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Home to You

This was inspired by this lovely piece of art by @laquilasse. She’s amazing and I love her. Please go check out her wonderful art!

He almost doesn’t make it in time.

Or maybe he doesn’t make it in time. Because when he drops through the skylight and takes out the two thugs standing over his son, Dick doesn’t move. And when Bruce finishes with the men, he’s crashing down on his knees next to Dick, praying, wishing, hoping that everything’s okay. That Dick’s not—

He’s not. He’s not. Dick’s chest is expanding and deflating, if only ever so slightly, and when Bruce checks, there’s a pulse. The odd thing, though, is that Dick’s eyes are wide open, staring sightlessly into the middle-distance, and Bruce realizes that wherever Dick is right now, it isn’t here.

Those bastards are going to pay.

Bruce focuses on Dick, scoops him up into his arms, and Dick still doesn’t react. It’s—hard. To see this energetic boy reduced to nothing but limp limbs, and Bruce grits his teeth against the emotions tightening in his chest. He has to get back to the Cave, has to take care of Dick. He can feel later.

(He won’t. Not if he can help it.)

“Hang on, Robin,” Bruce whispers into the air as his hold on Dick tightens. “Just hang on. We’re going home.”

“I’m sorry,” Leslie says, and she won’t look at Bruce anymore. “There’s nothing I can do for him.”

“You’re a doctor,” Bruce says automatically.

Leslie’s face tightens, but when she speaks, her voice is flat. “But not a miracle worker. Either he snaps out of it on his own or he doesn’t.”

“What can I do?” Bruce asks.

“Just be there for him.”

Bruce is slumped in the chair next to Dick’s bed in the manor when Alfred finds him. Bruce doesn’t look up from where he’s waiting for Dick to magically get up from his bed, to shake off his catatonic state and start flipping off the banister or swinging from the chandelier again. It doesn’t happen. Nothing happens. Just like nothing’s happened for the past two days.

“Sir,” Alfred says, and it’s quiet and edged with grief, but his face gives away nothing when Bruce turns. “I believe you have meeting with Mister Fox this morning at ten o’clock.”

“Cancel it,” Bruce croaks, and then he slumps back in his chair.

“I’m afraid I cannot do that, Master Bruce.”

“Lucius will understand.”

“Considering the backlash of the last few headlines, I believe Mister Fox would like you there to help him mitigate the damage,” Alfred tells him not unkindly. “It will only be for two hours at the most, and Master Dick will not go anywhere. To that, I will make sure.”

Bruce doesn’t want to leave—he hasn’t left, really. Only to shower, use the bathroom, and take his anger out on the bastards that had done this to Dick—but Alfred would never lie to him, and there’s a fierceness to his voice that has Bruce seriously thinking it over. It’s only for two hours, and this backlash does need to be dealt with.

So Bruce nods and says, “Okay,” and he leaves his son to Alfred’s care, and hopes that he won’t regret it.

When he gets back, nothing has changed. Dick still lies in the bed, IV attached to his arm because they can’t coax him to eat or drink anything, blue eyes staring into space. Bruce skips the chair entirely, and he settles carefully on the bed next to Dick, pulling the boy in so that Dick is in his comfortably in his arms.

He wonders what will happen now. Dick’s catatonic, and it doesn’t look like he’s getting better. Bruce can’t grieve, because Dick’s not dead, but the manor feels like a graveyard, so cold and lifeless without a cheerful twelve-year-old to paint the walls with laughter and happiness.

Bruce misses it.

He wonders what Dick is seeing. What’s got him so caught up in his own mind that he can’t come back to reality anymore. He wonders if he’ll ever get Dick back now.

He wonders and wonders and wonders, and he dares to hope.

Bruce startles awake, and he looks around Dick’s bedroom blearily, trying to figure out what woke him up. It takes a second, but he registers the sound of crying. And when he looks down, his chest tightens and he can’t breathe.

It’s Dick. Moving and crying and alive. He’s sobbing into Bruce’s chest, fingers twisted in Bruce’s T-shirt. It only takes another moment before Bruce is sitting up sharply and cradling his son in his arms, hunching over him, as if this way he can protect Dick from the whole world. He cups the back of Dick’s head, presses Dick’s teary face back into his T-shirt, and just holds him.

“Dickie,” Bruce chokes, and he almost can’t believe it when Dick’s hands twist the material between his fingers tighter.

Dick’s alive, he’s not catatonic, and Bruce prays and wishes and hopes it stays that way.

“I’m okay, now,” Dick reassures him, but Bruce doesn’t believe a word. The boy’s eyes are still rimmed red from crying, he’s shaking slightly, and there’s something fragile to his expression that makes Bruce think Dick could shatter at the slightest touch. Dick smiles a bit wider, a bit more genuinely, at whatever expression is plastered on Bruce’s face. “Really, Bruce. I’m okay.”

Bruce doesn’t think so, but Dick isn’t staring at the ceiling with sightless blue eyes anymore, so all Bruce says is, “I’m glad your back.”

Dick laughs tearily, throws his arms around Bruce’s neck, and whispers, “Me, too.”

He’s home.


Tfw you procrastinate so hard that you end up making a bunch of bisexual Wonder Woman icons for no reason other than that.
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make me choose: asked by @jungkooky  fire era jimin or i need u era jimin? >:)


“Evfra’s single-minded dedication to his cause became evident when he led a successful raid on a kett labor camp, liberating hundreds of angaran prisoners before wiping out an entire battalion of kett. ”

So. Evfra. There’s a lot to be said about this badass dude. He’s interesting if for the very fact that he;s known almost completely anecdotally. Every angaran character has an opinion of him, it seems, except for himself. He’s almost like a Chuck Norris joke, and probably has a lot of outlandish untrue(?) stories about himself that only add to his grandeur.

But apparently the kett facility thing wasnt fake, and he did liberate all those angara. So I kinda drew on that and made a younger version of Evfra.

Anyway. I’m tired. Enjoy your slightly satiated Evfra thirst, Andromeda fandom.


archer with a sword


Misha Collins awed by a Costa Rican jungle; Gishwhes 2015 Winner’s Trip

Photos taken and edited by me. Please do not repost or remove caption. Message me if you’re still looking for a competitive team/want to win Gishwhes.  

have you ever taken the time to really look into this face, though

I just watched a french fry challenge on YouTube where you are blind folded and have to guess where different fries come from, and now I want an AU where Stiles is a vlogger who challenges Derek to the french fry challenge and if Derek loses, he has to go on a date with him. 

Despite being a french fry connoisseur, Stiles loses the game. He tries to play it casual, tries to be a good sport about it, but he’s actually just plain miserable that he won’t get the chance to take Derek out on that date and woo him. He knows it’s stupid but he just….really wanted the chance to prove to Derek he can be romantic and deserving of him and all that couply jazz. He wanted one setting where he didn’t have to be careful about flirting with Derek too obviously. One night where he could just look a him without feeling self conscious when Derek caught him and chalk it up to the “Stilinski date experience” or something equally as pathetic.  

Basically, he just wanted one night to know what it felt like to hold Derek Hale’s hand (if Derek would have even let him). 

Derek leaves and Stiles mopes for the rest of the day, trying not to feel sorry for himself and utterly, utterly heart broken. Again, stupid, but he’s been pining after Derek for years. He’s considering going to bed early when his door bell rings and standing there, dressed in a fancy cardigan with a bottle of wine and - several bags of….chicken based snacks? - is Derek, asking if he’s up for “another challenge”. 

Stiles loses again but it’s okay because the moment Derek wins, he turns to him and with a grin that can only be described as the love child of ‘shy’ and ‘shit eating’ (if that is even possible), he cups Stiles’ cheek and says, “I’m going to claim my prize now.” 

The kiss tastes like chicken and too much salt but Stiles doesn’t care because it’s the best kiss of his entire life and his stomach won’t quit doing somersaults.

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Why are there still so many people who believe that cheetahs are the fastest animals alive when it's clearly peregrine falcons?

Listen, it’s all in how you’re going to split hairs or various other integuments on this one. Without any qualifiers, peregrine falcons are the fastest animal. However, they hit their record speeds of 320km/hr+ in free-fall - so, once you start getting into “fastest animal moving under it’s own power”, things get messy. When it comes to powered flight, peregrines only hit about 65-90km/hr.

Cheetahs aren’t even a close second in the unqualified “fastest animals” category though, with their speeds of ~120km/hr; a whole slew of other speedy birds who enjoy plummeting to their deaths just haphazardly smashed their way in there with no regard for those poor earth-bound mammals

So let’s get into some qualifiers. Fastest self-powered movement? Nope; Brazilian free-tailed bats noodle around at a casual 160km/hr - and, as you may notice, this also means cheetahs aren’t even the fastest mammal. It’s only once we rule out everything that isn’t a terrestrial mammal that cheetahs finally take the crown. You tried, cheetahs.

This isn’t even going into speed options beyond our restrictive, human-sized measurements - for instance, in terms of objective body lengths per second the Southern California mite just absolutely crushes it with 322 body lengths per second (whereas cheetahs only score at about 16). To translate, this is the equivalent of a human running 2,092km/hr

How dan and Phil probably broke up #56
  • Phil: Dani Snot On Fire

OKAY LISTEN: i know we’ve all played the “DANE DEHAAN AS ANDREW MINYARD” game before. but (hear me out) BUT

you should all rewatch kill your darlings anyway. fucking look at him. everything he says in that movie is bored and unfeeling unless he’s high on something. just fuckin rewatch the movie please do me a favour