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Precautions to take to avoid being doxxed:

(mentioned this before, but after what just happened to @ummquestion, I’m gonna make another post)

-Don’t give out your full name and age at the same time. Even if you have a really ordinary name, your age added onto that might make it really easy for people to find more of your personal information. Don’t even give out your full name if you really want to stay safe. There are directories where people can find out exactly where you (and your family) live just by searching both. A lot of the times they have phone numbers too. 

-If anyone sends you a suspicious link, don’t click on it. It could be one of those ip grabbers where someone can obtain your I.P address and then use that to get your location.

-Don’t link photos directly from your social media accounts (that probably contain really personal info like Facebook). Someone could use this to do a reverse image search of some sorts. I never ever post pictures I post on Facebook or other social media on here for this reason. 

-And if you can try not to post other social media with any sort of personal info on here. I keep this website completely separate from those.

-IP address blockers. 

I probably sound paranoid, but some people on here are really crafty when it comes to doxxing. You don’t wanna risk someone possibly putting you danger or ruining your life cause something you posted on the internet made them mad. 

This will be sold as a postcard sized print at SacAnime 2017 located in Sacramento, California.

I managed to finish this before I left Japan. :3 It came out real nice and I wanted to do a small design for a simple postcard print. I was going to add some text but there was really nothing quote-able to put in here…

In light of the election

Ok, so I’m a nobody. And I don’t know if this will get anywhere. But we are talking about mobilizing a resistance to this presidency, and more importantly, the supporters of it. And I have a few ideas.

I can think of loads of safe spots. I have contacts. I know people who would be willing to do this, and I’m sure you all do, too: WE NEED A SAFE PLACE EVERYWHERE.

I’m talking we need to organize safe locations for trans/lgbt/poc/disabled people in need. We need a primitive Uber-like app to locate volunteers who can either take you in or hide you, and do it asap.

If we really want to mobilize, we need to break this motherfucker wide open and start on our feet. Cause I’m six hot seconds from buying spray paint and putting brands on everyone’s door with a Trump sign and I’m positive trying to save someone’s life is a better use of time.


  • Funtime Foxy: Okay I would REALLY appreciate if EVERYONE would SHUT UP. *Gets back on the phone* Oh heyyyy! Yes. We do accept private parties! Kid friendly? Oh of course! We als-
  • Baby: *BURP* we sell birthday cake!!!!!
  • Funtime Foxy: jdjxjdjjKDHDJSK EXCUSE YOU
  • Ennard: We eat the kids for BREAKFAST!
  • Funtime Freddy: we GO cruZIN ON A PIRATE SHIP
  • Eggs: Put your pants back on!!!!!
  • Funtime Foxy: uM eXCUSE YOU-
  • Ballora: LEGS
  • Bidybabs: You don't want your children here! It smells here! Like SPRINGTRAP
  • *Distant offended scream*
  • Minireenas: *Scratches on a blackboard*
  • Funtime Foxy: EXCUSE YOU!!!!!!!!
  • Parents: welll it seems if your busy we will get back lat-
  • Funtime Foxy: Nononon excuse the-
  • *End call*
  • Funtime Foxy: [DEATH GLARE]

in an effort to bring lots of goodies to sell and give away for CTNx, I’ll be focusing all my efforts in producing art from here until the 16th when I leave for burbank. :D I figured selling warrior ladies inspired by the different zodiac signs would be a pretty cute idea! starting off with Aries. not sure if I’ll keep it all medieval themed or if I should branch out into other eras or locations…

commissions will slow down a little again (I’M SORRY!!! I feel so bad delaying work like this, I really do), but I really don’t want the bulk of my stufff to be fanart (don’t wanna get in trouble, plus I gotta bring original stuff too!), so I really have to do this. I will be planning out my days ahead and will hopefully be able to address my clients for this current batch :) After CTNx is over I will be back to normal, I won’t have anything else urgent in my schedule for a long time to come.

thank you thank you to everyone who is in line for a commish and is patient with me. <3 I have gone from 0 to 20 to 100 art-wise reaaal quick these past few months and while they have been amazing, I still have some planning and discipline issues I need to get in order.

so anyway, here is knight Aries :D

Ok but can anyone please give me a deeper explanation about when OA goes to search for Khatun and she’s not there, and Hap plays the sounds from Saturn’s rings and those sounds are literally the same as Prairie’s NDE???
Like I understand it’s like a way to say that when you suffer an NDE you go to another place, another dimension, but I have the suspicion it has a deeper meaning. Like, why Saturn? Does it mean she goes to the same location as Saturn but in another dimension? I also even thought it sort of related to the “astral projection” thing, that you enter this “astral” reality by doing this process of getting a sort of really deep sleep, and you get out of your physical body and enter the astral realm, and you can travel anywhere you want, in the universe.
Idk I’m sorry if I wrote so much and if it sounds really silly, I don’t really always post my theories about shows on the internet but The OA is just ineffably wonderful so I’m like super confused and need answers nOW


I wish I could stay in Singapore longer- even though shopping for a size bigger than medium is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. After my @themammothco yoga classes, we talked about how the small bodied stereotype of Asian women means anyone who doesn’t fit into that norm ends up feeling like an outcast. I already commiserated because, as a curvy dark skinned black woman, the American beauty standard of slender+light skinned femininity made parts of my adolescence somewhere short of a nightmare. But it wasn’t until I saw how hard it was to find plus size clothes (OR EVEN A FUCKING LARGE) at Singaporeon locations of American mainstays like @hm & @forever21 that I really felt the pain of curvy Asian women. I mean, damn- these retailers act like it would end the world to make a size 14/16 readily accessible. AND WHAT IF YOU’RE LARGER THAN THAT?? Does it basically require online shopping? Wait, but real talk- WHERE DO FAT GIRLS SHOP IN SINGAPORE? Inquiring minds want to know. All jokes aside, I feel insanely lucky to be able to live this life, especially considering how many of my brothers and sisters around the world do not have nearly as much freedom or active happiness. Honestly, being one of Asia’s fat, black flamingos is a luxury in more ways than one. Please, universe- PLEASE know I don’t take it for granted.✌🏾️✌🏾️ out, Singapore- y'all are dope as hell. See you next time. Socks- @forever21 Undies- @calvinklein

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Skinny dipping-TW preference

Request: can you do a skinny dipping one with all of them preference ?

Warning : some bad language and slight smut mentions. but not actual smut.

A/N: I had so much fun writing this ! But it was long and now my fingers hurt. so enjoy :) 


You weren’t really prude or anything, but knowing Scott is a werewolf..you just wanted to take things slow. Though Scott was a teenage boy with testosterone overflowing his head so you did not know exactly how he defined ‘’slow’’.

Scott was keeping the location of your date a secret and that kind of made you nervous. You spent the whole car ride trying to remember if you had shaved or not and let out a loud

‘’YES!’’ when you remembered you had. Scott parked the car and allowed you to open your eyes. But along with them you also opened your mouth, taking in the view.

It was beautiful. There was a fire, right in the middle of the beach and a thin line of light , reflected on the dark water. You took in the sound of the waves on the sore and he smiled seeing how in awe you were.

About an hour into the date and after you had talked about your day and other stuff Scott got up looking at the water.

‘’Scott?’’ you asked as he breathed in the salty air, taking off his shirt. You stared as the muscles of his back flexed and he walked closer to the water.

‘’what are you doing ..?’[‘ you asked laughing. He turned to stare at you, taking off his pants and you blushed harder than ever trying not to avert your gaze from his eyes.

‘’I think I’ll go for a dive…’’ he smirked and turned his back to you again , walking even closer to the water.

You saw him , in his boxers, staring at the water and you smiled to yourself, waiting for him to get into the water. But he didn’t.

He slowly bent down and took of the only piece of clothing that was left on him.

‘’OH MY GOD !’’ you let out , bringing your hand on your eyes, and looking away. He let out a chuckle, entering the water.

‘’hey ! it’s warm !’’ he let you know as you waited a couple of minutes until he would be fully into the water to re open your eyes.

‘’good to know’’ you let out . God now you were thinking of his perfect bum. You wanted to go in there as well and he could hear your desire.

‘’it’ll be warmer if you joined me..’’ he smirked.

‘’ yeah if I pee…’’ you said and he laughed.

‘’I mean cause you’re hot y/n…’’ he smiled at you and you slowly got up.

‘’close your eyes’’ you instructed him and he obeyed as you stripped off of your clothes.

‘’okay they’re off now wait till I get into the water!’’ you said and he just opened his eyes , staring at you and smirking. As a reflex you ran into the water to hide yourself and he laughed.

‘’I TOLD YOU TO WAIT A-HOLE !’’ you said getting close enough to punch his head.

‘’yes. In the ending of a sentence that begun with<< okay they’re off now..>> can you blame me ?’’ he asked and you pecked his lips.



You always had a crush on Stiles and you had tried everything to get him to notice you. Dropping hints, spending hours before deciding what to wear, laughing at everything he said-not that you actually had to try for that one- but he just did not seem to get it.

One day you and Stiles, were hanging out at the beach. Scott was supposed to meet you but he hadn’t showed for an hour so you started thinking he might not come at all. To which you were thankful.

You talked and talked and talked with Stiles until the sun started coming down. You just stared at the water, the way the orange shades colored it, it was simply beautiful. You looked into Stiles’ honey brown eyes and saw the sun reflecting in them.

‘’you okay ?’’ he asked bringing you back to reality.

‘’what ? oh yeah ..yes,’’ you stared at the water and saw how the waves ended up on the sand. You took of your shoes, not fighting the urge to feel them. Stiles chuckled and followed your lead.

‘’are there crabs here ? y/n if I end up having some weird allergy from crab bites I am having my father arresting you. ‘’ he warned and you chuckled feeling the cool water against your skin. You ran your fingers through your hair and Stiles was the one to stare this time.

He scanned your body and watched the little droplets against your calves, the dry salt on your thighs. He took off his shirt and jeans.

‘’Let’s get in’’ he suggested and you turned to look at him laughing as he was struggling to undo his belt.

‘’ what? the sun will go down ! we’ll bloody freeze. ‘’ you chuckled.

‘’YAY I LOVE HARD NIPPLES !’’ he cheered in a high pitch voice and you playfully punched his head. He did not really believe you would ever agree, so his jaw dropped when you allowed the strands of your dress to slip off your shoulder, He stared at your every move as if his life depended on it.

‘’ oh my god this is …this is happening ..’’ he let out and you smiled getting into the water with your underwear. Stiles took off his t-shirt and run into it as well with his boxers.

After thrity minutes of singing part of your world and hair flipping you both started freezing and yes, Nipples got hard. Stiles tried not to stare but failed, and you smiled.

You got out of the water and realized you had no towels.

‘’great. We’ll just die’’ you said and he laughed rubbing your shoulders in an attempt to warm you.

Then you put on your dress and Stiles was about to say something when he saw you moving your feet. Your wet panties dropped to your ankles and you elegantly took off your bra.

While he just stood there, knowing you were completely naked beneath the cocktail dress you were wearing. He put on his shirt and jacket and then had to take off his boxers before putting on his pants.

‘’aren’t you gonna turn around ?’’ he asked.

‘’no I’m good. ‘’ you smirked.

‘’can you at least close your eyes?’’

‘’ah…will it make you feel less awkward?’’

‘’yes ..’’

‘’then no’’ you smirked and he sighed.

‘’alright alright but if you get to see the dinosaur I should see the peaches.’’ He pouted.

‘’oh my god are you a nine year old ?’’ you asked and he laughed. Of course he was only kidding , but his eyes widened when you allowed your dress to fall to your ankles as well.

He stared in awe.

‘’are you going to kiss me or should I wait for the crabs ?’’ you said and he shook his head blinking a few times before allowing his lips to peck yours.



You were walking your way home, along the beach when it started raining. You were already having a pretty bad day so you just stopped in your tracks and looked up, letting the rain drops fall onto your face.

‘’thanks big guy. Really, I appreciate it ‘’ you whispered to God and kept walking for about ten more minutes. You were a soaking mess, when you heard a car pulling over.

‘’HEY ! Y/N !’’ you heard Isaac’s voice.

‘’hello Isaac’’ you said straightly and kept walking in the rain as he run to you. He eventually caught up to you.

‘’hey,. What are you doing ?’’ he asked noticing your state.

‘’going home.’’ You replied.

‘’you’re pissed at something and really wet.’’ He said.

‘’you’re good at making observations. ‘’ you said sarcastically and he chuckled.

‘’why ?’’

‘’because it’s raining’’

‘’no ,. I mean why are you pissed ?’’ he kept walking with you , getting wet himself, as strands of his hair stuck to his forehead.

‘’get this.’’ You begun. ‘’ I’m working my ass off at part time after school and this lady comes and she is like hey I want to buy a dress to my daughter she is about your size might trying this on ? . so I try it on and then she is like no, it does not look similar you’re a bit too chubby.’’ You said and Isaac let out a loud laugh.

‘’well don’t laugh !’’ you said still pissed.

‘’okay okay. But now that you mentioned it, is it just me or is that third button of your shirt struggling a bit too much.’’ He said in order to mock you but you got even more pissed and started walking faster.

‘’oh come on y/n I was just joking !’’ he tried to excuse himself as the rain got heavier.

‘’apology declined. ‘’ you kept walking.

‘’I only said that cause your shirt is all wet and stuck on your body and the third button is holding back your purple bra which I can perfectly see by the way..’’

You stopped taking in what he had just said.

‘’so I’m not chubby ?’’ you raised an eyebrow.

‘’I can’t tell you that , I’ll have to see for myself’’ he said sarcastically but you did not hesitate you needed an objective male opinion. You took off your shirt and skirt and remained in your underwear.

Isaac stared at you.

‘’i..um…woah..’’ he stared even harder.

‘’so ? am I chubby ?’’ you asked.

‘’yeah. In all the right places.’’ He said unable to take his eyes off of you.

You suddenly realized what you had done and were abou to pick up your clothes when Isaac started taking off his.

‘’what are you doing ?’’

‘’you mean what are we doing ? and the answer is we’re swimming !’’ he winked and walked closer to the beach as you followed him.

‘’ISAAC IT’S RAINING !’’ you said reaching up to him .

‘’good that means you’re already wet ‘’ he said slapping your ass softly to lead your towards the water.



‘’Y/N I am sure this counts as breaking in..’’ Liam whispered as you made your way to  the swimming pool.

‘’what makes you think that ?’’ you asked.

‘’uh I don’t know maybe it’s because it’ night and nobody else is here, or because we are whispering OR THE FACT THAT WE BROKE INTO THE SCHOOL !;’’

‘’well we’re not whispering anymore’’ you cheekily said.

‘’remind me why we’re doing this again ?’’ he asked you as you finally arrived at the pool.

‘’it’s called revenge. Hold this’’ you said handing him the bag with the sprays.

The school’s swimming pool was great. All besides one member. Your ex boyfriend Harry.

‘’please tell me you’re not going to poison the swimming pool..’’ Liam begged and you laughed.

‘’nah. I’ll just graffiti something mean about coach and sign it as Harry. ‘’ you said.

‘’that guy’s a dick’’ Liam added and you got to business. You made this huge image of coach naked and signed it as Harry, but by the time you were done you were both exhausted and sweaty.

You took a look at the swimming pool.

‘’DUNBAR !’’ you yelled and he dropped his spray(berry HAHAHAHH I’M SORRY)

‘’yes y/n ?’’ he said partly annoyed from all the hard work.

He walked closer to you as you were both now at the edge of the pool.

‘’you’ve ever gone skinny dipping ?’’ you asked smirking,

‘’..no..yes..wait what is the answer that gets you to ask me to ?’’ he said and you smiled.

‘’this ‘’ you chuckled taking off all of your clothes. Liam stopped for a second taking in your image. God had you not just broken up he’d take you right then and there. He watched as your body sank in the chlorine water, your smooth skin contacting it. He wanted to touch you.

He took his clothes off as well but hesitated with his boxers.

‘’Relax it’s not like I haven’t seen a penis before’’ you joked.

‘’I believe I should lower your expectations’’ he shyly said causing you to chuckle and throw water on his boxers.

‘’hey !!’’ he whined.

‘’ooops. Now they have to come off. ‘’ you chuckled and he eventually took them off diving in.

‘’DUN DUN DUN DUNBARRR!’’ you announced as he entered and he laughed out loud.

‘’the things I do for you y/n…’’ he breathed out and you approached him wrapping your hands around his neck.

‘’ I can think of a few more..’’ you said and he gulped.

‘’I am sure you don’t mean it, It’s probably the recent break up’’ he said shaking his head and laughing.,

‘’or the fact that you’re naked against me..’’ you said.

‘’you’re naked against me too… you don’t see me making inappropriate suggestions !’’ he said and you laughed leaning closer your lips almost brushing against his.

‘’clearly one of us is the man here and it ain’t you’’ you chuckled aginst his lips.

Then you felt his erection against your thigh and he leaned in closing the distance.

‘’okay okay I take it back’ you said. Kissing him again.



You were in the woods with Derek running when he suddenly stopped shifting back into his normal form.

‘’Derek? What is-‘’ you were about to ask but then you looked to your  front to see him staring at a beautiful river-lake in the middle of the woods.

‘’ how come we’ve never seen this before ?’’ you asked and he shrugged his shoulders as you walked next to him.

Derek took off his shirt and rest of his clothes in a sudden move, slowly stepping into the water. You stared at the dimples that formed on his bum as he walked.

‘’aaaand you’re naked’’ you said.

‘’shouldn’t waste it’’ he answered as he disappeared under it. A minute later you saw him rising back to the surface. His hair slicked back from the water and drops all over his firm torso.

‘’ come in’’ he encouraged you but you denied. You knew your own limits. Being this close to a naked Derek was not gonna end up well.

‘’No I’m good thanks’’ you smiled sitting down at the banks of it.

‘’your loss’’ he commented and about five minutes later you saw him struggling.

‘’everything alright ?’’ you questioned

‘’yes I think- he was cut off by being dragged underwater.

‘’DEREK ?’’ you suddenly got up worried. He came out the water and shook his hands.

‘’I think something’s got my leg’’ was all he could say before being dragged beneath the surface again. You did not need to hear more.

You took off your jacket and run into the water, jumping right into it.You opened your eyes beneath it, searching for Derek you eventually had to come up for air.

When you did you opened your eyes.

Derek was behind you smirking.

‘’there is nothing grabbing your leg is there?’’ you said in realization..

‘take off your clothes y/n or I’ll take them off for you..’’ he whispered and you smirked as well.

‘’oh I dare you to try’’ you said and as he tried to get closer you splashed water all over him , the fight between you kept growing un til eventually he got close enough to grab both your hands and pull you close.

‘’you’ll be the death of me..’’ you whispered and he smirked.

‘’then you might as well let me kill you softly’’ he said leaning in to kiss you.



Skinny dipping with peter wasn’t really a choice , and it wasn’t really your fault.

Peter was still weak and conveniently captured by two hunters. When he howled you were one of the firsts to hear him so you rushed without even knowing why.

You hoped the rest of the pack would hear him as well and come hlp you but they were taking too long and you could hear Peter screaming in there. So you decided to enter anyway and try save him. Which you did, but after setting him free he grabbed you and started running into the woods with you.


‘’why are we running !?!?’’ you asked as you felt the wind slap your cheeks due to the speed, tree branches scratching and hurting you as he run.

‘’there’s three more of them. And apparently you were stupid enough to take them on your own instead of waiting for the others so congratu fucking lations. They’re after us’’ he said and kept running.

‘’i can’t believe I’m getting told off for saving your werewolf ass’’

Peter kept running dragging you behind him when all of a sudden he stopped.

‘’what’s wrong ?’’ you asked.

‘’I’m stuck..’’ he told you.

‘’what ? you tried getting closer but then you felt it too., Your legs sort of sinking. You looked down to see mud waters and heavy rocks. You tried moving your feet but you couldn’t. Peter’s black coat was getting too heavy due to the mad so he left it behind as he struggled.

‘’if I get bitten by a crocodile I’ll never forgive you Hale’’ you mumbled and you suddenly saw him making a few steps in the mud.

‘’how did you do that ?’’ you asked and he smirked.

‘’I took off my pants, they were heavy’’ he said and you raised an eyebrow in disbelief but then you unzipped your own and stepping out of them you were able to make a few steps being lighter.

‘’shit !’’ you said hearing the hunters approaching.

‘’SHOES. Take them off!’’ Peter told you and you followed his lead. With your shoes off you could move a few more steps. The water was up to your breasts but you could see the grass again,

Then you saw Peter taking off his –neck and finally making it to the other side.

You stared at his firm body covered in water and mud and you knew why you had tried to save him.

‘’COME ON THEY’RE CLOSE!’’ he said impatiently.

‘’I am not taking my shirt off in front of you Hale.’’ You argued.

‘’why ?’’ he questioned,

‘’cause..i..well I was going for sleep when I heard you howling so.i may not be wearing a bra..’’ you said embarrassed and he chuckled, turning to walk away , leaving you stuck in there,


‘’y/n if flashing me is worse than being murdered to you suit yourself. I am not staying for dinner when I know I’m the main course’’ he said walking away.

‘’fucking asshole’’ you cursed under your breath taking off your shirt and struggling your way out. Peter was way ahead of you so you were glad he would  not see you at least.

‘’I can hear them bouncing’’ he said to make you feel bad and it worked. You secured them against your hands as you kept walking and he smirked.

‘’I hate you’’ you said .

‘’gotta give me all you got y/n… ‘’ Peter said pushing a branch out of the way.

;’’cause I can take it’’ he smirked.

‘’fine. You twat. I saved you and instead of a thanks I get sexist comments about my boobs ?’’

‘’you’re the one who called me twat…’’ he turned to finally look at you and he blinked once.

Your hair were messy and slightly wet at their ends, Your thighs and waist covered In mud, the moonlight illuminating your body.

‘’ aaand now you’re thinking the dirty dirty’’ you announced being able to hear his heart beat. He got closer slapping your hands off of your chest, taking a good look at them and you gasped. He smirked.

‘’you’re thinking it too..’’ he said.

‘’are we just gonna think about it or- before you could finish your sentence his lips were on yours for a hungry kiss.


Voltron meets Deadpool (insp.)

Spirit art commissions

I’ve opened my shop! Spirit art commissions are available. I’ve actually got two options available, a pen sketch and a more detailed pencil and marker portrait.

I’ll add divination services soon but wanted to start with art! Please spread the word and consider a commission if you’d like to see a spirit in my style! Remember you can check out @felixswarren to see more examples of what I do. I will probably open up more options for commissions in the future, what’s there now is what I’m confident regularly offering.

By the way, in the listings I don’t get as overt about the spirit work stuff and how I do spirit location and contact because Etsy doesn’t really like the woo too much. Feel free to ask me detailed questions about that aspect of my artwork and how I get the impressions that I draw!

Riarkle fallout after the new year's incident
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> This scene takes place after GM The New Year.<p/><b>Location:</b> Matthew's building roof.<p/><b></b> Riley is sitting alone on the bench. Maya and Lucas went home. Riley is thinking about the night's events that occurred. She gets up to look at the stars. She hears footsteps and turns around.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Maya, I'm really sorry about every-....oh, it's you.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> (looks down) Hi Riley.<p/><b>Riley:</b> What do you want?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> (looks at Riley) I just came to say....<p/><b>Riley:</b> (folding her arms) Say what? You're sorry? Sorry for betraying my trust, for hurting Maya, putting distance between me, Lucas and Maya, and possibly ruining our friendship in the process? How can I trust you now? Tell me!<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I don't know what to say.<p/><b>Riley:</b> That's a first!<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I never meant to hurt you.<p/><b>Riley:</b> It doesn't changed the fact that you did! I told you not to say anything! I even beg you not to! And you went on your high horse because you did what you thought was right and told my secret! MY SECRET! Not yours!<p/><b>Farkle:</b> If I didn't say anything, then Lucas would never know how you feel. How is that fair to him?<p/><b>Riley:</b> What about Maya? Did you think about her when you open your big mouth?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Did you think about her when you didn't say anything?<p/><b>Riley:</b> What?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> How would Maya feel knowing that you still had feelings for Lucas and kept it from her? I can tell you right now, she would be mad.<p/><b>Riley:</b> And now you're concerned about Maya?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I want what's best for you, Maya, and Lucas. And keeping secrets from each other is not what's best for us.<p/><b>Riley:</b> You're not apart of this!<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Stop being naïve.<p/><b>Riley:</b> WOW! I can't believe you just called me naïve!<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I'm sorry. But everything that we do affects our group. Did you really think that you could keep this secret forever?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I don't know if forever, but I could had told them on my own time.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> When? When they're officially dating? Or married?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I would never tell them if they were dating or married.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Exactly, that's why I had to. I never want you to be in pain. That secret would be eating at you all day and night. I know what it's like.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Farkle? What do you mean?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Nothing. This is about you, Lucas and Maya. You need to put yourself first. You have feelings for Lucas and so does Maya. Lucas has feelings for both of you. You three need to talk this out and see where it goes. The longer this goes on, the harder it will be for everybody.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I don't even know if he still has feelings for me.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> He does. Trust me I know. It's not easy to get over you.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Farkle.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> (turns away) I can tell that's how Lucas feels.<p/><b></b> Farkle starts to walk to the roof door. He turns around.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I really hope that I didn't lose you as a friend. Please don't hate me.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I'm still mad at you, but I could never hate you. You will never lose me.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> You will never lose me either. I'm really sorry for the pain that I caused you. That was never my intention. I was only trying to look out for you.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I know. I'm sorry that I was harsh with you earlier. Everything fell apart tonight, and even though you are partly to blame, I had a bigger part in the mess by not telling them sooner.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> You can't blame yourself. These feelings are new to us. We're all going to make mistakes. We have to learn from our mistakes. I still don't understand my feelings.<p/><b>Riley:</b> For Smackle?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Yeah. And in general. Science I get, but feelings are confusing.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Tell me about it.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I should go home. And again, I'm sorry. I'm going to do what I can to make it up to you.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Farkle, its ok. I know you were trying to look out for me. I'm going to try to stop being mad at you. Besides, I would probably do the same for you.<p/><b></b> Riley hugs Farkle.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Happy New Year!<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Happy New Year!<p/><b></b> They stare at each other and smile. Farkle leaves.<p/><b></b> Riley walks to the door and sits on the ground with her back to the door.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Huh!<p/><b></b> Farkle is sitting on the ground on the other side of the door with his back to the door.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Huh!<p/><b></b> The end.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

I’ve seen this going around and I feel like it’s the best way to make a sort of introduction post about myself.

My school life has been pretty rough and I’ve already dropped out once. I do not want that to happen again, so I’ve made this blog as a motivational space for myself to push forward. My aspiration is to be a BioMed Engineer in the future, so this is really important to me.

Here’s some info about me, I hope we can all be friends or at least friendly acquaintances. 

Name: Matthew

Location: Chicago

Age: 16 (Going onto 17 in 3 days)

Grade: 10th (Sophomore)

Interests: KPop, Eminem, horror movies, anything to do with robots and new technology, youtubers, anime

Classes I’m currently taking: Honors English, Honors World Studies, Dual Credit Spanish, Honors Geometry, and Honors Chemistry.

Here are some of the blogs that inspire me: @stvrlightss (My lovely girlfriend), @milkteastudies, and @emmastudies

Thank you for reading! I hope to take a look at all of your lovely accounts.

Funtime Foxy Voice attempt
  • Funtime Foxy Voice attempt

While I understand why Foxy remained mute for SL, I did really want to hear them get some kind of voice. So while this is by no means professional or anything special (frankly I cringe at my own voice so of course I’m not gonna be too pleased with my own work), I do think this represents what I expected. Very Ed Wynn, very flamboyant. Dialog’s a little awkward but it was improv so go easy on me. ;)

Incidentally if Scott likes it, I’ll gladly lend my services for free. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

i just!!!! want!!!!!!

  • to have a cast announcement for his dark materials to get hyped over
  • and be able to even watch previous stuff with the actors in it
  • and have filming rumors and maybe even location photos (even though it’s planned to be filmed mostly in studio but STILL. they’ll have to do some outdoor shoots in oxford right)
  • episode titles!!!!!!!! that will hint at how the plot will get spread across the first season
  • promotional photos……… costumes…………. and props……………
  • promotional photos of the daemons
  • a goddamn. motherfucking. trailer that i’ll be able to gif a thousand time and analyse every single frame and mostly cry over
  • god honestly i know the actual stuff is far away
  • just give me all the bits that come before
  • all the bricks that build the actual hype
  • give it to me
Jealous? Bah.

As requested by anon for the Drabble Games:

“Number 5 with Thorin and maybe number 18 with Kili…? :) if you don’t want to do both you can pick one or the other. Love your writings btw!!! Always looking forward to your next story ❤️”

Thorin x Reader: “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
Location: Laketown
Warnings: Jealousy, denial, drunkenness, kissing
Word Count: 1676

Thank you so much, anon! Many hugs flying your way! I’m doing both, but let’s start with Thorin. He’s a bit more book!Thorin in this, which I think is fun. :3

Thorin’s speech had been long. Grand, no question, but long. When he got going, there was really no stopping him; it was one of his more interesting (read: mildly annoying) qualities. You couldn’t really complain, however, as since then Laketown had become much more hospitable. Rather than sneaking amongst the rats, you were treated like royalty – despite only a handful of you actually holding such titles. Escorts, gifts, accolades, and now a grand party; it was all a bit overwhelming.

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