i really want to watch beauty and the beast


“So… what are we watching now?” Sam asked looking at (Y/N).

“Well, I want to watch Beauty and the Beast now.” (Y/N) said smiling.

“Ok, but you can’t sing along.” Sam was serious.

“Oh, why are you so mean?” (Y/N) looked at him, pouting. “Whats the fun in that?”

Sam just smiled at (Y/N). “I’m kidding. I’ll sing too.”

“Really?” The excitement in her voice was so clear.

“Yeah, but Dean can’t know about it. Okay?”


Dudeeeeeeeee I can’t stop screaming too much beautifulness I can’t T///////////T

After watching Beauty and the Beast I am really in the mood for a good fairytale binge. I’m thinking of rereading A Court of Thorns and Roses, however I wanted to save it until a little closer to book 3… Any book suggestions would be much appreciated :)


I don’t know about you all, but I’m insanely excited for the new Beauty & the Beast movie coming out in a few months. I love watching the original animated version during the Christmas season, so for today’s holiday episode of CosAppétit, I came up with a recipe in honor of my favorite Disney princess~! These Enchanted Rose Tarts taste just like cinnamon rolls, and if you really want to please your guests, I also teach you how to make a spiced red wine reduction that you can drizzle over them.

If you try this recipe, take a photo of your finished rose tarts and tag me on Instagram! I’m @mangosirene over there. :D I’d love to know what you think~!

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Hi there! I saw that you just watched the new Beauty and the Beast movie and I wondered what you thought of how they portrayed Lefou?

Hi!! I did, and honestly going in I was so worried because I’m a small bi girl who loves princesses and Beauty and the Beast WAS my childhood, I really didn’t want them to mess this up, especially as there was so much commentary about how clownish and overblown Lefou’s character was going to be. I ended up not having to worry! The great thing (for me) about his storyline was that it wasn’t given enormous importance or made into some giant show, (mild spoilers x - - he basically got the exact “bad guy turns good and gets a love interest” nod ending that has traditionally been given to those who leave the dark side.- - x) Lefou’s sexuality wasn’t made fun of, it wasn’t scandalized, it wasn’t even really a PLOT point, just a part of his personal interesting character arc. This. Is. So. Important. To me. Idk how others in the LGBTQ community feel and I can’t speak for them but honestly having a gay storyline that just wasn’t a big deal even though historically for Disney it WAS a big deal was so relieving, it didn’t feel like “pandering” or like they had inserted it as an afterthought or for show/shock, it was a real, engaging part of the story. I was rooting for him!! I had so much fun!! People in the theater were cheering and clapping when a certain wonderful thing happens with the wardrobe and some invaders at the end, the entire movie made my heart so full haha. Of course it’s one step of many, and everything will have its issues, but I had a lovely time and I really needed that right now.

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I know everyone's talking about Beauty and the Beast but I just watched kong skull island and I loveD IT. I low key only went to see it because you said it was really good so thanks so much! Also, I would be super down for some fics about it if you feel like it/are interested???

I AM VERY INTERESTED! I didn’t know anyone else wanted them! Lol

I just saw Beauty and the Beast

Guys, seriously, don’t listen to the negative discourse surrounding. The majority of it (and when I say majority I mean 99.99% of it) is unfounded. It’s one of the most visually stunning movies I’ve ever seen. The clothes were pretty accurate for the time period, and the music was AMAZING. The ballroom scene was so stunning and beautiful with the set and the clothes and the music and effects that I started sobbing. Also I got some serious Feysand feels and wow did that make my crying worse. The whole thing was just amazing. There’s a song that the Beast sings called Evermore and it just reminds me so much of Rhys and I really wanted to punch Gaston because I was thinking of Tam the Tool the whole time……anyway. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR. GO WATCH IT. IT’S AMAZING. DON’T WORRY ANOUT THE DRESS, IT ACTUALLY LOOKS AMAZING ONCE SHE STARTS DANCING.

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i really want to watch the animated beauty and the beast film but i can’t bring myself to do it because buzzfeed has retroactively tainted the Disney princess art style for me. i just want to enjoy films from my childhood, not wonder what they’d look like if they were bald

I just got back from watching the new Beauty & the Beast film

Spoiler free thoughts: Visually fantastic! All the costumes were beautiful, and I thought Belle’s dress looked simple and lovely. It wasn’t as amazing as I hoped it would be, and I thought there were moments in the film where the transition from one scene to the next felt too sudden and choppy, but overall I can safely say I really enjoyed it!!

Unfortunately had to watch it dubbed (in Spanish) because the only friends I have who also wanted to go and see it didn’t want to watch it in English. Some of the dialogues felt really awkward dubbed and I regret not being able to enjoy it in its raw format, so I’ll either have to wait for the DVD or go watch it again on my own (probably). Still, I don’t think my overall opinion will change much after watching the original.

Some spoiler thoughts below the cut! (though really, if you’ve watched the original there’s not much to spoil)

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HEY!!! So um first I really really love your fic Tale As Old As Time and I've felt really inspired by it (and I just saw the movie which while watching it I only imagined ur fic lmao) and I was wondering if you would be okay with me also making a Disney-based fic for mikayuu? I know it's a silly question but I didn't want to make you think I was copying! I was going to make it a Cinderella au so aaa is that ok?


ahh no its fine! go right ahead and spread more disney mikayuu fics if you want HAHA We’re flattered that you felt inspired from TAOT to do one and @vixenfur and I are both so grateful that you love the fic <3333 thank you so much and we wish you luck on your fic ;] 

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I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I do definitely want to see it! I read that they did a really good job portraying the Beast and Belle’s relationship!

Man… after watching Beauty and the Beast (and crying over how period inaccurate the ball gown turn prom dress was //WEEP), now I want to try my hand at putting my own spin on classic fairy tales…..


But I mean it could be a short story collection tho…. and luckily for me, short stories aren’t as “short” as I thought they were! They can be anywhere from 1500 words to 30000 WORDS!! Which means my long-winded self can PROBABLY MANAGE BETTER!!


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Today I took the kids the movies to see Beauty & The Beast. We had a vote to see what movie we was going to see. It was either Beauty & The Beast or Batman: Lego Movie and the girls wanted to see Beauty & The Beast. Of course, Jahi wasn’t feeling it when I told him that majority wins and we’ll see Batman: Lego Movie another time. After sitting there watching it, he actually started to enjoy it. Overall, Beauty & The Beast is a great movie and you guys should really watch it :).

I just finished Friday’s Emmerdale and what a crock of shite lmaoooo, I was hoping Robert would actually seem really broken and bothered but nOPE. This was the reaction I would’ve expected if he’d have just made a pass at Bex, not actually banged her. Not good enough.

This is so stupid, I felt like I was watching an entirely different show. The only shining light was Chas dragging Bex and calling her a trollop. Bex is almost Lachlan-level of creepy (well she is his aunt so) and the show doesn’t seem to know what it wants to do and I’m basically done.

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I’m going to go listen to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack again :) :) :)

so after Disney basically made the live-action Beauty and the Beast the same as the original, now Disney has said that the live-action Mulan will not have the same songs as in the original and not have a certain character and people are complaining about this???

Like…..do you really want Disney to just make the same movie again? The fact that it’s gonna be different is a GOOD THING.

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