i really want to eat all of them


Calisto: Daddy ?

Calisto: I’m sorry for not coming home in time. I have gone to the park with Dominic and i forget about time,it wont happen again i promise! Just please don’t cry :(

Brant: Oh sweetie it doesn’t have anything with you,and i’m really sorry that you have see me like this,i’m fine really i just had strange urge to cry that’s all…

Calisto: You promise that you are okay?

Brant I promise :) Come on let’s reheat those waffles for you so you can eat them,oh and one more thing if you want to go to the park after school next time give me a call alright ?

Calisto : Alright daddy.Can i eat now i’m starving…

Brant: *Chuckles* Sure….

It’s just so wild to me.how people think of children as mysterious beings and there’s been and will always be a ton of debate over how to rear them. But they really are just regular people, who just happen to still be small. If you teach them to be reasonable they can be reasoned with. Just like you, they can be calmed down by addressing their actual anxieties. They lack the emotional depth and reasoning skills to make certain decisions and for this parents should guide them. But you just treat them well and develop mutual respect with them and you’re fine. They’ll do silly stuff sometimes, they’ll get mad at you for not letting them do absurd things like eat 20 cookies at a time, but you really just have to treat and teach them well and generally they don’t just want to make your life hard for no reason. I have years of experience with children and they’re not a puzzle. They’re just like you, they see all the same things as you, but they lack the emotional ability to process like adults can and need some guidance. It’s not that deep.


I just really want Mob to still be friends with that basketball team from the second episode. Like they took him out to eat as a thank you for saving them from the ghost, he had time to kill anyway since Reigen was still being questioned by the police, and they all hit it off. So now he comes to their games and cheers them on, and if he doesn’t have work or club, he’ll come around and hang out. and they’re all super supportive and patient with him even though he sucks. I just think it would be wonderful, Mob needs some more strong women in his life

Homegrown, grass-fed, organic Coach Bittle headcanons

(This got really long and fluffy. Sorry.)

Coach looks like a scary dude, but he’s actually a big softie. He has a really intimidating resting bitch face, and a more intimidating murder face, but he would rather eat shit than say shit.

Coach is hella passive aggressive. If you mess with him he’ll be all like, “Wah, I was always taught to turn the other cheek. Hate the sin, love the sinner.” But then he’ll blind copy your boss and forward your emails if he feels like you’re being rude. Or he’ll hand out invitations to a cookout to everyone except you.

And it’s really interesting because Suzanne Bittle is the opposite. She is small and very sweet, but if you mess with her she ascends through passive aggressive and straight into aggressive-aggressive. Like, in high school Bitty had a lot of trouble with this one teacher. Not the subject material, but the teacher. Bitty would ask for help or clarification and the teacher would basically do the academic equivalent of “No, fuck off and die.” And then this teacher would “lose” Bitty’s assignments periodically, and he would grade Bitty’s tests way harder than anyone else’s.

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2016 was all about letting Adrien eat. But I know a mysterious cat boy who should definitely use his newfound freedom to finally eat greasy junk food like a normal kid. Adrien has to stick to a strict diet, but nobody ever said anything about Chat Noir. ;) Marinette was more than happy to treat Chat to her favorite burger spot. She also really wanted a milkshake. #FeedtheKitty2k17

 P.S. I’m marichat trash and more than anything I love them being the best of buds before any romance starts to creep in. I think their dynamic offers a different perspective to the love square. And while I’m down for some sin, sometimes it doesn’t do the potential of this pair justice. In it’s current state it’s neither (seemingly) one-sided like LadyNoir and Adrinette, nor is it currently capable of setting sail as is, like Ladrien. As far as canon goes, Ladybug and Adrien could technically date RIGHT NOW can you believe it wtf you two let’s go!  Marichat offers a bit of a clean slate, and it’s interesting to consider! Marinette trusts Chat because she’s Ladybug, and Chat likes Marinette because he’s Adrien; but neither of them are starstruck or nervous, so it leaves a lot of room for them to get to know each other in a casual way that’s super refreshing to read when done well.  Friends to lovers marichat is where it’s at! 

Q。When receiving presents, what gift would you love to get?”

“I’m not really that into Christmas, but I wouldn’t turn down something like cake… I mean—it’s okay, it’s not like I really care, alright!?

Back when I was boxing, I had to keep my weight down so I wasn’t able to eat what I wanted, but now that I don’t do it anymore, I can’t help wanting to eat something sweet when I see it, that’s all! …Don’t go telling Munakata or Yukizome about this. If they found out, they’d buy me a bunch.”

If anyone ever asks you what “gap moe” means, just show them this.


The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 11]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

[Benjamin Cook asking David Christmas-themed questions]

BC: Which gift from ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ would you most like to receive this year?

DT: If the pipers piping were Billie Pipers, then obviously I’d go for that. But that would be quite creepy. It’s got to be ladies dancing, hasn’t it? I mean, there’s not really much contest. Five golden rings you could flog, if they were really nice. But I don’t think you’d get much for them.

BC: If there were five of them, they’re unlikely to be top-notch quality.

DT: Well thought through. I mean, all the others would just be irritating, frankly. And dirty. Colley birds? French hens? Yes, you could eat them, but then you’d have to murder them yourself. I don’t want to do that at Christmas. That’s far too much effort. I want a shrink-wrapped turkey from Sainsbury’s. No, ladies dancing - much better. They can come and dance in my Christmas parlour.

BC: What’s the worst Christmas record of all time?

DT: Ooh jings. No, there’ve got to be some terrible ones, haven’t there? Well, anything by Cliff Richard. Mistletoe and Wine? It’s got to be Mistletoe and Wine. That is a heinous piece of work, isn’t it? My mum likes it. She likes everything by Cliff Richard. But she is wrong! It’s saccharine, and repulsive, and when all those kids start singing at the end, you just want to murder. It’s horrible.

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the annoying thing is I used to used to be so much thinner
when I first developed an eating disorder I got so thin but I don’t remember any of it
i don’t remember what I did or what my life was then
I have some pictures just before I got really sick but I don’t remember taking them.
All I know now is that I want that back
I want to be thin again
I thought I was fat then..
but now I really am.

I just want for Lena and Maggie to be really close friends and complain ~not really~ with each other about their girlfriends. And for Lena and Alex to talk about gadgets and things that only they understand and in the background Maggie and Kara exchanging look like “they are too nerd for their own good but we love them anyway”. And I want double dates and Kara and Alex competing with each other over who can eat more potstickers and Maggie doing annoyed faces because she’s the one who would have to take care of Alex and then that same night Alex whizzing about how her stomachs hurts and Maggie complaining and saying repeatedly “i told you so” but actually she’s just really happy because she loves how Alex gets all clingy and she just loves to take care of her. And in the other side of the city Lena is just congratulating Kara for winning. If you know what I mean.

SISTER JULIENNE IS A CHAMP FOR PRAYING WITH SISTER URSULA (and at the same time demanding God to send her back to the motherhouse)








title: this love has a heartbeat
rating: g
pairing: keith/lance
word count: 7k
summary: Keith has never really paid any mind to grand romantic gestures, let alone big celebrations and days dedicated to them. It didn’t make sense to him back then on Earth, still doesn’t make sense to him now that they’ve all been invited to the Festival of Love.


Or, Keith and Lance have a date that isn’t really a date, until it is.

a day late for posting this bc i wanted to do it on valentine’s day, but!!!! yknow. life and stuff. dedicated to @spacecryptids for encouraging me and brainstorming with me, a gem


fucking done with these ugly EXO-Ls 

you can say what you want about ARMYs but we’ve NEVER tried to come after another group like this. yeah some of us are annoying and comment everywhere but so fucking what?? we love our group and we want to hype them up because they deserve it. we’re proud of them and we have damn good reasons to be.

can EXO say the same of you? when are your crusty asses going to be worthy of your idols smdh. i honestly feel sorry for EXO, they deserve to have better fans. ya’ll really doing in just this year alone:

  • black ocean (and then give some bullshit excuses for it) 
  • #breakwings project 
  • plagiarism rumors (disproved)
  • misogyny rumors (taken out of context)
  • coming after bang pd himself, literally fuck off
  • and now demanding melon to take away their award

imagine being this fucking threatened by another group lmao. the fact that you’re so pressed means BTS doesn’t need a pity award. and ya’ll be saying ARMYs are embarrassing, but you can save that embarrassment for your own damn selves. who do you think is more embarrassed- BTS about their fans commenting on banana bread youtube videos, or EXO about saesangs crashing Baekhyun’s brother’s wedding? Or the time they put cameras in teddy bears and gave them to EXO members? Or rented a van like SM’s and tried to lure members into it? Broke into their hotel to film Tao showering? I could go on and on. 

i thought ya’ll were done being this fucking stupid but now you’ve moved on from hurting your own idols to hurting other idols. miss me with your crazy fucking asses. 

having good friends is;
always having someone to give grape skittles to, because you don’t want to eat them.
it’s having someone to sit with you at the bus stop in town at 10 at night because they don’t want you to be alone.
it’s sitting on rooftops and watching the sunsets together, racing across parks to keep yourselves warm, it’s in-jokes and shared hoodies and laughter like starlight;
but most importantly,
having good friends is knowing all of you.
—  friends / e.d.smith
MTL to be into Curves

DISCLAIMER: I don’t like saying much about body types and what the boys would like/dislike, because if they’re good people they’re gonna look at your personality before anything. I honestly don’t think that any of these boys would like you less because of your body!

Most Likely

S.Coups - He’s literally said that Nicki Minaj is his celebrity crush. He likes some booty and thighs. 

Seungkwan, The8, Jun, DK, Vernon, Mingyu, Jeonghan - These guys I can easily see being the kind who would want a partner that isn’t scared about constantly counting calories and will eat their favorite junk foods with them without a second thought. Your body type doesn’t always play into this, but someone super fit and muscular probably wouldn’t be like this all the time with them.

Hoshi, Dino - They wouldn’t really care about your physical appearance as long as you have the energy to keep up with their active lifestyle. As long as you can dance your butt off, they’re good. (And let’s be real, the more booty the better the dancing. That’s just science.)

Wonwoo, Joshua, Woozi - I don’t see these three caring about their partner’s body type whatsoever. They wouldn’t necessarily dislike curves at all, they just kinda don’t care. Skinny, curvy, whatever. They’d be more interested in how captivating and interesting your brain is. 

Least Likely

- Marcy

growing up with your jedi uncle ben:  a list

Basically an extension of THIS POST.

a.  Luke Skywalker has spent his childhood going from planet to planet but Tatooine stands out because of the sand, the womp rats and the krayt dragons and the ten thousand other things that could kill and eat you…. except Luke has dealt with them all with a certain aplomb.

(They tend to end up in Tatooine when Uncle Ben basically runs out of ideas.  For some reason, the Empire never really thinks about coming here, but maybe that’s because if there was a bright spot in the galaxy, Tatooine would be the furthest from it.)

b.  Also, the best thing about Tatooine is Uncle Ben’s entertaining squeamishness over the giant, actually harmless, non-venomous spiders. 

(Uncle Ben would never let Luke keep one for a pet.)

c.  When Luke was very little, he remembered his mother watching over him, leaving him kisses on his forehead before he went to sleep.

(The touch of her fingers and her lips upon his brow were cold, cold, cold.)

He knows now that wasn’t a living person but he’s not frightened, not really, not when he could remember her beautiful brown eyes and how sad they looked.  It was only when he called her “Mama” that the sadness would lift away from them. 

d.  Luke has met other Jedi such as Kanan Jarrus.  But Uncle Ben has forbidden him from telling them his true name. 

“What they do not know will not be tormented out of them,” Uncle Ben tells him sadly. 

As far as Kanan knows, Luke is simply a creche infant that Ben must’ve rescued from the Temple during the purge and Ben is content to let him believe that.

e.  Aunt Snips and Uncle Rex know Luke’s true name though.  They are the ones who tell him most of the stories he knows about Luke’s father, a brave Jedi Knight and a hero of the fallen Republic. 

(Any mention of his father only makes Uncle Ben all the sadder.  Luke has learned not to ask any questions from him.  Or to mention his father at all.)

f.  Luke is not unintelligent, of course, and perhaps his father’s fate came at the hands of the infamous Darth Vader.  He’s never seen Vader, not up close and personal.  Uncle Ben has always made sure that Luke is safe

g.  Luke still has vivid memories of being four years old and being handed off to a young Cassian Andor for safety.  He remembers hiding with Cassian in some hidden nook, expressly built for that purpose.  He remembers being told to be good, to be quiet and to not look. 

Luke did look.  There was blaster fire and remembers seeing what was once a living, sentient being fall, all burnt and blasted before Cassian’s hand slid over his eyes.  Luke couldn’t see anymore but he could still hear the screaming.

He was good.  He was quiet.  He closed his eyes and listened to Cassian croon soothing, comforting nonsense.

h.  Luke doesn’t nurse an adolescent crush on Jyn Erso when he sees her again after so many years, this time in the company of the infamous Saw Gerrera.  She teaches him how to pick pockets and how to fight even dirtier than Cassian has ever taught him.

(Luke winces at some of the hand-to-hand tactics she knows.)

In turn, Luke teaches her some slicer tricks and they steal a ship to joyride in, much to Uncle Ben’s amusement and eternal exasperation. 

When Saw Gerrera abandons Jyn, she ends up with Luke and Ben for a good long while, before she strikes out on her own after rumors over the whereabouts of her father. 

i.  Jyn, of course, knows all about Luke’s hopeless crush on Cassian Andor. As well as the one on the beautiful Princess Leia Organa.  She doesn’t laugh at him at all for it, which Luke appreciates. 

j.  Chirrut Imwe tells Luke that the Jedi of the fallen Republic had forgotten the true Jedi Code and that perhaps, it contributed to their own destruction.  He chants it as a secondary prayer:

Emotion, yet Peace.
Ignorance, yet Knowledge.
Passion, yet Serenity.
Chaos, yet Harmony.
Death, yet the Force.

(Luke doesn’t understand the significance of this vs. the Code that Uncle Ben had always known until he undertakes his own Jedi training.  And then, finally, it made sense, when he learned the truth about his father and how he’d Fallen to the Dark Side.)

k.  Baze is solidly practical and is quite smug when Luke reveals an aptitude for blasters.  

l.  Truth be told, Luke always felt that Uncle Ben would’ve preferred him to stay out of the Rebellion altogether.  

These are our failures, young Luke.  I wish that you would never have the need to set those right, to leave that task to us instead.  I wish that you would find a better, more peaceful life.

But Luke couldn’t stand by and let his friends suffer.  He couldn’t stand by and let Uncle Ben fight alone. 

m.  So Luke steals that ship so he could go to Shariff and he arrives just in time to save the lives of all his friends, to fly away just as the Death Star blasted its own military base into stardust.  There are hugs for all his friends, a reverent salute to the pilot Bodhi Rook and of course, because things never work out perfectly, the ship takes damage from TIE Fighters chasing them.

n.  The rendezvous point with Princess Leia is the one that makes perfect sense, even if Luke teases his Uncle Ben that he’s all out of ideas again.  Luke sets course for Tatooine, now adopted as part of the now infamous Rogue One team. 

o.  While in hyperspace, Cassian grimly hands Luke the remains of K2SO.  Luke smiles at the man he once crushed on and tells him that K2 is not completely lost, that he can be repaired again. 

p.  On Tatooine, Luke will be forced to crash the ship after running into the same Star Destroyer attacking the Tantive IV.  There will be a new ship, a smuggler and his Wookiee, a moisture farmer and his wife to save and certain droids that must be found. 

Some things remain the same and some things do change. 

The saga continues, in that galaxy far, far away….

Note:  I shamelessly headcanon Tatooine as Space Australia and also because @determamfidd ‘s posts about ACTUAL EARTH AUSTRALIA never fail to make me chortle in glee. 

As diet season approaches I’d like to take a minute to remind you all that calorie restriction does not work.

If you really want to get healthier this new year do so by filling up on wholesome, healthy foods- not by calorie counting.

- Snacking (on healthy foods) is a great way to boost your metabolism and give yourself energy. - Not all calories are created equal.
- Calories in does not always equal calories out
- It is okay to eat carbs. You. Need. Them.
- Starting a diet to lose weight rarely works in the long run (seriously, it’s been proven).
- Instead of crash dieting consider simply being more self-aware and fuel-driven with food to boost your overall health and approach nutrition in a more wholesome way.
- Confidence does not come from losing weight. Confidence is internal, not external.
- Dieting is stupid but your diet is important (and different).

I really like the idea of Team RWBY on some kind of all night stakeout in the woods

Ruby wants to find sticks so they can roast marshmallows and make s’mores but if they can’t she’s just gonna eat the chocolate bars and she keeps throwing things into the fire so she can watch them burn cause it’s really cool

Weiss wants a pillow to sit on because there are “rocks poking my butt no matter where I sit” and she has to keep moving cause the smoke from the fire is following her wherever she goes

Blake wants better light because the campfire doesn’t give her enough light to read her book. The way she’s positioned herself works okay but there’s a good chance she might actually fall into the fire if she’s not careful

Yang just wants to sing campfire songs and play stupid games like truth or dare, but they’ve all been teammates for so long they literally have no secrets left so it would just be dare or dare and Weiss is not going to scream “penis” at the top of her lungs again. 

pedoseidon  asked:

idk if you're still doing the keyword headcanons but i was looking through them all and i just had to send one in!!! so, here goes: sweets!

No more keyword headcanons, but have a headcanon for the request! <3

Since he puts on weight easily, Yuuri’s always had to avoid sweets quite a lot, but he really loves them. Now, so long as they aren’t in the height of the season, whenever they go out for dinner Victor will get them a pudding to share (under the claim that he wants one, but can’t eat one alone) so Yuuri can have some, but Victor can still eat the rest if he notices Yuuri starting to feel guilty or worried.