i really want to find out which sketch that was!


Here me out!! Ok so- Cream and Vanilla wasn’t in Forces. And at the end with your last battle with Infinite he flies off to whatever and such ok? Yes? Good.

GOOD SO- REDEMPTION AU??? Everyone likes one of those! YESSSS

Infinite crash lands into the area Cream and Vanilla were hiding away from the harm and they stumble upon Infinite. Being the kind souls they are (which is why I love those two. You do you squad! Yass), they take Infinite in.

They’re not known about the info with him so they don’t really know who he is. But when he wakes up, they soon find out he got a nasty attitude. And the whole story is about teaching the Wannabe Edgelord to be a nicer person.

I just wanted to put Cream and Vanilla in a Forces situation- that’s all. Thanks for hearing me out :’D

so! in the last week (more like the last 4 days) i just finished up 11 commission, finished the next two pages for Asylumtale (which is up on my Patreon, were you can see it for 3$ btw, i try to update more and find a schedule for the comic), sketched out pages for the 3rd chapter of it and made 8 or 9 drawings just for fun, plus i was studying for a really important exam … huhhh!

in the 4 days i was so hyped, i didn’t know what happened, maybe the coffee worked finally or just tried to make an excuse for not wanting to study, and slept like 9 hours in the 4 day … literally.

but the point is!

i’m going to take a week off. i have to travel to attend an exam, so i can get back to university in next semester.
i won’t have my laptop with me so digital drawings will be on halt, but don’t worry. the people who asked for commission (or also will be), i’ll do my best and sketch it out traditionally so later i can redraw it!

so yeah, just wanted to say hi and i hope you guys have a nice day!

wish me luck! (i’m gonna need it ToT)

anonymous asked:

you mentioned at some point in the tags that your sketches look really messy but I'd love to see one! :)

cursed pictures

(this is something I sketched after chapter 510 came out but never actually got to finish it I really want to tho)


Yesterday was the first day of the laven week! YAY! But since I’m completely useless and I need the stars to align to be able to manage drawing my otp, I’m pretty sure this will be my only contribution o<-<


anonymous asked:

I just found your blog, and I absolutely love how you draw Dorian and the Iron Bull. The connection between them and their adoration for each other is palpable. It's the sweetest kind of smut I could ever want to find of them. Thank you, thank youuu! - A request: Dorian and Bull enraptured in blissful afterglow of great sex together.

You are such a sweet cake! ♡

Thank you for this request, which I had entirely too much fun drawing out–

So I finally remembered to buy the Kyle brush pack and omg this is everything I wanted and I’ve barely tried out like, 1% of the brushes in it.  But have some random doobles from me testing things out and trying to find some new sketch brushes. Which, oh man, I really really love sketching with these like this is so nice, why did I not buy this before? It’s like having actual physical tools back and it’s wonderful. //rolls around happily

After seeing his vlog entry I wanted to do a little sketch of Keith thinking about what his mother might look like, I mean after finding out she is Galra he probably has her on the mind more than usual anyway. Here he’s trying to visualize it based on the Galra he has seen, and naturally those that he has more of a connection to come to mind first. (also I was just in the mood to doodle some Voltron stuff, RL has been busy).

I hope we will learn about his actual mother now that he is part of the BOM (which I personally really like, seeing as I like them doing different things than the source material, it’s more interesting that way). I am personally also hoping to get some BOM bonding moments, for example between Kollivan and Keith, surrounding that, seeing as she had the dagger did he know her and what was their relationship? Friend,rival, enemy, ally, romantic, family, etc.? And what does that mean for how he sees Keith?

Also bonus:

Ink and Paint : Chapter 3

Pairing: Ryan Haywood x Reader
Previous Chapters:  One // Two
Word Count: 1,814 
Prompt: You came to Los Santos to pursue a dream of becoming a tattoo artist. Things haven’t quite worked out as you planned and now you find yourself working a graveyard shift at Pandemonium Ink. Things are typically quiet, that is until one of the cities most infamous criminals come through the door.

You weren’t entirely sure what to expect, but it probably wasn’t this.

There was a chance you had a skewed idea of how we would look given his criminal behavior, not to mention having met him the last time. Disheveled and dirty with stone cold eyes and an expression that could turn from calm to scary at the flick of the switch. But the man that stood before you this evening looked utterly…pedestrian. He was much more cleaned up from the last time you met, and boy did he clean up well. Beneath all that sweat and paint was an almost charmingly handsome face.You now realized how he was able to get around so easily despite being one of the city’s most wanted. Dressed in a loose fitting t-shirt and blue jeans, hair worked into a slightly messy bun, he could be any sort of average person walking the streets.

Keep reading

The Making of the Benihime Prologue

Hey there, Lee here!  Today we’re going to be looking over the creative process to the making of my webcomic, Benihime, which you can check out here.   The prologue is special in and of itself because it’s all done by hand for the most part while I learn how to use SAI.


Since I’m still working on Pt 2, I’ve blacked it out mostly so save the viewers from spoilers. ;)  Anywho, I look at the script and see all what I have to do next.  We’re going to assume the whole first bullet point is going to be one page.  Although this is very likely to change, but again, it’s an assumption for now.  Now I’m going to share the first bullet point with you, so we see what we have to work with.

Alright so this is what we have to work with.  I don’t really want to move onto another page with this because the content doesn’t flow well (What is this content?  Wait until Halloween to find out *wink wonk*).  Now we move onto the next step, which is sketching out the page layout.


I start out with the first panel.  The dialogue boxes are always added in in case I want them to go out of the panel so I know how to position any adjacent panels.  Dialogue is added to see if I got the box to be the right size.

The process repeats until I have what I envisioned to be a good flow for the page.  In this case, three panels.

Then, the actual drawing begins.  It starts off REALLY rough.

Then gains form as I work the lines.

This repeats until all the panels are done.  Now I typically draw out the whole comic first, so bare with me while I do that.  Pt 2 of this tutorial should be in a few days!  Happy reading everyone!

pt 2 link

queenallyjean  asked:

hi!! i was wondering if i could get your advice on something-- i really really love and admire your art style, it seems like no matter how simple or quick a piece was they all have such a sense of movement and fluidity! i've been working hard on my art lately but it tends to look pretty stiff and unnatural, if you get what i'm saying? do you have any tips for working on movement? anyways, again i love love ur art style and hope u have a great day!

Sure I think I can give some tips!

Without going into a 2year long art education riff I think I can break it down into a few things. I’ve got a sketch file already on hand so I can at least show you some process. 

1) Gesture. At school we learned “Fast loose long lines”  Basically you see the thing or imagine the thing that you want to draw and imagine a line that goes from the top of it to the bottom.

More or less you’re finding the shape. This is sometimes what I do when I’m first just fleshing out what I want to do or even just getting marks on the page to get me going. 
Its hard to break it down because sometimes you don’t even really do this after a while but its a good starting point. Especially if you’re life drawing (WHICH YOU SHOULD DO) to help you measure out kind of the whole shape of the body on the page.

Gesture isn’t intended to take a long time. You’re finding the shape of how you want something to look. (I’m drawing on top of a finished sketch so its a LOT cleaner than what I normally do)

Things to remember for gesture and movement/rhythm/fluidity in general are the S Curves and Straight against curves

2) Rhythm. Finding a Rhythm is also important to a nice fluid drawing or showcasing movement. Longs vs shorts. A Long side and a pinched side. 

Rhythm is….sometimes something that is hard to explain. But with practice doing mechanical practices you get more used to it. I’ve always loved really flowy lines (practicing sailor moon hair and stuff like that) so it comes fairly naturally but with practice its doable. You can practice doing master copies of people like Mucha or Aubrey Beardsley 

3) Exaggeration. Some teachers or artists will call this “Pushing it” and while it makes a great Salt n Peppa song it doesn’t really explain what you should do unless you kind of……know what they mean.  This Sponge Bob example is what they mean. This really helps get movement. 

Depending on the kind of style you’re going for (Don’t freak out. Style isn’t that important but there are types of genre of art you can be working with. Example the difference between anime or Disney or TV Cartoon styles. You don’t push Judy Hopps the same way you push Sponge Bob because of the reality of the world they live in. Sailor Moon doesn’t work in Little Mermaid. stuff like that) ….er..

depending on the style will depend on how FAR you push your pose. But you still gotta push them past a point to make the movement work. 

4) Practice practice practice! This is the annoying one but you have struggle. You don’t have to beat yourself up but think of it like playing Pokemon or a game like that. When you start out its really easy to level up. Hey this eye is in the correct spot awesome. Level up. But this pose isn’t doing what I want. So you practice until you kinda get it. 

GO TO LIFE DRAWING CLASSES. DRAW FROM REAL LIFE. YOU MAY HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE This will help you get a more natural feeling to your work even if you do something goofy like Sponge Bob.

You don’t have to enroll in a full time art school and go into major debt. Find an life drawing classes in your area. Most aren’t usually very expensive. Depending on the instructor you can get some really solid advice. Life drawing is the start for everyone. People who draw cars should be taking life drawing classes. Its a hand eye coordination thing. Drawing a picture of Fassbender/McAvoy/GayForPay dot Com from your phone won’t do it. Your eyes see better than a photograph and you can differentiate muscle forms that way. If you can’t try going out and about to cafe’s or places like that and draw people. If they move GOOD. That’ll help you learn to get forms quickly. Your sketchbook doesn’t have to have a masterpiece on every page. Don’t get wigged out because you see someone’s Cal Art Portfolio Sketchbook that was drawn with the INTENTION of being amazing. Trust me they all have poop drawings in their real sketchbooks.

Practice traditional work with traditional tools! (I noticed on your blog you draw traditionally. GOOD.) You don’t have to be fantastic at digital or fantastic at traditional to be good at the other BUT IT HELPS. 

Here’s another post about fluidity and movement 

Also you can check out Griz and Norm’s book. Its more than just how to draw figures it has some great tips on composition and storyboarding. And they’re pretty cool people.

Try doing master copies. “BUT LYDIA. I HATE MASTERCOPIES” TOO BAD SUCKAH. Everyone does master copies. A master copy doesn’t mean you’re cheating its a way of learning. 

At Art Center for our Figure/Character class we do 300 character expressions from Disney movies (The good ones like Milt Kahl worked on). Watch a movie and still frame it and try drawing an action sequence.  Check out Cory Loftis or Al Hirshfield. 

I can’t find the post about practicing mechanical/technical practices but you put two dots on a page and draw from one end to the other in one fluid line. Like this

Sorry this went really long but I hope that helps


If you haven’t read @the-subpar-ghost‘s Drifting Stars, you’re missing out on some neat Ford/Mabel bonding and portal!Ford/Multiverse shenanigans.

And also some neat ambiance. I mean… This has to be the first fic where I just want to put the computer down to draw some background and especially play with lighting effects. Which explain why it’s pretty messy, those are like… Probably my only two drawings where I tried to play with Lights and Colors. I didn’t even sketch beforehand, only applying colors out of nowhere.

First one date from the beginning of the fic, chapter two. At the time, we didn’t know Mabel’s hair had been cut off which is why… yeah. Long hair here. The characters aren’t very detailed because they weren’t really the focus, I just wanted to be able to color fire and campfire. It… turned out pretty good after some tries. The bottom has unfortunately been cut, I’ll see if I can find it again and rescan it.

Second one is from the most recent chapter. I wanted to draw sunlight, with the characters somehow hiding in the shadow (pretty literally for poor Mabel). Ford’s one is reaaaaally bad. I mean, Ford is pretty good, but the room ? Yeesh.

Also a pencil!Mabel from this morning. Unfortunately the brown pencil I used had some strong reddish undertone and scanning it just… amplified it. She’s wearing a Sweater with the Big Dipper on it because obviously she would make one. (I like @x-i-l-verify headcanon about Mabel obtaining space yarn and knitting new Sweaters)

mendiolaj  asked:

Hello, Kelly! I've been asking different pixel artists about their process and I was just curious if you sketched out your animations before pixeling or if you pixel each frame right away. I was also curious as to what programs you use to pixel and animate.

Hey! So I don’t really sketch out my animations in the traditional sense. I usually tailor my approach based on the sprite and what the animation is but for the most part I’m making selections and moving stuff around on each frame to build a base, then I go in and add/clean up. I tried to find some examples but you’ll have to excuse the fact that these are old now and my files are a mess.

I start with the sprite concept

I block in general motion/timing trying to get the feel I want. Which in this case was rickety as fuck.

Started adding the secondary movements and roughing in hand drawn parts

Filled in missing parts/polish.

Sometimes for bigger stuff I’ll break up all the parts into layers and groups so that I can treat it more like a puppet animation.

Anyways, I hope that makes sense! Oh and I use Photoshop for everything. Kelly out.

larpandfantasyfiction  asked:

Hi. I'm planning on making a brigandine for my mercenary character. I was wondering if you had a tutorial for yours? Ps. Erin was a lot of inspiration and you inspired me to give the halberd a go even with my disability. Also I think you're 90% of the inspiration for my new outfit. So, thank you.

(Sorry, this ended up being as long as an essay!)

Hi! Sorry for my delayed response, I’m doing a lot of travelling at the moment and having trouble keeping up with messages etc :) I’m so happy that you love Erin so much, it seriously means a lot to me. I’m excited that you’re giving halberd a go, they’re fantastic weapons and easy to fall in love with, let me know how it goes!

The vest I wear isn’t really much of a brigandine - when I first made it, it was a splinted leather vest with overlapping vertical plates. It’s now stretched to the point where the plates no longer overlap - you can see how they’re separating the inside in a post I made here (or in the picture below!)

It’s great for LARP - I barely feel a thing, which is great. However, it’s heavily fantasy inspired and isn’t really going to hold up to anything more than a foam sword.

The first thing I did - I made a bunch of design sketches about what I wanted to make, I find it’s a great starting point because it helps you get a better scope of what you’re trying to do. Once I figured that out I basically constructed it by making a leather vest (it’s the same pattern as the one I made for my pourpoint, which basically just came from taking torso measurements, cutting a pattern out of paper and pinning it on myself. A bit of trial and error). I cut the splints with some hefty tin snips (probably should have used a saw) and rounded them off with a belt sander so that they weren’t sharp and jagged.

Honestly, there’s nothing nuanced or scientific about it, I kind of winged it because it was late at night and I was feeling creative and determined. I took very few photos of the process, I put everything I have below. Looks like I patterned the plates in paper before I cut them as well, probably a good idea :)

I’ll admit - it’s not great craftsmanship and there are a ton of things I would change. For one, I advise using solid rivets instead of speed rivets (the ones I used). Speed rivets are very modern looking, come in two pieces, are quite flat and kind of snap together with a light tap of a hammer. Solid rivets are a kind of dome shape and are secured by peening them over a washer. Solid rivets involve a bit more anvil work (basically you have to bash the edges of them over the washer, they’re much more medieval), but they look 10 times better. I order mine online because there’s nowhere local that supplies them.

To anyone who hasn’t seen my splint vest thing, this is how it looks a year of so down the line: 

Making a more combat-ready, historically rooted coat of plates type piece of armour is in my six month plan, so I’ve been doing a bit of research into it. Even though you don’t need anything nearly as intense as them for LARP, it’s still helpful and inspiring to know where things come from - look at these always make me excited! Here are a few links:

Knyght Errant (who, by the way, is a 10/10 great resource for most things and just seems like an all-round great guy) has a great set of videos delving into coat of plates type armour, brigandines, and the differences - it’s all excellent. 

The Wisby style (~1360′s) coat of plates is a classic, and it’s much less complicated and labour intensive than a leeds brigandine. This page has some great diagrams which are really helpful when it comes to laying out plates.

This site has some excellent construction photos of a 15th century brig that a guy made, with some great museum references - as you can see they’re freaking intense, beautiful things. Just look at the pictures makes me kind of excited. 

Antoine Selosse wrote a great in-depth article with lots of historical information and tons of interesting pictures here. It’s all a bit intense for LARP, but it’s absolutely gorgeous and inspiring!

There’s also this post someone made a post the Dagorhir forums about making one for LARP, which is probably going to be the most helpful to you! I think that this kind of coat would look great on a mercenary character. 

Anyways, I’m starting to go down a rabbit hole now so I’m going to stop, but I hope that’s enough to get you started/ provide a bit of insight, let me know how it goes!

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hey, how you doing? I wanted to ask which are some of your fav reddie or IT fics. I just watched the movie and i love these kids! but then i went on ao3 and some fics were really disturbing so i need your professional opinion, since you're one of my fav blogs on tumblr! Thanks!

hey anon, i’m doing ok !!! also i totally feel your pain on trying to find a good fic but winding up in rather sketch territory lmao i just want some soft boys !!! being soft !! is that too much to ask for ??? 

anyways, one of my personal favorite reddie fics is accidents happen by the red squirrel !! it’s only 3 chapters long but i think it’s a very cute way that they wrote richie and eddie coming to terms with their feelings for each other ! if you’re into that whole denial turned realization trope then it’s the fic for you !! 

other then that i don’t keep up with fics very much in the fandom, but if anyone has other lovely suggestions, feel free to reply to this post with them !! 

(also thank you for the compliment on my blog, that means a lot!!!!) 

Gentle reminder

“You’re an Art student and I’m an English major and you keep stealing the papers for my assignment to doodle and I would kill you but you’re really cute and hey that’s actually a really nice sketch” AU.

W older damian for @dove-among-bats

Tagging @whovianayesha


“Damian, wheres my paper?”

“Which one?” He looked up at you from his sketch

“The one for my assignment. I need it now.” You panicked rushing around his bedroom. As your heart pounded in your chest, you wanted to throw his stuff around as you stressed. The only thing that stopped you was your drive to find your paper.

“Hey, hey.” Damian laid his sketch down and calm approached you. He placed his hand on your cheek carefully as he could see the stress pouring out of your eyes. “It’s okay. If it’s anywhere it’ll be in the study. Okay? I’ll come help you.”

You nodded as you avoided his gaze, your chest still pounded and anxiety flooded you.

This was possibly the most important paper you had to write and he was ALWAYS taking your papers to sketch on which never mattered in the past, but this one was very important.

You were overworked, tired, stressed and you were ready to kill. Fortunately being your best friend he knew what pressure you were under and he always did it with the best intentions. Like how Alfred bought him dead birds he explained to you. A present with well intentions.

“Okay, you sit here and I’ll go fetch it, you need to relax.” He said leading you to his bed.

“No.” You thought but honestly all you had the energy for was to roll up in his extremely fluffy blankets.

As you sat there numbly he quickly left and started searching. Maybe this was for a reason you thought

Tears fell out as you collapsed onto his pillow and you felt a small weight climb onto your back.

A small meow filled the room and you turned to face the small cat. As you moved your head a folded piece of paper fell on your face and you reached for it and opened it. Distinctive teeth marks were in the corner from where Alfred had carried it and you recognised it as your assignment paper with a small doodle on it.

It was a picture of you dressed up in a superhero suit cheering, with a small speech bubble saying “you can do it!”.  Tears leaked out and you thanked the feline and scratched behind his ears earning a purr of approval.

Damian rushed in soon afterwards and instantly ran to his laptop.

“Damian.” You said quietly

“I couldn’t find it so I’m logging in to find new one.” He said as he focused and tapped away.

“Damian look what Alfred found.” you smiled and held it up from your awkward position.

“And it looks like you’re stuck, take this opportunity and rest.” Damian grinned at the sight

“Only if you rest with me.” You said attempting to bargain with him.

He sighed as he looked at his work, then back at you.

“I think I can do that.” he said before making his way over to you and climbing next to you.

“It’s a really nice sketch, thank you.” You said as you closed your eyes. Feeling his body next to yours helped you relax even more and finally you were able to sleep.

“You’re welcome. You needed a gentle reminder.”

omoshiro-i  asked:

posing arms/legs isn't as hard as it seems in the beginning! You should be planning out your entire composition before you start really rendering your sketch or else you're going to find yourself stuck in this endless loop of being frustrated by how the limbs are turning out compared to the head/body which I assume is the first thing you're drawing. Start with stick figures, for real. Figure out the mood you want, and the composition. Also use google and look @ pro photography shoots for insp

danni coming in to the god damn rescue as always
i’ve been really bad with starting out simplistic in all honesty. ive always been meaning to do the whole stick figure basics first but i just… never do it? old habits really fuckin die hard.
you rlly do inspire me tho, so i’m going to take this advice from you n fonkin’ run w/ it for eternity

Digital Headshot Commissions Anyone?

In a perfect world my leg would be better by now and I would be able to go back to work and start paying off things I need to pay off and buy stuff I need to buy… but things never really work out how we want them to and I’m getting kind of desperate. My health insurance ran out last month too, and I’m finding myself needing to refill some prescriptions and make some doctor visits. So I’ll have to pay full price until I can find something else to cover it.

So! If anyone is interested I would be willing to open for some digital headshot commissions at $50 each. (Or possibly headshot sketches at like $10 if those quite aren’t in your price range) I picked headshots as opposed to something else because a: they’re really fun and easy for me to do which means b: I can knock them out pretty fast.

If you’re interested shoot me an email at: bethanyb.ie@gmail.com

Ideally this is something that I would want to just power through for this week only, and then get back to old art I still need to finish, so I’ll probably only take on like 4 or 5 (unless I get them done really fast).


myspacepatrick  asked:

Hello! I was at your panel at smash on Sunday, and I still had some questions on character design. It's okay if you already answered these or just don't want to talk about it! Okay, so firstly, when you first get a concept/idea for a character, do you use pencil &amp; paper to get it down or just straight up digital? Secondly regarding creating realistic OCs, can you give some tips on character flaw? Thank you for doing the presentation at smash! I love your art (especially Alba) ^_^

Hey, thanks for coming to my workshop! I really appreciate it! :D

For sketching out initial concepts/ideas I do digital or traditional, whichever is closest to me at the time. It doesn’t really matter which one you go with, just do whatever you find easiest to quickly get your idea down in its purest form. For me digital is nice because I can save my stuff on the spot and add things like colour quickly, on the other hand, I find pencil sketching much faster and organic. Again, whatever works for you!

As for character flaws, those I tend to draw from myself or people I know in real life. IMO flaws are more realistic when they are a series of small things, like inferiority complexes and worries for the future that manifest themselves into behaviour, rather than giant cartoonish problems like ‘I can’t help my desire to murder!’ or something. Having some positive traits that either offset the character’s flaws or go hand in hand with them help to create a bit more depth, e.g. a character that works very hard could also be an insufferable perfectionist about any job.

This is just me but I find that writing flaws into a character’s personality is harder that writing flaws that arise from story issues. It’s easier when you have a story or context attached to your character to develop their reactions to their role in life or how they interact with other people. Try developing a context to your character before creating flaws, otherwise they may come off as arbitrary and not very believable. Hope this helps! :)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, but I’ve been making a lot of progress on my story, which I’ve titled, “The Evergreen Heart”. I’m in the process of thumbnailing Act 1, and should hopefully be able to post finished pages some time soon!

My plan is to post pages online, perhaps on a weekly basis, and then the DREAM is to compile them all and have them published down the line.

So anyways, I took a break from thumbnailing to do some sketches/minor design tweaks of some characters. And also some new ones! I don’t want to really say much about the characters, I’d rather you find out about who they are as you read it. Anyways, this is description is too long. BYE LOVE YOU.

Hello everyone, and pardon me Professor Layton/Prof Lay tags,

As you know, when coming up with special audio posts, I tend to ask or commission artists to draw some album art for the post to get the community together.  Such was the case with the Valentine’s Special, the Christmas Special (which is on the Ascot blog), and our Halloween Special.

Well, thirteen days from now, it will be Father’s Day.  As most may know, Alfendi Layton’s father is the famous Professor Layton, and seeing how the audio piece I am about to talk about features the father and son bonding of Hershel and Alfendi, I see it fit to try and bring the Professor Layton community and Layton Brothers community together to collaborate on a special video.

The audio file I’m talking about is Professor Layton and the Irritated Inspector.  I am currently gauging interest in the Professor Layton and Layton Brothers communities to see if anyone is interested and willing to create visual aid for this (roughly) seven minute audio file.  I’m talking about things like:

  • Sketches
  • Drawings
  • Cosplay
  • (and I’m not really expecting this, but if you want) Animated Gifs

These images will be combined to create one video that will pop up on our official Youtube, with all contributors credited accordingly.  Of course, before we can get the ball rolling, I need to know how many people are interested.  After I find out how many people are interested, some number crunching will be done to figure out which scenes will go to one person.  If we turn out to have less artists than we do scenes, we may end up having some people do two scenes instead.  

I cannot tell you how to specifically draw a scene; scene depiction is entirely up to how you interpret the events of the scene.  If, at any point, you need help determining what is going on a certain part of a scene after I assign you to one, you are free to contact me for some guidance or clarification.  If you feel as though the quality of your art may not be up to par in comparison to others, do not let that stop you.  We will be accepting of any contributions the communities make, because this project is not an art contest, it is a showcase of the various talents of the fans of the Layton series.

If you are interested in this project, you can drop an email at ihearlaytonbrothers@gmail.com or send me an ask at navnavprime.  (our ask box needs to be closed for a while)The deadline for joining this project will be Thursday, June the 5th, 9:00 PM PST.  If you don’t feel like joining into this project, feel free to reblog and signal boost.

Thank you for reading this through, and I look forward to see who is interested in this project and work along with them,