i really wanted him to win :(


“Of Course” Game

Ravi: Rock, paper, scissors (literal translation is in a different order but means the same thing). I’ll go first. If you don’t say “Of course”, you lose… Later, after this game is over, N hyung said he will give you 5 kisses on your face, you like it? 

Ken: Of course! Later when we finish, N hyung said he will kiss you on the lips, is that ok? It’s ok right? He will kiss you on the lips a few times, N hyung said.

Ravi: Of course! What you just said was a lie right? It’s a lie right? 

Ken: I lost. 

Ravi: What do you do if you lose? If you lose the game you have to take a selfie with a wink & a V sign with the starlights in the background and upload it on twitter.

Translation by the lovely @efflorescenteunhae❤️ 




“You can kiss my ass.”

“Hey, Tyson. You can kiss my ass, too.”

here’s that phone background I made. I was gonna put those silly hearts and quotes but I decided more pictures was more important. This was all using photos I already had saved :x