i really want to animate a lot more stuff now

shikitoga  asked:

Just curious how did you choose the name Jelloapocalypse?

I get asked this one a lot.

Back in my early internet days I used to follow an animator named LegendaryFrog. Really liked his stuff. I wanted a name that had the same kind of rhythm that his did. Around that time a friend and I had played the game “think of the dumbest way the world could end”, and mine was “Giant Jello molds raining down from the sky and crushing everyone. That’d be pretty stupid.”

No more depth to it than that, really.

If I could change it now, I’d probably swap my username to FullTimeBurden (which is a Sly Cooper reference) just because it sounds better to me as a brand, though I do really like the nickname “Jello.”

naufrageous  asked:

hi cara! i was just wondering how well your tattoos go over at work? because i really want some but everyone keeps telling me that it'll hinder my chances at getting a job (i'm still in college) and that even if i wait to get them until after i get hired i'd have to cover them up or else get fired. just wondering if they're lying through their teeth or if you've had any issues with that at all. thanks :)

It will honestly depend on your job and what career you want to be in. Despite what a lot of our parents/grandparents have told us growing up, the fact is, more and more often our own generation is running a lot of businesses, and a lot of people just don’t give a fuck if you have visible tattoos or piercings as long as youre a decent person and do your job well. during the day, I work in a high end design office, and anytime I have to be around clients, I’m expected to look and act like a professional, which means I won’t be going back to work with my blue hair. Which is fine, I understand that a lot of our clients are older ladies who would not find bright blue hair professional. Whatever, it’s just hair. It doesn’t define me. The only tattoo of mine that’s generally visible is the small one on my wrist, and its discreet enough that I had it for months before I finally asked my boss “so you really don’t care that I don’t cover up my tattoo?” And she admitted she had never even noticed it since I hadn’t brought attention to it before. So yeah, keep stuff like that in mind. On the flip side, when I’m not in the office, I’m working at comic and anime conventions, so of COURSE no one cares how many or what kind of tattoos I have. Places like that, you WANT to show off and compare tattoos. Some of the most beautiful tattoo work I’ve seen has been on comic artists and animators. So being in a creative field will probably get you a lot more leniency.

now, if we’re talking casual jobs, like in retail or service industry or whatever, discuss the dress codes when you interview. A lot of places wont want visible tattoos, but that’s slowly changing. Don’t be a butt about it, you hopefully won’t be in a job like that forever, so if you have to, it’s easy enough to wear clothing that covers up or does not draw attention to your tattoos. Or use a coverup make up if you’re able. 

bottom line, unless you’ve got tattoos on your face or something, I wouldn’t worry about them immediately disqualifying you from a job. If you have a job and are thinking about getting one in a place not easy to hide, like your neck, discuss it with your boss first, and just understand if they don’t think it’s professional. Then wait until you get a better, kick ass job.

my little sister threw me some shade when I came home with my bright blue hair, and I just said “hey, I’ve reached the point in my life where I can get away with having brightly colored hair while still being considered a professional, working adult, and if that doesn’t mean success on some level, I’ve done something wrong.” And then I cartwheeled out of the room.