i really want to vid it too


hey guys! Jordan (CaptainSparklez) ’s birthday is coming soon. 10 feb! And i am planning to make a video containing EVERYONE’S well wishes. people who loves him, idolizes him, or literally anyone who wants to wish him a happy birthday with words you would really like to tell him.

however, if we really made this video possible, it would not be private, thus if you would like to say anything TOO personal, just remember that it may be seen by many people.

if you would like to be part of this video, you can send me a direct message in tumblr or twitter (@sheldonatory) of your well wishes. NOTE: your birthday wishes should be in text form. Which means you do not have to take a video of yourself saying things.) there are no limits on how long or how short your wishes are going to be but maybe please not a few pages long. :-) Do state your name, username, and the country you live in too!

i will only start making this video on 31 JAN ONLY IF I REACH 200 WELL WISHES from you guys.

if we really do reach 200 people, on 10 FEB, i will post a link on twitter for jordan to see and i need all of your help to retweet and everything you can to make him notice the video.

if we don’t reach 200 people by 31 jan, this post will be deleted.

to keep you all updated, i will tag all my updates under #maronmission25 ! feel free to message/ask me anything!

so please, help make this possible?


eyyy 5000 subscribers on Press Buttons ‘n Talk!  eyyyy

I got a really nice letter sent to PBnT and some dope stickers from humblegoatart in my last PO box vid, and I wanted to show them to Alex too.

Want to send us games to play or other cool shit? Ship those guys over to my PO box:

SungWon Cho
PO Box 669
Haslett, MI 48840-0669

Cosplay Music Videos are Awesome

In case you didn’t know, Cosplay Music Videos or CMVs are a thing, a really awesome thing. I went on a CMV youtube spiral recently and figured I’d share a few that particularly struck me so if it’s your cuppa you too can have all the feelings.

Like Sad Feelings 

[SNK CMV] - Say Something by Lume Cosplay

Attack on Titan to the song ‘Say Something’, you know you’re gonna cry. This is an amazing display of how a CMV can take an idea that just wouldn’t work the same way in a fanvid. The use of stillness is really effective here. Lovely.

[NGE CMV] Beside You by WaffleswithSpain

Neon Genesis Evangelion, another one which I ended watching go ‘wow, ouch’. This vid uses the editing of the video to do some neat story telling and visual metaphor. There’s so much craft out there in CMVs I’m impressed, it’s so cool!

Or Happy Feelings!

[No.6 CMV] Made For You by WaffleswithSpain

A modern soulmate AU for No.6, don’t mind if I do! CMVs can totally fill a storytelling/fic kind of joy too. I’m really excited for CMVs that execute telling a story well. It’s really hard to do! Some CMV creators have clearly figured out what works and it’s a pleasure to watch. I look forward to finding more vids like this as hopefully more CMV creators try outside-of-canon story telling.

Viktor x Yuuri - All I Want for Christmas (Yuri!!! On Ice CMV) by Uptown Cosplay

Yuri!!! on Ice, Victuuri, unsurprisingly this is my favorite of what I’ve been watching (how many times have I watched this CMV, lets just say lots). I can’t help grinning every time. Characters I ship going on adorable dates? Yes A++ The nuance of the acting too! (like all of these videos have lovely acting, possibly I have too many feelings about Victor’s eyebrows and slight smile at the beginning? Also Yuuri’s excitement). 

Something I love about CMVs, which the YOI vid hits for me particularly well, is this telling of queer stories. Fandom talks a lot about representation and fic obviously is pretty great at taking a source and telling non-straight stories with it. But there’s a pretty obvious lack of music video/movie mediums telling queer stories. CMVs are this wonderful treasure trove of happy adorable queer relationships and it’s just so joyful to me. Not every CMV is that, there are also angsty queer ship CMVs and those are great too!, but I’ve found that the happy ones to be surprisingly addressing of a need I hadn’t realized was still unmet (I did do that fairly thorough search for official music videos with LGBT content a while ago, which maybe I’ll post recs from soon if anyone is interested).

Anyways, long post tl;dr cosplay is cool, cosplayers are doing some really impressive things in their videos and as a person who likes fanvids it’s a fascinating growing fannish production area. Also, it gives me all the feelings.

Q: What place do you want to visit in Japan?

BH: I want to go to Hokkaido… people say that there are lots of good ski resorts there… Chanyeollie went and he said that it was really good~ I wanted to go too but I haven’t managed to yet… Chanyeol left me behind ‘ㅅ’

XM: Then go with me!

BH: Just us two?

XM: Yeah you can snowboard and I’ll go to a hot spring

BH: hey I don’t really like snowboarding by myself

XM: But there’s this kid *gesturing to JD*

JD: Meeee??ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


XM: Baekhyun-ssi is good at snowboarding

JD: I’m good at snowboarding too! Recently I went with Baekhyun and Chanyeol and I became good

BH: Chen-ssi fell over so often… ㅋㅋㅋ He complained to me that his butt hurt afterwards 

cr: SESU_0194

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so there's this video where lili is filming cole and he's looking at cat pics and during this video he says : "look babe" when he wants her to see it, too (sorry for my english, but this got me really excited :D)

DOES HE SAY LOOK BABE?!?!?! I havent seen that vid in a while, but if he does I AM DONE WITH THESE TWO. YA HEAR ME? DOne!!

it’s almost 9pm here aND OHH BOY WAS TODAY A LONG DAY 


With the end of the year coming today, i really wanted to do a video with some of the best movies, tv shows, couples, friendships, memes and moments of this year. But my goal is that YOU feel in this video too, in some scene, in some moment, i really wish you the best for this year, i know you are fighting to find the light, we all are, hopefully we are close to that. 

Happy New Year¡


[Osomatsu-san On Crack]

*awkwardly waves* hi guys…as you can see this is the project that i’ve been telling you guys about

soooo…given that my yt channel has reached 200 subs, my peppa pig vid has reached 10k views, and my tumblr blog has reached 100 followers, (THANK YOU ALL SM BTW) i decided to upload a…crack vid. very creative, i know, but in all seriousness, i’ve actually been wanting to do this sort of thing for a long time and i frankly put way too much effort into this video filled with bottom-tier memes and jokes, so please…be nice :3 this is quite different from the cringey content i used to upload several months back.

…and i WOULD credit all the clips used in this video (i really would), but c'mon it’s 3 in the morning rn, so i think i’ll pass out and wait until the next day to do so…

ok lmao bYE


Video Source: ( x )

The Musical Touken Ranbu at the India Gaming Show 2017 - Posing in front of the Nelke booth (Day 2)

This vid though xD I’m torn between being horrified (because that is some really loose security O.o After all, the boys are professional actors surrounded by really excitable people), envious (because OMG being that close and being able to steal a selfie!) and really amused. I find it kind of adorbs that the first person anyone approached to even try for a selfie was Sato Ryuji (the fan actually had to catch his attention because he was turned away), and it was a guy! xD Then, when she noticed what was going on, how cute was the girl being all excited about wanting a selfie with Ryuji too and rushing over to try and grab one (with Torigoe Yuki joining in ♥). And the free-for-all after that. LOL!

The staff stepped in immediately before things got more chaotic, so it was all good. The boys were really nice to go along with the fans ♥ (although Ryuji, seriously, you really should be more careful about being too nice xD).

Just a random thought  - you know what always bugged me in HLV (yes, there is lots of stuff, but this, too)? Greg planning to film an injured and drugged Sherlock on his phone. Come on, this is not ASiB anymore, this is not Sherlock the sociopath drugged by a lesbian dominatrix and Greg wanting to have laugh at his cost and show the vid to his colleagues at the Yard (true, this is a bit doubtful as well but I can really seem them going for this joke).

But in HLV? Sherlock nearly died and is getting morphine to make the pain somehow bearable. How cruel would it be to film him like that, maybe even share it with others? And Greg of all people, the only one we saw hugging Sherlock after his return? Does not make any sense to me.


stefan & elena || adorable dorks

I made this video for two reasons 1) I finally got the name of that Jane The Virgin theme and I have wanted to make an SE vid to it for three years 2) I felt like some of my SE followers really needed a feel-good SE vid of them just being in love and cute and happy since people like to tell us that Stefan and Elena were together because they were miserable and obligated. So I hope you guys like it and I am tagging!

@stefan4president @stefan-is-too-sexy-for-you @stelenaliveson @humbu-bumbu @kissmebluesexyvioletsme @misslilmel @wasabicakes @christinaelena-1 @tfw925 @nella0704 @argxntstydia @savagetore @tea-moonn @dobsleystan @heyimawkwardso

Has anyone got any advice here?

I’m going to try and film myself drawing/colouring traditionally (I’ve been wanting to for a couple of years honestly but now I’ve actually got a theme I enjoy that I can post vids for) and I wanna film from my phone.

I don’t know any way, despite my copious amounts of research, how I can tilt it down so that it records me drawing with a makeshift tripod or something? But I’m not sure how to make one/where to buy a phone tripod that lets u tilt it downwards?

Could you spread the word too bc I’m getting really desperate here.

@artlessictoan @sweatersnscarves @lesbiangaara

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did you ever see that "would you rather vid" with fake frank and h3h3? frank talking about how he would find a tiny gorilla cute and would keep it as a pet was really amusing. i keep imagining him dragging pets home constantly to kohe's annoyance. frank already has rats, why does he need a kitten and a goldfish and god knows what else too? i bet he was really nice to rf's hamster. he probably wanted to impress it.

This just in Fake Frank loves animals.

I like the idea of him trying to impress a freaking hamster. He tries to act cool around it? Or he just tries to win it over with food, gives it carrot sticks and lets it run around the apartment under careful supervision. Imagine if he thought he lost it once while he was trying to make hamster friendly foods. Fake tearing apart the entire apartment searching for the fluffy lil shit, calling the hamster’s name and turning things over carefully, carefully because what if the hmaster’s in there?

Then he gets desperate enough to ask Pink Guy for help because shit, shit shit, he lost the fucking hamster!

And Pink Guy just gives him the patent “are you fucking retarded” look and goes over to the pile of shoes under Frank’s bed, reaches all the way to the back and pulls out a very old shoe that’s in very good condition. Inside, the little hamster is sleeping and wakes up when Pink Guy pets its head.

5 things tag

thanks @wooziology​ aka isabelle aka the coups to my dino for this I love procrastinating 

5 Things You’ll Find in my Bag

  1. house and car keys
  2. wallet
  3. hand cream for my dry ass hands
  4. band aids
  5. loose change cause I’m too lazy to put it in my wallet

5 Things You’ll Find in my Bedroom

  1. guitar
  2. albums
  3. cameras (one dslr and one polaroid!)
  4. 5 billion water bottles that I should really clean up
  5. my to do list for summer 2017 

5 Things I Always Wanted to do in Life

  1. publish a book
  2. travel (I have so many places I want to go like iceland, peru, greece, italy, planning to go to japan and korea again summer 2018 too!)
  3. learn sign language 
  4. go on a roadtrip with friends and see a starry night sky outside of the city
  5. see cherry blossoms in the spring 

5 Things I’m Currently Into

  1. surviving school
  2. subbing vids (I can’t wait for ofd y’all)
  3. this essay I’m procrastinating rn but I really gotta finish it 
  4. tims steep tea I AM OBSESSED
  5. k-indie

5 Things on my To-Do List

  2. doing my taxes lksdflksdklfsdkdk
  3. studying for my 3 midterms next week lol
  4. get my mom a bday gift
  5. buy an external hardware drive for my computer

5 Things People May Not Know About Me

  1. I’m allergic to like 5 billion things including dogs, cats, budgies, hamsters, guinea pigs, dust (2 different types apparently), pollen, some kinds of weeds, grass, trees (I’m severely allergic to black walnut trees apparently idek what those are), honeydew melon, cantaloupe, watermelon, bell peppers, squid, octopus, clams, oysters, and coastal areas lmfao
  2. I can play 5 different instruments including piano, guitar, ukulele, flute and saxophone (lol when your jr high had mandatory band)
  3. I have an 8 year age gap with my little brother
  4. I was captain of my jr high soccer team and we even won third in divisionals tb to when I was athletic
  5. I did taekwondo for like 5 years I think

tagging: @tookorean @soonhosh @vitaminniedk @boosonseok @dokyuml @jcshuahong @darlinggyu @prodizi @svt-woo @yoscoups @ilovebicky @ilxmsm @hoshsi @jshuahong @kimbapkidding @citruseungkwan @hoshi-ssi you don’t have to do these but these are cute questions and I’d love to see all your answers!!

“There’s a lot of pretty, pretty ones
That want to get you high” - MM

I really hope im not creepy but i honestly just think these girls are so cool and they are such a fun little friend group; i love watching your guys smoking vids and just vibing with you so thanks for making me smile:-) @shay-gnar @psychedelic-freak-out @thcolleen

I have never drawn fanart of real-life people before, but I feel the professor deserves a bit of support from all of us after the tragic flooding of their recording-area ( their basement.)

If you are like me, and want the best quality out of MTG apparels or just want well made and fun MTG vids I recommend you to subscribe to the Tolarian community college too! ( no this isn’t a paid thing, I really do love their content! great to watch when drawing silly MTG things.)

The Riley Diaries Pt3

AU: Riley Matthews is a regular teen,until one day,she is not. Can moving away erase your past? Can you ever move on if you don’t actually accept it? Riley Matthews was a regular teen,until one day,she wasn’t.

A/N: I am really sorry for not updating the story in a while,it was just my birthday a couple of days ago and it looks like when my vidding inspiration is here,my writing inspiration is gone haha I already wrote the ending and the middle of the story,I am just trying to figute out the parts in between.I really want to focus on all of the relationships but I am afraid that the parts will get too long and you might get bored.But I promise that it will get better,just bare with me.Anyway,I hope you like this and I hope that I can write the next part soon.
Enjoy xo

Part 1  Part 2  Part 4 Part 5 Part6 Part7 Part8 Part9 Part10 Part11 Part12 Part13 Part14 Part15 Part16 Part17 Part18 Part19


“I am Ri-“

I was cut off by the pretty girl once again.

“Oh, you’re the girl that is scared to fly. Wow, stay away from the cheerleaders if that’s the case.”

Okay, you can come at me for anything else but my flying, I know what I am capable of. I was risking a lot by saying my next words but I said them anyway.

“Well, Lucas .. I see where you get the idea that cheerleaders are so nice.”

His girlfriend looked at him confused but then I heard that sweet sound again. He didn’t get mad, he let out a laugh and looked at me, totally ignoring his girlfriend’s stare.

“Anyway, I am Sarah.”

The girl stretched her hand out for me to take it, still looking a little suspicious as to what the hell was I doing with her boyfriend.

“I am Riley, it’s nice to meet you.”

I said as I grabbed her hand for a handshake and felt that she squeezed a little too hard.

“And don’t worry. Even if you can’t fly, those backflips were sick so you will probably make it in.”

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i really like his curls, they're so fluffy, bouncy, and cute!! I hope that he keeps them omg,,, i want to see a selfie with toben or a vid or something, i swear when he takes pictures with dogs my soul gets cleansed. i also want to stuff his cute face with food ;;

yes!!! me too omg xbxnbdbxx he really looks so adorable with his poofy curly hair :( im so glad he figured out how to take care of his allergies so he could get toben :( i hope he updates his ig w more pics of him n his puppy omgjdndnd n yeah i really want to see him eat well!