i really want those socks

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why do you have so many of the same watch on your wish list??? (i just wanted to see jesus band-aids and now I Have Questions)

They call me Five Watch McFuck on account of how I’m always wearing at least five watches.

Socks - Harrison Osterfield x Reader

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Reader

Summary/Prompt: Your soulmates first thoughts about you are tattooed onto your skin 

Warnings: None

A/N: This is based off of the New York premiere of Lost City of Z aka when Harrison wore a blue suit with red socks (I’m still concerned wtf)

Another A/N: I’m done writing about Harrison, this has just been in my drafts for months and I wanted to clear it out. 

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Sugar Daddy

a/n: Hey loves, I’ve been writing over the break and I have somethings that you might like. I hope you all are doing well, feel free to give me some shit to write about.

Much Love!


People say I get what I want when I want it, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Ashton is very very caring, and I love him for that. Today Ashton is taking me shopping because apparently I need some new clothes. “Baby girl hurry please we don’t have all day!” Ashton yelled up the stairs. “Coming!” I capped the wand of mascara, and ran downstairs. Ashton smiled at me, and we headed out.

The drive was filled with laughter and loud music. “Alright here we are.”Ashton turned off the car. I hopped out, and was excited to see where we were off to. “Okay babe, were do you wanna go first?” Ashton asked. I smiled, knowing exactly where I wanted to go, “Urban Outfitters.”

You know frilly socks that they have? I’ve been obsessed with them, but I haven’t been able to find any, and today that is what I am going to do. We walked in, and I just browsed around the vinyls, “Babe look! They have you guys.” I said holding up the vinyl. Ashton just nodded his head, not bothered to say anything.

I walked to the back, and saw my dream come true. A whole wall of frilly, knee high socks. I picked out 4 pairs. One black, one baby pink of course, one blue, and one white. I saw these other pair that I really liked. They were also knee high, but just plain colors with buttons on them. I grabbed a pair of them, and continued to look. I came across this very light dress that was black with daisy’s on it.

I kept look around, and I soon found a Calvin Klein sports bra that everyone has been wearing. “All ready?” Ashton asked. I nodded my head, ready to head out. “Thank you, I really wanted those socks.” I giggled. “You’re welcome, I could tell seeing as you wanted 4 pairs.” Ashton giggled, grabbing my hand.

We walked, and walked until I had everything Ashton wanted me to have. “You spoil me so much.” I say, kissing his cheek. “I wouldn’t say spoil, I’d say I’m more of your sugar daddy.” Ashton smirked. “Well, thank you Daddy for everything.” I say winking. We walked to the car, and I couldn’t wait to get home.


“Baby girl, go put on my favorite outfit, with a pair of those new socks.” Ashton said to me. “But I’m so comfy.” I said, snuggling up into him more. “Princess,” he warned. “Fine, fine I’ll go.” I said getting up. I walked into our room, and pulled up his favorite outfit. A very nice lace white set. I loved wearing this, and Ashton only lets me at certain times because it’s too special.

I picked out the black frilly socks to go with this because it looked the best, according to how I saw it. I admired myself one more time, before walking back downstairs to Ashton. “Hi Daddy.” I said, snaking my arms around his torso. I was playing his “Sugar Daddy” game he admitted at the mall.

“Lemme see my favorite girl.” He said, bringing me over to him. I stood in front of him, and smiled. “You make me go crazy kitten, do you know that?” He grabbed my hand, making me straddle his lap. “And in this outfit, you really know how I like it.” Ashton whispered. “You asked, Daddy. I just give you what you want.” I said.

Ashton kissed my jaw, moving down to my sweet spot on my neck. His hands traveled down from behind my bra unhooking it, to my lower stomach, to the hem of my panties. He pressed one finger to my clothes clit, making me whimper. “Look at how responsive you are baby.” Ashton cooed, adding more pressure. Which caused me to moan louder. “See.” He said kissing me.

Ashton worked his fingers from the outside in. He slowly added one finger, then two. He tried adding three, but I said hell no. He started at a slow pace, but that quickly changed and so did my breathing. “Daddy loves seeing you whimper underneath him.” He said. I moaned and felt the pit of my stomach tighten. “I’m g-gonna cum.” His fingers worked faster until my high came over me.

“Look at my little girl, a mess now.” Ashton said, “We’re gonna have to clean it up.” He attached his lips to my clit. I was so sensitive so I was squirming in his hands. “Keep still or you won’t cum for the rest of the night.” Ashton held my hips down. He dipped his tongue in and out of my entrance, and back up to sucking on my clit.

My hands tangled in his hair. His tongue lapped and lapped over my clit. It was quick as soon as my second orgasm followed. “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum again.” I moaned. “Cum for me baby.” Ashton hummed. The vibrations sent me over the edge. Loud moans and strings of profanities left my mouth as Ashton ate me out.

I was panting, trying to catch my breath. I grabbed the back of Ashton’s neck, kissing him harshly. I moaned, into the kiss when his hand was still planted on my clit. “Look at you, all sweaty and panting for your life. My baby girl knows how much Daddy likes making her cum.” Ashton whispered, nipping at my neck.

“Fuck me.” I moaned. “That’s not how we ask princess.” Ashton said. “Fuck me, Daddy, please.” I whispered. He smirked, and lined himself up with my entrance. He slowly pushed himself in, and I was whimpering the whole way. His pace was slow and peace then changed in the blink of an eye to hard and fast.

“Oh Daddy!” I moaned. “You like when I fuck you like this? Huh?” He asked. “Yes Daddy, I love when you fuck me.” My eyes rolled back into my head. His hand snaked down to rub my already oversensitive clit. “FUCK!” I yelled. “You gonna cum again?” He asked. I whimpered a no, not wanting to cum again when I did. “Baby girl I know you wanna cum.” Ashton said. I was a whimpering mess, rolling my hips to meet Ashton’s thrusts.

“Daddy ‘m close.” I moaned. His thrusts became sloppier, “Cum on baby, cum for me.” He said. My walls clenched around him, “Daddy please,” I whined. “Come on.” Again, I was moaning at pornographic levels, my back arched high. “Shit babe, I’m close.” Ashton moaned. “Cum for me Daddy.” I sucked and nipped at his neck.

Now Ashton was moaning mixtures of baby girl and cursing every other time. “Shit, shit, shit.” He growled, holding my hips down as he twitched inside me. He collapsed on top of me. “Cum for me one more time baby, then we can take a nice nap.” Ashton said.  His hands rubbed my clit in circles, that caused mine to stop them, but his force was strong and I gave up.

He slips a finger in as my walls clench around him. “Let go baby, you know you want  to.” Ashton encourages. An overwhelming feeling comes over me as I curl my toes, and arch my back. “There we go, that’s it.” Ashton kissed me. I moaned into his mouth at the extreme overwhelming feeling.

“You’ve been so good baby girl. Lets take a nap.” Ashton said. We both drifted off into a deep sleep, exhausted in what just happened.

Keisuke: Let me spoil you tonight ;)

*sometime later*

Keisuke: why are we at dollar general

Takumi: I’ve been really wanting some of those fuzzy socks lmfao

Keisuke: Takumi I brought like $500 with me we’re getting you more than a pair of fucking socks

Takumi: you said you’d spoil me

Keisuke: this is not what I meant


The “oops I shoplifted” haul

stores I went to first to last:

☆Forever 21☆(the only reason I even went to the mall was to go here and get hair bows and frilly socks. Don’t ask me why I just really wanted those two things) : •red heart shaped glasses ~$9 
•hair bows x3 ~$9
•bunny iPhone case -$8
•scrunchies ~$3 
☆Abercrombie☆ (I went here because forever 21 didn’t have frilly socks. First time in my life inside an A&F. Decided to steal some cute outfits because holy shit the place had like one employee and they forgot to tag like every other item. It was astonishing.)
•frilly socks x2 -$24 
•beige sweater ~$60
•windowpane dress -$58
•black tennis sweater -$58
•lace shift dress ~$75
•jeans -$40
•pink heart shaped glasses -$5
(Probably didn’t need two pairs of heart shaped glasses but whatever they’re free)
Floral hair bows x2 ~$14 

Total ~$363