i really want to know :)

What I really want to know is how Yurio managed to keep those sunglasses on his face while skating and spinning and quad flipping all over the place.

Seriously, I’ll simply lean down to pick up my purse and my sunglasses fall off my face, bounce across the floor, down three flights of stairs, out the door, across a busy intersection and then burst into a million pieces after bouncing off a tree.

Help me understand?

I’m being genuine. So, often times I see age regression blogs being like “only interact if you are sfw!!! That means no cglre!”. I don’t really understand it because cglre is a 100% sfw age regression community… just like agere and all that other stuff. Is there a reason people exclude members of the cglre community? It’s just confusing to me considering that it’s a sfw age regression community not related to NSFW or kink…


takada kenta performing aoa - heart attack
↪ requested by anonymous (crying anon)

I wonder how my tc texts

does he use capitals?

does he care about punctuation?

does he abbreviate a lot?
does he use emojis?
does he text just to chat or does he always have a purpose?
does he send funny pictures?
does he send pictures that remind him of you?

I just really want to know

so I just finished playing LOZ Wind Waker HD and I just though.

Link is a kid in this. he goes on this amazing adventure on the sea, goes and finds a new land to call Hyrule but when it all ends…then what? Does he just go back to his island and live a normal life? does make a new life in Hyrule? does he ever miss the adventure? 

I just want to know the story after the story I feel like that would be interesting.

What do you guys think?

Ok, so I want to know what other humans think about this because it’s been bugging me.

If I fall asleep on you, it does not mean I “like” you. It simply means I trust you and find you comfortable enough to use as a pillow.

Same if I use you for a foot rest. There is a way i like to sit and if you’re in my way too bad.

I might have a crush on you, but most of the time, that’s not the case.

Anyway, I just wanted other humans opinions because I swear I’m the only one I know who thinks like this.

So, I'm curious...

Reblog/like this if you are a fan (in the fandom or not) of the CW’s Supernatural who was planning on watching NBC’s Constantine, but will not now because of their erasure of John Constantine’s bisexuality.