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SnapChat Mishaps -Pt 2

 { I didn’t plan on writing a second part to any of the one shots but this one seems to be one of the favorites so I figured I’d turn it into a mini series. Please message me or comment or something to let me know if I should keep going with it ! Otherwise i might not ,xoxoxo}

Snapchat Mishaps One shot       { Master List}

    WHY?! why would Bucky come to my room? did he think this was a serious invitation?! Fuck.  Rapid knocks on your door startle you out of your thoughts, making your body freeze with panic. Maybe if I don’t answer-

“ Doll, I know youre in there.” Damn It.  You quickly roll off your bed to slid your robe over your bare body . You slowly open your door, and he is right there . His cheeks are slightly flushed, and his eyes are lust blown, the usual blue almost fully over taken with black. Fuck .

“Is there something you need Barnes?” you ask , crossing your arms over your chest as you speak .

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“ Oh I think you know the answer to that Doll.” his voice is dripping with want, theres no denying that.  You raise an eyebrow at him, a dirty smirk spreading across your face. I’m so going to have fun with this. 

Bucky is a little shit on a daily basis , making fun of you ,  annoying the shit of you constantly & then the next second he’s a flirty little jackass. Who thinks like that ? Let me just annoy this shit out of this girl,  then try to flirt my way into her pants . What a fucking ass.

“ Arent you going to invite me in ?” he asks when you don’t answer him .

“ No , I’m not. “you simply answer, making his eyes widen as you add ,” The snaps weren’t an invitation Barnes, and frankly, I don’t think  you’ve earned the right to come in just yet. So no , I’m not inviting in your room . But you know what I am going to do?“ you ask, stepping closer to him , you slowly run your hands up his chest,

” I’m going to go back in my room, drop this robe , and fuck myself . Over and over again . And you know what? Maybe , just maybe, ill think of you while I do it. Maybe ill imagine your hands, running down my body , rolling my nipples between your metal fingers, or maybe ill think about what it would feel like having your fingers fucking my tight, wet pussy . Mmm, ill probably imagine how good it would feel to ride your- “

 ” jesus Christ Y/n.“ Bucky half moans, half growls out . You glide one of your hands down his body , until it lands over his hard bulge  .Holy Fucking Hell .

” Good night Bucky.“ you lean up, gently kissing his cheek  .  He doesn’t move as you step back into your room ,his eyes never leaving you . 

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Before closing your door, you drop your robe, watching as his eyes drink in the sight of your bare body . He releases another growl, sending a new shock of heat straight to your core. You send him a wink before closing the door. You know it was a dick move to be that much of a tease, but God, was it fucking worth it to see the look on his face .

 You crawl back into your bed, immediately opening your snap, Time for the real fun.

  The First Snap : you start recording as you move your free hand to your chest, tugging and rolling your hard nipples between your fingers , letting out breathy moans as you do .  When the video cuts, you send it Bucky without hesitation.

 The Second. : You don’t wait, and start recording the next snap, your hand moving down to your clit, rubbing tight, hard circles around it . you don’t hold in the moans, letting them fall from your lips  . Send.

The Last One: you wait a couple minutes, building yourself up until youre near your finish . When you feel the knot in you tighten , you start the snap . You angle the camera so your mouth , and bare chest are in view as you plunge your fingers in and out of your pussy . You don’t want to show him every part of you , well not yet atleast. The sounds from your movements are obscene , and very audible ,  right as the video is about to end, you finish , Buckys name escaping your lips in moan as you cum all over your fingers. You can see your body arching, as you come undone, and its oddly satisfying when you rewatch it before you send it.  Happy with the outcome, you send to it Bucky . And wait for his response

 He didn’t reply for a few minutes, & it drove you insane. When your notifications finally went off your pulse picked up . you let out a deep breath as you open his video . It was of him, fucking himself with his hand, and moaning your name as he finishs, his cum shooting out over his chest .  They way he moans your name ignites a new fire in you  .  As torturous as this is for him, its just as bad for you now; and you didn’t plan on that. Sure, you always thought he was attractive, but his annoying  habits were difficult to ignore.  You didn’t think watching him do that to himself, would turn you on so much .  I really need to think of the outcomes of things before I do shit like this.

Its been a week, and everyday , you and Bucky would send dirty snaps back and forth . You’ve never been so sexually frustrated in your life, even when you get yourself off , its not enough  . You cant get the image of Bucky fucking you out of your head, and its all you want now . But is that a step you really want to take? Once its done , theres no going back .  I have to work with him, see him everyday , can I do that if I give in? If I let him fuck me, if I let him do whatever he wants to me? Will I be able to look him in the eyes without feeling awkward?  The flirting was limited only to snaps, besides his normal everyday flirting.  Its clear neither of you wanted to let people in on what game the two of you are playing. 

Its finally your day off, which means you sleep in until noon . When you finally wake up, you drag yourself out of your room , deciding against pants . When you walk into the kitchen , you aren’t surprised that its empty, everyone always does their own things in the afternoon, whether its training, a mission or just relaxing.  

 Youre facing the coffee pot, finally taking your first sip of your morning cup of crack when two hands appear on either side on you on the counter . One metal , one flesh . WTF?

” I thought you were going to sleep the entire day away doll.“ Buckys lips are right next to your ear, barely grazing them as he speaks. His lips glide down your neck, barely touching but just enough to make you squirm.

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” well you thought wrong . “  you have to hold in a whimper when he moves closer and his body presses tightly against your back. You can feel his bulge against your ass, making your body want to move back against him. Hes taking this to a new level,  shit. Its been a silent understandment, whoever caves first loses . And by caves, you mean whoever jumps the other one for sex first ,loses. And you aren’t about to give him the satisfaction  of winning .

 You decide to go with  it, moving your ass back against him. His hand jump from the counter to your waist, his grip tight enough that you know youll have bruises; but you don’t care .  He holds you against him, light moans leaving his lips as you grind yourself back against him . Its affecting you as much as it is him, you can feel a wetspot forming on your underwear , and are regretting not wearing pants now .

” Did you think about me Bucky? While you fucked yourself did you think about how tight my pussy would feel, wrapped around you dick as you fuck into me?  “

” Of course I did doll, fuck,  I haven’t been able to think about anything else. did you- did you think of me baby?“ he admits, and you know you have him.  You turn in his arms and lean up , hovering your lips over his.

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” Oh James, I thought of you taking me in every possible way . “ he moves to connect your lips but you back up . You place your hands behind you , lifting yourself up to sit on the counter . He steps forward to place himself between your legs, but you stick your hand up stopping him . He raises an eyebrow in question , but it drops as soon as your hand moves to your pussy . You lift your legs onto the counter, spreading yourself infront of him . His eyes fly to between your legs, watching as your finger draws circles into your clothed clit.  His metal hand moves to his crotch , palming at himself as he watches.

” Doll, please -“

” Do you want to see Bucky ? See how I’m dripping for you?’ you purr .  He still hasn’t actually seen you do it yourself , that was your one rule you had for youself . You never sent him a snap of your fingers in you, so hes really only seen your clit.  But at this moment, you want him to see everything. You want him to cave, to fuck you . You want Bucky Barnes to fuck you so badly , you even consider caving first ; but then snap out of your horny daze to realize you can win this without having to give; there’s no way he’ll be able to keep this up that much longer . He frantically nods ‘yes’ to your question , widening the smirk on your face as he does. As you go to pull your panties to the side, the sound of footsteps echoe from the hall . Of fucking course. You quickly hop off the counter, and away from Bucky .

 Steve and Sam walk in, their conversation stopping when they see you .

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“ look who finally woke - whoa whats going on in here?” sam asks . You let out an awkward laugh in response, grabbing your cup of coffee as you go to leave. It feels as if theres a puddle in your underwear, and its extremely uncomfortable , you need to get out here asap .

“ Ill see you boys later . ”

You hear them call their goodbyes as you step onto the elevator, before the  doors close Bucky runs down the hall, stopping infront of the doors as they begin closing. he doesn’t step in , just says,

“ This isn’t over doll .”

“ Oh sweetheart, you wont last much longer.“

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More Seijoh HCs
  • When Oikawa became captain and the new first years introduced themselves, before they could even say their names, Oikawa interrupted them and was like “hollup hollup hollup how many of yall were from kitagawa daiichi” & then he tried to see how many of their names he could remember
  • (”You’re… Ku.. Ku-ni-mu?” “Mi.” “Kumimu?” “Kunimi.”)
  • Kunimi lives with his sister who’s older than him by 8 years. His parents moved to Osaka to work when he was about 12 or 13 years old, and he’s lived with his sister ever since. Their parents come to visit them once a month. (His sister knows he likes Kindaichi, and she’s probably highkey the done-est with her own brother bc its glaringly obvious to her that Kindaichi likes him too but he refuses to believe her) 
  • Kindaichi is a mega clutz off-court, and he’s constantly tripping over things and almost-dropping things he’s holding (plus his handwriting is a mess)
  • (the running joke is that Kindaichi is a ‘Meal On Legs’ because he’s a salty turnip/radish with butterfingers)
  • Hanamaki gets songs stuck in his head really easily & he hums and sings softly a lot
  • (and i mean A LOT, god, does that boy ever stop producing some form of sound, i think not)
  • (when people tell him to stop singing he just sings even louder, but just for a few seconds, then he goes back to the same volume he was singing at before they interrupted him)
  • Matsukawa has no idea how to properly organise his worksheets. At. All. His school bag feels like it might as well be holding a tonne of bricks, but it’s really all just worksheets he’s accumulated over the year that he cant bring himself to file away neatly. As a result he carries an extremely heavy load to & from school on a daily basis & all his friends are horrified
  • Watari craves human contact because it soothes him, so he approaches his friends and teammates all the time for hugs and cuddles. Everyone’s okay with this, and the team treats him like a very large, lovable cat. 
  • (Yahaba’s the one he goes to the most for hugs because he’s closest to Yahaba out of all his friends and teammates. And because - well, it’s his opinion, but - Yahaba gives the best hugs)
  • (and, okay, maybe he has a little crush on him)
  • Yahaba’s always warm. His body’s like a walking furnace. The downside to this is that anything cold just feels even colder to him. god save him during winter when his friends and family try to start snowball fights with him
  • Iwaizumi secretly loves houseplants. Especially cacti. He has like,, 7 tiny cactus plants in his room, and each of them have their own names (Hotaru, Hikari, Kawakawa, Hoshi, Kumo, Yume and Mizuko) (Kawakawa is the oldest, it was a gift from Oikawa on his 16th birthday. Oikawa insisted he give it a name even though he couldn’t be bothered to at the time, so out of frustration he snapped, “What do you want me to call it?! Kawakawa-kun?!” and to his utter surprise and dismay Oikawa actually agreed)
  • Kyoutani actually loves drinking hot tea. Green tea, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Verveine, Rooibos, Chamomile, Mint - you name it, he probably has it in his kitchen. Drinking hot tea makes him feel a little more at ease and less irritated by everything, which he thinks is very nice indeed.
I Need You (Chanyeol Wolf Smut) PART 1

           I could practically feel every bone in his body commanding him to take me. To mark me. To claim me as his property. His inner wolf seemed relentless, but his humanity held him back. Just barely.

           My inner wolf craved him and was begging to be ravished by its soul mate. I couldn’t bring myself to commit the act as my humanity reminded me that I was not going to be labeled as someone else’s property. Mate or not.

           His large, dark eyes bore into mine. His stare was so intense I had to look away.

“I have to mark you so no other wolf tries to take what’s mine,” Chanyeol urged.

“Sorry, I just…cant do this. I told you already that I don’t want to be marked as someone’s property. I am a human being, well… part wolf, but either way I am not going to let someone control me! I have rights!”

“And so do I, but its in our nature to be mated! There is no other way, and unless you realize how ridiculous you are being about not being marked, you cannot leave this apartment!” Chanyeol fumed and turned away from you to pace the length of the living room, running his hand through his hair over and over again.

“Like hell! You are not going to restrict me from leaving our apartment!” You grabbed your keys and made your way to the front door.

           As soon as you reached for the doorknob, a large hand smacked flat against the door keeping it closed. You turned around and stood up straighter, noticing how close you and Chanyeol were. His chest practically touched yours. You could feel the heat radiating off of his body as he stared down at you with an irritated, yet attractive, look on his face.

“I said no! It is not safe for unmated wolves to go out in public, especially during mating season! You know this already!” He stood his ground and refused to move.

           You sighed and looked down at your feet. This was useless, fighting him. You had explained before that you’re view on mating was not his fault, and you had nothing against him. You had your own reasons. One of which you had told him over and over again. The other, you refused to say aloud. You did not want to appear weak. To anyone.

“Chanyeol, move.” You look up into his eyes, not blinking. He, too, does not break the intense eye contact. Your act of dominance stirs something deep within him. It bothered his inner wolf. He felt the need to pin you down and show you that he was the dominant one. Not you.

“No. I do not want you to go out unprotected. You know your heat is going to start at any moment, and I feel like I am going to go crazy. If you would open your eyes and see the bigger picture we could be much happier and not have to make going through heat hell. You wont even acknowledge your own heat, therefore I am left siting on the fence about either going into a rut or basking in the agonizing sexual frustration. I want you, but you never seem to want me.”

“Chanyeol, I do acknowledge my heats. It’s impossible not to. I just try to resist the urges. As hard as it is, I have made it through heats without giving in and becoming a begging, submissive piece of meat. For the last time, I do not want to mate right now in my life. You did nothing to cause this. Can we just drop this conversation.”

It was not a question. You knew he would keep prying as to why you would not mate with him, so you ducked under his arm and walked to your shared bedroom. He stayed behind, mute. You got ready for bed, still having not seen Chanyeol, and curled up under the fluffy blankets. You closed your eyes and tried not to think about your argument. Since you first met Chanyeol a year ago, you knew he was your mate. However, you knew it was going to be tough resisting him when the first heat came and he had the shocking wake up call that you were not going to give into him easily. You were dozing off when you heard the door open and felt him slide into bed with you. He hesitated to cuddle up to you, but slowly wrapped his arm around you. Even though he was this amazingly attractive, tall, masculine alpha, it was Chanyeol. He had a soft side. One that had him obsessed with skinship and cuddling. He was normally a happy, outgoing person that kept you in a positive mood. But the heats put both of you on edge.

“Goodnight Chan,” you mumbled sleepily. You felt a tug in your chest knowing that you were the cause of why he felt unloved, but you tried not to think too much about it anymore.

“Goodnight. I love you.” You felt him place a kiss on the side of your neck, his lips lingering a little longer than they should.

“I love you too. I really do.” With that you closed your eyes again and drifted off, unaware of what was to come.

It seemed like minutes later you woke up feeling extremely hot and sweating. You were wrapped up in your boyfriend’s arms with his face buried in the back of your neck. He was still asleep, and you could feel his warm breath hitting your neck. However, that was not the only thing you could feel. Your eyes nearly popped out of your head as you realized what was pressing against your backside. You tried to move your hips away from his, but he emitted a low growl in his sleep from the movement against his member. You froze not knowing what to do. Suddenly there was pressure that appeared in your lower region. A wave of desire and increasing pain washed over your body as you realized that you were in heat. Your heat is only going to get worse, and you want to have some control over your body.

“Chanyeol,” you whispered into the darkness. You felt him shift, which only made his hard on grind against you. He moaned and jolted awake at the sensation, while you felt more heat travel south in your body.

“You’re in heat,” he stated in his gruff, deep voice, now wide awake. He took a deep breath of air and shut his eyes as he moaned. Your unwanted arousal filled his head with desire.

“I need to get up, move Chan,” You tried to pull away from his embrace, but instead he had you pinned under his body. His face moved down so his nose could shove its way into the crook of your neck. Your instinct was to move your head to the side to allow better access, so that is just what you did. You could feel him breathing heavily against you, his forearms supporting his weight on either side of your head, and his groin pushed against yours in the most delicious yet frightening way.

Surprise Part 7

Summary :  You die while being on a mission with the team. At least , that’s what you thought. What happens when you suddenly wake up alive ? What do you do now? & how will the team handle the news after thinking you’ve been dead for months?

Warnings : swearing, angst, violence , fluff, semi smut!.

Pairing, (so far) : Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Chapter 6

Marvel Master List       Surprise Master List

                                                  Chapter 7

  Its been two weeks since that day . You spent a week unconscious, with an angry & worried Steve at your side the entire time . When you woke up, you watched as a few tears rolled from his cheeks, he gave you a light kiss on the forehead, then left the room . It was a silent, but warm  interaction, sadly it was the last warm moment you two had . Steve hasn’t spoken to you since .

 The team re located to the Avengers compound on the outskirts of the city after the attack on the tower.  The day after you woke up , you went right to work on practicing your powers ( against Bruce’s advice.)  The last week has been mostly you and Wanda, practicing outside & using the extremely spacious yard ( if you can call that much land a yard ) .

 " Again Y/n . Focus on throwing sparks at the balls I throw .“ Wanda directs, she tosses a small ball into the air once again, and you quickly try to aim your powers at it. This time you manage to successfully hit it, making it fizzle until it turned to black ash and fell to the ground.

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"Good!” she cheers ,clapping her hands together

“ Yeah Wan, real good. What was that one?  4 out of 50? " you sigh , dropping to sit in the grass . She follows, taking your hand in hers as she sits,

” You used a lot of force Y/n, you have more within you than  you know. Its not just going to do what you want when you aren’t even sure how to control it yet . I know its frustrating, but have patience with yourself. “

 I nod, leaning my head on her shoulder.

” So Steve hasn’t talked to you still? “

"  Not a word. ”

“He may not have anything to say , but I know you do . Make him listen Y/n . He cares for you , you didn’t see his face the day at the tower, it was almost as if I was   actually watching his heart break . He didn’t leave your side the entire week you were out. " 

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Shes right, he may not want to talk , but he sure as hell can listen . You stand up, wiping the grass off myself.

” Youre right Wanda,  where-“

” His room . “  she answers with a wink . you smile at her before taking off back towards the compound .

 You don’t bother knocking on Steves door, opting for barging in . When his door swings open, his eyes shoot to yours but quickly fall back down to the book in his lap .

” I get it , your mad, or upset or whatever   and don’t want to talk to me; but I have a hell of a lot to say to you . “ your tone seems to get his attention, he marks his page before training his attention on you .I can do this, how hard can it be to yell at Captain America? Fuck.

 ” I did what I had to , and Id do it again . I didn’t know what would happen to me , but there were lives at risk ; lives of our own agents in that tower Steve. Was I suppose to just hop on the jet and leave them with the Hydra agents? Maybe if I didn’t have this… gift , I would have. I had the capability to do something, to save people  ; and I did . I will not ever apologize for making that decision ,and if you expect me to , then you aren’t the man I thought you were.  I am a part of this team now, I have the same responsibilities as you , and if you cant - “

” You were reckless, you think you know why I’m mad?  Your powers could of not only taken out those agents, but also our agents, and what if they sparked up to the jet ? To Tonys suit? You would have done a lot more damage than good  Y/n . You may be apart of this team, but you clearly don’t have the- “

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” Oh you’ve got to be kidding me Steve! I took a fucking chance, and it worked ! If I hadn’t people still would of died ! Cant you focus on the positive instead of the ’ what if’ ?! “ you bark at him  . You don’t know when, but sometime between the arguing Steve moved and is now right infront of you , angry eyes locked onto yours. 

 "  You should of got on the jet and-”

“ And played it safe Steve?   No fucking way . No one else on the team has a problem with this-”

“ No one else on the team is in love with you!” he blurts out . Your eyes widen, but then squint with anger .

“  You’re angry at me for saving lives, because you love me. ” You let out a dry laugh . “ Youre really something else Rogers. I never took you as a selfish prick . Youre mad I didn’t avoid a dangerous situation, a situation that if I ignored would of resulted in -”

“ I didn’t mean - i would never willingly put others lives at risk . The team isn’t as angry about what happen because they aren’t me Y/n , they aren’t me & you. That’s what i meant.” he sighs, his hand ghosts over your, but before he can make contact you step back .

“ Is this what its going to be like ?  You ignore me because you ‘love me’ , and i made a risky move? I would never treat you like this, regardless of what you do and how much i love you .  This -” you point between the two of you ,“ is not okay . Right now, we are not okay . I don’t want this, to have the thought of upsetting you hanging over my head everytime I’m in a dangerous situation .”

“ Y/n - ”

“ No Steve,i just - i cant. ”

“ I almost lost you , and  youre going to walk out on me? ” he asks, sadness and irony in his voice.

“ Learn to deal with the fact that I’m not always going to make rational decisions when it comes to saving people, and i wont have to walk away . ” you say over your shoulder before leaving his room .

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4 days later.

The team was able to sense the tension between me and Steve once again. You have avoided him since you left his room, avoided any and all chance of having to speak or see him . But today, you aren’t lucky enough to be able to do that anymore.

  As you walk into your room, you let out a loud yelp when you see Steve waiting on your bed .

“ Its not polite to scare a lady Steve.” you sigh , leaning against your doorway .

“ Its not polite to avoid others either .” he snaps . Touche .

“ Id appreciate if youd keep your comments to yourself until I’m finished saying what i need to .” he announces, looking to you for your agreement. You nod, signaling him to continue .

“ Being an avenger , living this life, means sometimes there isn’t time for rational choices ; you’re right  and id be a hypocrite to hold your actions against you any further. But  it doesn’t mean that your actions don’t effect others negatively.  I’ve lost a lot in my life Y/n , I’m not ready to lose you , again; not when i just got you back . ” He sighs, running his hands down his face. You can see how much he is struggling with this and a pang of guilt hits you . Damn it Steve.

 You move to sit next to him , taking his hand in yours .

“ I didn’t- i guess i didn’t exactly think of it that way . You still handled this like a complete dick though Steve. ”

 He lets out a laugh , squeezing my hand as he does.  “  You sent me through a complete wave of deja vu  that day ,ya know. Its like the day you died was slowly replaying  .”

“ I’m sorry i didn’t mean-”

“I know you didn’t . All you meant to do was keep people safe, even if it meant getting yourself hurt . I didn’t think it was possible to love & hate something about someone  ; that was until i met you and your damn selflessness. ”

“ I’m sorry , have you met yourself Steve? Your a walking poster for that, even more than i am . ” you snap , removing your hand from his .

“ You think it wasn’t hard having to watch all the times you through yourself infront of others before i died?  I dealt with it though , without making you feel like shit Steve. If you cant do the same-”

Steve cuts you off by placing his lips on yours . Before you can fall too deeply into it , you push yourself away  .

“ If you would let me apologize instead of butting in to yell at me thatd be great Y/n. ” he says with  a smile.

“ So you aren’t going to act like a dick next time i decide to blast my powers?”

“ ill try my best to deal with it .”

 You smile, pulling him back into a kiss . The kiss turns into more, keeping you and Steve in his bed throughout the rest of the day and night , until your body was completely worn out.

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 You wake up with your legs tangled with Steves, and his arm slung over your bare waist.  His alarm begins blaring shortly after you wake, making Steve groan behind you .  Loud knocking startles both of you , making you clutch his blanket to your chest. His door swings open, revealing Sam and Bucky .

 " Looks like all is fine and Dandy in Captain Land. “ Sam says through his laughter.

” Does this mean we don’t have to run today ?“ Bucky asks .

” Give me 5 minutes.“ The two groan and Steve and disappear from the doorway .  You turn to him ,pouting out your lip ,

” Cant you skip running for one day !“ you ask . He laughs, moving to get out of his bed but you stop him with a had around his wrist. You tug him onto his back, crawling over him until your straddling his lap . His already hard cock nudging at your center makes you both let out low moans. You lean down, your hands on either side of his head , until your lips are hovering over his .

” Please Steve ?“ He leans up, connecting your lips in sweet kiss .

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In a flash , he flips you onto your back and hovers over you, his lips dive back down to meet  yours in a hot, needy kiss. You wrap your legs around his hips, gently rocking your hips up into his.

” Steve come-“

 at the sound of Sams voice, Steve wraps his arms around your waist and whips your both onto the floor and out of sight  . You know Sam probably saw a little too much skin from the two of you , but you cant help but laugh .

” Jesus, shut the damn door guys!“

” Youre the one that left it open before Bird boy! “ you shout .

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Steve gets up before you can protest, quickly grabbing his running clothes from his dresser.   He emerges from his bathroom fully dressed with a smirk . He walks over, bending and lifting your bridal style before tossing you back into his bed.

” You better be in this exact spot when i get back, understood?“  his tone playful, but commanding  . 

” Yes, Captain. “You send him a mock salute, blowing him a kiss as he leaves the room laughing. 

  You stay in Steves bed for a little while longer before FRIDAY calls to you

"Miss, there is a package being delivered that needs to be signed for . ”

“ Ugh , isn’t anyone else here to do it ?”

“ I’m afraid not miss, Everyone is either out running,on a mission or shopping. Besides Dr.Banner, he is resting and asked not to be bothered unless needed.” You grunt, rolling out of bed and slipping into a pair of Steves Sweats and a shirt. You drag yourself to the front door of the compound, swinging it open only to be met with searing pain being shot through you . Your body drops, your vision incredibly hazy . Who the hell just tazered me?  You look up , barely able to make out the face of a man with a disgusting smirk across his face.

“ Nice to finally meet you Y/n. " 

” Who are y-“  You try to raise yourself to your feet, before you can another set of pain waves through you , forcefully knocking you down with a loud cry , and into the arms of the mystery man. The volts going through you aren’t like your powers, these actually hurt . How is this possible?

The alarm starts blaring around the compound, signaling distress . You know the guys run around the compound, and hopefully they can hear the echoing alarm.

” Looks like its time to take this party elsewhere Dear.“

In the blink of an eye, youre no longer in the entry way of your home, but in a pristine white lab .

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“Nope! Give me all the kisses!” Kay Kay giggled blocking her face so I wouldn’t be able to kiss her. “Ok auntie ok!” She gasped out laughing. A smile graced my face before I released her from my hold letting her catch her breath.

“Auntie B can we order ice cream and watch movies.” I shrugged my shoulders looking at Chay who was dressed in one of her uncles t-shirts that literally swallowed her small body up. Actually, they all had on one of his t-shirts which I found to be cute.

“Sure, baby y’all can have whatever you like.” Running my fingers through my freshly washed hair I slide out of the bed stretching and hearing my bones crack in the process. I was tired, more so jet legged. These fourteen hours flights just weren’t for me.

All I wanted to do was be in the comfort of my own home and sleep but I came straight to Atlanta. Picked up the girls since Cha was going out and we headed back to the hotel. Since it was fairly late I thought it was best if we just stayed in and had our own sleep over.

Grabbing the hotel phone I dialed the number for room service while the girls got comfortable on the plush California King bed.

“Kay your hairs still wet.” Maya mumbled pulling at Kaydens’ wet curls. She scrunched her face looking so much like her uncle in that moment. “I know auntie GiGi said it’ll look like hers.” I blocked the rest of their conversation out as the receptionist came on line. “Room service.”

“Yeah, what kind of ice cream y’all want?”



“Oreo!” Furrowing my eyebrows together I looked at Kay Kay who had a wide smile on her face. “Do you guys have Oreo?” That was kind of a odd choice when staying at hotel so I didn’t know.

The lady chuckled faintly in my ear causing me to smile. I didn’t know why but she had a cute laugh it reminded me of Kai’s. “Yes we have it will that be all?” “Yup thank you.” After hanging up I climbed back in the bed sitting against the headboard.

“What y’all wanna watch?” Grabbing the remote I went through the TV guide aimlessly scrolling through the channels waiting for them to pick something.

“Frozen!” They simultaneously shouted extra loud. I winced holding my ear and chuckling. “Ok, I get it!” They laughed and I rolled my eyes playfully before going to the movie section. Purchasing the movie a loud knock on the door sounded before a male voice called out room service.

Licking my lips I told the girls I’ll be back before getting back out the bed. The yoga pants and t-shirt I felt was appropriate enough to open the door in so I wasn’t concerned with my appearance.

Walking out of the room and towards the front I reached the door opening it. “Thanks, I’ll just take them.” He handed them to me and I shivered when they touched my bare arm. Maybe I should’ve let him bring them in, but then again I didn’t really want people in here at all. Especially not with the girl here.

“Thank you.” I mummered getting ready to close the door but he stopped me. “Uh yeah.” Raising my eyebrow in a questioning manner I shifted my weight in one leg. “Uh this might seem weird but ma’ girlfriend really admires ya. Like she’s obsessed witchu’ so I was wonderin’ could I get a picture or could I call ha. Sum’n, just ta tell ha I met ya.” Aww he had a cute little southern accent. It reminded me of August but it just wasn’t as strong.

Chuckling I nodded my head, “yeah, sure you can come in.” Stepping back I sat the ice cream on the nearest counter. I was actually shocked that I had someone that admired me. If anything I’m just a regular person, it’s nothing really special about me so this literally just made my night. “Umm i’m not really dressed to take a picture so I guess you can call her.” this was extremely weird to me.

I stood awkwardly watching as he pressed the iPhone to his ear. By the volume being up so loud I heard a soft female voice come through the line. “Aye bae listen. Ya kno tha gurl who ya always talkin’ about.” I just could not get over his accent,  I think I was missing Aug too much.

Maybe I should call him.

Hopefully he’ll answer. It’s been almost three days and I know he comes back soon. My happy mood seemed to falter and I started to feel sad again. I know what I did was wrong but I just need him to talk to me so I can tell him how sorry I am. I just want my baby to forgive me or at least just hear me out.

I realized I wasn’t alone when I heard my name being called. Shifting my gaze to the boy I smiled falsely, seemingly hoping that he’ll think it was real. “Here ya go.” Taking the phone from him, I placed it to my ear. “Hel-” “Oh my God, its really you. Like I love you soo much. I can’t believe i’m actually talking to you. You’re such a huge inspiration to me.” I chuckled feeling my cheeks heat up. “Thank you, baby what’s your name.”

“Crystal.” Her voice shook and I frowned, “aww, Crystal don’t cry i’m honestly just a regular person like you. How old are you?” She sniffled before taking a deep breath. “I’m 20. Oh my God you don’t realize how much this means to me. You’re the only person I look up to. You’re my age and you have all your shit together.” I giggled and smiled, “trust me baby I don’t have all my shit together but I thank you for thinking I do. I’m honored that you feel this strongly about me you seem like such a good person. Are you in school?”

I didn’t want to not talk to her but I had to hurry this conversation up. I had three little girls waiting for me so we could finish our sleep over. “Yes, I go to Clark Atlanta. I major in business management and my minor is fashion.” I smiled, “really? Are you working right now?”

“Yes, I work at Nordstroms.” “Well listen you can send in a copy of your resume and your portfolio I can look it over. My best friend is looking for a manager for her store out here.” Kiana was really in need of a new manager since the one she has isn’t really doing her job.

“Oh my God really? You’re serious?” I chuckled, “Yes, you seem like someone she could use. I’m going to give you my personal email address and once you send it in we’ll go from there ok?” “Oh my god, ok thank you soo much Brooklyn.” I grinned, I love helping people especially any young black adult that’s wanting to do something in life and be somebody. It doesn’t come easy so why not help when I know I can.

“Your welcome, love.” Talking to her for another five minutes I handed the phone back over to her boyfriend who had  proud smile on his face. “Yoo, thank you so much for this.” I smiled walking him to the door, “It’s no problem really and you’re both welcome.”

After he left I grabbed the cartons of ice cream that were still extremely cold and walked back into the room. “Finally!” I chuckled handing them the flavor of ice cream they wanted before crawling into the bed. Once we were all comfortable I started the movie. “Auntie GiGi.” “Niece Kayden.”

She giggled placing her head on my arm while feeding herself  the ice cream. “What we doing tomorrow?” I shrugged looking down at her, “I don’t know babycakes what ya’ll want to do?” Now it was her turn to shrug and I giggled.

“Shhh, we cant hear.” A laughed slipped from my lips at how serious Maya just got. Grabbing the remote I turned the volume up dropping it back on the bed. “We’ll figure it out tomorrow sounds cool.” Content with my answer she smiled her dimples deepening before she turned her head facing the movie.

I on the other hand grabbed my phone that was resting on the nightstand being charged. My hands shook violently out of nervousness and I bit down on my bottom lip.

I haven’t even done anything yet and my nerves are already out of place. Unlocking my phone which took longer than normal I went straight to my messages composing a new one.

I contemplated in my head what I wanted to say but ultimately decided that I was just going to say everything from the heart. I don’t know what was going to come out of this but I could only hope that he’ll see I care and that I honestly didn’t want anyone but him and that kissing Nikki was something I deeply regretted.

With a frustrated sigh my fingers tapped vigorously against the screen only for me to delete everything I just said. Huffing out of pure annoyance with myself I locked my phone altogether dropping it on my lap.

Looking over to my left a smile formed on my face seeing the girls engrossed in the movie. Occasionally they would sing along to the songs. They are just so cute and adorable. I don’t know if it was baby fever but the thought of me having one of my own crossed my mind. However, I knew I wasn’t ready to be a mother right now so until then I’m content with my role as auntie to both Kai and Cha’s kids.

Casting my eyes away from staring aimlessly at the television I looked down at my cocaine white painted nails. I’m not really sure what possessed me to get them longer and sharper than what I normally get but I was actually feeling it.

Becoming restless with myself I picked up my phone unlocking and repeating the same process I did earlier. My indecisiveness was going to be the death of me I just knew it. Biting the inside of my cheek I stared intently at the blinking cursor somehow hopping that the words would magically appear inside the message box.

I can say what’s on my heart but I rather tell that to his face. Maybe I was making this harder than what it had to be.

Me: baby can you just talk to me please.

Sending it I sat my phone back on the nightstand face down. I don’t know why but I was scared and nervous for his response or lack of. Kayden moved around before giving me the empty carton that used to contain ice cream laying her head on my lap. Sitting the container on the night stand I chuckled running my fingers through her curly damp hair and smiled.

Grabbing the scrunchy that adorned my wrist I managed to out all of her hair up in a ponytail. She didn’t move or respond so I figured she was sleep.

I really wanted to lay down but she looked so peaceful at the moment so I simply sat up against the headboard trying to get as comfortable as I could.

Chaylin was knocked out like her sister but Maya was wide awake but I could tell she was fighting her sleep. “You not sleepy?” She shook her head no blinking her eyes twice and I grinned. “You sure?” She yawned but quickly closed her mouth.

“Yeah, I want to stay up with you and my eyes won’t close.” Grinning an idea came to mind. “C’mon.” Carefully lifting Kayden up I laid her down in my spot sliding out of the bed. Maya did the same and I shut the tv off now making the room pitch black.

“Auntie.” Maya called out and I grabbed her hand. “I’m right here.” Leading her out of the room we went into the living room and I say us on the couch.

“You want to know what my mommy use to do to help me go to sleep.” She nodded laying her head on my chest. I knew it wouldn’t take long to get her to sleep. “She use to sing me a song.” She grinned looking up at me. “Can you sing me a song?” I chuckled, “sure sweet girl what you want to hear?”

“Aaliyah I like her.” I chuckled thinking of a song. “You gotta sing it with me.” She managed to giggle through a yawn before nodding her head.

Clearing my throat I thought of a song. “Your love is one in million it’s goes on and on…” She didn’t sing it with me instead she closed her eyes snuggling against my chest.

I didn’t stop singing until her breathing evened out and I made sure she was sleep. Yawning I ran my hand over my face feeling myself become tired.

I sat up completly on the couch picking up Maya and carrying her to the room. Laying her in the bed I made sure she was comfortable placing the comforter over her.

Climbing into the bed, once my head hit the coolness of the plush pillow I let out a deep sigh in satisfaction. Grabbing my phone I pressed the home key illuminating a bright light in the dark room.

My heart jumped out of my chest when I seen that he actually texted me back. I didn’t know what it said and by it being sent to my phone thirty minutes ago I was scared to open it.

Dimming the light completly I unlocked the iPhone going straight to the message.

My World: I’ll talk to ya when I get back.

The way my heart just dropped in my stomach wasn’t nothing compared to the way I felt my eyes water. I didn’t even bother responding, locking my phone back I sat it back where it was originally. I wiped my face before the tears could fall.

I was tired of crying but that seemed to be all I knew how to do. No longer wanting to think about it I forced myself to sleep. I seriously hated this.


“So we’re not goin’ ta talk about ha you n’ Aug aren’t talkin’?” Cha asked lowly seeing as though the girls were sitting right next to us.

After we woke up this morning we all got dressed and headed back to Chas house where we waited for her and now we’re at Roscoes for breakfast or lunch since it was in the afternoon.

“Your turn auntie.” Grabbing the kids menu from Kay Kay I placed a ‘x’ in the square sliding it back over to her. “What makes you think we aren’t?” She glared at me and I groaned. “Fine we’re not.”

A small smirk played on her face before she became serious again. “Wha’ he do?” This is where I became extremely nervous. Shifting in my seat I placed my hands in my lap only to remove my right one to mark another ‘x’ on the paper.

“Brooklyn?” She questioned a little firmer this time. I sighed, “it wasn’t him it was me.” Cha’s facial expression went from concerned to defensive in a matter of seconds. “If you cheated on him so help me G-” before she could go on with the dramatics I cut her off. “I didn’t cheat on him. At least not the way that you’re thinking.” If I thought that would at least get her to chill I was wrong. “I kissed one of my friends on some drunk sh-stuff.”

“Auntie I won!!!” Kay Kay blurted out holding up the paper. “Look ma, I won.” Cha grinned falsley while I did the same. “That’s good babeh, na play wit ya sisters til tha food comes.”

Kay Kay nodded doing as her mom said. “What were you thinking Brook?!” I sighed running my hands over my face. “That’s the thing Cha I wasn’t. I don’t know what to do I regret it so much but he won’t even talk to me.” I spilled out all my frustrations to her. She shook her head pushing her bang out of her face only for it to fall back in place. “Have you tried talking to him. Like really?”

I nodded, “yes, I’ve been calling him so much to the point where it’s making me crazy. I stopped after a while but then I texted him last night…” I trailed off staring out the window. Atlanta wanted to be different today and rain yet it was hot as hell outside.

The worst combination in the world if you ask me. The weather ruined everything Cha and I had planned for the girls. I guess we could always improvise though. “What did he say?”

“He’ll talk to me when he gets back. Cha, I don’t know what to do.” My voice quivered.

Our waitress along with another came with our plates and I smiled. Food always seemed to make me somewhat happy. Placing the correct plates in front of us we each thanked them before they left.

“I get why he’s mad Brook. I would be to.” She finally spoke cutting up Maya’s food for her while I did the same for Kay Kay. Chaylin was already devouring her pancake and I couldn’t help but laugh. “Is it good Chay?”

She nodded licking her lips from the syrup. Grinning and shaking my head I handed Kay her fork removing the butter knife from her plate before I tended to my food.

“I get him being mad but I want him to tell me he’s mad. I need him to talk to me.” Looking at me sympathetically I looked away from her. I didn’t want her to feel bad for me I just wanted her to tell me that it’ll be ok. I think that’s what I really want to hear.

“All I can say is give him time babe. I know Aug and I know that when he’s hurt especially by someone he cares about it takes a while for him to get over it.” Ok that didn’t make me feel better at all instead it just made me feel like the worlds worst girlfriend.

“How much time Cha?” I whispered picking at my food. I even lost my appetitie that’s how you know this was really bothering me.

“I don’t know baby, I really don’t.”


“I’m out.” I grumbled out standing from the push couch. Dapping Khaled and the homie Ross I chucked up my deuces to everyone else. Heading out the studio completly I hit the unlock button to the all black Audi r8. Situating myself in the drivers seat I pulled out my phone reading over the text before locking the phone back.

Starting the car I pushed on the gas exiting out the parking lot.

With this LA traffic it took me longer to get here so I was hoping that they was still here. If not then I’m fucked. Pulling up towards the large hotel building I was immediately greeted with the valet. Leaving the car still on I put it in park getting out completely.

“Welcome to SLS enjoy your stay.”

Walking around the car I finally made it inside the building already knowing exactly where I was going. Thankfully nobody was stopping me to get pictures or some shit.

Licking over my lips I followed the directions I was told and immediately chuckled.

“No that’s not where I asked you to put it! Oh my God can y’all do anything right!” Watching in amusement as she turned on her heels staring down at the iPad in her hand. I licked over my lips eyeing the white outfit which hugged every last one of her curves.

My eyes casted down to her fat ass that seemed to be getting fatter especially sitting in the white shorts she was wearing. I found myself biting down on my bottom lip before dropping my eyes to her thick thighs.

I was in a daze it’s been a minute since I seen her and just looking at her had me mesmerized. I honestly forgot why I was even mad at her in the first place. “No no no esto no es lo que yo le había pedido o pagado!” She shouted in spanish making my dick jump.

I felt bad for the workers, all them niggas looked scared of her. She seemed to be pissed off at everything. “Yo chill out you been snapping on niggas for the past month now. Fuck wrong with you?” She rolled her eyes and I sat back and watched as this nigga wrapped his arm around her shoulder pulling her into him. I flexed my jaw bawling my fist up feeling my body heat up.

“Korri move, I told you to stop touching on me. Here.” She snapped pushing him off her and throwing him a bottle of water. He sucked his teeth catching it before it could hit his face. “Bruh you acting like a straight bitch. You need some dick Brook?” She chuckled dryly and I just knew her smart ass was about to hurt this nigga feelings it was all in my babeh face. That’s the only reason why I fell back.

“No Korri I don’t need any dick and even if I did I wouldn’t want yours. You wouldn’t know what to do with it if I threw it at yo quick ass anyway.” She snapped turning on her heels only to stop dead in her tracks when she faced me.

Happiness, love, excitement, lust, hurt, scared, nervous, indecisiveness, and finally anger all swarmed through her almond colored eyes.

She shook her head not acknowledging me and simply walking past me well she tried to. I pulled her back by her arm feeling those familiar sparks and pulling her into my chest.

“No, I’m not doing this. Let me go.” I could tell she was on the verge of crying but I ain’t care. I still wasn’t letting her go. “Nah, let’s talk.” She frowned pushing my hands away from her waist but I only rested them on her ass gripping as much as I could in my hand. Her shit was fat and I was here for it. Rolling her eyes she crossed her arms over her chest making her titties sit up in the strapless white shirt.

I blantly stared at her chest licking over my lips imaging them just bouncing up and down while she rode my dick. “Whatever it is you’re thinking you can dead it. And let me go I don’t want to talk to you.” I smacked my lips together seeing as though we weren’t alone. “Ya stayin hea’?” Her stubborn ass ignored my question looking down at the lit iPad. “Man fuck dis shit.” She shrugged her shoulders stepping back as soon as I let her go.

“Das ha ya feelin’?” She nodded still staring at the iPad. Becoming irritated I snatched it out her hand throwing it on the nearest table. She glared at me. “Why would you do that!? If my shit broke i’m fucking you up point blank. Get on my fucking nerves I swear you do. Move!” Tired of her fucking attitude I snatched her little ass up dragging her out the large hall and out the hotel altogether. I knew she wasn’t gone cause a scene so she simply walked on the side of me but made it clear that she ain’t want me touching her.

I chuckled, “ya ack like ya da only one dat should be mad.” Rolling her eyes she smacked my hands away from her waist. “Ya gon’ stop hittin’ me.” “Or what? You not gone do shit. Stop fuckin’ touchin’ me.” I realized the angrier she got the more reckless her mouth was. “Ya too damn pretty ta be talkin like dat.”

“I don’t give a fuck.” I shook my head, she wasn’t doing shit but only building up my anger. It’s cool cause I’m taking all my frustrations out in ha.

As soon as valet pulled the car around I gripped her arm walking down the steps and opening the car door for her. She got in without so much as a thank you and I slammed the door shut going over to my side.

“Ya betta chill wit dat shakin’ shit like ya ‘bout ta do sum’n.” Her leg bounced rapidly up and down and she balled her fist up. Pressing on the gas faster I drove down Beverly Hills resting my right hand on her inner thigh. She tensed up pushing my hand away but I only gripped it tighter.

“Can you move yo hand. What part of don’t touch me do you not get?”

“Yo chill wit dat fucked up attitude B!” I looked at her for a brief second seeing her body language change drastically. She was heated, I didn’t even have to look at her long to know. “Don’t fucking tell me to chill wit ma’ attitude! Yo wack ass went a month without talking to me like who the fuck does that. I’m still lost if you that fucking mad then you should’ve told me instead of being a bitch about it.” I let that her and that bitch word slide. She got one more time though. I listened to her go on and on until we made it back to the hotel I was staying at.

The BET awards were tomorrow and though I wanted B to go after today I’m making it my mission that her lil ass won’t be able to do shit tomorrow.

“Now you don’t have shit to say. You really blow my mind like you go a month ignoring all my calls and texts and think just because you show up looking like a sex God I’m suppose to be happy. Nah.” She ranted and I smirked. “You can wipe that stupid ass smirk off yo face to. It wasn’t a compliment.” “Brooklyn shut da fuck up.” I gritted out.

“No nigga you shut the fuck up! You got yo nerve. Expect me to be happy cause you decided to finally get out your feelings and talk to me. Well I don’t want to talk to you.” She snapped back.

I found myself speeding on the highway just to get to this hotel faster. Her fucking attitude was pissing me off to the point where I wanted to put my hands on her but I wasn’t. She was just gone take this dick.

What seemed like forever of her bitching and complaining we reached the hotel and I ain’t waste anytime getting out the car. Her petty ass was taking all day so I opened the car door pulling her out not caring if valet saw it or not.

“Stop fucking manhandling me!” “Shut da fuck up B. Ha many times I gotta say tha shit.”

“Until I actually give a fuck.” Gripping her arm tightly she bit her bottom lip before digging her sharp ass nails in my skin. Snatching my hand from her arm I glared at her and she smirked. “Stop fucking touchin me.” I smirked pushing her into the empty elevator. Pressing the close button I hit the floor I was on turning to her and staring at her.

She was pissed off but I ain’t care. She was looking good as fuck too. Her chest heaved up and down and her bottom lip was embedded in her teeth. “I’on kno wha’ the fuck ya so pissed off fa. Ya da one kissin’ bitches.” Glaring at me she tried to push me off her but I was stronger and wasn’t budging.

I wanna see how mad I can get her.


He was pissing me off. Everything about his sexy ass was annoying me. From the time I seen him standing against the door of the hall that Kai’s engagement party was residing at all the way to now.

He had to be on some shit or matter of fact those European bitches had to have been hyping his head up especially if he think he can just pop up out of nowhere thinking I’m just gone be all happy and shit. No, not gone happen.

I won’t lie and say he didn’t look good though. The second I laid eyes on him all I could think was how I just ruined the Vickie’s.

I was angry and horny both at and for him. I didn’t know if I wanted to fuck him or yell at him. It wasn’t helping that his touch was only making me wetter.

“Ya ain’ got shit ta say na huh?” Gripping my slim waist he pulled me into him. I kept my arms at my sides staring at up at the numbers that increased with each floor we past. Five more to go “I said I was sorry what the fuck more you want me to do?!” I yelled becoming irritated.

He chuckled darkly, “fuck ya sorry B. Ya like bitches na. Das wha’ ya do when ya get drunk kiss on ho’s?” The angrier he got the more I wanted to fuck him.

Flexing his defined jaw he stared at me with rage filled eyes but behind that was lust. I licked my lips slowly smirking as his eyes followed my tongue movements. “She isn’t a ho she’s my best friend..” That seemed to only make him madder and yet I couldn’t find it in me to care. Actually I did, but I just wanted to make him angrier.

The elevator sounded notifying us that we were on his floor. Releasing me from his hold he stepped back completely walking out the elevator. I followed behind him slowly yet I was only being petty.

“Hurry tha fuck up B!” I rolled my eyes slowing my pace. “Don’t fucking rush me! You don’t run shit over here so worry about you! I don’t know who made you Daddy.” A low chuckle came from him but it lacked amusement it was more of a ‘I know something you don’t’ that’s the only way I could explain it. “Keep talkin’.” He warned.

“You ain’t gone do shit. I swear you get on my nerves. I don’t even know why I’m here.” It’s not like I can call Kai to come and get me since he wanted to play daddy. I left my purse and phone back at the hotel and only prayed that Korri would grab it for me.

“B ya got five seconds ta pick up da pace.”

Halting my steps I shifted my weight on my right leg crossing my arms over my chest. “One, two, three, four, fi-” I gasped when closing my eyes when he picked me up suddenly. My baby was putting on muscle and yes I was here for it. My legs dangled over his lanky arms and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

He might be petty and try and drop me. We reached his room and he stopped staring at the door. “Well open it!” He pinched my leg when I yelled at him and I winced. “Get tha key out ma pocket.” “No, do it your self since you wanna play somebody daddy.”

In one swift movement he dropped me from his grip only to grab my waist pressing my ass against his semi hardened member.

I smirked shifting against him hearing him grunt in my ear. “Keep on fuckin wit me.” Sliding the key card in the slot the minute it turned green he opened the door pushing me inside. “You’re going to stop pushing on me. You won’t be satisfied until I actually swing on you.” I gritted out my pink Christian Louboutins heels clicking against the hardwood floors.

“Ya ain’ gon’ do shit all dat mouf ya got imma find sum’n fa you ta do wit it tho.” He stared down at his Ferragamo belt buckle and my mouth dropped. “You disrespectful ass n-” “ shut tha fuck up!” He growled making my most sacred places jump. It’s a shame how bad I wanted him to rip my clothes off and fuck me right now. It’s been almost seven months since I had sex.

See where my sexual frustration is coming from?

“C’mere.” Sitting down on the couch I shook my head no still standing. “No, I want to go home. I don’t want to be around you.” I confessed. I was serious he don’t know how many nights I cried myself to sleep or how confused I was over the past month. I may have hurt him but he didn’t have to hurt me back.

“Don’t start dat cryin’ shit Gi fa’ real.” Sniffling I kept my arms crossed over my chest glaring at him. “Don’t tell me what to do! You don’t have the right…I don’t want this.” I whispered more so to myself. His ears perked up and he stared at me with a unreadable expression on his face. “Say dat shit again.”

Tears rolled down my cheeks and I sighed roughly wiping them away. “I don’t want to do this. You went a month and three days without talking to me after I begged you to just listen. Do you realize how that made me look? Or feel?!” I shouted becoming angry all over again.

He sat up on the couch stretching his long tattooed arm out towards me. I wasn’t that far away so he managed to pull me closer eventually making me straddle his lap. “Ha ya think I felt Giselle? Ha ya think dat made me look? Ta kno my girl outchea bein’ like all dese otha ho’s outchea.” I frowned opening my mouth to say something but he shut me up.

“I ain’ callin ya a ho so chill tha fuck out n’ stop tryna pop off all da time.” I rolled my eyes shifting on his lap eliciting a deep grunt from him.

“I said I apologize what more do you want me to do.” He shrugged placing his large hands on my bare thigh. I shivered from his touch looking down at his hands that rubbed up and down my thighs. Each time they went higher and higher stopping between my thighs.

I was glad I settled on the short romper and not a dress. “I needed time ta think.” I frowned, “a month is a long time. I get you being upset but you were that mad.” He nodded, clenching his jaw. “Ya liked tha shit.” I could hear the hurt and his voice and that only made me feel ten times worse.

Licking my lips I placed my hands on both his cheeks bringing his face closer to mine. The second our lips touched it was like nothing else mattered. We were in our own world.

Slipping my tongue in his mouth my hands went from his cheeks to his hair. I missed his curls and wished he would get rid of whatever it was on his head.

I moaned in his mouth as he sucked on my tongue aggressively. Rotating my lower half against him my lips never left his even when I felt him grow underneath me.

His hands slid up from my ass to my back before he tugged at the zipper. Removing my hands from his hair I placed them in between us moving them under his shirt. Once my hands came in contact with his skin I raised my hands up his chest pulling the fresh white t-shirt up higher.

Hearing the sound of my zipper and feeling his large cool hands come in contact with my bare back I whimpered in his mouth. Grinding on him slower yet harder.

Removing my lips from his I pulled his shirt off throwing on the couch. His lips went straight to my neck while his hands pulled down the strapless romper.

“Mmm” I moaned out in his ear my hands resting on his shoulders. His tongue swirled around my neck before he pulled the skin between his teeth. A low noise escaped my lips and I chuckled breathlessly mixed in with a moan when I felt how hard he really was.

Pressing myself down on him I kept the movements of my hips slow making sure he got just how much I wanted him. “Fuck.” He grunted in my ear. I chuckled lowly kissing the corner of his mouth.

Gripping my ass I threw my head back when he placed wet kisses across my neck reaching my lips. Sucking on my bottom lip he stood us up walking towards the back.

My hands found their way back to his hair and I pulled on it bringing his lips to mine. I missed kissing him. I missed the way held me. I missed the way he made me feel. I missed everything about him.

I knew sex wasn’t going to fix this but right now I didn’t care. I just wanted my man to please my body the only way I knew he knew how.

Laying me down on my back the coolness of the comforter touching my heated skin made me shiver. Locking my arms around August neck our tongues played tug a war while his long fingers pulled at the bottom of my outfit.

I lifted up slightly for him popping my lips off his and staring at his swollen lips. He bent his head down pecking mine successfully getting the outfit off. I was only left in black lace boy shorts and pink Louboutins.

Raising off me he stood at the foot of the bed admiring my body. “Damn, I missed you.” I smiled lifting my right leg placing my heel on his chest. “Show me then.” The amount of love and lust in his eyes made my heart flutter. Grabbing my ankle he moved it to his shoulder bending down and hovering over me.

Licking his lips he smirked gripping my waist causing me to feel all of him. I moaned closing my eyes trailing my hands down his back to his ass pushing him against me.

I needed him out of these jeans like right now. “Chill bae ya gon get tha dick. Relax.” He mumbled against my lips. I rolled my eyes becoming irritated all over again. “Can you stop playing so much?” He found this to be funny and I rolled my eyes dropping my leg from his shoulder. “Move. You getting on my nerves.” Pushing him off me I sat up climbing out the bed.

He sucked his teeth mumbling incoherently under his breath. I ignored him picking up what I’m guessing was his shirt and slipping it over my body.

“Fuck is ya doin’?” I rolled my eyes, “shut up talking to me.” I don’t know why I was so irritated right now. Kicking off the heels I went into the bathroom shutting the door behind me.

Pulling my curly hair that was colored with hints of light brown streaks over one side of my shoulder I noticed the dark purple hickey on my neck.

Rolling my eyes I shook my head. I was irritated, still hurt, sexually frustrated, and hungry. The worst combination a girl can have.

The bathroom door opened pulling me from my thoughts and my eyes rolled before I could stop them. “I’m sick a ya fuck ass attitude fa’real.” He was mad. My words were stuck in my throat scared to come out by the look he was giving me. However I managed to spit them out.

“What part of I don’t give a fuck don’t you get. If you don’t like my attitude bye. I promise you I c-” In one swift motion my shirt was off followed by my boy shorts. I don’t know how he did it and frankly I didn’t care.

Both my legs were dangling over his shoulders and I lost it pressing my back against the mirror when his tongue slipped inside me. “Stooop.” I moaned out weakly attempting to move away from him. He gripped my thighs digging his nails in them shaking his head side to side.

If possible my back arched off the mirror, my head now thrown all the way back. “I-i’m seri-” “shut tha fuck up Brooklyn. Ya ain’ shit ya got all dat damn mouth.” He gritted out and I rolled my eyes. “Stop talkin’ to me like you lo-ahh!” I screamed out closing my eyes. Placing one hand on the back of his head pushing him impossibly closer while the other held on to the faucet.

Just by the way he was devouring my shit I had a feeling we weren’t leaving this room no time soon.