yours. and your edits are so perfect i still don’t know how you do it! we never got to talk properly (we started once, but didn’t go on? was it my fault? idk) but i know for a fact that you are this sweet and amazing person and i love and admire you so much <3 keep up the good work darling!

so yeah those are my favorite favorites haha, but i love everyone i follow and i love everyone who follows me, and the rest of the amazing people on my follow forever are waiting bellow! i was going to put them under a read more but tumblr is messing with the links and maybe this way it’ll at least show on the search idk (faves // ♥ loves of my life)


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Imagine the Pack not trusting you but Liam doesn’t care

           I could see Liam walking towards me and I didn’t know if I should feel excited or nervous. I like Liam but we would never work out because the Pack for some reason doesn’t trust me just because Theo is my brother.

           “Hey Y/N, I was just wondering if maybe… you would like to go out some time?” Liam scratched the back of his neck. I didn’t know if he was put up to this or if he genuinely liked me.

           “Um, like on a date?” I asked while shifting my weight.

           “Yeah, I really like you and I want to get to know you,” Liam seemed to gain some more confidence.

           “Liam, I would love to but it seems like you pack doesn’t like me,” I couldn’t look him in the eyes because then he would have control over me.

           “Listen Y/N, I don’t care what they say, it doesn’t mean shit,” Liam lifted my chin up so I would look at him. I smiled at his words.

           “Okay. Then, I would love to go on a date with you,” Liam’s face lit up with happiness and he flashed a smile at me.

           “Great! Now, can I hold your hand to show I mean it?” I couldn’t stop smiling as we walked down the halls, ignoring the confused stares from Liam’s pack.  

well, there’s only one explanation for this: i wanted to show appreciation for the people on my dashboard who end up making me smile or laugh one way or another [mostly because of their tags or their screaming]

anyways, thank you all for having amazing blogs & i hope your holidays + the rest of the year goes smoothly for all. i hope all of you meet your faves in 2k17!!

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Thank you all SO MUCH for making my dash such a nice place this year. Even if we haven’t talked before, or you don’t follow me, I really appreciate every one of you!

I know I forgot people, and there are a few of you who I wanted to add but your urls changed and I don’t know your new ones, I’m sorry!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful 2017 <3


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I know this isn’t the best i can do but i really wanted to draw somethiing with this little sunshine and this took so much time already x-x  ( drawing him is so hard for some reason ?? T-T)

His hair is living a life of its own. Also it’s not really smooth and all, might work on that somewhen else ( probably not though) so for now that’s all~~

I love this because after the whole unofficial break up between them in Texas and them starting to date other people, I’m pretty sure their friendship has crippled a bit and is trying to figure out what exactly is “normal” again. They haven’t really found a grounding for their new relationship and conversations have been pretty awkward between them. So the reason I love this so much is because Lucas doesn’t HAVE to bump in to her, he consciously does it because he wants some kind of contact from her after who knows how long of a drought he has had from Riley’s usual touchy nature. He could of easily have said “excuse me” or waited for her to move slightly for him to get by, but nope! He gallops along smiling because he finally has a reason to be in close proximity with Riley. You can literally see Riley’s shock and internal screaming due to Lucas being so close again, she doesn’t even look him in the face. I love that she’s so stoic and expressionless to all of it, and you can just imagine her heart beating so fast after that pang of shock it receives from realizing its Lucas right next to her. Just imagine that current of happiness, nervousness, and excitement you get when you can literally feel your crush right next to you, I don’t know about you but that’s what I imagine Riley must be feeling at that moment. I’m sorry I just love this scene so much!

I really hate how Kishimoto went out of his way to justify the Uchiha genocide. First they were jerks who wanted to take over, then they were genetically/biologically predisposed to losing their minds, and THEN they were descendants of the ‘evil’ brother. The world is damn near explicitly said to be better off without them and the man who decided to kill them gets all the sympathy for some goddamn reason. What kind of message is he trying to send? 'Sometimes genocide is good’? What the fuck?

okay! mobox i really liked this part for some reason in your animation “purple” (by mandopony ((great song check it out)) ) and i wanted to make a gif outta it , if you dont apriciate it i understand compleatly! ill take it down if needed , i just thought this would be cool to do

animation by @mobox87 

gif made by me

 ——> original video: https://youtu.be/3NxEArlkAKU



Happy Saturday! I felt sick and didn’t have much energy to do anything else today.. so I colored this old character rotation for “Dearest”. 

For some of you that messaged me asking to see my film, I’m really sorry! ..It’s still not ready yet. I’m finishing coloring & reworking some shots. That’s also the reason for inactivity lately. I planned to do a film sketch everyday this summer but that didn’t end up happening because of this dragging along. But I’ll hurry up and finish it up so I can also open up commissions! Something I wanted to do for a long time :D Anyway, thank you all for bearing with me!

Ok so the droids turned on the Monochromes and Blake pushed Weiss out of the line of fire. Then the droids started firing - and only hit the ground around them.

Droids that presumably were outfitted with cutting edge combat technology couldn’t hit two stationary targets on the ground. Then let said targets get up and draw their weapons. Which means:

a) Atlas tech isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

b) The droids are Remnant’s equivalent of Stormtroopers

c) Or maybe for some reason Cinder didn’t program the droids to kill students (the ones on the airship certainly had enough murderous intent toward Ironwood)

d) I just really wanted to share a gif of Blake diving on top of Weiss. How far the shitlord and the faunus have come.

a few days ago, i hit 500 followers, so i just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who have for some reason chosen to follow this multifandom trash blog. my fandoms and obsessions have gone through many changes over the years, and i really appreciate you wonderful people sticking with me anyway. i would put everyone here if i could, but i follow a ton of blogs, so it was really hard to narrow it down! i threw in as many mutuals as i could, and a lot of blogs i admire from afar. i’m sure i missed a bunch, so in case i did, just know i send my love through the interwebs to every single one of you. you make my dash beautiful and create a community worth logging in for! (mutuals are bolded, faves are italic ♥)


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Hey everyone, Happy Holidays, I hope you all had a good year!. Anyway, so I’ve been meaning to do this for the longest time and today I finally had the time and patience to gather the people who make my dash a really nice place. I want to thank you guys for staying, I mean, some of you have been with me for years and that’s amazing given that I aways change fandoms and stuff, my tumblr is mess tbh. I’d lke to thank all my lovely followers and to all those beautiful humans who have been following me for such a long time and haven’t (yet) unfollowed me. I love you all. 

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Thank you!!!!

Hiya!!! I don’t really have any reason for doing this tbh other than the fact that I hit 5.6k ???? That’s not really a big milestone but I just felt like spreading some love in the spirit of Thanksgiving!!

First off, people that I’ve grown to know and love and I’m so proud to call my friends even if we don’t talk as much anymore:

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bolded are people I’ve talked to a bit + want to talk to more + my faves:


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ALSO a super special extra shoutout to @mssweetserialkiller for that pretty gif up there ^^^ !! 

sorry if I left you off, I love you just the same!! these are always really confusing for me.