i really want to finish this one

Based on ‘Hearts are Trumps’ John Everett Millais.

I just love old paintings from around the Victorian era. They are so detailed and realistic, not to mention the amazing dresses. To challenge myself a bit more I wanted to draw a more detailed piece, with more than one character.. Actually I had drawn a version of this about a month ago (I think..) and I’ve worked in small bits on it. Only managed to finish it today.

I’m quite happy with this one, I really like the way it came out! Hope u like it as well!

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hiya lauren! may you rec some good frat!boy fic? i finished soft hands fast feet again yesterday, so i want to find something like that. :( have a good day!

oh gosh. i really don’t remember reading any fratboy fics, it’s not really my type. since i only rec fics i have read, here’s what i found in my collection :) 

Frat Boy Fics

find more fic recs here

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Do you have any Captain Canary fic suggestions? I really want some to read! :)


If you’re into WIPs:

A Talk - Flabbergabst

On the Road We Took to Avoid It - musicforlife101

Back to Me - Tavyn

listen, rewind, and pass it on - byzinha

The Test - ClaudiaRain, Tavyn


Ice Cold, White Hot - dragonydreams

Sunday Dinner - Jael

ES9 Jitters - musicforlife101

White Lies - Tavyn

Black Knight, White Knight - IceBlueRose, Jael, LarielRomeniel

The Advantage of Loopholes - IceBlueRose

No Fraternization - ClaudiaRain

Finished Multi-chapters:

Between Diversions - caitastrophe8499

Obligatory De-Aged Fic - musicforlife101

A Perfect Storm - ClaudiaRain

Central City Rendezvous - Jael

Another World, Some Other Time - Jael

Just One Night - Jael

In Full Swing - ClaudiaRain

Tales of the Crook and the Assassin Vol. 1, Vol. 2 - AgentMaryMargaretSkitz

Series’ I Love:

Our Family - Starlight623

The Cat and the Canary - pir8grl

Nosy Team Flarrow - butimnotdeadyet

Everyone in the Captain Canary fandom is incredible, these were just the ones at the top of my head :) Happy Reading!

Hey guys, probably not the news you want to hear but I’m going to put Hanzo’s Moving Castle and Look Up and Wonder on a short hiatus! The sis and I have to finish our costumes in time for Dragon con at the beginning of September and those really have to take priority right now since we’re entering one of the biggest contests we’ve ever participated in. 

If you’re interested in tracking our progress, I have a cosplay blog over at https://terribletriocosplay.tumblr.com/ 

Thanks for understanding and hopefully I can get back to writing for you all soon!

- MJ


//While I was away from Tumblr, I tried adapting Clarissa into a fandomless OC (shocking, I know). She’s a space-mafia peon with Jessica Jones-esque super strength and a space ship. What more could you want? I don’t know whether or not I’ll ever do anything more with this concept, but I wanted to share the art of her. I might clean it up a bit and use it for one of her verses, who knows!

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i actually love you so much and i just wanted to tell you good luck and dont get hacked on amino my alleged idol also, did you go to art school or something¿¿!

Oh my goodness thank you.. I love you back too <3 

I don’t go to an art school as of now but I do plan to go to one once I finish high school eheh

Oh also yeah I’ve heard about hackers on amino too?? What’s up with that?

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Hi :) I wanted to ask what are your favourite Russian novels? I wasn't really interested much in Russian literature back in school but now that I see you post about it I want to give it a second try, lol

I’m so happy to hear that, you have no idea lol. What didn’t you like about them though? Because I get some people find them kinda tedious, especially Tolstoy. Anyway if that’s the case with you, then definitely try Dostoyevsky. The Idiot made me fall in love with Russian literature, Dostoyevsky’s novels are so brilliant and definitely eventful. I’d also recommend The brothers Karamazov, although don’t give up after a few chapters, I swear it gets so much better. But yeah for starters I’d recommend the Idiot. Honestly even the worst Russian book I’ve read is still better than some of the best non-Russian literature in the same genre, so you can’t really go wrong imo.

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Diamonds, Faux fur, Gold, Satin and Sheet mask?

diamonds: how do you feel about excessively spending money?

What is excessive? Because I’m a treat yourself cheerleader and I am fully supportive of someone buying something for themselves that they usually wouldn’t in order to celebrate, etc. But if excessive spending starts getting in the way of life or paying bills, then it crosses the line.

faux fur: describe your wardrobe.

The aesthetic that I strive for is a post-apocalyptic business casual/assassin chic/rocker-hybrid. It’s a lot of black. But it’s so hard to achieve because so many of the pieces I really want and that speak to me on a deep emotional level are SO EXPENSIVE. 

gold: describe what you would call the most perfect meal.

A free one. But really, there’s a local Italian place that is more upscale for the area and they have a lobster ravioli that is absolutely divine. Also, really good bread with an olive oil & spices dipping sauce. Finish it off with creme brûlée. It’s pretty much my favorite meal. 

satin: what is your most favorite article of clothing?

I have a black sleeveless top that is so basic but I wear it out whenever I am “going out.” Also, ankle boots. 

sheet mask: what’s your favorite lazy activity?

I’d say reading but it’s probably video games. Video games feel more mindless than reading to me these days. 

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I know that the costumization of our writscrib is already quite wide with all the colours you're offering and that if every sinhle person were to ask their own personal colour, you'd never finish with it, but I was wondering if/why not a really simple Black&White one? It seemed one of the obvious colour choices. I really hope yoi still get to 100% of the funding in these last two days, you really deserve it!

Part of that was because we didn’t want to have a too-bright screen! The “white” in our layouts is an off-white to keep it from being too bright on the screen.

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I saw you answer an anon with something about Theon meeting Davos 'consider it' and omg I'm considering it and remembering that excellent excellent AU fic you wrote about the two of them and Davos' pub and I just. Have a lot of feelings now. It seems it may be a lot to hope for that they'll actually have some interaction on the show but damn it I gotta hope now anyway. (And btw that fic is one of my all time faves a million thanks for writing it!!!)

awwww thank you comrade that fic is one of my faves I ever put out so I’m really glad you liked it that much ;;

also listen


I’ve been wanting theon to meet davos since I finished adwd

and last year I felt cheated he didn’t go to the wall



kindergarten AU from my first stream ever today! thanks anyone who watched (it was 3 people, i supposed)

something i fished out from the trashcan to color *sweats*

this is the comic for this AU part 1

im thinking that yurio’s grandpa is the kindergarten owner, yuri has to see their grossness every day, and yuuko is the caretaker



  • None/very simple BG: FREE
  • Simple scenery BG: +$2


  • Maximum characters per picture is 2 characters for chibi & bust, and 3 characters for waist & fullbody.
  • I use PayPal invoice.
  • For Indonesian you get $1 discount! :D
  • The commission you ordered can be used for your personal use as long as you include credit when used.
  • I would really appreciate if you don’t resale the commission on T-shirt, buttons & such ;w; for a part of your commercial banner is fine tho. Again.. don’t forget to credit!


  1. Contact me on tumblr chat or nekophy@gmail.com to discuss your commission .
  2. Write the type of commission you want (ex.Bust), a description of what you want, and any reference images you have for the character(s).
  3. I will send you a paypal invoice for the agreed upon amount OR if you’re an indonesian, you can tranfer via BCA ($1= Rp10.000,-). Once paid, I will work on your commission.
  4. If you want, I could sent you the sketch of the progress, to see if you want any minor change.
  5. Then I’ll finish up your piece, and thank you for commissioning me! ✨
I will open the commission until the end of this week aka on July 16- after that I will close them and raise the price to its original one.. sooo….. get them while they R hot?? I mean on sale X"D
Things I adore about Monsta X
  • Their genuine friendship and the way they care about each other is so beautiful x x x x x x x x
  • You ask them to take a group picture and they do this x x x
  • Every single one of them are gorgeous, every single one x x x x x
  • I don’t know why Starship keeps allowing them to do self mvs at this point x x x
  • They are literally such dorks it’s hard not to love them x x x x x x x
  • They’re all 100% done with each other x x
  • They will find a way to take everything too far x 
  • Their performances on The Remix were so good x x x
  • LISTEN their cover of Mirotic needs a whole appreciation post of its own they slayed me x
  • So they once played arcade basketball. Shownu got angry. Wonho yelled at himself. Jooheon swore. All this for arcade basketball x
  • Hyungwon didn’t understand a game and they got so frustrated, Minhyuk was on the verge of popping a vein x
  • Apparently to Monsta X, switching their parts in songs means going crazy and Changkyun almost bursting a lung x
  • They make the best facial expressions on rides I swear x x
  • So humble and just great people I mean they do so much for the fans and their relationship with Monbebe is amazing
  • They all take so much bs from each other, regardless of age or whatever and yet they still have a level of respect for each other.
  • Every single time they end a video, either they’re pushing each other or saying random shit I don’t understand x x
  • Safari in Monbebe World. No other explanation needed really. x
  • Once decided that piling on top of a sick and frail Hyungwon was a brilliant idea x
  • They won’t stop climbing Kihyun like he’s a tree :( x
  • The concept they have for The Clan trilogy is incredible they just keep bettering themselves
  • Monsta X when they were babies PLEASE x
  • They’re all talented and contribute so much to the group
  • Claimed to be bad at sports but ended up breaking the ISAC archery record
  • They’ll get impressed if you kill a moth I mean x
  • They get so proud of each other’s accomplishments, months after they still listen to Kihyun’s OST, Hyungwon encouraging Wonho to talk about his song, watching Shownu on Hit The Stage etc x x
  • Such weirdos honestly x x
  • They keep toys and gift given to them by fans in their rooms x
  • They have inside jokes that they still remember and laugh about together x
  • They drew pictures and hand wrote letters for Monbebe to congratulate us on our first year
  • Hoo! Monsta X!
  • They are such hardworking, talented, kind, funny and amazing people. They really work so hard and manage to stay humble and positive; not to be as cheesy as Wonho but honestly stanning them is a great decision, the amount of pure happiness they bring is insane.