i really want to play nine one day

okay i can’t believe i completely missed viola selfie day ! my phone’s sd card broke a couple of days ago so this is the only picture i have (but there are so many on my blog haha).

a little anecdote about how i ended up playing the viola: i really wanted to study flute or violin, but i didn’t do very well on the entrance exam to a music school when i was five/six, so they asked my mum if it was okay for me to start playing the viola. my mum told me it’s exactly like a violin, just a bit nicer so obviously i said yes. for the first two years i cried every time i practised because i hated it and really wanted to play the flute. when i was eight/nine i got to play in an orchestra for the first time and that’s when i fell in love with my instrument ! now i’m studying at a special youth programme at sibelius academy, so my viola and i have come a long way in these past twelve years 🎻

(my instrument is a 1990 ernst heinrich roth, it’s quite a small one because i’m tiny. the bow in this picture is an alfred knoll, my other one is a paesold. the two are very different but i love both !)

Fyfe eyes long stint as Freo skipper

Star Fremantle midfielder Nat Fyfe has set his sights on becoming a long-term captain at the club after re-signing for a further six years.

Fyfe ended months of free agency speculation on Monday by re-signing with Fremantle until the end of 2023.

The 25-year-old is in his first year as captain at Fremantle, where each season, the playing group votes on who they want to be captain.

Matthew Pavlich was skipper for nine consecutive seasons under that format.

But David Mundy lasted only one year in the role before being ousted for Fyfe at the start of this year.

Fyfe continues to grow as a leader, and he said he was keen to retain the captaincy beyond this season.

“At the end of the day the players will vote,” Fyfe said.

“But I’ve really enjoyed the role as captain. And I’ve got a lot of improvement left in me.

"If the players want me to captain, I’m happy to captain.”

Fyfe not only wants to be a captain, he wants to become a premiership skipper.

Fyfe is eyeing a long stint as Dockers captain. Pic: Supplied

The Dockers are in the initial stages of a rebuild, and the early signs have been good.

Ruckman Sean Darcy, swingman Brennan Cox, defender Griffin Logue, midfielder Connor Blakely, and defender Lachie Weller have been among a raft of young players who have burst through the ranks over the past 18 months.

Fremantle have surpassed most people’s expectations by recording a 7-9 win-loss record so far this season, and Fyfe is confident premiership success will come at some point in the next six years.

Fyfe took a while to get going this season as he adjusted to life back in the AFL following two breaks of his left leg.

A sternum injury also hindered his performance.

But Fyfe has regained his golden touch over the past fortnight, tallying 33 disposals and a goal against North Melbourne, before racking up 30 disposals in Sunday’s derby loss to West Coast.

“I’m definitely building,” Fyfe said ahead of Saturday night’s clash with Hawthorn in Perth.

“It took me a while to really come to terms with my body and feel my way around traffic and things like that.

"As far as how much more improvement I’ve got, it’s unknown. But I’m happy to be able to string some good games together.”

Fyfe’s face was scratched and bruised following the derby loss.

“I was a little flat with that. But I suppose that’s my role - to be in the coalface,” Fyfe said with a wry smile, before adding: “The modelling career is about done I would have thought.”

Day 4: Cloud Nine (THIS IS LATE OMG)
KakaSaku Valentines Week 2015

A/N #1: this High School AU fic lives and exists in the beautiful AU of “Notice Me, Kouhai,” by nachoshiprose [Part 1] [Part 2]. I’ve always wanted to write scenes for NMK because it looked really fun and cute and ugh. i love it to bits. I hope you don’t hate me too much after you read this hahaha. 

A/N #2: if you aren’t familiar with school festivals in Japan, they usually hold one where they open the school to outsiders and the students entertain guests with plays, concerts, games; and where they also have a class-involved activities like Haunted Halls, Maid Cafes, Okonomiyaki Stalls, Cosplay Booths and a whole lot more. In this story, Konoha High School is having their Foundation Day, and Kakashi’s class has a Maid-and-Butler Cafe. 

With that said, I hope you like it! :D

Words: 1234 words

“What’s up with those two?” Sarutobi Asuma chewed on a lollipop stick as he eyed two of his bestfriends who were sitting in a corner, seemingly dazed and unresponsive to reality. 

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We’ve been celebrating our wedding anniversary on the wrong day for the past nine years AU + clintasha

this one was SO FUN

“Happy anniversary!” Coulson calls out casually as Clint walks by his open office door.

Clint stops in his tracks. “What?”

“Thought you would have taken off today,” Coulson says, seemingly ignoring him. “Don’t you and Romanoff want to celebrate?”

“Phil, I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t play dumb with me, Barton. You and Natasha have been married for nine years. Did you really think nobody knew? Fury bribed the justice in Doha to send him the paperwork the next day. And really, Clint? Doha?”

“You bitter we didn’t invite you?”

“I’m bitter that you didn’t at least pick a nicer place to get married.”

“Well we’re both bitter that you stationed us in Doha for three months. Anyways, that’s not the point, Phil. Our anniversary was two weeks ago. October 9th.”

Coulson can’t stop the smile that begins to spread across his face. “No it wasn’t.”

“No offence boss, but don’t you think I’d remember my own wedding a little better than you?”

Coulson’s smile grows even wider. “Then I’m sure you’ll also remember that you came back from Qatar with a concussion and acute retrograde amnesia.”

Realization dawns on Clint’s face. “Shit.”

“Take the day,” Coulson calls after his back as Clint half-sprints out of the office.

“Sorry,” Clint mutters automatically as he collides with a body rounding the corner.

“Going somewhere?” a familiar voice asks.

“Nat!” he exclaims, looking up.

She raises an eyebrow, amusement plain on her face. “Yes?”

“Nat, what day did we get married?”

“Do you mind saying that a little louder?” Natasha scrunches up her face in disapproval. “I think there’s a couple SHIELD employees who didn’t hear you.”

“Nat, please, this is important.”

She sighs lightly, leaning up casually against the wall, hugging the folders she’s holding loosely against her chest. “October 23rd.”

Today is October 23rd.”
Her lips curve up softly. “Very good, Barton.”

“You owe me an explanation.”

You owe me dinner. Nine dinners, technically. But I’ll settle for one.”

Clint tugs on her arm, unable to help the stupid grin that’s lighting up his face. “Come on then.”

“I need to give Maria this paperwork,” she says with the practiced patience of over a decade of partnership, indicating the folders in her arms. “I’ll meet you downstairs in ten.”


“So,” he says later, over a table littered with takeout cartons as he watches Natasha pour herself a second glass of wine. “Explain.”

“You remember when Fury sent us to Qatar for three months?”
Clint groans. “I try not to.”

“We got married on the 23rd,” Natasha continues. “On a whim. Everything was fine until December when our infiltration went wrong. Turns out our inside man wasn’t ours after all. We both went out on med evac and spent a week in the SHIELD hospital when we got back.”

“I still don’t get it,” Clint tells her. “I remember all of that. It’s hazy, sure, but I know it happened.”

“I’m getting there,” Natasha laughs. “The next year you surprised me with an anniversary dinner on October 9th. And it was so sweet and so thoughtful that I didn’t have the heart to tell you that you’d got the day wrong. Speaking of which, how did you finally find out?”



“Come on Nat, did you really think we could keep a secret from SHIELD?”

“So is Coulson ever going to forgive us for not inviting him?”
Clint laughs. “I wouldn’t count on it.”

OK, the last thing I want to ask you is about Braeden. I think having such a badass human element to the show is so great, so is she going to continue to be a part of the pack more or less?
I’d love her to come back, and that’s kind of why we tied her into the whole desert wolf mystery. I love Meagan Tandy so much; she’s such an awesome girl. I think she’s really stepped up this season. It’s funny. We just had her finale screening on Saturday night, and I got to meet her parents and her parents were so proud. So Braeden’s definitely going to play a bigger part. It was great to have an actor who was there really just to show up for one episode in 301 and to have her come back and become a much bigger role. She did nine episodes out of 12 this season, and that’s a testament to an actor who, they bring it on the day and you just want to write more for them.

Jeff Davis about Braeden.

Bitches Braeden will be back next season!!!!

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Oh you're taking prompts? I was just thinking of one the other day (unfortunately i'm no writer). You know after Nine regenerates into Ten and while Rose is telling him off like someone's playing a trick on her she sort of shoves him and he just looks so dead for a moment? It made me want a scene after the Christmas Invasion where Rose feels really guilty looking back at how she reacted and apologizes, and they have a heart-to-heart about it. Does that sound good?


Beta’d by gallifreyslostson

“I’d love you to come.”

The words rang in her head, over and over, a broken record sending daggers of guilt into her heart with each recurring pass. He had smiled, had practically beamed at her, and his eyes…his eyes had shone with excitement and please, Rose, please. Then he had held out his hand, wiggling his long fingers towards her. He had wanted her, didn’t doubt her.

She had doubted him.

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There’s always that one game in a franchise that you just really aren’t looking forward to buying and playing and yet you’re contracted to the devil to purchase it since you bought the nine that came out before it. Black Flag was this game for me. I honestly did not even want to touch it for the longest time and I don’t even know why. It isn’t claimed the worst in the series by many, actually any, people and yet I really had a bad impression of Edward without even getting to see his character. I was really, really wrong. To this day, Edward is one of my absolute favorite assassins. I loved his personality, his attitude, his charm, I loved his introduction, and I adored what Black Flag was. So I’ll say, don’t ever hold yourself back from playing something because of your first impressions or because of what others think about it.


Scorpion 30 Day Challenge
Day 5: Walter O’Brien / Elyes Gabel Appreciation Day

In case we don’t make it out of here, I just want to say - I’m not really a robot.

Thank you for clarifying, I did know you weren’t made of circuitry.

We both play a good game at denial - might be the one thing where I can beat you, but… Right now my Dad is up there trying to save me - the man I’ve been looking for for 25 years… I just never expected to want to live as badly as I do right now.

I saved nine sailors’ lives instead of us; I supported that act with calculations… Perhaps there was some sentimentality attached.

And you let that certifiable lunatic stay in our garage.

Maybe we’re changing? Maybe I- I’m not a robot either?