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Crazy Monsoon Rain {S.M}

requested// imagine where you and Shawn are a new couple and you really wanted to see him but it’s raining like crazy and when you get to his house he lets you borrow his clothes 

author’s note// wow i like never write anymore but i am trYINg my hardest hope this one is better than the last one! also we are rewinding to like, the earlier magcon dayzzzz cause i dun miss those evn tho i hate all the other magcon boizzzzz


The rain was pouring down at a completely unholy rate. It beat down on your shoulders to the point where it hurt. You pulled your raincoat tighter around your body as you made your way over to your bike, which you stupidly left outside in the rain. Only moments ago, your boyfriend Shawn had texted you and asked if you wanted to come over. You were only sophomores in high school, so you both couldn’t drive. 

“Baby, the weather is absolutely dreadful.” He had groaned into his phone. You imagined him flopping down on his bed, dramatically. He sometimes had a bit of a flare for the dramatic. 

“Yeah I know. Good snuggle weather.” You stated, not really thinking anything of it. I mean, you weren’t lying. Stormy weather was always your favorite to snuggle in. 

“Yeah? Then come over.” He suggested, probably not thinking much of it either. He always wanted you to come over when he was in town. Like, literally always. And since he almost always suggested you come over, you had to say no sometimes, especially at times he knew very well you couldn’t. A perfect example being when he was on tour with the guys in Texas and he casually suggested you come to dinner with him. This was probably one of the times he knew you probably couldn’t come over. 

But sure enough, you stupidly said; “Yeah sure be there in like twenty minutes.” 

Which was a horrible choice. Because it would have been extremely simple to just ask your mom to drive you the ten blocks down to Shawn’s house. She never had a problem doing so, but she wasn’t home. So here you were, only in jeans, a t-shirt, and a rainjacket about to bike the ten blocks when it is literally raining cats and dogs. And you knew if you told Shawn that, he would say no way in hell you would be coming over to his house. But you got on that bike. You rode that bike. You pushed through the weather. You literally felt like you were going to die. You were a dancer, but that didn’t matter because as you pedaled up that hill with the rain pelting you, you felt like your thighs were being physically burned off. Only five minutes into this endeavor, you regretted it. LIke, you seriously wished you were back home, you would’ve rather facetimed Shawn than be with him if you had to be in this disgusting rain. But you were about halfway there, and you really couldn’t stop now. So you kept going, powering through, curses against the rain, yourself, and Shawn leaving your lips just about every two or three seconds, until you finally got there. You basically threw your bike on his driveway, not caring if it gets rusted over or even if someone were to run over it, and you sprinted to the front door, and jammed your finger on that doorbell over and over until you saw the doorknob turn. You heard a chuckle before you saw his face. 

“Hey baby wh-” When he saw you, his eyes widened. “What the hell… Y/n did you walk here?” He grabbed your hand and pulled you inside, slamming the door behind you. He looked you up and down, your leggings completely soaked through as well as your oversized long-sleeve t-shirt, and you were basically sloshing in your blue converse. 

“Biked, actually.” You crossed your arms and shivered as you slipped your shoes off and placed them by the door, careful not to get any water on Shawn’s hardwood foyer. 

“Come on, you can borrow some of my sweats or something.” He takes your hands and leads you up the stairs. “Mom, Y/n needs to borrow some clothes I promise we will be back down in a few minutes!” Shawn’s mom didn’t let the two of you in his room alone. You also weren’t allowed home alone, which was understandable. So you quickly walked up the stairs, your hands still touching, and went into Shawn’s room. He went over to his dresser and grabbed some grey sweatpants and a red hoodie, a MagCon one, cause what else would you expect from him and tossed them at you. He scurried out of his room, knowing his mother would get the wrong idea, and he never ever wanted her to get the wrong idea. He was a bit of a mama’s boy. You quickly took off your wet clothes, taking them into his bathroom and hanging them over the bathtub. You took your long, stringy wet hair and pulled it up into a bun. You went into his dresser and got a warm pair of socks and slipped them on her cold feet, and then made her way out of Shawn’s room, and down the stairs. You saw Shawn sitting on the love seat, with his sister on the ground playing with the dog, and his parents on the couch. They all turned their heads to you. 

“Hey y/n!” Shawn’s mom smiled, his sister smiled too, and his dad nodded with a smile. They really liked you. 

“Did you walk here?” His dad laughed, putting his arm around Shawn’s mom, Karen. 

“Biked.” You and Shawn said in unison, which caused you too look at one another and smile with a chuckle. Aaliyah rolled her eyes. You walked over to Shawn, and sat next to him, but you swung your legs over his so you were basically sitting on his lap, his hand on your thigh. The entire Mendes family plus you, just sitting in the living room on a rainy day, watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother. 

Biking through the rain was worth it. 

author’s note// guys this is actually cute i actually enjoy this one lol im the worst i never ever post 1!1!1! i met a cute boy i wanna hug him but i have literally talked to him once and then slid into his dm and he left me on read someone hel p me

I really hate these, but I really love them too, here I am again, weird selfies, bad discription and way to many tags.

Hi I’m Savanna (she/her) and you’re all beautiful human beings! Come talk to me if you want, I’m an socially awkward potato, so don’t expect too much from me.

Okay… I normally try to not really… Say stuff in this fandom and just post headcanon things and other stuff, but… I’m sorry I gotta speak- You guys made a petition… To bring back Jillian…

Guys, stuff like this happens all of the time; voice actors change often. It stinks, it really, really does stink that a character like Lloyd, who’s been around for so long in all of our lives, is getting a new voice actor.

It does stink.

I hate to say it, but petition isn’t going to do anything since they probably already have his new voice actor. Petitioning isn’t going to do anything.

I know you’re upset, but just relax and support Jillian in what she’ll be doing next, whether it’s another show or something else, and give this guy support. He’ll be doing his best and will need the support. He hasn’t been announced, please take it easy.

It’s okay to be upset, just please try to be open about this and be willing to accept the new change to the show.


▪A/N: sorry for not updating in so long my wifi just really sucked for the past few days and I’m posting this on my phone and someone reminded me to post this so I’m tagging them @aggeliki44 let me know if you want me to tag u in more of my imagines by inboxing me :)) anyways… i hate writing Y/F/N every time so i’m just gonna make up the actual names of your friends so just play along lol

▪Pairing: Professor!Sirius Black x Reader

▪Summary:  In which Sirius meets a very intriguing girl at a pub up in Hogshead. Fate comes in, and the next thing they both know he’s her teacher and she’s his student. But one thing they do know it that they’ve got the hots for each other.

▪Warnings: teacher x student relationship

▪Words: 541

It was the start of a new year. Every student in Hogwarts was extremely enthusiastic mainly for the reason that they get to see their friends again and it was the beginning of a new year, which also meant new everything. Such as new friends, new teachers, and new classes.

The Great Hall was booming with the students’ exhilarating voices in their very loud conversations.

Y/N was located there, seated next to her best friends since 1st year, Rachel and Hilary while the first years got sorted into their awaiting houses. Their conversations consisted of remembrance from when they were in first years, aside from talking about each other’s summers and how they’ve missed one another.

“Remember when we were up there in the first year?” Rachel started the topic with a smooth voice, while the other girls nodded along with her. “Good times.” The trio was now gazing at the first years in remembrance of the old and days.

Hilary sighed, “I still can’t believe it’s our last year here.” She put her head down on the table, groaning. “I’m gonna miss you guys so much.” Her voice coming out muffled, since she was literally leaning her head on the table.

Rachel then piped up, “Okay, before I start crying let’s talk about our summers, since we already owled each other over the summer, let’s talk about the details we left out.” She rested her head on the palm of her hand, listening.

“Well, since I went to Florida this summer, I tried a few drinks at the tiki bar they had there, and I lied about my age so I can get an alcoholic drink,” Hilary admitted guiltily, which made Rachel sarcastically gasp. “What about you?” She turned to Rachel.

“I just roamed around London, going to a few places that I haven’t even been to before. Which I find surprising since I’ve been living there for years already.” The pair giggled at the comment. Then Rachel asked Y/N how her summer went.

The girl who was previously staring at nothing with her head leaned against her hand, in a dreamily like state, uttered a ‘wait, what?’ snapping out of her gaze. The Y/H/C girl seemed a bit distant, and not too enthusiastic like her usual self.

“Are you okay Y/N? You seem distracted today…”

Y/N shook her head, “Fine, I guess I’m still pretty jet-lagged. Y-You know what I’m just gonna take a little nap, wake me up when Dumbledore’s speech is over and he sends us to our dormitories.” Her two friends shared a confusing look but nonetheless nodded, which made the girl rest her head on the mahogany table.

Truly the reason as to why she was so distant was the cause of that night between the mysterious man and her. It was one of her best nights ever, but it ended so soon, and she just couldn’t stop thinking about him.

While the girl was asleep, Dumbledore went up to the podium and introduced his every year speech which Y/N didn’t hear since she was so consumed in her nap. Though what she didn’t hear was when Dumbledore introduced the new transfiguration teacher.

Let’s just say, it was definitely fate that brought them together again.

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I got really high last night and ate EVERYTHING I hate my self and really need some meanspo please xx

for one, please don’t get high, you’re already starving yourself and that’s dangerous enough and consuming drugs will just make your health worse… anyway, here ya go.

FUCKTARD. Yeah, you. STOP. EATING. FAT. ASS. WHALE. BITCH. JESUS CHRIST! Don’t you want your dream body? Welllll, apparently not, considering the way you’ve just eaten! Don’t you want people to like you? Don’t you want to be asked out for once? Don’t you want a relationship? Don’t you want friends to be comfortable with the way you look and will show you off in public? No wonder no one wants to talk to you, they don’t want to be shown with the fat fuck of the school. stop getting f’ing high, that’ll just make you binge jesus christ. just stop UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE A FUCKING FATASS… WORK FOR IT. MAKE YOURSELF DESERVE YOUR DREAM BODY. NOW. WORKOUT MORE AND MORE UNTIL YOU CAN’T STAND ANYMORE, YOU DESERVE THIS PUNISHMENT… FATASS.

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Hi, I've just found your account and I love it! I was curious if you could help me. I intend on writing a piece about a VERY sarcastic, very vulgar/profane character with a good heart who wants nothing more than to be special (i.e. a hero or some type of fantasy creature) and often gets themselves hurt or in compromising positions. They always have to be rescued by someone who is not human, who doesn't particularly find the first character "good company". Any prompts would help, yours are great!

1) “I just want to fucking be somebody.” It had gone really bad this time, and it never went well, but they’d just wanted to…”Forget it.” They knew the other hated them. Found them pitiful and self-absorbed and ‘bad company’. 

“You already are somebody - a pain in my arse most of the time - but you’ve got guts.”

They looked up. That might just be the first nice thing the other ever said about them. 

2) “You want to help so badly?” the other snapped at them, shaking them by the collar. “Stop being such a useless bloody liability and leave it to the people who know what they’re doing.”

“Ah but how would you feel fucking good about yourself if you didn’t have me to compare to - I’m doing you a favour,” they drawled. Grinning because it hurt.

3) “…What have you done?”
“They turned me,” they said. “I’m going to be like you now, I’m going to special.” Maybe now the other would admire them the way they’d admired the other for so long. 
The creature stared at them in absolute horror. 

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i read a place on earth with you and i hate everyone i want to die so thanks for sharing im crying


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Honestly you're so nice with us and I hate that ppl take advance on that, like anon she does a lot of things for us, also damn sometimes they ask for something you reblogged like 5 minutes ago!isn't that hard scroll through tumblr ;/

I really don’t do much, just my love for Hollstein, Natasha and Elise keeps this blog going (:  But thank you!! <333

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Hey do you know some people ship Russia and Prussia? I mean it's canon that Prussia hates Russia.

I don’t know. To be honest, I’m okay with any ship…except that one. I don’t dislike any other hetalia ship because I try my best to understand ships, but I just really don’t like it. If any shippers want to clarify why they ship it, go ahead. I mean I used to hate RusAme too, but now i kind of like it. Maybe my stance can change. 

so i just wanted to say something nd make sure u guys know that like… i really appreciate you all a lot nd i love it when u guys talk to me, i just feel really bad for leaving so many conversations hanging, i just want yall to know i never intentionally ignore yall or dont care cause like. im just beginning to recover nd i cant pay attention to shit bc my dissociation is rlly bad nd my adhd is unmedicated nd like. i get overwhelmed REALLY easily nd cant reply for a while nd its nobody’s fault !! i just wanted to explain because i constantly worried that ppl think i hate them

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Hey, I want to be a writer but I always feel like my writing is terrible. I'm just really insecure... Did you always like what you wrote?

The hidden truth of good writing is: always hate what you write. Because as long as you hate what you write you want to do better with the next one.

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(i suggest you don't answer this, just wanted to let you know something) i'm a karamel shipper and i've currently been laying low bc of all the haters. i've seen the antis bully one karamel shipper when she pointed out that the things they're hating mon-el for are also in kara (so basically making it look like they hate kara when they really don't) so your comment abt karamel and the punches... these antis will find a way to turn it all around

Can’t help but answer it.  I appreciate your concern.  I admit, sometimes I bait the antis so that when they stick their head up out of the tall grass I can block them.  They may think she’s a perfect princess, but I love her flaws.  I love the parts of her that make her like me.  The parts of her that are princess-y are the parts I don’t identify with.  My point is, as always, is that she’s not perfect and I don’t want her to be, because then she has nowhere to grow.  And if the story is about her, then what story are they telling exactly if there’s no direction for her develop?  We should watch her devolve from perfection?  Is that a story anyone wants to see?

Also, as a student of storytelling, I know that if your character ends the story in the same state of development as when they began – you’re doing it wrong.  Characters should get better…or get worse.  One or the other.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says or how diplomatically they say it, the antis will turn anything around to however they want to see it.  That’s what they live for – not the show.  The hate.

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She killed Booker. So they’ll never meet again. I just really hate her for that. All the risk taking only to get murdered by a ungrateful daughter.

Why is this the second time I’m hearing this argument


For God’s sake, it even says so on the wiki. Stop condeming a character because you misinterpreted the plot.  It’s silly, and kind of embarrassing. 

sappho-official replied to your post “Reblog if you actually liked the Hissing Wastes”

I really liked both the Hissing Wastes and the Western Approach, but good lord did I hate the Forbidden Oasis

I enjoyed the oasis part of the Forbidden Oasis because I imagine all the companions making camp after killing the giant and vints then having midnight swims with glowy insects and ahhh >w<

I really, really hate when people use specialized/academic definitions of words to score points in or derail discussions that were going on using general definitions of words.

You don’t want a mathematician popping up insisting you can’t call that set of people a group because there is no inverse, there’s not even a defined operation – oh, you call that an operation? That’s not an operation. For that matter, you don’t want a mathematician crashing a group of people discussing their operations to say that none of them had operations, an operation needs to be defined on a set and combine two elements to produce another element of the set. Oh, you had an operation according to a dictionary definition? You go by dictionaries?

You don’t want a chemist popping up while you’re discussing organic food – okay, I’ve BEEN that snarky person saying that organic just means containing carbon, but it’s not helpful, and you don’t want it popping up when you’re talking labeling rules.

You don’t want a discussion of romances to suddenly hinge on whether they were created in the 18th-19th century, and do they sufficiently glorify the past and nature. No? Then it’s not a romance, stop saying it is.

Other fields shouldn’t do this either. (I’m talking to you, philosophy.)

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What's so special about that song chorus? It's super catchy but I don't get it...

ooc:: No sweat anon! It’s sneaky enough to be put on the radio and no one really noticing if they know the title of the song. So the chorus part is

 ‘ Love Me, Hate Me, Say what you want about me - but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If You Seek Amy.  Love Me, Hate Me, but can’t you see what I see? That all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If You Seek Amy. ’ But if you think about sounding out that italicized part you get – 

F - U - C - K Me. Y’see why I think It’s fitting?

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name: Bobbie
ancestry: Cuban af 
zodiac: Aries
where do you live: NYC waddup
how do you feel today: well today is a boy day so i’m feeling pretty chill my dudes
favorite song right now: I have had “Here Comes A Thought” from SU stuck in my head for like a thousand years and i’m really feelin it rn 
play any instruments?: does clapping count? i mean i can sing? does that count?
craving anything?: sleep. 
what is your signature scent?: i’m been told that i smell like clean laundry and hibiscus  
sounds you love: rain and thunderstorms. 

i’ll tag @cubanbisexuallance @space-gays-tm and @petalspitter 
and anyone who wants to do it 

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If Kurt were still alive, do you think him and Courtney would still be together? Or do you think they would have split up? If they did split up, do you think he would find someone else ever again? (Not that he couldn't -- he's beautiful & amazing) but do you think he would want to find someone else after being in love with and after all they've been through Courtney?

I really don’t think he would have carried on with Courtney.
I’m not saying that he hated her or something but he arrived to a point were they were getting into really big fights and Kurt became upset with Courtney’s attitude towards fame because she was really into fame and money and media and he didn’t like that.
And she kept putting a lot of pressure on him (like when she was warning him not to ruin the music video of Heart-Shaped Box and kept telling him to dress up nicely so he became mad and burned himself in the forhead with a cigarette)

I don’t think that he would continue playing in Nirvana either

If they split up, I really don’t know if he would find another woman in his life because it’s really hard to find a woman who truly loves you while you are rich and famous and Kurt knows that and considering the fact that he hated his step-mom he propably wouldn’t want for Frances to have the same experience.

But who knows? He propably would have found love again.
It’s just my opinion anyway.

anon: i h8 u

Lucas: Haha. Really? Like. you cannot be serious here dude like honestly like??? and 100% you are valid for hating me actually just kill me lmao right! But you. You are a sick twisted fuck, anon. I guess I’ll just go cry now. (: is that what you want? Fine.