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For the prompts I though 102 with mike saying this to El about Max or something

102. “Do you really think I could ever replace you?”

Thanks for the prompt! I hope you like it :)

They’re fifteen when she finally tells him about that day in the school, the day she snuck away and found him and Max in the gym. The girls have long been friends now and she’s never really wanted to mention the incident to Mike because, well, because she’s a little embarrassed.

But now, as they lie on their backs in his backyard and watch the clouds, the story simply falls out of her mouth. They’ve been discussing Lucas and Max - who have broken up and gotten back together for the third time now - and she confesses that the first time she saw the redhead, she’d thrown her off her skateboard.

“Wait, what? I thought that was you! But why…”

“I thought you liked her. You smiled at her. And even though I was mad and sad, I thought maybe, maybe now you would be happy. I thought maybe it was better for you to like her instead of me, because she was normal.”

He stares at her, slack-jawed and unable to come up with the right words to say. It’s possibly the craziest thing she’s ever said. But he sure as hell doesn’t want to make her feel stupid. Never.

“Did you really think I would ever replace you? That I even could?”

She doesn’t say anything, just gives a little smile, the one he knows is reserved for him. The one that says I understand. Their hands find each other in the grass and their fingers interlace.

She looks back at the sky, but he continues to look at her face. There will never be anyone for him but her.

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oh MAN! this is a NIGHT!! what if harry were his girl's first kiss!! :o im a lame 21 year old who has done legit nothing rip everything


I think he’d find that really sweet. He’d be so endeared. He’d want to make it special for you, so very soft.

At the same time, I think he’d make it very spontaneous. Like you’re cuddling on the couch. Maybe it’s very very early on in the relationship. You’re watching a movie, and he *knows* you’ve never kissed anyone before and of course he doesn’t mind. But you’re there, in the soft light of the candle he’s got burning on the table and the glow of the tv. And you’re so into whatever it is you’re watching (even though he knows you’ve seen it a hundred times because you’ve *told* him it’s your favorite movie about a hundred times) and you look so cute and feel so soft in his arms that he can’t help himself.


“Hm?” You turn your head to him slowly, but your eyes stay glued to the tv because MAYBE this character isn’t going to die this time, you have to pay attention!!!

And he giggles at how you aren’t even paying attention to him. He leans in and kisses your cheek, and *that* gets your attention. You look at him, and he’s giving you a dimpled smile. “Can I kiss you?”

“Can…. huh?” You know what he said but you’re so nervous because god what if you do it wrong? Where is this coming from? Maybe you aren’t ready.

He smiles knowingly and scoots a little closer. “M’gonna kiss you now, okay?” He presses a kiss to the tip of your nose, to test the waters.

You give him a soft little smile and a nod of your head. “Okay.”

And when he leans in to kiss you, it’s slow, and soft, and it is EVERYTHING you could’ve hoped for and more.

There’s no tongue- not yet- but you find yourself wishing there was when you feel his lips part ever so slightly to take your bottom lip between them. You can feel him smiling into the kiss, and you giggle softly.

He laughs through his nose and pulls away. “Good?” He asks, tucking a piece of hair behind your ears.

You’re in a daze and you can’t stop smiling. “Yeah.”

And he is SO damn endeared by you that even he can’t stop smiling. “Can I do it again?”

This time, it’s YOU that goes in for it, catching him off guard. He grins and pulls you closer.

And for a while, the film is forgotten.

@me-ladie : I’m bored, you should entertain me.

Me: give me a prompt and I’ll write you a dumb drabble.

Maggie: Apples and oranges.

Me: …

“I don’t get it,” Amanda said off-handedly, stirring her coffee and watching Barba as he perched on the edge of Carisi’s desk, deep in conversation with the detective. “I mean, I know, opposites attract and all, but those two are like apples and oranges.”

Fin just shrugged. “If they’re happy, I’m happy.”

Amanda gave him a look. “Really?”

Now Fin looked up at her, something like amusement in his expression. “Whaddya want me to say?” he asked. “They make perfect sense to me.”

“How so?” Amanda demanded.


Fin pronounced the word like it was dirty and Amanda cocked her head for a moment before a smile slowly spread across her face. “You’re not wrong,” she said.

“You know they’re talking about us, right?” Carisi said mildly to Barba, who rolled his eyes.

“Detectives,” Barba scoffed. “They think they’re the only observant ones.”

“Hey now,” Carisi protested, with no real heat. “I’m a detective.”

Barba’s expression softened. “Apples and oranges,” he said, resting a hand on top of Carisi’s, as public a display of affection as he was willing to make. “Apples and oranges.”

New Year’s Day

anon prompt- owen and amelia had a new years eve party and owen is really hungover on new years day, amelia takes care of him

“I want to skydive, and— and swim with sharks, oh! And bungee jump, obviously,” Owen began rambling. “How about you make your New Year’s resolutions list when you’re sober, yeah?” Amelia laughed. Owen nodded as he threw his head back against couch. 

The two had been sitting on the living room floor for an hour watching a cheesy Lifetime movie. It was three in the morning and all the guests had left hours earlier. Amelia did her best to keep an eye on Owen all night, knowing how clumsy he gets when he drinks. 

As he reached for the glass of alcohol on the table, Amelia stopped him. “I’m cutting you off,” she said, “I don’t want to start my new year cleaning up your vomit.”

Owen looked over and stared at Amelia. “What?” She asked. “I love your face,” he replied. “You’re so drunk, O.”

“Drunk I am not,” Owen closed his eyes. “Let’s get you to bed,” Amelia offered as she began to stand up.

“Nooooo,” Owen groaned, “I want to stay here.”

“On the floor?” Amelia asked. “Yup,” Owen nodded. “At least sleep on the couch,” she offered. “I like the floor,” he protested, “It’s nice and welcoming.”

Amelia shook her head as she gathered the pillows and a blanket from off the couch, placing them on the floor. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle and a bucket from under the sink. “Amelia,” Owen said.

“What?” Amelia set the water and bucket on the floor beside him. “Does playing Mario Cart drunk count as drunk driving?”

“Go to bed,” Amelia laughed. Owen laid down on the floor and Amelia placed him in the recovery position. She sat on the chair across from him and watched as he fell asleep, in fear that he would choke on his own vomit.

“Mia,” Owen whispered, loudly. “Mia,” he repeated. Amelia woke up from her spot on the chair and looked at her husband. “You okay?” She asked.

“Is Taco Bell open 24 hours?” Owen asked, still doing his best to whisper but was basically shouting. “We are not going to Taco Bell, Owen,” Amelia said, looking at her phone, “It’s 4:30 in the morning.”

“Can we go tomorrow? Please?” Owen pouted his lips like that of a 4 year old begging for candy. “We can go tomorrow,” Amelia confirmed, “Go back to sleep.”

“But I can’t find any sheep,” Owen whispered. “Sheep?” Amelia asked.

“I can’t find any sheep to count,” he said. 

Owen woke up at three in the afternoon. Amelia had been awake since eight, quietly cleaning up the bottles and trash from the night before. 

“I thought you were dead,” Amelia laughed, seeing Owen sit up. “I feel dead,” he groaned as he stood up. He stumbled, and Amelia rushed over to his side. 

“Easy there,” she said, putting her arm around his waist. Owen instantly put his hand up to his head and shut his eyes closed, grimacing. 

“Advil?” She asked, sitting him down on the couch. “Please,” he replied. “Do you still want Taco Bell?” Amelia smiled. 

“Taco Bell?” Owen questioned. “You said you wanted Taco Bell last night,” she informed.

“I’m not drunk enough for Taco Bell right now.”

Went to a big national conference last week and learned a surprisingly effective way to get over my social anxiety re: talking to new people.

Don’t ask yourself whether you’re bothering them. Just assume a priori that they’ll want to talk with you. 

Because that’s what I’m always asking myself. What if I’m bothering them? And that’s a roadblock for me every time because it’s a question I can rarely answer, so I agonize over every interaction. But then I started watching what friendly, social people do, particularly those who are not the bubbly/suave/charismatic type of friendly. And I realized they simply weren’t asking that question.

Now, the funny thing is, sometimes those people are bothering the people they’re talking to. But in most cases, those people still really like them, even when they are occasionally bothersome. They still want to be around them and socialize with them and work with them and provide them opportunities. So the benefits of assuming they’re wanted far outweigh the cost of being occasionally seen by some people as mildly annoying.

So you know what? I did just that. But I didn’t simply answer my own question in the negative (”No, I’m not bothering them!”); I ignored it entirely, considered it as irrelevant a question as “Is there a scuff on my boot?” or “Is it Tuesday?” 

And it worked. It fucking worked. Conversations came easily, people were friendly, engaged, attentive. Some gave me their card or asked for mine. And I was able to feel comfortable, confident, because that question was the source of my anxiety. I feel like an entire social world has opened up to me, and it feels awesome.

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Hey I just wanted to thank you for keeping the spoilers from Mexico on lockdown!Someone spoiled all of TFA for me before it came out and I didn't want to believe them until I sat there watching the movie and everything they said came true.I obviously still love the movie with all my heart,but it did slightly ruin the experience for me.I like spoilers to an extent so I don't really want to know what they showed of TLJ yesterday so I'm just counting down the days until it comes out!Ty again!💕

Thanks for your message. I’m glad you’re okay with how I went about it because almost immediately after I posted it, I worried that I may have locked it down a little too well – sorry to all the folks who couldn’t open it last night…. :(

The leak itself isn’t actually all that spoilery or surprising. There isn’t any huge revelations in those first 10 minutes (it even feels like less than that). But still, I wanted to be extra careful about sharing it. I specifically pasted it on to a page in a locked sideblog instead of a post so that no one could reblog it.

But anyway - I wish you luck over the next weeks! I really hope you have a better experience watching TLJ than you did with TFA. And thanks again.

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i see daiya no ace on your blog all the time and i was never really interested in watching it before (despite really liking sports anime) but i'm kinda interested now sooo my question: what are some reasons i should watch it?

ahh yes omg i love daiya so much and it makes me so happy that you’re interested in watching it!! i think it’s, sadly, a super underrated anime, and if you’re into sports anime, i think there are loads of things that you’ll love about it!

some reasons you should watch daiya!

  • a beautiful, fantastic cast of characters that had me crying and screaming during games because i was so attached to them
  • sawamura is the protagonist and he is loud and obnoxious but really has a heart of gold and really just loves baseball a lot and wants to do right by his team and get better. i found his story lines to be some of the most interesting and satisfying, and what i loved about him is that he really earns a lot of his ‘wins’ throughout the anime
  • the other characters on the team are by no means side characters to the sawamura show though. the anime places a lot of emphasis on their practices and their improvements, and each character gets developed in their own way. not only that, you also really see the team working hard and bonding and getting better together, and isn’t that what sports anime is all about?
  • STUNNING ANIMATION i still can’t get over how wonderfully animated this anime is ok every single frame is so spot on. having worked on gifs for this anime a few times, i have never seen a ‘lazy frame’ (as those sometimes found within haikyuu or yoi where the characters are just brief sketches in a frame between two key frames). every motion, from pitching to fielding to batting is so fluid and it makes the watching experience super enjoyable
  • also the character designs are so good, miyuki is the hottest boy in anime i will fight for that with my life
  • the story is a beautiful one all about teamwork and working hard for your dreams and doing your best. it’s everything a sports anime is supposed to be: encouraging, motivating, and fulfilling
  • the games themselves are sO INTENSE. seidou, their baseball team, is one of the best in tokyo and they match up with some other really amazing teams (with their own group of characters that are just as compelling and just as memorable), and the calibre of skill and playing that takes place during the matches is insane. however, it never feels like too much, because of the aforementioned emphasis on their practice and hard work. each home run and every good pitch always feels very earned and satisfying. 
  • a whopping, wonderful 125 (give or take a few ovas) episodes to sink your teeth into!!! don’t let the high episode count throw you off, because i guarantee, if you like the first ten eps, you’re going to like both seasons and you’re going to be so happy there’s so much of such quality sports anime to watch

alsdkfjhalkdsjfh i hope this helped, and i’m typing this in a frenzy right after waking up so i hope most of it made sense, too. really, overall, it’s just such a good sports anime, one of the best that i’ve seen by far, and i really think that if you love sports anime and all the tropes and story lines and feels that come with it, you’re going to really enjoy daiya!

Hi guys! Already discussed this with @ajw720 , and I would really appreciate your opinions on this. I wrote a song for my school’s pride assembly that’s highkey CC, and I hope you guys like it! 😊

I had never known about true love before

Then my eyes met yours, and suddenly I wanted more

I was new to the game, didn’t know how the controls worked

Took my hand in yours, showed me what I was really worth

All those silly love songs were mine to sing

Coffee dates, concerts, all those stupid things

In my dreams, all I heard were wedding bells

Little did I know, we were about to go  through hell

They’re all watching, they keep saying

You will never be

Kept us silent, locked our love up

Threw away the key

No matter how much they can try to keep us apart

I know that you will always be the secret in my heart

Let’em hit us with the worst they got, come what may

We may be keepin’ it quiet, but damn it, we are here to stay

You’re her Romeo, she’s your Juliet

Convincing people of your love, they just don’t know yet

That even though I have a man, I’m coming home to you

Both have somebody to love, but only ours is true

Believing I’m holding your hand, but you’re miles away

You’re the only one I want, that’s all I got to say

You’re losing sleep, gotta keep up this charade

It’ll all pay off, love, don’t you be afraid

You keep sayin’, I keep thinkin’

This will never end

Scars they’ve given us, my dear

Eventually they’ll mend

No matter how much they can try to keep us apart

I know that you will always be the secret in my heart

Let ‘em hit us with the worst they got, come what may

We may be keepin’ it quiet, but damn it we are here to stay

Secret messages and hidden rendezvous

All the “See you soon”s, and all the “I love you”s

It’ll be alright, my darling, we will have the last laugh

Soon the whole world will know that you’re my precious other half.

No matter how much they can try to keep us apart

I know that you will always be the secret in my heart

Let 'em hit us with the worst they got, come what may

We may be keepin’ it quiet, but damn it we are here to stay

We are here to stay.


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Look, speaking directly, I do not feel good about romantic displays of affection. Well, not while I'm being the target, the practitioner or even just watching some scene. However, I can read a scene like this, I can read it in books (duh) and also in HQs/doujinshis. I just, just wanted​ to know if ... if this is normal

Yeah, that’s totally normal, don’t worry. Sounds like you’re repulsed by romance, which is really common in aro-spec communities especially, but can exist in anyone. Romance repulsion can vary a lot, but being uncomfortable with romance in real life but less or not at all in fiction/books is really common too, because there’s a barrier when it comes to fiction that doesn’t exist in real life.

My own romance repulsion is actually really similar to this.

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bitch im really crying my team didnt have to come through and respect me like this but alas???? I mean i loce them no matter what the result is but seeing the cnstant look of frustration wiped off of cristianos face??? watching benzema sure of himself for once? watching Luka Modric and Nacho Fernandez out here breathing bruh i wasnt ready for all this I've never been this mf S O F T

they’re really .. winning 

the game is going their way??? everyone who wanted a goal got their goal??? everyone is happy ?? everyone is happy??? we’re not stressed ???

Flourish  ♡

So, you’re telling me that Louis got to fall in love with Harry when he was like this

 And then got to watch him grow into this??

AND also Harry got to fall in love with Louis when he was like this

Then proceeded to watch him grow into this !!

And then above it all, their love has only ever grown stronger as well !!

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You’re a really great YouTuber! Been a fan for around 4 years :’)) I’ve actually been really caught up with coursework so I haven’t been watching you as much as I’d like ;w; -Maddie !! :D

You do your first and foremost :) My videos will always be there to watch whenever you want! GET THAT EDUCATION! haha

But thank you very much :D

Oh my god, in last night’s Bob’s Burgers, Bob takes Gene to a laser light rock show at the planetarium (super important to Bob, because it was his favorite when he was a teenager, and this is the last night before they’re closing the exhibit because it’s old and no one goes anymore, also it’s Bob’s birthday), and Gene has no idea what he’s in for, but he gets pumped for it anyway ‘cause Bob’s so excited about it, and finally they get in there and they’re watching it, and Gene has a sensory overload and kinda starts freaking out ‘cause he can’t handle it, so Bob takes him out and they sit in the car for a bit.  Gene’s angry because Bob didn’t tell him it would be so loud and scary, so Bob offers to play the album for Gene at a normal volume, and Gene starts to enjoy it, so he reclines the seats, takes out the cigarette lighter, tells Gene to pretend it’s a laser, and starts drawing in the air, explaining the plot to him (it’s like a full on Pink Floyd or Rush-esque rock opera about a bunch of robot overlords telling rockers that they can’t play music anymore, and one Rebel rising against them).  Gene gets really into it and decides he wants to see the finale of the laser show (which Bob regards as a life-changing experience), so they sneak back into the planetarium (there’s no re-entry allowed) with a few tricks that parallel the story from the album, and watch the climax of the show together (Bob fashions some earplugs for Gene out of a napkin).  On the way home, Bob’s asking Gene how he liked it, and Gene says “I loved it!”, Bob asks him to speak louder ‘cause his ear’s are shot, and Gene yells, “I LOVED IT, DAD”.  Bob yells back “I love you too, Gene”.

I FUCKING!!! CAN’T!!! DEAL!!!! WITH HOW GOOD THIS SHOW IS!!! I know i don’t talk about Bob’s Burgers a lot but this show is flawless and charming and gross and funny all at the same time, the characters are written like people with actual fears and anxieties, and unlike a lot of comparable shows, the comedy doesn’t come from the family being pitted against each other, it’s always the family against the world… I love it, I love it, it’s so pure and refreshing and still somehow manages to be funny without sacrificing it’s heart, and I fuckin’ love it, please watch Bob’s Burgers holy CRAP okay I’m done.

Lucas trying to ask max out

Lucas: hey, so, max, hey

Max: hey stalker

*lucas whispering behind him after staring for an uncomfortable amount of time*: guys help me! The hell

Will: oh uh he wants to take you…….

Mike: he thinks you’re pretty, really pretty

Dustin: *makes growling sound*

*max looking scared as hell*: um….


Max: oh! That’s what you were asking me? Of course

*max and Lucas walk away happily*

*El slapping the guys on the chest*: YOU IDIOTS

*steve watching from the distance*: why is it that the only person who understands anything is this girl who could only say like 15 words last year….. my sons oh all the things I must teach you

there’s this really important scene in Justice League that’s not vital to the plot but it speaks volumes about so many things it’d be a shame if i even attempted to list them all, and i’m aware most of you haven’t watched the film yet, but i felt it was super important to mention because of some concerns i’ve seen about barry allen’s character in the DCEU. spoilers, though not huge, follow, so if you want to stay away from all that, you’re welcome to skip this

there’s this moment where barry low-key loses his shit. it’s been featured in the trailers again and again, how he “has never done battle, i’ve just pushed some people and run away”, how he’s inexperienced and this, all of this, is way out of his league. and in the lull of a very important moment, like a throaway line, batman tells him, “save one.”

“save one person.”
“and then?”
“then you’ll know.”

barry, after having to psych himself up, saves one person. and then, with barely any time to even think his next action, saves another one and another one. because he saved one person. because he realized that he can save one more. one more, one more, and that this is how batman does it. being a hero starts a lot with saving one person, doesn’t it? and the scene, it’s never explained. we never have the conversation go anywhere after that point because it’s clear what’s happening to him and it’s awe-inspiring to figure out. i thought barry’s character was still young in the universe, he didn’t have time to develop into the barry we know, it’s why he seems so much like wally west instead of who allen is in the comics, but this barry isn’t just young or inexperienced. he’s still just barry. he wears the suit and he runs and he pushes people of the way, but he’s not the flash yet. he hasn’t had the opportunities or right incentive to be. as a matter of fact and taking in account some facts we learn about him in the film, it’s been more of an obstacle so far than anything else

and that scene… maybe DCEU’s barry is meant to be an amalgam of barry and wally after all. or maybe we have seen so little of him and there are some major changes happening to him soon. but, honestly, that wasn’t even what really struck me as one of the best scenes the DCEU has had to date. bruce helped him so much in that moment by simply guiding him one step at the time, by pushing him to the right direction and watching him figure everything out on his own, it was so fascinating to experience the subtle way it alluded to how he must have been with his robins. what an absolutely wonderful film

I’m re-watching Interview With The Vampire and as much as I love Lestat, I feel so bad for Louis. Like, I really can’t blame him. I really can’t. He’s stuck with this loud, blonde, glittery murder machine and all he wants to do is crawl into a pillow fort and cry for 700 years. Can you blame him? Can you?

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If you're still doing Voltron fics, could you do one with a Winged AU where Lance hides his wings because they're different, pretty, but different, and when something goes wrong on a mission he uses them to save everyone with some really cool unique power he has? I mean, if you want to. I really love your work and wanted to know.

This took me like three days to do because I couldn’t stop colouring wings for them. Anyways, I hope you guys like this.

Lance watched his teammate’s fly around the nest he was laying in. They set up the nest in the hanger’s rafters so they could easily go up there after missions and still have plenty of room to fly around when they were traveling through space. He found it funny; when he first met each of them in the Garrison he was puzzled by their wings but now that they were in space, it all made sense. Shiro soared above him, his black and white speckled wings stretched out to either side of him. Unlike usual, he looked completely relaxed as the air blew through his fringe.

He dodged neatly to the side when Keith shot up from underneath him, trying to knock him off course. They laughed and circled each other in mock fight formation. The red, yellow, and orange wing beat wildly trying to make up for the sheer size that Shiro’s wings had over his own. He laid his head on his arms to look over the side of the nest when they fell into a nosedive towards the floor.

Hunk and Pidge both shriek and dove out of the way, Hunk’s chocolate brown and golden wing instinctually covered Pidge even though they were already standing on the ground. She huffed and pushed the limb off as Hunk gave sheepish apologies. She only gave him a fond grin but looked up at Shiro and Keith with an annoyed glare, which they didn’t notice as they were still chasing each other around the hanger. Her emerald green wings snapped up and she gave chase, surprising the two at her speed. Hunk laughed and gave a powerful beat and was gliding alongside the others. Lance looked on with a smile, he loved seeing his friends fly. They were able to forget about where they were and what they were meant to do and just became kids again.

‘Maybe it’s time to tell them the truth,’ Lance thought with a small frown. It had been months since they came to the Castle and they had undoubtedly bonded as not only a team but closer to a family. He heard the sound of soft flapping and looked behind him to see his team with ruffled feathers and carefree smiles on their faces.

‘No time like the present, I guess,’ he turned to them with a smile.

“How come you didn’t join us?” Shiro asked curiously trying to stroke his feathers into place. Lance looked down with a nervous gulp and started wringing his hands together.

“I was actually thinking of that right now,” he said. Looking up he saw that he had every paladin’s attention. He pressed his hands together to try and stop them from trembling.

“What is it?” Hunk asked. His forehead was creased in worry as he looked at his best friend. Not even he had seen Lance’s wings and he had known him the longest out of everyone. Not by much, they met the first year of the Garrison but still.

“I-um,” he mumbled trying to work up the courage. It wasn’t supposed to be this hard, he trusted them and he wanted them to know.

“It’s okay Lance, we’ll understand,” Shiro said encouragingly with a small grin on his face.

“I- I’m wingless,” he finally blurted out.

‘Shit,’ he thought. He cautiously looked up at his teammates and almost cringed at the pity that was plan on their faces. They all rushed forward, engulfing him in a hug and began chirping and cooing at him in comfort. He sighed into the group and after a while ducked down out of it. Although being wingless wasn’t uncommon, they still felt guilty that they had been flying around carelessly while he was grounded.

“Lance… I am so sorry,” Shiro said after a moment of silence. The others nodded in agreement looking heartbroken at Lance. He gave them a single shrug and slightly turned away from them.

“It’s alright I guess, I’ve lived with it my entire life,” he stated softly. He walked to the edge of the nest and made to get out.

“Where are you going?” Keith asked. Lance turned to them and gestured to the door at ground floor.

“I’m pretty beat, I’m going to crash for the night,” he replied with a shrug.

“You could sleep up here,” Pidge suggested looking at the rest of the team. They nodded and looked at Lance with hope. He bit his lip and looked away.

“I would but I, uh, have to shower and do a face mask and stuff still,” Lance replied shooting finger guns at them to their disappointment. He felt guilty as their wings drooped slightly.

“Maybe if I’m not too tired I’ll come back after I’m done,” he sighed. They immediately perked up again with a smile. He headed for the ladder attached to the beam and shrieked in surprise when arms lifted him up and began descending to the ground. He glanced up and saw Shiro grinning down at him. He gently placed him on the ground and ruffled his hair.

“I hope I see you later,” he said before taking off again back up to the nest. He nodded even though he knew that Shiro couldn’t see him and trudged out of the hanger.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” Lance growled at himself as he turned the water in the shower on. He paced in front of the mirror and wrung his hands together in agitation.

“Wingless?! Really?” He groaned dragging his hands down his face. He faced the shower and grasped the hem of his shirt and carefully peeled it over his head. He carefully unwrapped the bandages wrapped around his torso and let the cloth slide down his feathers. He sighed and ran his fingers through the dull blue feathers and looked in the mirror. He winced as the ache in his joints when he lifted and flexed the four wings on his back.

Not two.


As far as he knew he was only the third person to ever have four wings. The first he came to find, told the world of his condition believing himself to be descended from a god. Ultimately he was captured by the government and experimented on to find out more about his mutation. The second was a newborn girl who was taken away from her mother the minute she was born.

She didn’t make it to her second birthday.

The government dubbed anyone with four wings as a rowan.They found that that the wings were far more durable than normal wings almost as strong as a military grade armour. When they seemed threatened they turned into sharp and hardened like steel, it rendered them incapable of flight but the feathers were razor sharp. This is what made the government so wary of rowans. That and the fact that the first subject immediately attacked them after he transformed his wings this way. However, it was after months and months of merciless experimentation.

Lance was lucky and blessed to have been born to a very large and loyal family. He had his mother and registered midwife of an Aunt to thank for being born in the family home instead of in the hospital. He was registered as being wingless from the moment he was born and grew up being carefully monitored and maintained his whole life. Not that he minded much, he knew the danger he could potentially face if he was ever found out.

They couldn’t keep him locked away for long and relented when he decided to apply to the Garrison. Thanks to his distantly related Uncle who worked as a medical examiner he was able to get in and confirmed as wingless. He may have been lying to the government but hey, they lie all the time and no one gives them shit about it.

He knew that he could potentially be in a lot of danger for doing this but it felt like something that he needed to do. Maybe one day, he would become a famous explorer and he could become an advocator for rowans, just like him. That is if there were people like him on Earth. He looked mournfully at his tangled and muted feathers and wanted nothing more to soar through the air with his new family but he wasn’t sure what they would do. They were all still members of the military and were constantly briefed on what to do if they ever encountered a rowan in the field. He missed feeling the wind in his feathers though, he hadn’t had the chance to fly since he joined the Garrison.

He sighed and climbed into the shower letting the warm water wash away his thoughts. He couldn’t exactly go back to the nest tonight and tell everyone that he wasn’t wingless but actually a rowan. It would be too much for them to process. He would just have to wait a little bit longer until he knew for sure what they thought of him. He smiled at his plan and decided that it was the best course of action for now. If only to make himself feel more comfortable with the situation. After a half hour, he got out of the shower and attempted to dry off. He shook his feathers slightly trying to rid them of water but stopped when they started to sting from overuse. He sighed and locked his door in case anyone tried to get him in the middle of the night, he would have to leave them uncovered to dry properly and wrap them again in the morning. He carefully laid on his stomach and propped his head up to look at the door. Deep down he wished one of his teammates would come and ask if he was going to join them but he knew that they would be busy enough grooming each other’s wings to worry about him.

Usually recon missions went very well for them, all things considered. When your bones were light enough to step without making noises and were able to quickly fly out of a galran’s visual range, it was quite hard to detect them. Because of this they usually didn’t have a contingency plan prepared if something went awry.

“We’re pinned, Shiro!” Keith yelled into the coms. The sound of Keith’s bayard slicing and shots from Hunk’s cannon were loud in the background.

“Everyone head to Hunk and Keith’s location if you’re able,” Shiro commanded.

“Roger,” Lance said in response, he turned from his own defeated sentries and headed towards their position. They were lucky that this particular outpost was occupied only by sentries and drones as it had been abandoned by the Galra a long time ago.

“I’m close guys,” he heard Pidge say. Looking at the schematics of the base, he could see that Shiro made it to them and Pidge was heading down the corridor to join them, making Lance the furthest away. He sighed when he noticed that they had been corralled in what looked to be a sealed storage hanger and the only exit was the way they went in. He gritted his teeth and leaned forward into a full sprint determined to help his teammates. He could hear their laboured breathing and pain grunts as they took hits from the sentries.

“There’s too many of them!” Pidge yelled out in panic. He darted around the corner clutching his bayard tightly in his hands. The minutes felt like hours as he rushed through the halls, the sound of his teams panicked yells and shouts of pain. He froze when he saw the state that his team was fighting in. It almost felt like he was watching the scene in slow motion. Pidge’s foot being grabbed as she tried in vain to fly away and being slammed into the ground. Hunk trying desperately to shoot away the sentries but being tackled mid shot. Keith swinging his sword wildly and the look of surprise when he was punched in the jaw; and Shiro, oh Shiro. He was already on the ground and was absolutely covered in them, he swung his arm taking out sentries left and right but he was still trying to drag himself over to protect the others.

It only took a split second for Lance to take all of it in and begin storming towards the opening. Without thought, he banished his bayard away from him and began running towards the entrance. There must have been almost one hundred sentries activated, maybe more but he wasn’t about to falter.

“Lance! Run!” Shiro shouted when he noticed the paladin coming closer to the battle. At his voice, the sentries turned their attention to the newly arriving human. The marks on their body gave an ominous red glow as they began running at Lance. The others began struggling anew, wanting desperately to help their friend. The one they thought would be more helpless than them because he was wingless.

“Lance!” They screamed out in terror for him. Their eyes widened in shock when the back of his armour shattered and metallic looking wings burst out. He twisted around with the wings pushed out. They sliced clean through the first line of robots. They watched in shocked awe as Lance twirled around with his wings spread, destroying sentries in a deathly dance. As the last one fell he faced away from them, his wings lifted.

“Rowan,” Pidge breathed out in shock. The wings dropped in realization and Lance looked over his shoulder at them.

“I’m sorry,” is all he said before he ran away from them. They leapt up ready to follow close behind him but Shiro held out his hand for them to stop. They looked at him in confusion.

“We need to give him a little time, just enough for him to settle,” he said. They reluctantly agreed and walked out of the hanger.

After exiting their lions, they decided that they had to look for Lance. It wasn’t that difficult since they found his abandoned chest plate near the rafter ladder. They landed in the nest and saw Lance huddled in a ball at the other side of the nest. Without the metallic sheen on Lance’s feathers, they could see how lifeless and messy the wings really were.

Without a word, they all cuddled up against Lance. Shiro and Hunk on each side and Keith and Pidge in front of him. They didn’t need to say anything to him, and they didn’t need his explanation. They already understood why he was afraid to tell them. They could feel Lance begin to tremble between them and start to let out small sobs between breaths. Hunk gave a small smile and cradled Lance’s head against his shoulder. After an hour of silent comforting, Shiro laid a hand on Lance’s wing and carefully folded it out over his lap. Lance abandoned Hunk’s shoulder to look at him in confusion. Shiro grinned at him and began brushing his hand through his feathers, gently untangling them.

“You don’t have to Shiro,” Lance mumbled.

“I want to Lance,” He replied grabbing Lance’s cheek in his palm. “Let me do this for you,”

“I want to too,” Hunk said excited and carefully draped his other top wing onto his lap. Lance’s head whipped to Hunk’s side again in shock.

“No arguments either,” he said when he saw Lance begin to open his mouth. He gave Hunk a pout but obeyed.

“Me too,” Pidge grinned reaching for his lower wings. He didn’t even try to put up a fight this time, even when Keith mumbled something and got to work on the last one.

“Thank you,” he said gratefully. He rested his chin on his folded arms as he leaned on the edge of the nest. He wasn’t sure if he could look at any of them without bursting into tears, so he looked down at where he could see Blue instead.

“Maybe after this, we can go flying?” Pidge suggested. The rest of the paladins nodded their heads but this time they all turned to Lance as well. At their silence, he turned just enough to see them.

“Um, I haven’t exactly flown since I joined the Garrison,” he stated sheepishly.

“Well, then it’s about time you stretched your wings then isn’t it?” Hunk smiled.

“I guess it is,” he smiled back after a moment’s hesitation. Everyone gave a small cheer and got back to their jobs. Just as careful as before but now with a sense of urgency. Lance beamed down at Blue, feeling absolute love for and from the people around him. He couldn’t be any more lucky and blessed than he was right now.

anonymous asked:

Hi Cate, which episodes of The X-Files do you re-watch more? What other series do you like?

Hi anon. Okay, here is a quick list (I kept it to 10) of my “comfort” X-Files. They aren’t necessarily the best episodes, they aren’t necessarily the scariest, they aren’t all fan favourites, but they are my personal “go-to” re-watch favs (in no particular order):

1.) Triangle. Brilliantly filmed, beautifully acted, and Mulder and Scully kissed. What more could you ask for?

2.) Tithonus. You’ll notice that many of my favs are Scully-rich, but I love everything about this episode: Mulder and Scully’s interactions, the complexity of Fellig (I alternately feel sorry for him and despise him) and Scully’s slapdown of that ambitious little shit, Ritter. Plus, I often puzzle over the notion of a man desperately chasing Death.

3.) Bad Blood. Bad Blood all the way, Motherfuckers! I still can’t help but crack up watching this episode. David and Gillian are obviously having fun, which makes it consistently fun to re-watch.

4. Folie a Deux: The idea of monsters walking among us - but only certain people recognising them - has never been more terrifying as it is in today’s political climate. And sometimes you only need one person - just one in five billion - to be on your side.

5. Irresistible: Everyone from Chris Carter (with a brilliantly written script) to David to Gillian makes Irresistible a superior episode. There is no need to ever fast forward a single second of this horrifying tale, one far more frightening than any that features a supernatural monster. And the tender end scene never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

6. Je Souhaite: I took a LONG break from The X-Files after it ended its first run. When I started re-watching it again, Je Souhaite was the first episode I chose. It’s so delightful watching Scully literally bouncing around this whole story and look….Mulder and Scully had beers together, at Mulder’s apartment, while watching a dumb comedy, and eating popcorn. Just like a real, actual couple. ATTHS.

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