i really want to vid it too


I wanna lay down and stay up all night
As we look at the moon, as full as our hearts 💞

thank you

So back in April I never got the chance to celebrate my one year for this blog. There ain’t much to celebrate tho since this blog is trash and all I do is worship Wonho’s ass and talk about D 24/7 (I’m so sorry I’m shameless) but I really really wanted to make a post for all the amazing people I’ve met on here, and how much you all mean to me even though I never express any form of compassion or love and majority of the time mask it with insults hahaha

But to those who know me by now should know I do it because I like you and you have a special place in my hitlist ok

Before I start I just want to throw in how much I greatly appreciate everyone that follows my blog. I know I haven’t been active in so long and I haven’t posted a fic in ages and I’m so sorry for that. There’s been some little things here and there that have piled up and it’s taken a toll on me but hey, everyone has some rough bumps in the road and I know this and I know there will be better days, and it has gotten way better. 

For anyone that has dealt with any anxiety or depression or any sense of feeling as though it’s hopeless, I hope you know that you’re strong and you are important and here for a reason and somewhere out there, either near or far there is someone out there who wants you here and who also loves you for who you are. And if at any time you feel alone or find yourself in a tough situation, I want you to know you can always come and talk to me. And I’m not saying that just to say it, I seriously mean it. I do work and I do go to school so it may take some time for me to respond, but don’t ever feel like you can’t talk to me. One thing I actually hoped for in this blog when I made it was to help people, because I know that some (but not all) people think of Tumblr as a safe haven, and I could say I made it myself for the sake of running away from my own problems.

And here I am now, drowning myself with pictures of hot kpop guys but also meeting probably the best people I couldn’t have possibly lived without. I know we’re online friends and don’t even know each other in real life, but just know that you’ve all made a huge impact on my life and I really thank you guys. There are people I haven’t talked to much or at all, but I hope at some point in our lives we can talk about something as small as what we had for lunch today or to how big we think Jungkook’s schlong is cuz come on I know we’re all wondering the same fucking thing and I need answers too girl and it could turn out to be a beautiful friendship

Anyways, thank you thank you THANK YOU all so much for following me, giving me a chance, liking my fics, sending a sweet ask, talking to me, thank you all so much. I appreciate every little thing I get on here and I just love everyone and hope you stick around while I’m still glorifying Wonho’s ass every day. 

I’m so sorry for already making it so long but it’s about to get way longer and personal so I’m just going to cut it here so the post won’t get so annoying on everyone’s dash lol

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Is it just me, or does it feel like Jungkook and Hobi don't have very many moments?

OMG ANON ARE YOU ASKING ME TO SPAM YOU WITH JUNGHOPE MOMENTS? Okay anyways, to address the question, I know it might seem like Junghope have very few moments but I assure you they actually have quite a lot. Like suga/kookie, Junghope has a lot of behind the scenes/background and subtle moments that are hard to notice if you don’t actively look for it. Their moments have been more obvious lately but even back then, there were quite a lot. It’s been mentioned several times by different members that Hobi and Kook were extremely close predebut and that Hobi was the one that Kook let loose around and relied on. Now is about the time where I spam you with Junghope. So here we go~

Throwback Junghope they were super close

Junghope since Rookie King Days Hobi pulling him in by the neck ;-; (I found this gif on google images and it’s from We Heart It I really have no idea who made this gif)

This actually happened….

(Cr. @/janice0chung0) I mean come on, look at the stares. 

Never forget Now3.

This actually happened too.

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Cosplay Music Videos are Awesome

In case you didn’t know, Cosplay Music Videos or CMVs are a thing, a really awesome thing. I went on a CMV youtube spiral recently and figured I’d share a few that particularly struck me so if it’s your cuppa you too can have all the feelings.

Like Sad Feelings 

[SNK CMV] - Say Something by Lume Cosplay

Attack on Titan to the song ‘Say Something’, you know you’re gonna cry. This is an amazing display of how a CMV can take an idea that just wouldn’t work the same way in a fanvid. The use of stillness is really effective here. Lovely.

[NGE CMV] Beside You by WaffleswithSpain

Neon Genesis Evangelion, another one which I ended watching go ‘wow, ouch’. This vid uses the editing of the video to do some neat story telling and visual metaphor. There’s so much craft out there in CMVs I’m impressed, it’s so cool!

Or Happy Feelings!

[No.6 CMV] Made For You by WaffleswithSpain

A modern soulmate AU for No.6, don’t mind if I do! CMVs can totally fill a storytelling/fic kind of joy too. I’m really excited for CMVs that execute telling a story well. It’s really hard to do! Some CMV creators have clearly figured out what works and it’s a pleasure to watch. I look forward to finding more vids like this as hopefully more CMV creators try outside-of-canon story telling.

Viktor x Yuuri - All I Want for Christmas (Yuri!!! On Ice CMV) by Uptown Cosplay

Yuri!!! on Ice, Victuuri, unsurprisingly this is my favorite of what I’ve been watching (how many times have I watched this CMV, lets just say lots). I can’t help grinning every time. Characters I ship going on adorable dates? Yes A++ The nuance of the acting too! (like all of these videos have lovely acting, possibly I have too many feelings about Victor’s eyebrows and slight smile at the beginning? Also Yuuri’s excitement). 

Something I love about CMVs, which the YOI vid hits for me particularly well, is this telling of queer stories. Fandom talks a lot about representation and fic obviously is pretty great at taking a source and telling non-straight stories with it. But there’s a pretty obvious lack of music video/movie mediums telling queer stories. CMVs are this wonderful treasure trove of happy adorable queer relationships and it’s just so joyful to me. Not every CMV is that, there are also angsty queer ship CMVs and those are great too!, but I’ve found that the happy ones to be surprisingly addressing of a need I hadn’t realized was still unmet (I did do that fairly thorough search for official music videos with LGBT content a while ago, which maybe I’ll post recs from soon if anyone is interested).

Anyways, long post tl;dr cosplay is cool, cosplayers are doing some really impressive things in their videos and as a person who likes fanvids it’s a fascinating growing fannish production area. Also, it gives me all the feelings.

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wait i dont quite get L's tweet. we know that she cropped both N&C to not shade C but why the caption about Virginia but its not really abt Virginia? has anyone analysed this? and with her recent snapchat of "where are we going?" which is a famous ot5 moment before. why is she bringing all these past references? it's driving us slowly INSANE.

I found that weird too. But I have two hypothesis:

One, she’s just trying to be funny, like a weird kind of joke. Like since they just performed in Virginia (I assume), then she’s supposed to post a pic of them in Virginia, but instead, she posted that tb picture that’s totally unrelated to Virginia. So she joked about it not being related.

Which brings me to my second angle: why did she all of a sudden post an old ot5 pic (albeit, cropped)? My theory is, MAYBE, she misses that moment when the pic was taken. Maybe that was a fun ot5 moment. Or memorable stuff happened then. Of course she couldn’t post an ot5 pic, for reasons we don’t really know.

That “where are we going” vid was too similar to Camila’s vine , and yeah it made me think for a few seconds that Lauren was being a bit nostalgic, and a momentary hope washed over me, that maybe, hopefully, they’re patching things up now or idk?

I saw a post somewhere that says Camila made a new playlist and there’s a song that says “I want you back… I’m ready for both of us now… Blah blah”, BUT IM NOT SURE IF THAT IS VERIFIED. I checked Camila’s playlists, I didn’t see it.

BUT, I’d rather not dwell on this or over analyze it. Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar lol. Waiting for things to unfold is more fun 😂🌚


“The revolution is successful. But survival depends on drastic measures. Your continued existence represents a threat to the well-being of society. Your lives mean slow death to the more valued members of the colony. Therefore, I have no alternative but to sentence you to death. Your execution is so ordered, signed Kodos, Governor of Tarsus IV.”

– Kodos, 2246

I’m reading Collision Course, and I’ve rewatched The Conscience of the King, and the horror of the whole Tarsus IV tragedy won’t let go of me. What is also chilling that for all it’s been a major part of Kirk’s past (I mean, hello, witnessing 4K people being killed while you are only 13) Tarsus IV was mentioned only like 4 times. Natuarally, I had to vid it.

I *know* that Pine is waaaay too old to be 13, but you know, vidding sacrifices and all that jazz. I really wanted to make Jim recognisable, instead of fancasting some random teen who’d get lost amongst other random teens I cast as Tarsus Nine survivors.

song: winter soldier theme
footage: carriers, how i live now, hunger games 1-4, star trek 1-2, star trek: tos s1ep13, the 5th wave, unstoppable, war of the worlds

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I think the reason the bomb disposal vids are so amazing is because they are so stressed that they can't think enough to filter out their obnoxious flirting™. This they become even more extra than usual. I love the bomb disposal vids I hope this isn't the last one.

ikkkk i was seeing a mixture of comments with some people saying it’s too stressful and they don’t want it to continue and others saying they love it and they want it more,, idk if it’s that they don’t filter as much or just that something about working together in high stress situations in general heightens their tendency and desire to make each other laugh/smile but either way it’s obviously so much fun to watch.. ahhh i really hope they make more 

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Mmmmm I didn't want to say anything because I really like you but I made this Steven Vineiverse series?? And I discontinued it because you basically made the same thing and I didntwantpeopletoyellatme bUT I dunno?? sorry nvm haha

You don’t have to discontinue your series just cuz it involved SU and Vines too! I have seen more people than I can count do stuff with SU and Vines, fanart, lip sync vids, overlaying a character’s face, etc.. it’s a super popular combo, it makes me sad that you felt like you had to stop just because I also make videos with Vines!

Q: What place do you want to visit in Japan?

BH: I want to go to Hokkaido… people say that there are lots of good ski resorts there… Chanyeollie went and he said that it was really good~ I wanted to go too but I haven’t managed to yet… Chanyeol left me behind ‘ㅅ’

XM: Then go with me!

BH: Just us two?

XM: Yeah you can snowboard and I’ll go to a hot spring

BH: hey I don’t really like snowboarding by myself

XM: But there’s this kid *gesturing to JD*

JD: Meeee??ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


XM: Baekhyun-ssi is good at snowboarding

JD: I’m good at snowboarding too! Recently I went with Baekhyun and Chanyeol and I became good

BH: Chen-ssi fell over so often… ㅋㅋㅋ He complained to me that his butt hurt afterwards 

cr: SESU_0194

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hey there... thanks for answering! I guess at times jm wanna show whose older or maybe a sweeter reason 4 doin so. saw a couple of times that jm held his wrist (like today) drg final bow. Home Party too after jk made jm's sketch of him no.1. jk wanted to high-5 but he held his wrist.. and jk has a habit of holding jm thumb (uno game drg BTS Run & when jk touched the takoyaki machine that jm held drg a jap tv show. the vid actually slowed down at that part! i really thot it is fr original source.

part 2: lol… jm wrist vs jk thumb.. also, i realised ever since this leg of the jap tour, noone has uploaded the moments drg 21st CG… They have moved it to earlier part so i guess secutity must be more alert… but then again, there were so many photos of the boys at other parts… strange i think.. lol.. i heard so much abt intense jk/km moments at nagoya day 2. saw many anon posts wishin u well. hope u r ok! really appreciate ur hard work. Bless you!

right~! when i said jimin holding jungkook’s wrist could be an act of dominance i meant it the same way you did—a way to assert his position as “hyung.” if you look at the body language jimin uses w/kookie when he’s in this mode (grabbing his wrist, draping an arm around his shoulder, gently holding his fingers) it all screams possessive. but in an intimate way b/c these are places/ways of touching that are usually reserved for people you’re close to. it’s jimin’s subtle way of reaffirming his affection for jungkook. 

and like you pointed out, there are times kookie does it too~

and as for the lack of photos + fancams of those jikook moments so far in japan…lets hope fans just need some time to upload everything and we’ll get those receipts soon. c’:

170507 Wings Tour in Manila Day 2: Blog Entry

If you ever get lucky to have BTS Concert Tour stop in your city, fight for a chance to get tickets! You will never regret it. And I know that the VIP standing section, the mosh pit near the stage, may seem daunting and scary but I hope these captures can show you how worth it is. I was at the mosh pit right side facing the main stage, near the satellite stage.

Like I said… 

I got blessed!! TWICE!!

By Yoongi

And… by Taetae

Those who read the random shit I post would know this… 


To be blessed by Father Louis Williams Suga Adams III!!!

At that point… I started to chill more and enjoy the concert! I stopped pushing constantly to get close. And believe it or not, it was better that way. ENJOY THE CONCERT! Yes, panic when they come closer. But for the most part… PARTY!

If you brave the pit, you get the chance to be this close to them…

 Jin was too pretty!! ISTG! HE IS GORGEOUS!

I’m sorry… but KOOKIE was HOT!

JIMIN really is a cute mochi!

JHOPE was a sexy sweetheart! too many PH ARMYs swerved lanes! LOL

Look at KIM NAMJOON get it on! LOL Dance King right there!

Of course I have no clear up close vid of Yoongi… My sorry ass kept panicking whenever he got close… tssk… 

Here… watch me panic…

*smh* where the f is YOONGI??

Tips to Enjoy the Mosh Pit!

1 Hydrate! And have a filling meal before the concert. You want to not collapse and actually watch the whole thing, right?

2 Wear comfy shoes! You legit will be standing for at least 4 hours! And people WILL be stepping on your toes.

3 Take a bath and pack a deo! Please please please… take a good bath and wear deo! People are legit so close to you! Don’t torture the people around you.

4 Only bring what’s necessary. A big bag will just bring you down and hit the people around you

5 Refrain from wearing big head bands. Short people *ahem, me, ahem* are on their tippy toes as it is!

6 Meet new people! Most ARMY are nice! Even if you go there alone, you’ll leave with friends. I PROMISE YOU! And be nice! What is the point if the people around you are nice if you aren’t? Practice common courtesy. Apologize if you step or bump into someone. Don’t push people just to get your way. 

7 Lastly! Party with Bangtan! When they sing their songs, sing with them or fan chant with them. Don’t be afraid to dance. The mosh pit is actually spacious most of the time. It is just that people tend to crowd near the stage. I mean, I won’t blame you. You’d want to get as close as you possibly can to the guys. But they don’t always interact and do fan service. You could actually have a better view from a bit further with no cellphones and other people’s hands obscuring your view. Leave the HDs to the pros. I’ll just update the best ones from fansite-nims here! LOL

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Howdy!! I wanted to know your opinion on Miles Edgeworth Investigate 2,,, if you played it or seen it, who's your favorite character? Mines debeste around!! (if you don't mind,, could you draw him ;w; ))

Anon I hope you don’t think I have forgotten about you haha 
Uhmm tbh I haven’t played yet but I have seen a lil of the vid ! Sebastian is cute but in a way he’s so sad too ! Courtney is just gorgeous but Raymond is .. well he’s cool ! It seems like a really good game but the first game killed me inside it was difficult ahaha 

Here’s Sebastian for you ♪ 

Water and Blood Chapter 4

Prince Lotor is not like his father. He doesn’t want a fight; instead he seeks out weaknesses and strikes at vulnerabilities. In a plan meant to bring the paladins under control, he kidnaps Lance and Hunk’s younger siblings and locates Dr. Holt in his work camp. With hostages, he plans to drive Voltron to its knees. Bad move, dude. Really, really bad move.

Back to the Castle to plan! This chapter is Lance-focused with a half cup of Coran but the next chapter belongs to Hunk!

Read whole chapter on Ao3

“May I see?”

Lance almost didn’t hear Coran through the headphones. He looked up from his spot on his back on the floor and saw the orange-haired Altean hovering over him. He had thought that he was tucked away somewhere the others wouldn’t find him, on one of the many unused floors of the castle. Lance actually wasn’t entirely sure where he was…

“Um…” He sat up and pulled off Pidge’s headphones, letting them hang around his neck. Did he still want to be alone? He wasn’t sure. When Pidge had very kindly but firmly asked him and Hunk to stop hovering while she worked on decoding information from the vid, he had started wandering. Once he got tired, he stopped, which was how he wound up wherever he was.

No, he didn’t really want to be alone.

“Or I can just sit here.” Coran plopped down against the wall, his hands going around one knee. “Sitting here is good too.”

For a few minutes, the two of them simply sat in quiet companionship, the only sounds coming from Pidge’s headphones since Lance hadn’t turned his video off. In his hand, vids were playing on his cell phone. Pidge had found a way to power the cells a long time ago, so they could at least look at old pictures and listen to downloaded music, even if they were otherwise useless pieces of old Earth junk.

To Lance, that cell was a link back to his life back on Earth. He had let the Alteans listen to his music, but he hadn’t really shown them many pictures or videos. Or any really.

One vid that he had watched a hundred times since launching into space started playing, and Lance scooted back until he was sitting right beside Coran. He pulled the headphone cord out of the phone so Coran could hear and held the cell between them.

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So, I was watching vids of jm earlier and I thought to myself "wow , he's really someone that expresses his feelings with his body" and then I thought of all the times that he was leaning towards yg, or touching him or smth, and wow dat boi is in ♡

yes !! jimin is always doing subtle n soft movements towards yoongi either to show him that he’s right there close to him, just touching him because he wants to, or doing it subconsciously

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Are there any recipes for butter slimes yet? I really want to make some!

Yep!! A couple people linked me two yesterday actually, and I found a few on instagram since then!

Here’s one! The first ingredient is already made slime, which isn’t very helpful, but the end result looks really nice!

There’s this one too! The person who made the vid doesn’t specifically call it butter slime, but it comes out looking like basically the same thing! ^^

This one turns out great also, and it has written out instructions with measurements in the description!

Those are the best/most helpful ones I’ve seen! I can’t wait to make some, too! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

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Hello Arthur's mom if it is not asking too much can you please do a quick tutorial of how the hell posing sims work??? I am totally lost ç_ç thank you in advance and sorry for bothering you, if you don't want to do it! Have a nice day!!! I really love your simblr!

hi !!!! first of all im cryin bc ‘arthurs mom’ omg ily ;-; second of all!!!!!!!! someone else asked me 2 make a vid of doin this but i was 2 lazy so i made a lil pic one instead i hope thats ok!!!!!!!!!!! anyway!!!!!!! rolls up my sleeves lets GO!!!!!!!!!

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can we send in quotes even if they're from certain youtube videos? i want to submit a few from Thomas Sander's Sides videos but im not sure if it's too meta

I don’t really have a solid rule on this or anything, because I’ve done quotes from youtube series like Eddsworld, YGO: TAS, and 50% Off, but I tend not to do non-scripted quotes from youtubers. But there’s kind of a gray area with sketch vids, like Sanders Sides and such. I guess you can submit them if you’d like, and I’ll see if it’s something I can put into a post?

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