i really want to read the books

hello yes it is me, the single gay, here to bring u a list of cute things i want to do with the s/o i dont have 

- go on long drives to nowhere 

- make pillow forts on rainy days

- try to raise a plant

- splurge on seasonal candles

- choose books to read together

- learn to bake

- pick out a cute tea set 

- learn to dance

- dress up really fancy to go to a super casual place for dinner (like cosi or ihop)

- make a list of movies to watch

rb + add your cute ideas, i wanna see what you guys come up w!

“Can we read this one?” Max asks, thrusting the book into Alec’s grip.

“Oh, well.” Alec’s hesitancy is evident in his voice, no matter how he tries to hold it back. “Are you sure you don’t want Hansel and Gretel?”

Max shakes his head.

“What about the Princess and the Pea?”

This only earns him a silent glare.

“Or Beauty and the Beast? I know that’s your favourite.”

Max pouts in an obvious sulk and Alec can sense the beginning of a headache just behind his eyes.

“Why won’t you ever read me this one?” There’s a shimmer of tears in his eyes now. “Everyone else gets to hear it. James says it’s the best one.”

Alec should have known. Max and James had become fast friends over the past few weeks and whatever James does Max will copy, whatever James likes Max now likes too. Sighing he settles down onto the bed beside Max, resting the book on the sheets between them.

“Once upon a time there were hunters blessed by angels that protected the world from monsters.” Alec begins.

Max is terrible listener, but for Alec it’s the best part of telling him a story. He’s always been this way, constantly interrupting and asking questions.

“Like Dad?” He asks when Alec introduces a warlock.

“Why doesn’t he marry the Warlock?” He demands when Alec tells him the Hunter has proposed to the new leader.

“This story is dumb.” He complains, arms crossed in frustration, when Alec begins to describe the wedding ceremony.

“What happened to them?” Max queries, as Alec finishes the last page.

“They lived happily ever after.” A voice from the doorway has both their heads turning, and there stands Magnus, leaning against the doorjamb a wistful look on his face.

“Forever?” Max yawns as Alec shifts off the bed to tuck him.

“Forever and ever.” Alec whispers, smoothing the hair from his forehead and placing a kiss there, he’s asleep before Alec finishes the words.

He walks over to Magnus, into the arm that’s outstretched and waiting for him. With one final glance back at Max he switches the light off.

“That’s my favourite fairy tale.” Magnus tells him.

“Mine too.”

For @asexualalexanderlightwood 

This is going to sound really dumb but Twist and Shout has ruined my life. Like everytime I see edits of it like that one where it has Dean and Cas and Cas is sittin there in the hospital bed and it had the flatline. Then like under it it had the lyrics to his favorite Elvis song. At first when I saw and posted it, I didn’t know what it meant bc I had never read the book at that point. I got a comment that said “Twist and Shout…” and I was like “Ive heard that before, is it a book?” And she was like “Yeah i recommend reading it.” So I did and it ruined my life. Anyway, everytime I see something like that I get real emotional like so emotional that I get close to fuckin balling my eyes out. Im pathetic but yeah I really want a relationship like that, the one in the book, i mean……. So yeah ok bye

Riverdale Origin Story.

Here it is, folks. It wanted by @just-mafe-g @bugheadjones-the-third and @ashsays.

I first saw an ad for Riverdale on the back on an Archie comic and was super excited. I’ve been reading Archie for quite a few years, so I was really excited for a tv adaption. Then I saw a Buzzfeed article comparing the characters to their comic book counterparts, and I saw Ms. Grundy’s and was instantly disgusted. It’s important to note that my mom read the comics as a little girl and I also told her about this article.

I still wasn’t completely not interested in Riverdale, so I started looking at pictures, stills, and gifs for it on Pinterest. And when I saw how much Cole Sprouse nailed Jughead I started watching it on my computer.

But we’re not done yet.

Because I’m anxious to please, and my mom didn’t like the idea of Riverdale, I kept it a secret. I felt like she was going to be mad at me if she knew I watched it. But because I can’t keep a secret and I felt so guilty that I literally dreamed of telling her about it. So I told her, and obviously she wasn’t mad, but she still didn’t like the idea of it. Until one day I was rewatching season one, and she came down and started watching it.

Now we watch it together.

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Hi I really like your blog an all your headcanons, they're amazing!! But O was just wondering if Nora ever released Andrew's pov in the Baltimore scene? (or if it even exists, I'm not sure if it's just a rumour) (I very recently read the series)

while she didn’t write anything officially for it, she did answer some asks about it, which you can read here and here and here. (all the extra content for the books can be found here)

if you really want to read the baltimore scene from andrew’s pov please read baltimore blues by spanglebangle. it’s my one of my fav fics and does the scene more than justice! and it’s absolutely AMAZING.

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Hi, I really want to learn Korean. I've been playing learning random words and a few sentences. I was wondering what apps or books you use to study it? Thanks :)

ypu prpbably dont want advice from me because im litterally the slowest person on earth but imo It’s really important to learn how to read Korean first because the romanization is absolute crap so I used Hangul by Tengulogi on the play store to learn pronunciation.
Then I had bought TTMIK beginer book. The app I use everyday is Memrise. I know a lot of people don’t like it bc it doesn’t teach grammar but imo the more you learn you just pick up on things naturally.

just followed this really good langblr ( @miharusblog ) for more grammar that I’ve been enjoying latelysomething else that’s been important to me is trying to read the lyrics to my favorite k-songs and watching kdrama with out subs. I hope that helps!


The full story of becoming a Swiftie.

It all started when I was about 9 years old. I was alone and had no friends, the reason why was because I was different than other boys. I did not like sports and my head was always stuck in a book. To be honest I don’t really know why I was bullied growing up, but what I do know is that it hurt a lot. That same year the most unthinkable thing happened… My parents got divorced and I was always a momma’s boy if you can say it like that. I loved her, but as I grew older the reality became shockingly clear that she did not love me the way a mother is supposed to love their child. So with all of the bullying going on and me not having friends and the me that lost my mother, I wanted to find something that made me feel less alone so I went to my sisters room, and there I found Taylor Swifts album Fearless the platinum edition. I went to my room, let it play and I instantly fell in love. Since then I loved her music because it told a story and then when speak now came out the prologue got stuck in my head, but certain pieces stood out for me. Pieces like: “Real life is a funny thing, you know. In real life, saying the right thing at the right moment is beyond crucial. So crucial, in fact, that most of us start to hesitate, for fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. But lately what I’ve began to fear more than that is letting the moment pass without saying anything” “There is a time for silence. There is a time waiting your turn. But if you know how you feel, and you so clearly know what you need to say, you’ll know it. I don’t think you should wait. I think you should speak now” And those words helped me through what I see as my toughest part of my life till today. You see all my life I have been bullied. I was called gay and a faggot and the people that said those things did not have the slightest clue that I was struggling with the fact that I am indeed gay. So some afternoons I would be at home, crying, and the I would put in one of Taylors albums and scream the lyrics at the top of my lungs and cry some more. It made me feel better. On the 23rd of August 2016 I came home with tears, because I was trying to accept the person I am. I then put on the song Change and read the prologues of all her albums leaving Speak Now for last and then that was the moment I knew that I needed to speak now and that was when I came out to my parents and the rest of this place. 

Taylor Swift saved me, and I am not over exaggerating.If it wasn’t for her music I would not be here today. I would not be the person I am today. Taylor’s music has helped me through dark times and I cannot thank her enough.

I love you Taylor.



2017 tbr meme

I’m pretending @lizziethereader tagged me because I wanted to do it hahah

So, obviously I’m hoping to finish the books I’m currently reading (Oathbringer, Lady of the Lake and la horde du contrevent) but I’d also like to manage:

  • The Amber spyglass
  • Lyra’s Oxford
  • La belle sauvage
  • Clockwork prince
  • The Lord of the rings trilogy
  • Small Gods
  • Men at arms
  • Name of the wind
  • Maskerade

That’s an ambitious list but I really want to manage it! (Even with that I’ll be a dozen books away from my 2017 new year’s list, whoops)

Some fanart for @ariastory-project to make them feel better for all the crazy things going on.

I’m really excited for this game! I honestly think Aria is going to be the friend that will recommend all her favorite books to Lewin… even though Lewin may not be as interested (I remember the Dev saying that they have different tastes as far as reading).

Thanks for the tag @lonepiper5758 :)

If you get this, you have to say 5 random things about yourself, then tag 10 other people. 

  • I’m learning psychology, but I graduated as a preschool teacher in my hometown.
  • I started to learn Korean language in this semester.
  • I had a serious crush on Harry Potter when I was 8 years old. 
  • I have an Edward Elric poster in my dormitory room. (But my roommate has never seen it.) And now I have a crush on Ed, sorry Harry.
  • Currently I’m really into the Raven Cycle series. (And I really want to reread the whole story, because Adam such an interesting character and I wanna analyze him. Yes, I’m reading books, and watching series/anime just because I love analyzing the characteres. This is why I’m rewatching Falling Skies. :D) 

I’m tagging: @klaudiayoifan98 @gomboc123 @wrongnote @icameheretowinry @nerbert @mossypawprints @xennariel @lynchbrothers @ladywiltshire @miraculous-stardust  I’m really an outsider in tumblr, so I don’t know too much people here, but I hope you don’t mind it. :) 

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Look, speaking directly, I do not feel good about romantic displays of affection. Well, not while I'm being the target, the practitioner or even just watching some scene. However, I can read a scene like this, I can read it in books (duh) and also in HQs/doujinshis. I just, just wanted​ to know if ... if this is normal

Yeah, that’s totally normal, don’t worry. Sounds like you’re repulsed by romance, which is really common in aro-spec communities especially, but can exist in anyone. Romance repulsion can vary a lot, but being uncomfortable with romance in real life but less or not at all in fiction/books is really common too, because there’s a barrier when it comes to fiction that doesn’t exist in real life.

My own romance repulsion is actually really similar to this.

Just went to a secondhand bookshop near where I live (I could hear the siren call of books) and ended up in there for a couple hours. Belle would LOVE the secondhand bookshop–speaking of which, I came across some books written in Greek and of course all I could think of (and started laughing) was that line the prince says in Beauty and the Beast when Belle asks him if he’s really read every one of these books: “What? Pfft. Not all of them. Some of them are in Greek.” 

(Note, the Ancient Greece related books are in English lol!)

Originally posted by dothrakidaenerys

@tinydooms - all I could think of as well was how frustrated/exasperated Lumiere was getting in the bookshop when he, Belle, and Adam were visiting one in your fic. Imagine two hours of me walking around and trying to pick out the ones I wanted most (and keep it at around $100; it ended up $104 which was fine.) 

“Mademoiselle! Just because its cover is beautiful doesn’t mean you should buy it!”

2017 TBR meme

I was tagged by the wonderful @anassarhenisch to share the books I would still like to get to before the end of the year. Thank you! 

I’m very much a mood reader, but there are still some reads I really hope to fit into 2017. 

1. Tin Man by Sarah Winman

2. A Skinful of Shadows by Frances Hardinge 

3. The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy 

4. Artemis by Andy Weir 

5. The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo 

6. It devours by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor 

I tag @flamingmirrorbookish, @thereadingchallengechallenge, @trinareadsbooks, @bibliophilecats, @unphilosophize, and anyone else who wants to do it! :)

tagged by @gwazine, thank you!!

relationship status: single

favorite colour: gold (or, mustardyellow)

last song i listened to: dancing with the moonlit knight - genesis

last movie: the new bladerunner

top 3 TV-shows: this is hard… and changes constantly. evangelion, twin peaks and the old poirot series.

top 3 bands/artists: nick drake, sufjan stevens and steely dan probably

books im currently reading: 1984 and simon vs the homosapien agenda

occupation: highschool student

love to collect: turtlenecks! i have like 4 different black ones. i hope to continue my fathers vinyl collection when i grow older.

tag 9 people! (you guys dont have 2 do this unless u really want to)

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I just want to say that I really appreciate every sweet message you guys write to me! In fact, I appreciate them so much that I made a small book of them and sometimes when I’m down, I read them. Also, sometimes when my family thinks I’m not doing enough, I read it to them too lol

I was tagged by @allmyparkliofe to answer these questions and then tag 9 people I want to know better. Thanks for the tag my boinko! ❤💚💜

Relationship status: Single. (Forever alone tbh)

Favourite colour: Orange!!

Lipstick or chapstick: definitely chapstick

Last song I listened to: Lost Johnny - Motörhead

Last movie I watched: I do not remember

Top 3 TV Shows: I don’t really watch much TV anymore.. I guess Stranger Things, Jane The Virgin and Supernatural

Top 3 Characters: from those shows? Will, Rafael, Castiel

Top 3 Bands: Blur, Metallica, and uh idk Bon Jovi rn

Book I’m Currently Reading: The Target - Catherine Coulter

I don’t think I can tag 9 but I’ll tag @murdoc-niccals-69 , @jarjartrump , @behappycsm , @haphazardlydreaming , @real-pain-for-my-sham-friends yeah idk i think that’s it

  • Hoseok expressed how BTS love Korean food that’s why for catering there is always Korean food.
  • He agreed to do a Vlive and wanted to keep his promise. He said “to be honest I’m not doing anything special, but I haven’t done it in a while contrary to the members. I just wanted to talk”
  • He commented on the shows they appeared in and how unbelievable it still feels “I watch youtube a lot and v app [laughs] and it was shocking that I was able to go on shows I always watch online and able to do performances. we were on James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel and it was such a new experience”
  • A fan asked him if he lost weight and he stated how well he eats lately he thought he gained weight.
  • When asked about his mixtape, it showed how still nervous he feels about it “I feel like I'm going to get indigestion if I talk about my mixtape while eating. I’m still working on it. to be honest, I can’t for sure say when it’s going to come out. it will when the results are good”. He is treating his mixtape with care like an album “my tracks haven’t been organized yet. it’s hard. I don’t know what songs to add and what kind of style to make the mixtape. you create a mixtape like you’re an album. I want to count this as an album. it’s hard to select as the quality has to be good” he will add later “I do worry about my mixtape. I didn’t know what kind of message to show. I’ve decided now it’s just selecting the tracks now that’s difficult. I’m working hard preparing the mixtape so please anticipate.”
  • He watched his MAMA live in Brazil and loved how the fans were so supportive so he thanked them
  • When asked to dance, he commented on how big the room and started dancing and moving “the hotel room is so big I can do hope on the street”
  • He spoke about the Mic Drop Remix Teaser that came out today and compliments Steve Aoki on his acting. They are going to meet him soon and they plan to gift him stew to show their appreciation. 
  • He was proud and happy about their recent outfits and expressed how clothes can affect your mood and actions. And the dancing needs to match the clothes. 
  • He promised the European ARMY that BTS will come soon to Europe and to wait for them. 
  • He died his hair red for AMA because it matches him well. Fans were worried in case his and BTS’ scalp were damaged and he answered “We dye our hairs a lot it’s true. but it’s for the concept, we take care of our hair a lot and use hair treatment”
  • A WISE ARMY PROPOSED THE FOLLOWING: “We want all BTS with black hair” to which Jhope showed big interest “WOW! OT7 with black hair? we’ve never done that before right?” (let’s pray for this death sentence to come soon) 
  • He can’t believe what is happening right now and believes that all that is happening is thanks to the ARMY “it’s still hard to believe that this is real. it’s all thanks to our fans cheering us on so much that we’re able to perform at an American award show. I think I’m living a happy life. being able to work with such great people and receiving lots of support”
  • He shared with us the book he is reading recently and it’s about self-love “speaking of loving yourself I’m reading a book [korean] “as you live your love and learn” and it talks about loving yourself as well. when I read books I get so sleepy, so it’s amazing that I even read this much. I really want to finish this book through”
  • He wants to do Hope On The streets and invite talented dancers. He is still so in love with dancing and wants to learn more if he has time.
  • About the Wings Tour Finale, he expressed how amazing it will be and described it as “different” when asked to give a spoiler. 
  • ARMY told him to keep his promise. In the past, he said he will show his abs if they gain 10 million followers on VAPP. He was so startled ““abs” ABS?! we don’t have 10 million followers on v app yet, wow don’t scare me like that when I’m eating” (That means this promise is still going)
  • He danced to ‘Gucci Gang’. It is his recent favorite song. 
  • He didn’t know his passion for music will grow so big and it turned this way thanks to both RM and Suga 
  • He was happy to share the fact that Jungkook is making beats lately (they always brag about the maknae whenever they go)
  • He called Namjoon 'Rap Monster’ then realized that he can’t call him this way anymore “[called Nnamjoon rap monster] [in eng] OH SORRY RM. [in korean] our Namjoonie changed his name to RM so please call him RM. rm backward is Mr. because I was beside him, I saw how much he worried and thought this through. he has affection towards this name”
  • He was enjoying the live stream as all ARMYs were showering him with love “I didn’t know a livestream was this fun” and promised he will do them more often from now on. 
  • He wants to study languages so he can communicate better with the fans
  • He can’t drink alcohol because his face turns very red (that’s why he drinks soda)
  • “Sprite or Coke?” for him it’s all the same
  • He said goodbye a lot and felt bad finishing the live stream and saying bye ARMY (he was very sweet)

Find the Vlive HERE

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