i really want this part of the ff meme to be over

2016 IS ENDING !!!

It’s finally the end of 2016!! It’s been a very rough one for all of us, but I’ve made so many new friends and have made enough happy memories to battle the bad ones! This is gonna start with the people who have impacted me the most and then after that its everyone who I can’t live without seeing on my dash~

FOR KPOP BLOGS (i am also @kissmybt-ass and will also be making another separate ff for more recognition ayyy~)

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lardo bonds a lot with rans and holtzy this year. listen.

her two best friends graduated and like, jack and her talk sometimes, sure, but they’re not really Talking kind of people so it’s not often and that’s honestly fine! she still feels close with him. she sends him memes and he gets really confused and they rec each other documentaries and lardo sends him wip’s of her art and after four months jack learns how to send photos via email (he’s TRYING!!!!! let him be) and so they mostly just communicate thru art and sometimes they send each other texts like “you doing okay?” and they’ll usually reply like “yeah thanks for checking in” or “not really but it’ll be fine” and honestly lardo just feels really Secure with this relationship and they find a good balance

and with shitty it’s like……………God. jack’s not there much but shitty’s just fucking gone. he’s just up and disappeared from her life and lardo doesn’t really know how to deal with that. shit went down and she’s…..well. she’s had shitty There for so long that now she just feels weird not being able to text him so easily, but it feels odd when they do talk and so lardo is just left in this bizarre limbo and it’s. not good.

bitty’s there and that’s great! she loves bits!! but he seems preoccupied a lot of the time now?? she doesn’t really know why, and they hang and he’s still one of her best friends but sometimes she’ll catch him smiling with glazed vision or laughing too hard at his phone and she’ll ask but he just sort of…..changes the subject. and lardo gets privacy, she really really does (privacy is where she eats breakfast and makes her bed my guy. larissa duan is no stranger to Things That Are Mine Only) but it’s just……..there’s something up with bitty and it feels like she’s cut off from a part of his life and it’s weird and she just wants to be There 100% With Someone and that’s where rans and holster come in

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Every Possible Pynch Moment in The Raven Boys Part 2

Ronan shoved himself from beneath the car and stared up at Adam. He’d let his five o’clock shadow become a multiday shadow, probably to spite Gansey’s inability to grow facial hair. Now he looked like the sort of person women would hide their purses and babies from.  (ch. 20) (Adam POV)

Thank you Maggie for the visual of that first line. Also, thank you Adam for that completely unnecessary description of Ronan’s face. He looks like a bad boy, got it. 

“What is your plan with these things anyway?” Adam asked.

Ronan smiled his lizard smile. “Ramp. BMW. The goddamn moon.”

This was so like Ronan. His room inside Monmouth was filled with expensive toys, but, like a spoiled child, he ended up playing outside with sticks.

“The trajectory you’re building doesn’t suggest the moon,” Adam replied. “It suggests the end of your suspension.”

“I don’t need your back talk, science guy.”

He probably didn’t. Ronan didn’t need physics. He could intimidate even a piece of plywood into doing what he wanted. (ch. 20)

It’s funny how Adam never really critics Ronan on his money like he does Gansey? It’s always in terms like this, Ronan is a child. Ronan is fanciful. Ronan likes games. Ronan does what he wants. He always shows us Ronan in a boyish, youthful light. (apart from the danger) I think it’s sweet. Adam doesn’t. yet.

“What’s your malfunction, anyway?” Ronan asked (ch. 20)

I won’t lie to you. I just really love this line because it sounds like something Cher from Clueless would say and just please take a moment to picture Ronan Lynch watching Clueless and saying ‘As if!’ to Gansey every time he asked him a question for like a month. Oh and he can tell something is bothering Adam just by his tone. 

“I didn’t even realize that ‘midget’ was the Adam Parrish type,” he said.

He wasn’t being serious, but Adam was, all at once, fatigued with Ronan and his uselessness. Since the day of the fistfight at Nino’s, Ronan had already gotten several notices in his student box at Aglionby, warning him of the dire things slated to befall him if he didn’t begin to improve his grades. If he didn’t begin attempting to get grades. Instead, Ronan was out here building ramps. (ch. 20)

One: Jealous Ronan. Two: None of what Adam just said about Ronan has anything to do with……. anything??? He’s annoyed WITH HIM because he isn’t doing well in school. Like?? Adam, hun, sweetheart. You’re talking about the girl you like. Why are you thinking about Ronan being lazy in school? Adam is the equivalent of that meme: ‘him? oh yeah. i don’t care.’ *5 seconds later* ‘I just think it’s funny that………’ 

Two years earlier, Adam had made his decision to come to Aglionby, and, in his head, it was sort of because of Ronan. (ch. 20)

*looks at camera like in the office* Okay so I understand the connection and the story is so sad :( Adam has issues with money, we all know this. What’s interesting is that he chose to replace that boys face with Ronan’s face, once he met him. The boy he wanted to be like and not just in the having money sense but as a persona, a lifestyle. hm. (see: TDT intro of Greenmantle. what a parallel) 

Adam must not have truly expected to get Blue on the phone, because the surprise he felt when he heard her voice made his stomach feel hollowed out. Ronan was smirking in a way that made him want to punch his arm.

“Exploring. Do you want to come with?”

Ronan’s eyes widened. No matter what she said now, the phone call had been worth it for the genuine shock on Ronan’s face. (ch. 20)

(The arm thing. please see quote below) ADAM. YOU DON’T EVEN CARE. IF THE GIRL YOU ASKED OUT. SAYS YES. BECAUSE YOU SHOCKED. RONAN LYNCH. ffs. This kid is clueless. 

Ronan, the raven boy who was more raven boy than the others, was already installed in a window seat. He didn’t smile when he looked up. Adam, punching Ronan’s arm, took the middle seat, while Blue took the remaining window seat. (ch. 21) (Blue POV)

Bummed out Ronan :( Blue is really perceptive of him fyi. Also, if Adam Parrish wants to punch Ronan Lynch for smirking at him who are we to stop him. It’s an oddly affectionate thing. Blue doesn’t see it that way hence her just stating it but as we saw, Adam had planned it. Why is he like this. Don’t deny your little bi heart. 

Ronan said, “I’m always straight.”

Adam replied, “Oh, man, that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told.” (ch. 22) (Gansey POV)

I mean??????? Truth be told, I do wonder if Adam meant it in the way we take it. Like, I wonder how Adam came to think that. Because Ronan at this time was really into suppressing his Gay Feels. 

Adam.” This was Ronan’s voice, and she heard Adam’s footsteps moving cautiously and slowly around the edge of the pool toward it. The sound of snapping branches became softer as he moved farther away. (ch. 23) (Blue POV)

This. Gives.Makes. My. Heart. Jump. I will forever mourn that we don’t know what was going on there with them while Bluesey dealt with the fish. Anyway, I picked this as a pynch moment because we already know Ronan is being really quite and reserved in Cabeswater so I like to think that Ronan called for Adam softly and Adam came to him straight away. I just really like the easiness of the statement? I don’t know it’s very likely just me over thinking it but I like that Ronan only called Adam not the others while he quietly freaked out about the place. 

Part 1

5sos Preference 70: You Fight With His Ex & He Defends Her (Part Two)

enjoy this awful anticlimactic part two


Two days later you were still fuming over Ashton’s ignorance. You weren’t even sure where you two stood anymore, considering he’d left you alone at the party to find your own way home and hadn’t contacted you since. If you were being honest you weren’t mad that he hadn’t believed you anymore, you were furious and the fact that he’d completely ditched you only fueled your anger.

That’s why it came as a surprise when you answered your front door to find him standing on your porch, hands in pockets and head hung low. “Finally remembered you had a girlfriend?” You sassed, placing your hands on your hips and raising your eyebrows at him indignantly.

“(Y/N), I’m really sorry,” He apologized, avoiding your harsh glare as he stumbled over his words. “Calum showed me a video of what happened right after I took (H/Ex/N) home-”

“And it took you two days to come talk to me, why?” You cut him off, now even angrier he’d left you hanging for so long.

“I was angry with myself for being such an asshole to you. I didn’t even let you explain yourself before I accused you and I’m sorry for that.” He stammered, finally meeting your gaze which softened at the desperation in his eyes. “I’m an asshole and I wouldn’t be surprised if you broke up with me right now." 

"You are an asshole, but I love you anyways,” You joked, pulling him inside and hugging him tightly. 


A few weeks later Calum had forgiven you, even though you’d done nothing wrong. He’d refused to hear your side of the story so you’d finally just accepted your fate and let him believe what he wanted, the truth would come out eventually. You two were out at the mall walking around and taking pictures with fans every so often, so it wasn’t unexpected when two teenage girls stopped you on your way to the food court.

“(Y/N), are you all better from that party a few weeks ago?” Calum tensed at the girl’s question but you paid him no mind, this was it. The truth was coming out. “I still can’t believe that girl just attacked you! My friend got it on video but we didn’t want to post it anywhere.”

You were about to tell her you were alright when Calum interrupted you, “Do you have that video now?” When she nodded he requested to see it, holding her iPhone in his hands and his face began to fill with guilt as he watched the short video which ended with him pulling you away from (H/Ex/N) angrily.

After the two girls had walked away he placed his face in his hands, groaning quietly. “I’m such a dick, I can’t believe I was such a dick to you.” He continued to rub his eyes and mumble to himself angrily over his ignorance, tugging at his hair roughly.

“You are a dick but I forgave you for that a long time ago, Calum. It doesn’t matter anymore.” You told him, there was no use getting angry over something that had happened so long ago. 


You waited for the sound of the front door slamming but it never came, your tears halting momentarily as you listened for any noises. “I’m such an idiot,” Luke muttered as he pulled you off the ground, wiping the drying tears from your cheeks and hugging you tightly. 

“Why aren’t you going to your ex’s house?” You asked feebly, sniffing loudly and biting your still trembling lips. 

“I was about to leave when I saw my old punching bag by the door. It’s my fault you have those bruises on your hands, isn’t it? Because I gave you those boxing lessons.” He asked you, looking to your scratched up knuckles that were slightly blue with bruises.

“I don’t even know your ex’s name, Luke,” You muttered, resting your head on his chest and listening to his heartbeat which was faster than usual. “I couldn’t tell you the first thing about her.”

“I know,” He muttered.


You drove to the hospital later that day, nervous that Michael would still be angry with you. You were positive you hadn’t actually broken her nose, hell, you hadn’t even hit her once as you’d been too dazed from her harsh punches to your head. 

“Michael, how is she?” You asked as you sat beside him, his head resting in his hands. He shrugged, sitting up and sighing deeply.

“She’s at home and she’s fine. She told me the truth.” He replied looking at you guiltily. “You didn’t even leave a bruise on her body.” You wanted to scream out, ‘I told you so!’ but from the look on his face you could tell he was already beating himself up inside. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s not a big deal Michael,” You stated even though you were lying through your teeth. It was a big deal, he’d completely turned against you for his ex-girlfriend. 

“I didn’t even tell you I loved you before I left, I was such an asshole,” He groaned out, tugging a hand through his messy hair. You just leaned your head on his shoulder anyway, silently forgiving him for being a jerk to you. “I don’t even deserve you, (Y/N).” He sighed, kissing the top of your head.

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Week 3 - Long CS fic list

my edits skills may be lacking, but it’s still better than the Underworld filter

I hope we survive another Killian-less week. To help you with this, i compliled another long ass fic list

previously: Week 1 Week 2

note: if you’re wondering why this long list takes all your dash space and why the hell didn’t i use the read more option, there’s something i wanted to say:

noone in my lists will be ever under read more. popular, less known and unknown stories all deserve the same amount of attention. no head starts


you say you want passion (i think you found it) by @swishandflickwit​ one shot, 7k, M [roomates au, but not the standard mutual pining- sexual tension explodes fic. emma’s desire to erase her dissapointment with creative means doesn’t go as planned. it’s touching to see killian’s caring, unexpected and loving reaction. my firstborn for a sequel?]

One was Turning (One was Standing Still), ch. 2 and ch. 3/? by @nothandlingit [i am trully in awe. it’s a wedding pack fic, but not concerning emma and killian! it’s about letting time pass you by, realising the things you accepted before only weight you down. this reflects both on killian’s life and on emma’s emotions. must read]

Breathless and  Part 2. Part 3. by @acrobat-elle [i am breathless just by reading it]  

Dive For Your Memory (Part 1) and Part 2/3 by @wheres-your-rum WIP [killian mans a lighthouse in an alternative reality, where emma and henry arrive unexpectedly. there’s something magical about these two crazy but determined strangers, he feels it]

Perfect Fit by @he-won-her-heart (drabble) [i am in fluff paradise and i want to stay here until they bring killian back. cs wedding]

Apathy by @fancat69 8 chapters, complete, T [killian is always so affectionate and caring with emma, it’s interesting to explore his behaviour completely reversed]

More Than Words by @laschatzi one-shot, 7,2k words, M for magnificent music  [killiam in unknowingly serenading Emma in his angelic voice and she escapes reality listening to him. well, until they meet in person, that’s when the fun starts!]

Tempting Tradition by @ive-always-been-a-pirate sequel to A Home In The Highlands M [cs + outlander crossover where we take great pleasure in seeing killian as the fearless but lovable highlander and emma filling another badass lady’s shoes]

Flutter by @high-seas-swan​ one shot [if this is your first shot at fanfic, no wonder why you’re such an amazing writer. post 4x12, a quiet and cold, but not really cold, moment]

Laundry Day by @nowforruin one shot [it is true that heather has spoiled us by writing some of the best multi chapters, like These Nights, Lost Souls and Rabbit Holes and yeah.. The Trouble With Faking It. yet she can deliver the same amount of depth and emotion in less than a thousand words. masterfully]

world unknown (1/22) by @cutieodonoghue [a modern multi chapter by the fluff master? is it my birthday? i can’t wait to see how the ‘strangers married for a tv show’ trope will turn out!]

The Wicked Affair and Chapter 2 by @winter-by-the-sea [a spectacular mix of CS, Man from U.N.C.L.E and Agent Carter, about the later i may add, i took this writer’s advice along with other parties’ urging and i saw the first season. Fucking Unbeliable. supposed enemies. who can resist?]

Love & Lies (1/11) up to (5/11) WIP by @captainswanluver [emma and killian in a soap opera universe. the title is well deserved. celebrity au]

glow sticks by @emmaswanchoosesyou drabble [how can i resist your writing darling? though, i must confess, my filthy mind was already heading in another direction when reading the title]

Hands on (1/3) by @lenfaz [accidental ass grab turned awkward as fuck meeting! with will as a silent accomplice. light and fun, i almost fogot killian is dead. i didn’t]

Forever (My Best Friend) (4/?) by @awkwardbooknerd [although my only knowledge of The Office is by the iconic memes, it’s not an obstacle of this fic that follows a tentative friendship, dying to blossom]

A Christmas Miracle by winderah145 complete, 15 chapters, M, 20k words [i present to you my favourite trope done like a boss: we broke up but we pretend to date in front of the others, cause let’s face it, they’d be more heartbroken than us if we told them.]

Can’t Erase Me (4/?)  by @icapturedkindness [speaking of my favourite trope, here’s another amazing example, this one filled with Lost references. perfection]

of bail agents and bartenders by kathleenfergie one shot [roomates au. scenes from everyday adventures. delightfully well written]

of gods and men and emma swan by @initiala one shot [speculation fic, amanda never disappoints with the angst, as you probably know. let me say, though, that if this scene happens in 5x13 i’ll be over the moon]

Little Bean by @fleurreads one shot [emma is pregnant and the first one to notice is her mother, i’m not talking about mary margaret. someone who accepts and understands the miracle of life, the magic of it all]

Review and share, cupcakes


5sos Preference 69: 5 Seconds of Summer School

basically he’s ur teacher and yeah I might make this like a mini series but only if I get requests

Mr. Irwin:

Resting your head on your desk, you close your eyes for a single moment only for them to fly open when a collective gasp circulates through your class room. Looking up cautiously, you notice all the male students grumbling quietly whilst the females are all tugging their skirts up their thighs and their shirts down to expose their breasts. Rolling your eyes a little, you turn to the front of the room only for your eyes widen and your head to drop back onto your desk.

A loud bang as your forehead makes contact with the wooden surface echoes through the room, a grimace spreading on your face as you groan and bring your hands up to rub your now sore forehead. “Holy shit,” You grunt, risking a glance up to see that none other than your summer fling is staring back at you with a guarded expression. You knew this would turn out badly, hell you two had only broken up recently because you confessed to him that you were in fact a minor and had lied to him about being in college.

“Well, now that that’s over,” All the girls giggle obnoxiously, fawning over Ashton- er, Mr. Irwin who’s only gazing at you with that indescribable look in his eyes. “I’m Mr. Irwin, I’ll be your teacher from now on. Ms. Baldwin has relocated.” You bite your tongue to keep from whining in protest. You want to stand and stomp your feet, throw a tantrum like a child. You refused to be taught by this man, you just knew that due to your past relationship he’d surely be out to get you. “I’ve taken the liberty of creating a seating chart for you all, if you’d please stand and allow me to point out your new seat.”

In a matter of minutes the entire class is seated, aside from you. “Yes, Miss (Y/L/N), Ms. Baldwin warned me that you liked to dawdle in her class. You’ve earned yourself the seat directly in front of my desk, and a thirty minute detention for your episode. I expect that this will be the only time I must spend my afternoon scolding you?” Your cheeks burn red, your eyes falling to the ground and tears stinging your eyes as you take your seat in front of his. “Answer me, please.”

“No, sir.” You mutter feebly, picking at your shirt and struggling to ignore the quiet giggles being passed around the room. “It won’t happen again." 

Mr. Hood:

"Fat ass,” One of the popular girl cackles as she pushes you roughly, your hands flying up to cover your bare stomach as you’re shoved out of the locker room and into the gym without a shirt on and only your tiny gym shorts covering your legs. “Mr. Hood! (Y/N)’s streaking!” She shrieked, pretending to be disgusted as she covers her eyes and gives you a sneaky smirk.

The entire gym is already alight with boisterous laughter, tears filling your eyes to the point where your vision is blurred. But, you can still make out the extremely angered face your gym teacher, Mr. Hood, is giving you as he opens the locker room door and pushes you inside gently. “I expect you to be dressed completely and in my office in ten minutes.” He practically growls, his eyes lingering on you for a moment before he slams the door and storms off to his office. The moment you’re alone you’re crying, sobs racking your body as you pull your gym shirt on and lace your trainers. Pulling on your huge jumper, you breath in the scent of your home, calming yourself before glancing at the clock and frantically wiping the tears from your eyes as you realize it’s been nearly ten minutes already.

You sprint through the gym, merciless taunts being shouted at you from the girls and vulgar comments echoing in your ears from the boys. You throw Mr. Hood’s office door open, closing it and breathing deeply to stop yourself from turning hysterical once again. You didn’t understand why your peers were so ruthless when it came to you, doing anything and everything they could to embarrass you and then get you in trouble with your teachers afterwards. “Miss (Y/L/N), just in time. Sit down, please.” Mr. Hood’s voice is quiet, gentler than it was in the gym and your eyes meet his curiously as you follow his orders. “What actually happened out there, because I’m fairly sure by your puffy eyes that you didn’t plan for this.”

You nibble on your lower lip, thinking hard as to whether you really should fess up to the awful bullying you’d been experiencing. Blinking rapidly, you met his gaze once again to see him watching you curiously. Could you really lie to him? You knew for sure that if you stuck to the story that you’d be suspended, did you really want to suffer the punishment? “Mr. Hood, Miss Gilbert wasn’t lying. I guess I’m just out of control.” You plastered on a terribly fake, arrogant smirk and spoke with sarcasm though on the inside you were crumbling to pieces. You couldn’t tell the truth, the bullying would only get that much worse if you were to retaliate.

Mr. Hood purses his lips, his eyes narrowing as he stares you down. You know he can tell that you’re lying, but for some odd reason he accepts your lie. “I have no choice but to give you a week’s worth of after school detention. I expect you here, in my office exactly ten minutes after the final bell or I’m adding another week. Don’t bring any homework, I’ll figure something out for you to occupy yourself with.” His tongue swipes over his lips as he speaks his last statement, a smirk twitching at his mouth before he regains composure. “For now, go to the office. You’re dismissed for the day.”

Mr. Hemmings:

“Shit!” You shriek in horror, your eyes frozen on the clock that states it’s nearing half past nine in the morning. “I’m late, I’m late, I’m so fucking late!” You chant to yourself as you rip your pajamas off and dress yourself into your uniform before throwing your hair into a grossly messy bun, spraying on perfume and using a ton of deodorant to cover the fact that you weren’t showered. You sprint all the way to your school, panting as you run into the main office to receive your late slip. It’s the second time this week that you’ve shown up late, but you couldn’t exactly help it.

Mr. Hemmings definitely didn’t understand that, though. You hesitate a moment, your hand hovering over his door handle as you consider just skipping his class. You take one step back, dropping your hand only to bump into someone. “Going somewhere, Miss (Y/L/N)?” You swallow thickly, turning with a sheepish smile to face Mr. Hemmings who’s smirking down at you with raised eyebrows. “Busted.” He tsks, chuckling to himself as he opens the door and nudges you through first before following quickly behind with a thick stack of papers in his grip. “Well, class, it seems as if Miss Hookie has joined us just in time for a pop quiz. Would you please do the honors?”

You bite back a rude comment, giving him a fake smile as you take the stack of papers and hand them out to your class. Sliding into your own seat, you pull out your pen and stare down at your test with wide eyes and parted lips. It was like a foreign language to you, the equations and formulas all unfamiliar to you as you’d probably been absent when they’d been taught to the class. “Having troubles?” You jump in your seat, looking up to see Mr. Hemmings staring down at you with his usual cocky smirk. “I’m sure I can tutor you tonight in detention, and tomorrow night, and the next night, and every other night for the rest of the month. You’re lucky I’m not suspending you, now hand over your test and go to the office. I don’t want to look at you right now.”

Your lips are trembling in shame as you hand him your paper, shuffling to the door as the class erupts into snickers and giggles behind you. Embarrassment is eating away at you, Mr. Hemmings holding the door open and following you into the hall as you bite your lips to keep them from shaking any further. You know that your eyes are surely glassy with un-shed tears, making your distress fairly obvious to him as he stares down at you with guarded eyes. “You don’t understand, Mr. Hemmings,” You tried to reason with him, your voice taking on a desperate tone as you looked up at him with a flushed face and watery eyes.

“There is no excuse you can possibly give me that will make me change my mind, Miss (Y/L/N). I’m sorry I’ve embarrassed you, but perhaps you should have thought about that before you tried to skip my class.” He gives a lame apology, showing no remorse whatsoever for the fact that you were practically falling apart in front of him. “I’ll see you in detention, maybe you should use your time in the office to study. Your grades are already at rock bottom, if they drop any lower and you won’t graduate this year.” You turn on your heel, stalking down the hall and wiping at your eyes and coughing to cover the small whimpers that fight their way from your lungs. He just didn’t understand.

Mr. Clifford:

Panic! At The Disco is blasting through your earphones, your head resting on your arms which are splayed across your hard desk. Yet another day in school where you could barely keep your eyes open, your music being the only thing that could keep you from falling to the ground in a coma from sleep deprivation. It wasn’t like you just weren’t sleeping, more like you couldn’t. You’d suffered from a random bout of insomnia lately, large bags forming under your eyes to further prove your point if the zombie like state you were in wasn’t enough proof.

You lifted your head up quickly, ready to snap on someone with the full force of your pent up rage as one of your earphones was ripped out of your ear, only to meet the furious gaze of your teacher. Mr. Clifford wasn’t the usual teacher, he was startlingly young with crazy colored hair (that was seemingly thinning from being abused) and random tattoos scattered over his body. You didn’t know how he’d managed to get a job at your school, but you weren’t exactly complaining. He was hot, and you were quickly learning he was even sexier when he was angry.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He growled out, his hands yanking your other earphone from your ear and ripping your iPod off your desk. “I understand that you may have troubles with sleeping, but that does not mean that you may use my class as nap time. Sit up, pay attention, do your work and I’ll see you later today in detention.” He snapped, stomping back to his desk and throwing your iPod in one of the drawers carelessly before he continued to prattle on about whatever it was he actually taught about in his class.

You spent so much time sleeping in his class, you’d actually forgotten what class it was. It was always just Mr. Clifford’s class, you couldn’t seem to remember for the life of you what you were supposed to be learning. You blinked your eyes rapidly, yawning into your hand as your head grew heavier and heavier. You knew that without your music you were a goner, you were going to fall asleep at any moment and you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself.

Your head was just barely sinking down, your eyes drooping when a scoff woke you up instantly. “Unbelievable, Miss (Y/L/N), already sleeping again? You are truly insufferable. Out in the hallway, now. I’ll be out to have a word in a moment.” You were quick to follow orders, your cheeks flushing as you walked briskly into the hallway and leaned against the lockers beside the door. “You cannot keep acting out like this. I’ve given you detention, I’ve suspended you, what do I have to do to get you to focus?” He rattled off, counting off all his attempts on his fingers. “Do you even know how bad your grade is in my class?” You shook your head quickly, looking down with a sheepish grin. “That’s it. Everyday after school, for the rest of the school year, I expect you in my room. I’m going to tutor you from the time the final bell rings until the janitor arrives. I expect you in my room starting today.”

5sos Preference 69: 5 Seconds of Summer School (Part 5)

remember this is only continued on request!

Mr. Irwin:

Two weeks later you sat in Ashton’s classroom with a grin on your face, ignoring the questioning glares from your peers as you gave your full attention to your boyfriend- who also happened to be your teacher. The thought made you queasy with nerves but you refused to let your doubts control you, Ashton made you happy and you weren’t going to let that go.

“Miss (Y/L/N), will you please stay behind after class? I would like to talk to you about your grades.” Ashton stated in his demanding Mr. Irwin tone, his teacher voice. You nodded, pretending to be solemn as your classmates snickered and giggled like children around you. “Good, I’m glad your behavior is improving as well.”

You continued to work on your classwork, scribbling down questions and answers in your notebook quickly in hopes that your class would end sooner. You were more than anxious to be alone with Ashton again, especially since it was Friday and you were planning to spend the night at his apartment for the night.

Your friend had agreed to cover for you, telling your parents that you were staying at her house while you were really sleeping at Ashton’s. If your family were to ever find out you and Ashton would both surely be dead but you were more than willing to risk that. You needed to be with Ashton again.

Mr. Hood:

The next day in detention you were nervous that things would be awkward between you and Calum. You weren’t even in the gym, but rather in Mr. Hemmings’s room with the girl who’d been serving his detention. Mr. Hemmings was absent that day and Calum had offered to sub for him.

You you were a little put off sitting in a quiet class room with Calum and some random other girl, who was looking between you two suspiciously but refusing to speak up for herself. There were only a few seconds left and you were itching for Calum to release you both, so you could hopefully sneak a few words in with him.

“Alright ladies, detention is over,” The other girl bolted out of the room faster than anything you’d ever seen, the door slamming shut behind her and leaving you both to stare after her with wide eyes. “Do you need something, (Y/N)?” Calum asked, the corners of his lips twitching as he fought back a smirk.

There was no use in replying, your mouth finding his feverishly as you kissed him just once. This had to be the last time, you told yourself, you needed to stop this bad habit before it got out of control. Well, you thought that until you found yourself kissing him again, and again, and a few other times until things escalated to a place you’d never been before…

Mr. Hemmings: 

Three more days passed without Mr. Hemmings before he finally returned, the Friday before your holidays began and you would be leaving for three weeks. Class had been filled with avoiding glances and awkward glares, the glares more so on your part than his. Why couldn’t he look at you? He was the one who’d messed up!

“(Y/N), will you please listen to me?” He sighed as soon as the door shut you into his room for your detention/tutoring session. You shrugged, keeping your eyes cast downwards as he huffed impatiently. His hand grasped your chin, tugging your face up to look at him. “Listen to me, (Y/N).” He demanded, but you didn’t want to listen.

You didn’t want to hear his excuses or his lies when they didn’t really matter, so you did the one thing you knew would hush him. You grasped his face with equal force, your lips smothering his with an indescribable vigor. He lost all self control, leaning into you completely seduced with one single touch.

He whimpered and whined as you pushed on wards, leaving no room for discussion or thought. You had just wanted him to shut up but somehow it became so much more, you wanted him more than ever and you weren’t sure why. Not even moments ago you’d been disgusted with the man but now all you could think about was how absolutely delicious he tasted and his eyes, oh god his eyes! His hands, his scent, his emotion, all of him. You wanted all of him.

Mr. Clifford:

You waited nervously, swinging your feet around timidly as you sat in your hospital gown. You were in a Planned Parenthood facility, waiting for the results of your professional pregnancy test. You had to be sure before you could tell Michael, though the guilt of not telling him already was eating away at you. You weren’t sure you’d ever be ready to tell him, you were barely even ready to accept it yourself.

“Well, I’m not sure how to put this lightly Miss (Y/L/N).” The doctor breathed, an emotionless mask on his face as your stomach tightened considerably. “You’re not pregnant,” He continued and you breathed in deeply as relief spread through your body. “Just a few faulty tests and a stomach bug, my dear.”

You nodded quickly, your heart leaping out of your chest excitedly. “Now, there’s no easy way to say this, love, but unfortunately I have to be the bearer of bad news,” You froze, looking at him in terror. “I went ahead and did another test on your levels and it’s come to our attention that you are barren. It’s physically impossible for you to have children. I’m very sorry.”

And, just like that, your world came crashing down one more time.

anonymous asked:

what happened?

Well, to be completely honest, the fandom has been acting pretty gross lately. Part of me wants to believe they’re joking, but more often than not they send shivers down my spine.


Let’s start with a topic I’ve already been vocal about: making the duke’s cocaine habits a joke. As I’m sure everyone already knows, cocaine had a very strong hold on David in the 70s, and even into the 80s when he relapsed. It ate up his money, his body and gnawed on his mind. It’s because of these drugs that he has brain damage resulting in a gap in his memory that spans the seventies. A simple google search of the thin white duke or David Bowie from the 70s shows an emaciated, pale, obviously ill, young man. Or, watch an interview on youtube from that time. Listen to David Live. You can hear how stoned he is when he enters the stage and how he slowly comes down at the end of the first half, then intermission, and it starts all over. Let me tell you what a quick internet search tells me about cocaine side effects:
“ [short term side effects]…users report feelings of restlessness, irritability, anxiety, panic, and paranoia. Users may also experience tremors, vertigo, and muscle twitches. There also can be severe medical complications associated with cocaine abuse. Some of the most frequent are cardiovascular effects, including disturbances in heart rhythm and heart attacks; neurological effects, including strokes, seizures, headaches, and coma; and gastrointestinal complications, including abdominal pain and nausea. In rare instances, sudden death can occur on the first use of cocaine or unexpectedly thereafter. Cocaine-related deaths are often a result of cardiac arrest or seizures followed by respiratory arrest. “ (source)
Hilarious. Absolutely, gut rippingly hilarious….

But wait! There’s more!

“ Many chronic cocaine users lose their appetite and experience significant weight loss and malnourishment.”  (source) Hm…

Long-term effects

  • Permanent damage to blood vessels of heart and brain
  • High blood pressure, leading to heart attacks, strokes, and death
  • Liver, kidney and lung damage
  • Destruction of tissues in nose if sniffed
  • Respiratory failure if smoked
  • Infectious diseases and abscesses if injected
  • Malnutrition, weight loss
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Auditory and tactile hallucinations
  • Sexual problems, reproductive damage and infertility (for both men and women)
  • Disorientation, apathy, confused exhaustion
  • Irritability and mood disturbances
  • Increased frequency of risky behavior
  • Delirium or psychosis
  • Severe depression
  • Tolerance and addiction (even after just one use)

All of the bolded items have been seen in David both in the TWD days and all the way up to present day. Such a fun thing to joke about right? Let’s make some memes….

Another topic that’s got me ripping my hair out is that people seem to think they’re entitled to the Jones family’s lives. It was such a post that sparked my post.

(leaving OP’s name out so they don’t get flooded with anon shit)

“ ok iman’s birthday is in 4 days so david must be out getting a present in the next 4 days someone please get a picture of him im desperate “

No. No no no no no. You are not entitled to these pictures. He has firmly stated that he is retired. He does not want to be photographed. He does not want to tour. He just wants to live his life and raise his family.

I see a lot of people on Bnet and BWW talking about how they were blocked by Iman on her pages and how Lexi had to delete her AskFM because of a similar reason. Any picture of iman showing her personal life or a beautiful sunny selfie or a nice decoration she put up at home is plagued with people writing in so much disgusting detail about how much they want to marry her husband and how much they want to have sex with him. Lexi was asked about her dad over and over like the page wasn’t even hers.

That is disgusting. You are no more entitled to their private lives than you are entitled to mine, or your teachers, your neighbors, the guy bagging your groceries, the barista at starbucks, etc.

You are NOT entitled to David Bowie’s private life or that of his family’s

There are countless Bowie fanpages for talking about his career and his work. Iman’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are NOT appropriate for those. Any of Lexi’s pages, should you find them, are DEFINITELY NOT appropriate for this.
If it is hard to understand, put yourself in their shoes. How uncomfortable would that be to have hundreds of faceless posters telling you how much they’d like to bed your husband or father? Or better, imagine the way David must feel, knowing his wife has to deal with that? His daughter?
It would be awful and uncomfortable.

On that note….NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE SEXUAL. FFS GUYS. Certain posts are getting to be like finding a used condom on the ground. You don’t want to touch it, I don’t want to touch it, and everyone pretty much gives it the “EW” face and skitters away. Do you really wanna be that fandom?
Not every damn picture of david has to be sexual. He has sex. Its a well known fact, but could you stop bringing it up in every single picture of him? Cant you enjoy a picture as a picture without thirsting over his dick? He’s a very attractive man, it’s true. It could be a picture of him sitting in a chair and someone will throw a sexy gif in after it. Like…please. be able to appreciate a picture without making it sex oriented.There are people who want to be able to reblog or even just look at a picture of him without having those kinds of thoughts pass through their mind. Conduct yourselves like the adults I know I lot of you are, especially since there are some members of the fandom that aren’t adults.

Another thing….Guys, it’s not THAT BIG A DEAL if somebody doesn’t know who David Bowie is. If your BF or GF doesn’t know who he is, show them some CDs and cuddle up to watch Labyrinth. In a way, this is something the entire tumblr website has problems with. If somebody doesn’t know about something, don’t yell at them, don’t freak out wildly, and don’t shove it in their faces! For god’s sake! You’ll scare them away before they even have a chance to make a decision about whether they want to know or not! Show your friends! Make it FUN. The Bowie fandom loves to tell itself how open it is, but if it screams at anyone who doesn’t know him, it just becomes a club nobody wants to touch.

and truthfully…I could go on for hours.I could post screenshots of posts till I’m blue in the face. This is a fandom that is very problematic and it needs to be cleaned up pronto.

honeythick  asked:

#4 for the kiss meme b/c it sounds angsty af & #20 for fluff :)

[OOPS this got really long and angsty SORRY]

4. A kiss given to the wrong person

Foggy will insist to his dying day that he does not, in fact, squeak out loud when the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen lands in the alley between him and the two knife-wielding lunatics who’ve muscled him in there.

Luckily, he’ll have a lot of time for said insisting, because thanks to the Devil, his dying day is not today. Honestly, Foggy doesn’t really see what happens - all he knows is that the Devil moves very fast and suddenly Foggy’s attackers are unconscious on the ground and the Devil is hunched over them, panting like a rabid dog.

“Uh,” Foggy says, even though he’s not one hundred percent sure he’s not about to end up bleeding on the ground himself. “Thanks? Mr…Devil. Sir.”

The Devil startles. “Ff - ” he says without turning around, and then, “Mr. Nelson. Are you all right?”

“You know who I am?” Foggy asks. That’s…alarming.

“I make it a point to know everyone of importance in Hell’s Kitchen.” He’s straightened up, but he still hasn’t turned around.

Foggy blinks. “I’m important?”

“If you’re going after Fisk you are.” The Devil waves a hand at his unconscious victims. “Why do you think these men targeted you?”

Foggy takes a step back and tries to discreetly reach for his phone. “Who says I’m going after Fisk?”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Nelson. Your enemy is my enemy.” The Devil turns his head, just enough for Foggy to see the edge of a stubbled cheek. “You don’t have to be afraid.”

“Who - who says I’m afraid?” Foggy asks, and now he can see that cheek curving into a smile. Asshole.

“Get home safe, Mr. Nelson,” the Devil says, and before Foggy can say anything else, he’s around the corner, melting into the darkness.


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HEY FAM ok i’ve just finished my first year of college and to celebrate that, my love for lirry, and my time spent on this ugly site i wanted to make another ff to thank everyone i follow for being so great and to all of the friends ive made over the years i love you all!! also thanks for just rolling with all my url changes lately im a url ho (so just a reminder bc i forgot too tbh i was nutonmyfaceliam drakesugarbaby dickmedowniam & zupacs in the last like 2 months) so yeah here are some of my fave blogs (mutuals and non mutuals) and friends and i know im forgetting people i suck at this im sorry 

a small message to my mains:

karyn | ada | nole | magnolia | eric | ash | elise

shoutout to the squad squad:

i love yall so much like you are the funniest group. our convos are hella extra i cry laughing most of the time with the squadits, memes, dragging raddy, dragging MAGGIE, thirsty ass texts…., messy skypes, all of it is so much fun and i’m really glad you’re all a part of it bc it wouldnt be the same :“)

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anonymous asked:

Please do an imagine with luke where he likes you but you have a boyfriend and then you break up with your boyfriend and find out he liked you by going through his diary :)


A/N: Thanks for the request love! This was so fun to do. Xx

“Hold on, guys” Ashton called out to the boys as the familiar ringtone of his phone cut through the room. He threw the controller onto the couch beside him after pausing the game they were currently playing. He then started searching his pockets, getting his iPhone out as quickly as possible. As he checked who was trying to get in touch, your name appeared on the screen. A smile crept onto Ashton’s lips and he tapped the accept button and brought the phone to his ear.

“Hey, Y/N” he greeted you with his usual heart-warming voice. “What’s up?”

That’s when he heard your muffed sobs and thunderstruck went from being happy to worried sick. “Y/N, what happened? Why are you crying?”

The other boys had overheard your conversation from Ashton’s side and all stopped to insult each other about their game play. Especially Luke sternly eyed Ashton with a glance that was looking for explanation.

“Can I come over?” was everything you could get out of your sore throat. You had been screaming so much within the last hour, it almost felt numb by now.

“Yeah, of course” Ashton replied instantly, checking the reaction of the rest of the squad, who all gave him a silent nod of agreement. “We’re at Luke’s,” he informed you and you thanked them.

“I’ll be there in ten, okay?” “Alright, take care.”

Ashton knew something big was up. He should have actually realized when you hit him up after previously turning down his invitation to go on a date with your boyfriend.

“What did she say?” Luke suddenly asked. Ashton turned to face him for an answer, but he just shrugged. He didn’t know exactly, but they could all guess who the reason behind her tears was.

“I hate her boyfriend” Luke stated aloud. And even though Michael was tempted to say ‘of course you do, you’ve been having a crush on her since you first got introduced’; he bit his tongue. The situation seemed too serious for these kind of jokes. He didn’t want to be inappropriate. So instead he said: “What do you think he has done this time?” They all appeared to deeply think about it, but none of them spoke a response. And in silence they chose to just wait for your arrival to clarify things.

Almost exactly ten minutes later you rang the bell to the Hemming’s home with your shaking hands. You heard steps coming towards your direction as you tried to fix yourself a little within the last couple seconds. Then the door opened and you were invited in by Calum who wore and unreadable expression on his face. He walked ahead to the living room where you found all of your four male best friends gathered on the couch and floor. On the TV was still the menu of Trials Fusion. You had interrupted their game night, great. You made your way half way across the room and fell onto the armchair, which was the closest actual seat near Michael.

“How did he screw up this time?” Luke bluntly asked.

You felt a little hurt at the plain assumption your friend made, but no. You couldn’t deny that he really had messed up this time. “He’s seeing someone.”

“We kind of figured that” Michael commented with a raised eyebrow.

“No” you shook your head to squash the misunderstanding. “No, like someone besides me” you finally solved their emerged riddle. And with that being said, the tears started rolling down your cheeks again.

Luke jumped up from the place where we was seated on the carpet. “What?!” He looked outranged and utterly heated. Then Ashton took the word as he turned from Luke to you. “He has been cheating on you?”, he questioned, as to make sure he definitely got it right.

“That freaking as-“ Calum started out to insult, but Ashton cut him off.

“He doesn’t deserve you, Y/N.”

“Seriously, it was just a matter of time before you would come around with something more stupid then the last time”, Luke was clearly pissed; his fingers were clenched into a fist.

“I hope you officially and finally ditched that idiot” Calum interfered.

You nodded silently, swallowing the newly building sobs.

Ashton stepped over to you and wrapped himself tightly around your fragile figure, running through your hair and up and down your back until you had almost completely calmed down again.

“You’re going to stay with us tonight, no arguments” he then said and flashed a smile at you. “You can sleep in my bed” Luke offered generously. “I’ll just sleep in the living room with the boys.”

Now you as well wore a tiny smile. You had such amazing friends. You had no idea how you deserved these four blokes.


It was the next morning that you discovered something. You had just gotten out of the shower after waking in Luke’s comfortable bed with the ocean blue sheets. You didn’t mean to invade his privacy or anything, but it was really just lying there, half opened up in the middle, it was too tempting not to actually check what the pages said.

You hadn’t had much time to look around last night, because it had been late and you were exhausted, and after all, you hadn’t seen the point, since you had been to Luke’s a dozen times by now. But that had never been there, or at least not for your eyes to meet.

It was a small DIN A5 note book, probably to sketch or save future song lyrics that ran through his head. But when you looked closer, you didn’t see any sign of notes or drawings. Instead, there was a picture lying within, backwards so it was facing the page.

You lingered with your fingers ready to pick up the print, before you convinced yourself, it wouldn’t hurt to take look. After all, if it was anything too personal, he wouldn’t leave it here so openly.

But you were wrong. Luke had just not had the time to hide his diary away yesterday, because the boys came earlier, so he had forgotten about it really quickly when they came in and all rambled on about what to play and if he had prepared snacks. The rare occasion of them actually properly hanging out during their holiday was just taking over. But he was determined to get it before you woke up, he couldn’t risk you seeing it. But it was too late.

When Luke pushed down the door handle and stepped inside his own bedroom, he saw you stand in front of his desk, already holding one of the pictures that were meant to remain unsighted by anyone – especially you.

The noises hardly made you react, but you did notice them. You did notice him.

It was after the pass of a few seconds that you looked behind into his blue eyes and asked: “What is this?” In your hand, you were holding the picture of the both of you from last year’s Halloween party; you had gone as Ariel and he was a fairy tale prince; that was the night you had met your former boyfriend. It had the simple note ‘wish you knew back then’ written on it.  And you were now awaiting explanation.

[Part Two]

Little Stark 5.5/5

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: Six years after part five of ‘Little Stark’

Originally posted by painfulblisss

 Prologue: The Starks

Part One: Hair Ties and Blue eyes

Part Two: Find a penny…

Part Three: The tempest

Part Four: The Aftermath

Part Five: Home

Epilogue: Us

You smiled before you even opened your eyes. You were in your favourite place: Bucky’s arms. He was intoxicating, his scent and soft skin made you want to bury your face into his body and never move.

“You have a plane to catch.” Bucky’s sexy morning voice told you. He wanted you to stay just as much but you did have to go.

“It’s my plane, they can’t leave without me.” You giggled, cuddling into him even more. He chuckled but didn’t fight it, bringing your body closer to his. You were almost asleep again before a small body came running into Bucky’s room and jumping on the two of you. The two of you groaned at the sudden impact but laughed it off anyways.

“Mommy says it’s time to wake up!” Your niece exclaimed jumping on the two of you. Bucky pulled the girl down and cuddled her between you two, almost smothering her. She screeched playfully and jumped up, running to the door where her father laughed and scooped her into his arms.

“It’s time to get up, you two both have work to get to.” Steve said, carrying his daughter out of the room. Within the past six years your sister and Steve have gotten married and had your niece. You have become CEO of the Stark foundation, a branch of Stark industries that deals specifically in charity work. You’ve done a lot in your time but you had a soft spot for children and so, you brought children over from lees-fortunate countries to have medical attention and be adopted. Today you were supposed to go to the Philippines and check up on the Stark orphanages there.

“I love everyone here I really do, but maybe its time to get our own place?” Bucky asked. It’s been easier for the both of you to just live in the tower where you worked, and be with family, but lately Bucky’s been wanting you all to himself.

“But who would wake us up in the morning?” You joke staring at his beautiful face.

“Well we could adopt and have them wake us up or we could always make our own human alarm clock…?” He suggested timidly.

“You want a baby?” You ask him with wide eyes.

“I want you. I want a family with you. I want a house with you. I want to grow old with you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life.” He says. Your heart pounds faster as he rolls over and pulls a little red box out of his night stand. “I want us.” You place a hand over your mouth trying to muffle your gasp, as he opens the box to reveal a beautiful silver band with a diamond on it. “Will you marry me?”

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