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Name: Ruthie
Age: 17
Country: South Africa

Hi! I am looking for a penpal as a way to get to get to know people from all over the world, I am also travelling at the end of the year to New Zealand and staying there for a year before I continue my university education in South Korea! I speak English fluently and this other language Afrikaans that basically nobody speaks but okay…I am really into KPop and I love BTS (I am NOT a koreaboo tho, like don’t get it twisted). I also live to read books so yeah, thats a thing. I just want someone to talk to and share some dank memes with, not asking for much. I love biology and I want to pursue it as a career someday. I have a studyblr because studying and my grades are extremely important to me, I am also a huge drama nerd and love anything musical theatre. I am vegan (not an obnoxious one, I promise). I cant think of anything else, I typed so goddamn much.

Preferences: 17-24

Way of Kings

I finished the Way of Kings today, there were definitely things I had missed the first time or just simply forgot. For example: (*****SPOILERS  FOR STORMLIGHT****)
Those people at the Purelake were searching for Hoid.
Wit giving the name Hoid to Dalinar. 
Towards the beginning Shallan was thinking to herself and that foreshadowed the Shardblade.
I forgot that Sigzil was Hoid’s apprentice, which is really cool and could explain why he wants to test Kaladin’s abilities so bad
I also forgot why Jasnah decided to keep Shallan (Shallan is totally totally bi, oh my god it was so much fun to read her reactions to Jasnah)
I completely forgot that Dalinar fucking destroyed Elhokar and it was fucking hilarious, it’s been 2 years since I first read the book, why did I forget so much??? It’s so good
Also I noticed some of the headers Ch12-28 (that weren’t quoted from people on their deathbeds) were connected and I jotted them down.
It was really fucking funny to see Sadeas lie through his fucking teeth with all his soldiers unharmed and clean after ‘retreating from battle’ 

And I think that’s all I’ve got? It was really nice rereading this, I took my time with it and now I’m gonna start Words of Radiance 

Hey everyone!

I’m Imogen, 17, lesbian and from the UK! I don’t really have any “requirements” for a penpal, just that you’re nice and open-minded ;D

I’m obsessed with gaming, something you’ll see when you look at my Tumblr, especially Overwatch (I switch between maining Dva, Sombra and Mercy) and Pokemon.

I also really like writing and poetry, my favourite book is ‘The Picture of Dorian Grey’ and my favourite poem is ‘London’ by Blake and I’d want to try snail mail so I can use my cute Union Jack writing set!

For languages, my French and German are pretty rusty but my Spanish is kinda passable (I think) xD

I’m like super introverted, I’d rather just sit in all day and read or play on my ps4 than go out and I have to admit I’m somewhat bad at replying but I’m working on it! I swear!

Anyway, I hope to hear from some of you soon!

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Do you think they (Iain, or TPTB) will actually kil the fandom by getting Robert and Rebecca together?

No, definitely not. I never read them as a romantic relationship and I don’t think we ever were (or ever will be) supposed to. 

Firstly Robert has made it pretty clear that he doesn’t love Rebecca. He says that they’re friends but to be honest he doesn’t even seem like he likes her most of the time. The only time he’s ever made any sort of move has been to make a point or get something he wants, not because of any affection. (Which is really scummy, honestly Robert my lad you need to take a leaf out of your husband’s book and try being nice for a change). 

Secondly it would be so damaging to poor Rebecca as a character to have her end up with Robert after they’ve now decided she’s been ‘trampled’ by him. If they’re going with that angle (which I personally have issues with), then they wouldn’t suddenly have Rebecca end up with him. If she’s been ‘trampled’ then narratively it will make more sense (and be more satisfying) to see her grow and evolve and have more agency. 

Thirdly there’s no chemistry there at all. 

Fourthly, I know they love to torture Aaron (and I fully blame Danny Miller tbh because he’s too good at crying), but they’re not going to throw away the relationship they’ve been building up for years. They want Aaron to suffer because it’s entertaining (I am sorry, my poor son, it is the result of being a fan favourite), but I think essentially they want to see him work through his issues and be happy. So they’re going to push him right to the limit, but they won’t quite push him over the edge. The things Iain’s said about Robron being soulmates makes me think they’ll have Aaron head to a dark place only to be saved by Robert. It’s sort of messed up to be honest, but I can see Iain going there. 

Lastly (for now), Emmerdale has most likely clocked the terrible reviews from the media along with the negative fan reaction to the storyline. When this first started happening, they were obviously too far along to change anything, but now they’ve seen the response I’m pretty confident they’re going to attempt damage control. When you’ve got Digital Spy and other soap sources ripping into this unnecessary storyline, I think the Emmerdale team are going to listen. 

Don’t worry about it, anon. I’m sure that if Rebecca and Robert were going to get together properly it would be fairly obvious by now. 


Tagged! Mid-year book review

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1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2017.

A court of mist and fury

2. Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2017.

Crooked Kingdom

3. New release you haven’t read yet, but want to.

This is not a new release but I need to read An Ember in the Ashes

4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year.

Tower of dawn!!!!!

5. Biggest disappointment.

I really super like the series over all but the second book of the Red Queen series was a snooze fest

6. Biggest surprise.

How obsessed with the Darkling I got?? Considering I thought the rest of the series was Meh.

7. Favourite new author. (Debut or new to you)

Leigh Bardugo I guess? I mean she’s not my favorite but she crashed into my year in a big way

8. Newest fictional crush.

LOL I’m supposed to name one???? I mean I think we all know my doomed obsession with the Darkling. But Cassian, Lucien, Rhys, Lorcan….

9. Newest favourite character.

Most recent, Aaron Warner. Not done with the books though. Another series where I’m doomed to like one character.

10. Book that made you cry.

Again, one??? I cried a LOT, LIKE A FUCKING LOT at the end of Ruin and Rising

11. Book that made you happy.

Acomaf :)

12. Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year (or received)

I really like the covers of the Red Queen books!

13. What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

Wasn’t it the Fever series that Sarah said she loves? I can’t remember, help a sister out!

14 Favourite Book Community Member

SO many people! I love all of you!!

@highlady-casandra @itsawriter @tntwme (sorry if you’ve already done it!

Mid Year Book Tag

I was tagged by the beautiful @readinglikewildfire who is one of the nicest, sweetest people i’ve ever met on tumblr and she is just amazing <3

1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2017

ACOWAR. Like my whole reading year was just looking forward to it and I know this is kinda an unpopular opinion, but I feel like i liked it more than ACOMAF because I am a huge fan of books involving war and military strategy etc (although i will have to reread the series to confirm hahaha) 

2. Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2017

Crooked Kingdom! I adored it because I loved them causing trouble all over Ketterdam and like Wesper, my loves

3. New release you haven’t read yet, but want to

Flame in the Mist 

4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year

I don’t really have one right now.

5. Biggest disappointment

A Thousand Skies above you. The pretty cover is deceiving af

6. Biggest surprise

The Martian. I heard it was good and but was surprised at how much i actually enjoyed it since it wasn’t from my usual genres. I loved all the science talk and it made me laugh soo much

7. Favourite new author. (Debut or new to you)

Leigh Bardugo. I read both Six of Crows and the Grisha Trilogy this year and i really enjoyed her work 

8. Newest fictional crush

See with crushes I either go 110% or nothing. No new characters have hit obsession level for me yet hahah 

10. Newest favourite character

Rose Hathaway my badass fave 

11. Books that made you cry

Fangirl, The Sun is also a Star (but only in the final epilogue chapter)

12. Books that made you happy

The Selection Series. It’s just like watching a trashy reality TV show but in a more refined book version hehe 

13. Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year (or received)

My bestie Bridge bought me a hardcover edition of Six of Crows for Christmas (in Aus we generally buy paperbacks because hardcovers are hard to find) and the black lined edges are just stunning <3 

14. What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

So for some reason i have not touched a Cassandra Clare book yet. My aim is to read every single book by her this year and I bought the Mortal Instruments box set and am ready to go hehe 

15. Favourite Book Community Member

I love so many people that I can’t pick just one!!

I tag: @feysandsmut @a-song-of-stars-and-dreams @cassianandfenrysaremyboyos @fiery-feyre @findserendipity @rowanrhysand @seeliequeenofprythian

me: wow i really want to write a book some day :)

my brain: you haven’t had a truly original idea that worked out in years, when you do have an original idea you don’t get past four pages, you can barely hold onto projects for a long period of time, and the chances of you writing a book and it actually getting popular are probably slim

me: wow,,,, i really want,,,,,, to write a book,,,,,,, some day,,, :)

5 things tag!

i’ve been tagged a lot of times and i didn’t get around to doing this tag until now oops. but thanks for tagging me @clueless-study @studywithamelia @perimotivated @moosenotes !!

5 things you’ll find in my bag:  

  • phone
  • earbuds
  • charger
  • wallet
  • chapstick

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • bookshelf (lots of books)
  • desk (lots of pens)
  • various muscle rollers
  • music speaker
  • my bed?????? (help)

5 things I’m currently into:

  • really into brush lettering right now
  • kpop (blackpink)
  • running (cross country)
  • bullet journaling
  • sleeping

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • make a singing cover of a song
  • make a blog (i did it, mom!)
  • go to a good college
  • eat three huge bags of hot cheetoes in one sitting
  • travel the world with my friends

5 things that make me happy: 

  • the studyblr community
  • running in the mornings with friends beside me
  • my dog
  • playing video games
  • reading books

5 things on my to-do list:

  • pack for a trip
  • start my new bujo
  • study ahead for most of my classes
  • go to the beach with friends
  • photoshoot with friends

thanks for tagging me if you did! sorry if you already did it but i’m tagging: @starmapstudies @mildlineurs @studybab @getshitdonetbh @bionctes @novaaquill @lilystvdies

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I can't believe you bought a toddler's book just because Hillary's daughter wrote it. You are the kind of fan that would buy their dogs' crap if they decided to sell it. No judgement, anything goes for you.

I actually bought it to read it to my younger cousins, whom I look after a few days every week. They’re three little girls whom I personally think would really enjoy listening to a book like that - but then again, you can go on an judge me all you want.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to support their ventures, especially a children’s book that aims at female empowerment. 

anonymous asked:

what do you think of the book "depraved" by harold schechter, if you've heard of it/read it? i bought it earlier today because it was on sale at the bookstore where i work, and i'm enjoying it so far! i'm really interested in the h.h. holmes murders, but this is the first book i've bought on the subject. i trust your opinion, though, and want to know what you think. <3

I haven’t actually read it. Please let me know if you enjoy it!

11 Questions


1. Always post the rules
2. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you
3. Write 11 questions of your own
4. Tag 11 people (or however many you want)

I was tagged by the lovely @the-forest-library. Thank you, sweetpea!

The questions given to me:

1. What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue?
I would love to learn to play guitar. I started taking lessons briefly, but school interfered and I never went back to it.
2. Which music artist, dead or alive, would you want to go to a concert of?
If the sky was the limit, I guess I would choose The Beatles. That would be iconic.
3. What are some small things that make your day better?
Peppermint tea, reading at lunch, when the music is really on point, texts from friends
4. What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation?
Books or scary movies, easy. Probably David Foster Wallace, Christopher Pike, or contemporary fiction if we want to get specific
5. What’s your favorite piece of art?
I don’t think I have a single favorite, but I love Impressionism. I never get tired of looking at it.
6. What movie title best describes your life?
Oh, I’m not good at this. Maybe How to Deal
7. If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make?
Be kind to other living things.
8. What’s on your bucket list this year?
Read a lot of books. My dreams are very small.
9. What is one thing you’re glad you tried but would never do again?
My dad and I love roller coasters, and when my family and I visited Cedar Point, we rode the Top Thrill Dragster. It goes stupid-fast straight up 420 feet and then straight back down, and we got off feeling sort of dazed and dizzy. Glad I did it, but never again, dude.
10. Why dessert and food do you ask for on your birthday?
Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes!
11. What object have you been searching for with no luck?
It’s kind of silly, but when I was a kid, I loved Bruce Coville’s The Unicorn Chronicles. I waited forever for my library to have the last two books in the series but it never did, and I still want to know what happens! I can find them online (you can find anything online), but I can’t justify paying that much for one book. I would love to just come across one at a garage sale or a library sale or something. (A girl can dream, okay, it’s books and unicorns.)

My questions for you:

1. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
2. Which five songs do you listen to most right now?
3. What’s your favorite cartoon?
4. Who are your top three OTP’s?
5. What’s your favorite dessert?
6. Which authors do you trust enough to read anything by them?
7. Do you like having background noise/music when you’re working?
8. If you could learn any new skill, what would it be?
9. Which books made you love reading when you were a kid?
10. What languages do you speak?
11. What’s your favorite fairytale?

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// Anyone here read books by Tamora Pierce because honestly she was all I read as a kid and her books were AMAZING and actually really help with writing in a medieval fantasy setting during RPing now?

(and for those who haven’t heard of her, she’s a fantasy author who writes about magic and girls becoming knights and ALWAYS has female leads in her stories and they were the most wonderful things to read as a kid and I’m like 25 now and still go back to them when I want to read something easy and comforting.)

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oh um hey I don't want this to seem annoying but any advice for someone who's trying to be a better writer??

READ A LOT, books, fanfics, whatever. Read and you’ll find things you like you don’t like. Get comfortable in your ‘writing’ voice lol. Every writer is different, I for one am not a technical writer. I am very much imagery and dialog oriented. The only real techniques I use is alliteration from time to time maybe irony or foreshadowing if I’m really trying. But structure wise I’m pretty weak, grammatically, punctuation. So reading other people’s work you kinda get a feel of their style and voice and start realizing bits you like you don’t like. 

Don’t be afraid to ask someone to beta, they might be busy but if not most people will love to help out in places you don’t feel comfortable in. Be mindful of the content you intend on creating. You might not thing what you do is impact but whatever you put out there can change something or other. 

Most importantly have fun. Writing shouldn’t be a chore, sometimes if you want to make a deadline for yourself it might seem like one but at the end it should be something you enjoy doing because you’re doing it for free lol. 

I read a rumor (I hope it stays a rumor) that WWE are planning to do Alexa vs Nia at Summerslam. The way Alexa has been booked, she should be in the Summerslam match (she’s the champion after all), but Alexa vs Sasha should be the Summerslam match. The Summerslam match should be a good one and if they really want Nia to be featured in it, they can do a triple threat with Sasha, so that she can carry it. If they really want to have Alexa win at GBOF so that her feud with Sasha gets extended until Summerslam, she should not lose clean. This is WWE’s opportunity to make up for not giving Sasha a title reign last year, she shouldn’t lose yet another PPV title match. They better not feed Sasha to the champion again!!

P.S: This is still a rumor, and we shouldn’t take it for granted. I don’t think WWE are that stupid to have Alexa go over Sasha clean and no matter how high they are on Alexa and Nia, they know Sasha is the person that can elevate the title’s importance again. They will probably want to capitalize on Sasha’s mainstream success. Don’t forget that the TCAs are a week before Summerslam.

ravencrantz  asked:

QUEEN OF ATTOLIA showed up on the library shelves today and i havent seen there before (which is impressive bc ive been going there every week for 3 yrs now) and i almost checked it out bc you talk so much abt it but i couldnt remember if it was book 1?? We seem to enjoy and dislike the same books so i kinda really want to read it 👀👀

QUEEN OF ATTOLIA IS BOOK 2 PLS READ THE THIEF (FIRST) IT’S SO GOOD some people say all the books are standalones so you can read them in any order and i’m like no??? it’s just like any series really. MUST read in order. trust me it’s gr8

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A quick scan through her blog and it just seems a combination of her whining that she has absolutely no me time because she spends all her time chasing after her three kids and being super mom and her bragging about her time for giving herself facials and reading books 🙄 she's so self obsessed!!! Everything is about her all the time! And that letter from Jared? Wow, gen. just wow. She had zero limits. I feel like we might as well all move in with the Padaleckis with the amount she shares!!!

I really doubt that letter was from Jared. It just didn’t feel like it was coming from Jared, you know? If it was truly from him, why would he let her publish it? Wouldn’t you want to save that until they’re older and they can truly appreciate your words? I don’t know, just seems like she’s feeding us a line of bullshit, again. 

For someone that has very little me time, she has an awful lot of time to complain about missing alone time! There aren’t too many mothers that can do half the shit she does and then wonder what others are doing because they miss their alone time. I mean, from the looks of it, she’s away from the children 99.9% of the time and the other 1% is dedicated to doing photoshoots with them. Got to capture the perfect moment and all.

anonymous asked:

Hi ^-^ I was just wondering about your thoughts on an INFP X INFJ romantic relationship as opposed to a friendship? As an INFJ myself, I get along very well with INFPs (many of my friends are INFPs), but I struggle significantly with their habit of bottling up their emotions and refusing to open up (personally I feel as though communication is incredibly important in relationships). Is there any way to encourage an INFP to open up or should I leave them be? Thank you xx

Well getting an INFP to open up really is a hard thing to achieve. On the other hand, we INFJs aren’t any better, right? XD

But one of our strength is being able to read others like an open book and find out how they feel. So why not use it? If you notice one of your friends is upset maybe just ask them what’s bothering them so much. Sometimes people just need someone who approaches them. If they don’t want to talk, better let them be. People themselves often don’t know how they actually feel or why they feel certain way. Give them some time to figure it out. Even in a relationship. Maybe after that, you could try to approach them again. But maybe not straight forward like the first time. Better go with something like “Are you feeling better?” or something like that. Show them that you really care and maybe they’ll open up to you. If they don’t, leave them be. Or else you might just bother them by crowding them. 

If they have a problem with you or are upset because of you, you’ll likely notice on their behavior, especially if you ask them “Did I do something wrong?” or “Is it because of me?”. In that case, try to approach them, too. Tell them you won’t be mad at them (I mean, we INFJs usually want harmony as much as INFPs do and fighting isn’t something we like so I guess we really wouldn’t be mad at them… or at least not for long? idk man). If they don’t open up even then, then that’s it, I guess. You tried everything.

And now remember to open up to others too, especially if they care a lot about you. ;)

Also this post sounds like I’m an alien analyzing the behavior of humans but hey, close enough