i really wanted to do all these things but god i've got to focus on commissions

Day 03: Favorite NPC!

Mitsuo Kubo!

I had originally planned for this to be a big elaborate gif, but due to the fact that my life exploded in my face today… this unfinished gif panel will probably be my last entry for P4 week. Considering it was me and chocotaur who conceived of it in the first place, this makes me very very sad :(. I HAD SUCH BIG PLANS FOR OTP DAY AND SMUT SATURDAY. BIG PLANS. Plans that I will have to just… save for a time when my financial future is less unsteady and scary. 

That personal mopery aside… Mitsuo! Not my favorite as a person or anything, but I do enjoy how the game reacts to his MRA attitude and his other worrisome points of view.