i really want to hear her speech


I was wondering if I should take part in this day, but I thought fuck it, why not.

My name’s Emma and I’m profoundly deaf. I was born deaf but didn’t get my hearing aids until I was six years old because my doctors didn’t listen to my mum and just told her there was nothing wrong with me. I remember getting my first pair of hearing aids quite clearly and being all: Oh! I can hear sirens from a fireman’s truck! That was me in year 3 of primary school during the first class back after I got them. 

I’m a little ashamed to say that I have never been part of the deaf community as I raised in the hearing community, that is something I want to change in the future though. I only sign very little, but my speech is really good after years of speech therapy when I was younger. On top of being deaf, I also have dyspraxia which effects my fine motor skills, it has basically wrecked my left knee and both ankles over the years as well as my writing looking like a child’s rather than a grown womans. 

I just want to wrap this up with saying that, I have a diploma in Media Production and want to work within TV or film, so if I don’t let my disabilities get in the way of achieving my dreams, then none of us should. Chase that dream and grab it with both hands.


Delena Meta Love Month : A Delena July

JULY 28 - Favorite Parallel 

It all came full circle. Even though Elena knew Damon couldn’t hear her say it, she wanted him to know. That night they met he showed her that deep inside she knew what she really wanted and was just too afraid to admit to herself. He told her what he could see she wanted. So she stands there in front of him trying to tell him goodbye. She can’t let go of him until he knows that he was all of it. She wanted to tell him all the ways he has given her everything she has ever wanted. He was everything he described. That night they met, neither one of them knew that in that moment he was describing their future. 

Nikki Bella won the coveted Diva of the Year Slammy and received a lot of praise for that, most notably because of how much she had improved immensely over the last year as a performer. I personally was happy she won and felt that she deserved it, and in her speech (albeit short), she dedicated the Slammy to every single person she went up against in the ring, every woman in corporate, the Diva’s honing their craft in NXT, and every single little girl/woman that purchases a ticket and cheers the Diva’s on.

Since Nikki had been announced the winner and had her speech, there’s been a number of people saying that she was “egotistical” in her speech. Did people miss the parts that I just listed? Or are they really trying to tear down her moment by only hearing bits and pieces of the speech that they want to hear just to make a point as to why they hate Nikki Bella? Her speech was far from egotistical, and the fact that she praised all the hard-working Diva’s both in NXT and the main roster proves just that. What’s also been prove in the last year is that Nikki Bella wants the division to be bigger than it is already. She spent the last five months working with Becky, Charlotte, Sasha, Paige… who are all future stars of the company, put them over on more than one occasion (this goes for her sister, Brie, too!), and praised them tonight. Again, how was her speech egotistical?

When accepting the award, Nikki came out wearing a black lace ensemble. Which, to no avail, she was riddiculed for in the process because A) it was “too revealing” or B) she should’ve wore her ring gear instead and that this “proves that she doesn’t care about wrestling” or that what she wears somehow negates her wrestling ability. Since when did a Diva’s attire somehow get thrown into the mix? I mean, did I miss the memo? People have also said that her outfit was as see through as her love for wrestling. For someone who has spent nearly 9 years in the company and working her ass off in order to accomplish all that she has, lost a tooth, traveled the world, missed holidays, weddings, birthdays, the list goes on, I’d say that her love for wrestling is real. And that all came together tonight when she gave her speech. It is blatantly clear that Nikki Bella deserved the award because of all that she’s done for the company and for all the hard work she had put forth in the last year.

okay try and defend Asseylum all you want, but the fact that she completely dismissed Eddelrittuo’s entire speech on how Slaine went as far as putting his own life at risk to keep her safe, those entire two years she was in a coma, with a simple “I suppose that’s true,” says a lot about how she actually views Slaine and a lot about what kind of person she really is.

Hearing that her supposedly closest childhood friend risked his life on multiple occasions and dismissing like it’s close to nothing….yea okay princess.

When Taylor said this during the Clean speech in Louisville KY, it really just struck me. It was exactly what I needed to hear, and when she said it she looked over into my section, and we looked each other in the eye, and it was absolutely magical.
This quote is so important to me now, and I always think of it whenever I get discouraged, which happens a lot; especially lately. I want to get this tattooed on my hip, and it would mean the world to me if I could get this in her handwriting.
If you could please please please just share this and maybe even tag her, it would mean so much to me!
Taylor inspires me so much; she’s the reason I learned guitar, why I got the confidence to sing in front of people, and why I started writing my own songs.
To actually have her handwriting on this quote would just make it even more real for me, and I can’t even put words to how incredibly happy it would make me.
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Yuria’s Election Speech (AKB48 - General Election 2015)

It still seems impossible to watch it (thank you so very much Fuji TV for your wonderful and absolutely not exaggeratedly numerous CMs), but meanwhile, as I wait to be able to sub the clip, here’s a transcript of Yuria’s short speech for the Election.

“I was quite shocked when I heard I was 57th in the preliminary results, but my fans and friends cheered me up, my grandma casted 50 votes on me even though she really isn’t wealthy or anything, and I was supported by so many people. What I want to do is to act, so even though I’m not part of the senbatsu, I want to become able to make others acknowledge and appreciate me for my acting skills.”

I really hope I’ll be soon able to hear this words said by her voice.
Aside from any other possible consideration concerning the Election in general and the result (I might or might not write something about it), seeing how Yuria’s determination towards her acting career is growing stronger and stronger makes me genuinely happy.

And she’s so beautiful T_T