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Hi! Could you please do a no. 10 for SuperCat? Thanks and happy new year!

(The happy new year just showcases that it’s been 84 years since I last posted anything but I thought I’d try seeing if I could still make the words do the Thing I am sorry this took so long).

10. “I just want this.”

& bonus 19. “Come home with me.”

It starts with a messy kiss on Cat’s balcony, as Supergirl tells her goodbye and wishes her luck on her latest adventure.

They’re stood close together, arms pressed against one another as they both gaze out at the city, and Cat can’t help but revel in being so close to the woman that has come to mean so much to her over the past few months.

Kara might think that Cat is only interested in the Supergirl side of her, but that is far from the truth – and Cat would tell her so, if only Kara would tell her the truth. But her final fishing attempt had been brushed off with a soft smile and an amused laugh, and Cat isn’t going to push it any further.

If Kara wants to keep up the charade, then so be it.

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How would the boys plus Jaehee react to MC being the kind of person who refuses to wear pants at home?



  • “It’s not like it’s anything you haven’t seen before!!”
  • You stood in front of your bright red boyfriend, pantless and proud
  • “I-I know, but…”
  • He trailed off, his eyes still focused on your bare legs
  • You tapped your foot, waiting for his response
  • “My eyes are up here,” you sighed
  • His head shot up, his face even more red than it was before if that’s even possible??
  • “S-Sorry… I just… you’re just…”
  • “Yoosung,” you crossed your arms, “if I’m not embarrassed, you shouldn’t be either.”
  • “But… YOU’RE HALF NAKED!!!”
  • You smirked
  • “Well, I guess you’re right-”
  • You took a couple steps forward until you stood right in front of him
  • “-so let’s make us even.”
  • In one quick motion, you pulled his shirt up
  • As if on autopilot, Yoosung raised his arms to allow you to take it completely off
  • You smiled and ran one hand down his bare chest
  • “Better?”
  • He nodded, shocked into silence
  • You planted a kiss on his lips and turned around
  • Yoosung stared at you as you walked away
  • He let out a breath and ran his hands through his hair
  • “You coming?” you called out behind you
  • “O-Of course!!”
  • He basically sprinted to catch up with you


  • you were curled up on the couch trying to catch up on your favorite show when he came home from work
  • “Zen, welcome back!!”`
  • He set his bag down and gave you his an award winning smile
  • “You too comfy to come and give me a hug?”
  • “Of course not!!”
  • You stood up, letting the blanket fall off your lap
  • Zen’s eyes widened
  • “W-Where-I mean, your-you don’t-“
  • You crossed your arms, “Just spit it out!”
  • “WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS?!?!” He gestured to your lower half
  • You shrugged, “I hate wearing pants around the house.”
  • He stare at you as if you just committed some sort of felony
  • “You hate pants?”
  • “…I’m pretty sure that’s what I said.”
  • He sighed dramatically and shook his head back and forth
  • “MC,” he held both his arms behind his back and began pacing, “let me tell you a little bit about pants.”
  • Oh god…
  • “Pants are a form of self-expression. Say that one day -and by one day, I mean everyday- I’m feeling good about myself. How would I express that? By wearing tight pants, of course! Or when I feel a little risqué? Pants with holes in them. Bad ass? Leather pants. It’s so simple! That’s what makes it art.”
  • “Did you just say… pants are art?”
  • “I’m pretty sure that’s what I said,” he smirked, mimicking your earlier remark
  • “Interesting,” you walked toward him, smiling innocently
  • Zen took a step back
  • “W-What are you doing?”
  • “Oh, nothing-” you quickened your pace
  • You stood in front of him and gave him a peck on the lips
  • “-just this.”
  • You grabbed the loops of his belt and pulled down
  • He stumbled backwards, covering his mouth
  • His once pale completion was BRIGHT RED it was actually the reddest it had ever been
  • Zen reached down and fumbled around, trying to pull up his pants
  • Your face was twisted into a cheeky grin
  • “Now that,” you looked down, “is what I call art.”
  • After that Zen had a nosebleed that lasted for DAYS


  • “Isn’t it the same as wearing a skirt?”
  • You shook your head at your naïve girlfriend
  • “Oh nonono, it’s much more,” you dramatically looked off into the distant, “…free.”
  • Jaehee rolled her eyes and began unbuttoning her own skirt
  • You watched as the fabric hit the floor
  • You looked back up at and waited for her to say something
  • “…Jaehee?”
  • Her eyes sparkled and her lips formed into a goofy grin
  • “I…I am a changed woman.”
  • She closed her eyes, spread her arms out wide, and took a big breath in
  • This was probably the first time she’s let loose IN HER LIFE
  • “I’m glad I converted you to team no pa-”
  • You were interrupted by the sound of your front doorknob turning
  • “You two should really lock your front door!”
  • Jumin walked into the room with a stack of papers, kicking the door shut behind him
  • “Jaehee, you left these at…”
  • He trailed off when he saw Jaehee’s skirt on the floor
  • almost IMMEDIATELY, his face turned bright red 
  • The three stood, petrified, Jumin staring at Jaehee’s legs, Jaehee covering her burning face, and MC gaping at Jumin
  • After a couple of seconds, each of them opened their mouths
  • “I think I should go-”
  • “I’m never leaving the house again-”
  • “Betrayed by the pants-”
  • They looked around, all of them making eye contact
  • Jumin cleared his throat
  • “I, uh… bye.”
  • He turned around and opened the door basically sprinting out of it
  • Jaehee stood in the middle of her living room mortified
  • “I am never doing that again.”


  • He’s just really confused by the “no pants” concept
  • “Are you too poor for pants?”
  • “No.”
  • “Did you run out of clean ones?”
  • “No.”
  • “Do you want to have sex?”
  • “…Not right now.”
  • “Then why are you standing in the middle of my living room without pants?”
  • You sighed and flopped down on the couch
  • “Because it’s comfy!!! You should try it.”
  • He gave you a strange look and walked back into the bedroom
  • When he came out, he was wearing a casual shirt and his favorite set of cat boxers
  • “This is… interesting.”
  • He sat down next to you and put his arm around your shoulder
  • “I guess I can see the appeal, it’s much less restricting.”
  • “Exactly!”
  • “…You know what would make this even better?”
  • “Hmm?”
  • “If my lovely wife would go and pour me a glass of wine, so I can truly relax.”
  • You glared at him before standing up
  • “Fine.” 
  • he better hope you don’t spit in his glass… again


  • Well then you’ll fit right in his favorite saying is “Home is where the pants aren’t!” 
  • 9 out of 10 video chat meetings, he doesn’t wear pants
  • “But, Seven, that’s yourboss!!!”
  • “I know, but I won’t be able to concentrate with those… leg prisons on!!”
  • He huffed and turned around, walking into his computer room
  • Giving his shirt a quick dust, he plopped down in front of the monitor
  • He turned the camera on and smiled
  • “How you doing today, boss man?”
  • You shook your head as you watched your pantless husband carry on a conversation with his superior
  • “…And I wanted to congratulate you on this myself, Agent 707.”
  • “Congratulate me on what?”
  • “You got the promotion.”
  • Seven shot up out of his seat and waved his arms in the air
  • His smile soon turned into a frown when he saw his bosses face
  • “What’s wrong?”
  • His boss sighed
  • “Where are your pants?”
  • Seven’s eyes widened and he tried to sit down
  • He reached his arm up and felt around for the mouse
  • “I-I’m gonna have to let you go, I’m having some technical difficulties.”
  • “…Interesting word choice for one of the nation’s best hackers… Goodbye, Agent 707.”
  • As soon as the monitor clicked off, you burst out laughing
  • “Long…enough… no pants… told you so,” you said between laugh
  • The only thing that made the situation funnier is that he was wearing his “property of MC” boxers
Signs of Paradise

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A/N: Okay, but Mark’s voice in Paradise (you know what part I’m talking about) makes me think about…things that will be mentioned in this fic.

And just to give you a vivid setting for the club. Imagine the set from Girlsx3 and then the garage(?) from Never Ever, then it’ll make sense.

Originally posted by jackseunie

~Admin Allie

Y/N, get off of your ass and get dressed.” Your friend Nora walked out of the bathroom and was dressed in cute shorts with a plain white crop top on. She looked at you as you sulked on the couch in the suite and shook her head at you.  

“But why? We’ve only been here for a few hours and I want to sleep.” You had no reason to be so sleepy. You had gotten a lot of sleep the night before your flight, during the flight and you even started to doze off once again before Nora was fussing at you about getting dressed.  

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Request of RFA wanting MC to move in with them but finding out MC has three big dogs.

You mean my dream? (I want all the dogs) Absolutely! Thanks for the request! 


  • When he brought up the idea of living together his eyes lit up and sparkled like Christmas lights
  • But you had a secret that hadn’t been brought up.
  • Three large dogs waited at home for you.
  • Yoosung gets super excited. “When can I meet them?”
  • “We can go over and see them now if you want.”
  • He was ready to go that second.
  • When he gets to meet them he really didn’t comprehend how big they really were
  • But he still loves them on the spot
  • Letting them sniff him and after a few pets and scratches he his fully accepted into the pack
  • Yoosung loves them and they love him
  • Although he realizes you guys might need a bigger place
  • It’s a really heartwarming scene to see your beloved dogs and boyfriend get along
  • Yoosung goes through some serious strength training as he realizes that the dogs are stronger than him
  • He gets knocked down once in a while when they get too excited
  • Secretly he’s super happy they are big because he looks really manly walking them
  • Although as a result you get jealous too often when people hit on Yoosung and pet your dogs
  • He’s your cool angel


  • He brought up living together often and you never took it too seriously
  • Until he told you about a new house he had found and wanted your opinion
  • “Which room should be our bedroom?”
  • Shocked you had to break the news.
  • “I don’t know if we could live together,” you said cautiously. “See, I have three big dogs.”
  • “Really?” This was news to him.
  • “You’re always busy with your job…there was never time to introduce you.”
  • Although he was surprised he wanted to take this next step.
  • He took your hands and said, “I want to meet them.”
  • When he does he’s super awkward
  • He’s allergic to cats but despite not being allergic to dogs he was never allowed one
  • Plus having a pet with his career was troublesome
  • They’re friendly and become accustomed to him
  • Zen learns how to take care of them and comes to love them
  • He loves to go on runs and walks with them
  • You can often see photographs in magazines with him and the dogs out and about adding to his cool ratings


  • Since your things were always here and you had a space in her dresser and closet she thought it was only appropriate you move in
  • You had never imagined this step happening and got really excited only to be brought back to reality
  • “I want to but…” you but your lip. “I have three big dogs.”
  • “What?” she asked. “Dogs shed right?”
  • You nodded. “You can meet them, they’re really sweet.”
  • Jaehee combs over her schedule and finds a time that would fits best
  • She’s already dreading it after dealing with Elizabeth’s fur
  • But she understands that they are important to you and you are important to her
  • When she meets them her fears are confirmed
  • Three fluffy big, BIG, dogs greet her
  • Fur….so much fur….
  • Jaehee suggests a trial period in which they all live together
  • In the trial period Jaehee has to vacuum at least once a day to keep sane
  • However she admires that they are creatures of habit and work on a schedule for feeding, walking, and sleeping
  • Not to mention she loves that less people are willing to talk to her on the street when she walks them
  • When her stress levels hit overload she felt like crying
  • One of the dogs came over and rested it’s head on her lap
  • She didn’t know what to do but the dog shoveled it’s nose under her hand until she petted it
  • Jaehee felt comforted somehow just petting it’s soft fur
  • She researched the benefits of an emotional support animal and was amazed
  • Sometimes you come home and find her cuddled up around them on the couch despite them not being aloud on the furniture


  • Hahahaha, oh boy.
  • It doesn’t take long for him to notice
  • He always encourages you to stay over but even when you do you’re leaving at certain times to head home
  • He confronts you about it stating, “You should just live here with me and Elizabeth.”
  • To which you blurt, “I have three dogs!”
  • “What?” he was stunned and then turned serious. “That’s not a funny joke.”
  • “Because it’s not a joke,” you shot back.
  • He couldn’t believe this, what a betrayal!
  • “Well you could still live here.”
  • You knew this would happen. “I knew it. I avoided telling you because I knew you wouldn’t approve.”
  • Clutching at your heart you said, “I love them. I can’t leave them behind.”
  • He didn’t want this. He couldn’t stand to see such a heart broken look on your face but…
  • “I don’t want Elizabeth to get hurt.”
  • “We could let them meet…they’ve never shown any aggression towards cats before.”
  • Jumin hesitated but ultimately agreed.
  • He brought her over to your place and was very much an edge
  • Elizabeth on the other hand strutted about like she owned the place
  • You let the dogs out and Jumin couldn’t believe their size
  • He thought for sure they would eat Elizabeth
  • As one dog opened it’s mouth and came closer Jumin lunged but you stopped him
  • The dog laid down and licked Elizabeth’s fur. The other two sniffed and laid down next to her seemingly care free. Elizabeth even purred.
  • Traitor
  • So excited you clapped your hands. “Oh my god how cute! They like each other!”
  • You tug him forward. It was his turn. The two dogs laying down didn’t mind him but the one who had initially liked Elizabeth simply stared at him.
  • After a moment the dog walked over and sat next to you with his back facing Jumin
  • You try to play it off as the dog being shy put Jumin understood the challenge
  • From then on it seemed that dog in particular had a vendetta against him
  • It would ignore him unless you were around
  • It would sometimes snuggle between you in bed or on the couch
  • A few ties and socks were ruined or went “missing” 
  • But since it adored Elizabeth he couldn’t complain
  • Constant staring contests are held
  • Jumin gets jealous easily when you give them too much attention over him
  • Now he knows how you feel


  • He worried often about you traveling between his home and yours
  • Plus it would be great to have you sleep in with him all the time
  • So one day he brought up the notion of living together
  • He had to know right?
  • “I have three dogs,” you stated.
  • “Psh I know that,” he responded.
  • “Big dogs,” you emphasized.
  • He shrugged it off.
  • So you brought them over to meet him.
  • Theirs a mutual love but you’re getting the short end of the stick
  • You’re most of the discipline in the house
  • He spoils them too much and lets them do most of what they please
  • One day you came back and found all four of them on the couch with individual bags of Honey Buddha chips.
  • They just lay about and act lazy
  • He makes memes out of them and spreads them across the internet
  • He loves to terrorize Jumin
  • He even catnapped Elizabeth just to bring her to the house to take pictures of her with the dogs
  • Horrible dog based puns galore
  • Although when it’s time to get serious he has them trained as perfect guard dogs
  • And you have to wonder when the hell he had time to train them!?
A (non-comprehensive but entirely true) list of things about being a klutz

So I am not a very coordinated or graceful person.  And not in the “oh I just tripped and spilled my groceries in a cute way in front of my crush let me look up at them through my artfully tousled bangs with a pout” sort of way.

So if you’re curious about (or looking for) weird yet entirely true/realistic (no matter how bizarre and impossible they seem) klutzy moments/injuries/accidents this list is for you.

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Day 16 - Home

(And this is the end of the drabble series Winter Holiday! Thank you everyone for reading! Future drabbles will be separate from each other like before.)

- Zen has logged in –

Yoosung★: Hey Zen! Unpacked everything already?

ZEN: Nah, I dove right into bed when I got home
ZEN: Just woke up
ZEN: These 20 hour flights wreak havoc on my skin T.T

Yoosung★: Gonna take a few days to get rid of the jet-lag too

707: The holiday was loads of fun though~!
707: I’ve been uploading all our photos on the RFA tripter bot!

ZEN: Already?

MC: Yeah, it was a blast!
MC: I really loved my first holiday with you guys

Jaehee Kang: I’m very happy to hear that MC. ^_^
Jaehee Kang: I also enjoyed it.

Yoosung★: I agree but I’m still happy to be back
Yoosung★: I know it’s barely been 2 weeks, yet it feels like we’ve been away for a month
Yoosung★: I’ve missed so many LOLOL events!

Jumin Han: In my opinion our trip didn’t last long enough.

ZEN: Oh?? I can’t believe Mr. Work-a-holic is saying this.

MC: Same, I’m already dreading doing my own cooking and cleaning
MC: Oh wait, Jumin doesn’t have to worry about that

Jumin Han: I do cook sometimes

Yoosung★: Must be nice to be so rich

707: I have a feeling Hyung doesn’t miss the holiday itself lololol
707: He was on earlier chatting about how white fur wasn’t like white hair at all

ZEN: o////o WHAT

Jumin Han: It’s true though.

MC: Wow, first chat and already you guys are flirting

Yoosung★: I expected this the moment Zen logged in honestly

MC: Yeah, I guess

ZEN: We’re not?? Flirting!??

Jaehee Kang: It’s fine if it’s within the RFA – Korea isn’t as open as our holiday destination was.
Jaehee Kang: Though please try not to let it dominate every chat.

Yoosung★: Yeah have pity on the rest of us

ZEN: Jaehee, et tu?

Jumin Han: We’ve spent so much time together and I still find myself missing you.
Jumin Han: When will you move into the penthouse with me?

ZEN: !!!
ZEN: Last I checked, you still have a cat and I still have allergies

707: Interesting, he didn’t say no~

ZEN: Shut up Seven

Jumin Han: Elizabeth will be groomed daily and have her own suite to live in
Jumin Han: And I’ll get you the best cat allergy medication there is if needed
Jumin Han: I want to wake up with you every day.

MC: omg so romantic

707: Mr. Executive is so smooth 8D

ZEN: You know how I feel about you spending money on me ;;;;

707: Just give up already Zen, we know you’re going to say yes soon enough

Yoosung★: Ya

MC: Ya

Jumin Han: Ya

ZEN: Wow really????
ZEN: Maybe I like my apartment and want to stay here
ZEN: I have bags to unpack, I’m leaving

- Zen has logged off –

Jaehee Kang: Maybe we went too far?

707: Don’t worry, this is just part of his thought process :3

MC: Yoosung, toss me an event invite on LOLOL so I can force myself to stay awake

Yoosung★: On it!
Yoosung★: Seven, wanna join too?

707: Ofc, let’s go~~~~

- Message from Jumin Han: -
I’m sorry. Take your time to think about it. I love you.

- Message from ZEN: -
You’re a jerk

- Message from ZEN: -
I love you too

I don’t hate you (Peter Hale Imagine)

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Request: can you do an imagine where you and peter hale have always had kind of a mutual hate for one another but it was just to hide the feelings you two had for one another and some how those feelings come out and then you can feel free to smut it up from there

 A/n: smut smut smut! If you don’t like smut then don’t read this :) hope you like it, anon x

 Hate is such a strong a word, that’s why i don’t hate people, I can dislike them ofcourse but i don’t hate them. But there’s only one person, one fucking person on this god damn planet that i dislike so fucking much and that’s Peter fucking Hale. 

 The first time we met, i already disliked his guts. He thinks he’s better than everyone and that he has to boss us around like we’re some kind of animal. And with his stupid sassy remarks that makes me want to punch him in his face. Clearly everything he does makes me want to punch him.

 But that’s not the only thing. I dislike him and he dislikes me. He always manage to get on my nerve and it makes me so angry but i think seeing me angry is something fun for him. But somehow i like it when he say one of his stupid remarks, somehow along the way, through all those hatred, i fell in love with him.

 It’s obvious he doesn’t feel the same way for me so i hide it. Pretend that i dislike him and that i can’t stand him. So far our relationship consists nothing more of pure ‘hatred’.

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henlo i’m yoshi all cats ever hate me and i’m a clumsy designer that designs cute clothes n hats n stuff n things and sometimes i wear em too but lmao i’m really good at making melon balls tbh idk why it’s just rly easy i’m a really strong believer in doing whatever the fuck you want as long as you’re comfortable and it’s making you happy then yes you do you friend you live your dream you go and buy that cute skirt that’s a little out of your price range you go and wear your fancy heels to walk your dog you go and watch spongebob for six (6) hours i love you no matter what and i will always support you i pinkie promise!

ps pls use they/them pronouns for me please

pps (or is it pss idk) catch me on gh @ lunelegamin@gmail.com :D

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I really want the K

so a few days ago, i held a poll asking if people would rather a steamy K or an angsty one.

results were overwhelmingly in favor of steam

don’t think this quite lives up to the hype, but oh well. sorry about that.

(mildly inspired by)

also thank you to @sadrienagreste for the original inspiration!!

6: Gentle Peck

There were times when Marinette thought that perhaps, maybe, possibly she’s spent too much time with Chat Noir.

Like whenever she slipped up and said, “You’ve gotta be kitten me!” or, “Oh, that’s pawful!” because Chat used cat puns so often she’d forgotten what the real words even were.

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BTS Reaction- To You Hugging Them From Behind


a/n; My requests are still open so if you’ve got one send it! -gabby

Jin- He would be startled at first but then once he realized it was you he would press himself into you and wrap his arms around you and then turn his head to kiss the top of your head and tell you he loves you okay now i want to hug Jin guys.

Yoongi- Let’s be real Yoongi would live for you hugging him from behind. He would love to feel your warmth on his back and he would snuggle in close and be so happy like a tiny kitty cat peace out im done.

Hoseok- Same as Jin it would startle him at first but then he’d be really happy cause he loves when you show him affection and stuff like he would live for it okay. But then he’d be like “no no no i want to hug you too” so he would turn around in your arms and then wrap his long warm arms around you and pull you in close while laughing yes this is what would happen don’t argue with me.

Namjoon- I feel like joonie would secretly love it just as much as Hobi. but he wouldn’t show it. He would just be like “aish, come one” but on the inside he would be melting and so happy because he likes that you aren’t afraid to show him how much you love him yes.

Jimin= ChimChim would be so cuuuuute. He would laugh and giggle as you slid your arms around him and he would be so happy like a puppy okay just imagine it. And then you would tickle him like this and he would lose it okay it would be so cute.

Taehyung- I think he would be like yoongi and would just like being held. Like i feel like he loves it when people hug him or play with hair or anything like that so he would love it when you just walked up behind him and put your head in between his shoulder blades and give his neck little kisses okay goodnight goodbye he is so sweet.

Jungkook- Again, he would be like tae only more shy about it. He would blush and say something like “oh, okay hi there jagi” and then he would wrap his hands around yours and make sure you didn’t let go too soon because he loves to be held by you. And then when you pulled away he would totally pout and pull you back to him cause he is a tiny child and needs love and affection.

75+ Billdip Fic Recs (Update: 2/26/16)

hi everyone, i’m somewhat new to the fandom and only recently descended into billdip hell. this list is the result of that, and a friend of mine encouraged me to post it. so, here it is! ignore my incoherent ramblings notes, it’s just me being dumb u_u feel free to message me your questions/comments/concerns/whatever, especially if you have a fic to rec! I will try to update this periodically as I continue to read the awesome fanfiction this fandom has to offer. seriously though, props to all the authors- be sure to kudo/comment/subscribe/bookmark/etc., because they definitely deserve lots of love.

happy reading!

Update (7/16/15): so I finally got around to updating! added 10 more fics on here (Limbo is a Legend - After a Normal Day - Of Journalists, Celebrities, and Fashion Designers - Solo Duo - Kings and Queens - Pit of Vipers - All I See Are Stars - I’ve Made Mistakes in My Mind - Love is a Polaroid - Problems of the Heart). also, Life is a Fairytale & Incalescence are now complete!! c: 

Update (9/1/15): changed the title because this should be around 75+ now, when you count all the fics in the series! added: (After a Strange Night - In Another Life, When We Are Both Cats - Out of the Blue - Five Times a Sinner - Hellspawn Central - In Your Dreams - Devil with a Silver Compass - Two in a Million - The Name Game - Ouja board AU). oh, and After a Normal Day, Paying Recompense, & Triangulum Entangulum Coffee House Emporium are now complete :3 

Update: (2/26/16): ok so big thanks goes to @spellhorn for sending in so many recs, they were all awesome! I added (Hating It - Always Watching - Siren’s Call - Like A Two Year Contract - There’s A Demon In My Biology Class - Let Magic Lead your Heart - Ten Years, Two Weeks - Ten Forward, Two Back - The Moral Ramifications of Dating a Ghoul - Down, But Not Out - All That Glitters). Faking It & Out of the Blue are now complete! :) 

✔ = Complete
♥ = Favorite
△ = Triangle Bill (ie. he’s an actual triangle in this, no hot human bod)

  • For the Health and Safety of Mabel Pines by charliesundies ♥ ✔
    Summary: If Dipper wants Mabel safe, then he’s going to have to make a fairly uncomfortable deal.
    For the Morality and Sanity of Dipper Pines by charliesundies ♥ (sequel)
    Summary: In order to save her brother and the town, Mabel makes a sacrifice that leaves her missing a bit of herself.
    Note: emotional rollercoaster ride from start to finish :’) if, for some reason or another you haven’t already read these, this is your sign to do so! go read these fics, they’re amazing!!
  • To Save You, I’d Do Anything by Whale
    Summary: When the Mystery Twins grow up and move to Gravity Falls permanently, everything seems great.
    Until Dipper dies, and the only way to get him back, is for Mabel to make a dangerous deal with a talking dorito…
    Note: if you liked for the health and safety of mabel pines, you will def like this! similar concept- but with its own unique twist. love it so far!
  • Can’t find my way home by Shadowboxer ✔
    Summary: After an argument with his sister in Portland, Dipper gets lost on his way back to Gravity Falls and finds a blonde hitchhiker with the same destination, little did they know they were more lost than they thought.
    Note: I don’t want to spoil anything but…brace yourself :o
  • Life is a Fairy Tale by LanxBorealis ♥ 
    Summary: Okay, so maybe stealing the journal and going off into the woods wasn’t the best plan in hindsight…
    Total AU
    Limbo is a Legend by LanxBorealis ♥ (sequel)
    Summary: Okay, so maybe stealing the journal and going off into the woods wasn’t the best plan in hindsight…
    But in his defense, he didn’t know it would lead to an adventure as wild (and as dangerous) as this one.
    Note: I cannot rec these enough!! frequent updates, perf mix of fluff & dark, foreshadowing, plot, and god!bill c:
  • Imprinting by Lady_Papillon ✔
    Summary: Most people are born with a name tattooed on their inner wrist, in every written language imaginable; some people are born without. Dipper Pines is born with a small black triangle with a flesh colored dot at the center printed neatly onto his skin, standing out against its dark backdrop like an open eye.
    He doesn’t know what to make of this.
    Dipper’s Guide to Dating a Dream Demon by Lady_Papillon (series)
    Summary: A collection of one-shots set in Imprinting-continuity detailing the misadventures of Dipper Pines and his stupid demon boyfriend. No particular order; some are fluff, some are slightly less SFW fluff. : )
    In Another Life, When We Are Both Cats by Lady_Papillon ♥ ✔
    Summary: “Sometimes you walk on four legs, sometimes you walk on two. Sometimes you live for a single day, and sometimes an entire lifespan. But no matter where, or when, I’ll find you, and we’ll be together again.”
    A series of fluffy AU drabbles with Dipper and Bill as Mabel’s cats, living out one life together before the next.
    Note: too good, too pure for this world…
  • Haunted by MiyaBlack
    Summary: When things start going bump in the night, Dipper doesn’t think much of it. Having a demon in the house comes with its fair shares of screaming floating heads and random giggles in the middle of the night. However, Bill has nothing to do with it this time. A new demon is on the loose and is threatening everything Bill holds dear. Specifically, his two favourite meatbags. 
    Dorito by MiyaBlack ✔
    Summary: “He has this way of smiling when he’s happy with someone… His whole face lights up! Have you seen him trying to make you feel better? Have you seen him worried for you? Have you seen him embarrassed or so happy he is practically jumping side to side like a puppy?”
    Bill realized he hadn’t seen any of Pine Tree’s reactions outside of sneer and anger. He wondered how it felt to be smiled at by him. It was a whole new side of his Pine Tree he had never considered.
    Luckily for him, Mabel had just the plan to fix that.
    Note: both are really good!! haunted is super suspenseful & intense, while dorito is absolutely adorable anD CAT!BILL NEED I SAY MORE :3c
  • Incalescence by llyrical ♥ 
    Summary: Dipper just wanted to have a normal college life- well, as normal as one could have it while continuing to research the mysteries of Gravity Falls. He did NOT intend to have to deal with losing all of his work just as he needed it the most.
    He also did not intend to have a demon be his only chance of getting it back.
    Alone Together by llyrical ✔
    Summary: With a bad living situation and a brother who was perhaps too masochistic for his own good, Will wasn’t sure how he would make it through.
    Maybe those Pines twins weren’t so bad after all…
    Cipher Twins AU
    Hellspawn Central by llyrical (series)
    Summary: A compilation of all of the Billdip Parent AU drabbles and oneshots I throw together.
    Note: everything about incalescence is perf ok I love it so much I just can’t asdfghjkl; alone together is  kid!bill & will as twins who end up befriending mabel & dip and hellspawn central is bill and dip with kids- they’re every bit as cute as they sound c:
  • Square Root of All Evil by EatYourHeartOut
    Summary: Dipper and Mabel head to the Mystery Shack like they do every summer but things will be different this year. Soos has a baby on the way. Wendy’s got a new friend with a suspicious smile. Dipper’s got more love drama than his whole high school life combined. And Mabel is….well, Mabel. The mystery twins are back baby, and it’s time for more adventure!
    Note: semi-regular updates, long chapters, and gr8 characterization! c:
  • Defining Bill Cipher: A Tale of Hormones, Sleepless Nights, and Overdue Debts by Athina_Blaine
    Summary: When 19-year-old Dipper and Mabel Pines move back into the Mystery Shack after their Grunkle retires, the return of Bill Cipher threatens to upset the peace of the town. That is, until he makes a peculiar request.
    Five Times A Sinner by Athina_Blaine ✔
    Summary: “You have all the power here, Bill.” The first Dipper leered over him, smiling in a way that made Bill hurt with arousal. “You can stop this whenever you want. You have full control.”
    One of them pulled his hands behind his back, and he heard the click of handcuffs being locked.
    “Unless, of course, you don’t want control.”
    Bill exhaled haggardly as they pushed him back on the bed. Five pairs of familiar, warm brown eyes stared down at him, expressions contorted with overpowering lust. He smirked.
    “I see.”
    They attacked.
    Note: really loving the dynamic in defining bill cipher, the snark is too perf :’) as for five times a sinner…hehehe ;)
  • Off the Deep End by MarshOnTheMellow
    Summary: It was at the beginning of summer 1732 however, that Captain Pines overheard the Tent of Telepathy’s deck cadet rant about lost treasure in Mindscape Bay. The boy talked and talked and honestly, Pines had long since tuned him out – lost treasure, yeah right! But when he heard the word ‘siren’ being spoken, he immediately perked up. When pressed, the boy, a snot-nosed little brat in Stan’s humble opinion, started to wax a grand tale about beautiful mermaids, gold beyond imagination and close calls with death. The Captain promptly told him to shut up. He walked out of the inn that night with a new expedition in mind and a smile on his face.
    AKA the merman!AU nobody asked for, wherein Bill is a siren, everybody else is a pirate and Dipper is somehow (maybe) magical.
    Note: *aka the merman!au that this fandom needed <3
  • Consorting with Demons by BurnerAccount
    Summary: Bill has plans, Stan has secrets, Mabel has sweaters, and Dipper has way more than usual to worry about.
    He’s attracted the wrong kind of attention.
    Faking It by BurnerAccount ♥ 
    Summary: Dipper’s the worst practitioner in his entire family. He’s never been great at magic, he’s struggling to improve - he doesn’t even have a familiar.
    Maybe it’s time to fix that.
    Hating It by BurnerAccount (sequel)
    Summary: Just a quick summon, why not? Give 'em a deal, take advantage of their idiocy - Bill was going to get everything he wanted.
    If it wasn’t for this asshole.
    Companion fic to Faking It, from Bill’s POV.
    Always Watching by Burner Account
    Summary: Bill can’t stop staring.
    Based on the prompt: “Bill experiencing human emotions towards dipper, not knowing how to handle them?”
    Note: ok seriously loving the concepts of all stories. esp always watching; that’s written entirely from bill’s pov…ty @spellhorn for the rec :)
  • Alone With Me by JusticeHawk ♥ ✔
    Summary: Dipper wake ups to an empty town. Empty but for him and a certain dream demon that is.
    “Oooh Pine Tree.” Bill cooed, reaching out a hand to brush the teen’s cheek. Dipper reared back, and the demon raised an eyebrow but desisted. “Not only did you make a deal with me,” his grin blew ever wider as he purred the next words, “you begged for one.”
    Cult Catastrophe by JusticeHawk ✔
    Summary: A cult kidnaps Dipper and attempts to sacrifice him to a demon. Who turns out to be Bill. Bill of course, finds this hilarious.
    A Demons Guide to Dating by JusticeHawk ✔
    Summary: Bill realizes he’s in love with Dipper and decides to seduce him the human way. It all goes downhill from there
    He’s Mine by JusticeHawk ✔
    Summary: “Lovely child.” A voice purred from around him. It echoed through the trees like a sibilant hiss. Shuddering Dipper reached for the little packet of herbs he kept in his coat pocket. It was a varied mixture, but could do mild damage to most creatures. Enough for him to be able to get away hopefully. “So pretty, won’t you come with me young one?”
    “Yeah” Dipper started, narrowed eyes peering about the shadows, “that seems like an incredibly stupid idea.”
    Dipper gets attacked and molested by a demon who, surprisingly enough, is not Bill. Bill doesn’t take this very well.
    Note: JusticeHawk has written so many cute/fluffy/dark oneshots, it was hard not to rec everything :’) these are just a few of my favorites, check out their profile for more tho!
  • Sigil: In Gold and Blue by syrren
    Summary: True names can give one extraordinary power over demons. When Dipper finds an annotated grimoire he gains just that and more. But this is Bill Cipher we’re talking about - and trouble is imminent.
    Note: bill under dips control yet working around that & still being a manipulative frick? ye :33
  • Wielder of the Eternal Flame by overlordy
    Summary: Dipper expects a normal, boring summer spent working at his grand-uncle’s tourist trap. But when he discovers a mysterious sword in the woods the hidden legacy of the Pines family comes to light. As trouble looms over Gravity Falls, Dipper must struggle between what is right and what is wrong, lest he be swallowed by darkness.
    (AKA, the AU where Bill is a sword, and Dipper his wielder)
    Note: I just love everything about this au :’)
  • The Last Six Years by ab2fsycho ♥ ✔
    Summary: After disbanding the Society of the Blind Eye, Mabel and Dipper meet a kid who simply cannot recall who he is. He thinks his name is Bill, but there’s no record of his existing anywhere in Gravity Falls. Despite Dipper’s suspicions and fears, he ends up befriending Bill over the course of six years.
    No Sweeter Innocence Than Our Gentle Sin by ab2fsycho ✔
    Summary: Bill Cipher can give Dipper all the knowledge he wants on one condition: he must belong to Bill.
    Shacking Up by ab2fsycho ✔
    Summary: New employee Bill doesn’t give Dipper much choice in the matter; he’s gonna have to put up with Bill whether he likes it or not.
    Note: ok so these fics are lit the reason why I am billdip trash :’) super well written + the author has written tons more billdip fics, so def check those out as well!
  • Why Weren’t You There? by ab2fsycho & TheChronicLiar ✔
    Summary: After a fight with Bill, Dipper runs away and finds himself in more trouble than he thought possible.
    Note: this is platonic billdip btw :o prepare yourself for the feels.
  • Card Tricks by TheChronicLiar
    Summary: Dipper couldn’t take his eyes off of the man on the stage. The way he walked with the clicking of his shoes to the way his voice demanded the attention of the people in the room, it entranced him. Or at least it would if that bastard wasn’t Bill Cipher.
    Note: magician!bill is just perf I can die happy now :’)))
  • The Demon and the Dog by Sirifall
    Summary: Dipper didn’t find Journal 3. No, Dipper got it straight from Bill.
    Note: the title is very clever :33 def give it a read!
  • Experiment Subject: Will Cipher by fairandfoul ♥
    Summary: The Gleeful Twins get a new toy demon who may be hiding something.
    The psychic raised an eyebrow at the sight of said demon tied up in his lab. He was still doubtful that this nervous wreck was the all-powerful being of pure energy with no weaknesses. “Frankly my sister and I were very disappointed to see you, all sniveling and teary-eyed on the floor. We have big plans for this town and we need a real demon for the job.”
    “Please don’t-“
    “I guess we’ll have to find another demon. But for now, I’m going to conduct a few experiments.”
    Note: I love how even tho this is rev falls, a lot of…I guess fundamentals(?) from the show are still there (dip is still a dork, mabel is still quirky, and they still have that same fun, teasing relationship- tho with a lil bit more crazy sprinkled in). it just feels a lot more natural/ic that way.
  • Supernova by bloodoil ♥
    Summary: Several scenes exploring Dipper befriending a very strange kid named Bill.
    Note: I have a weakness for kid!bill, and this fic kills me with every update. it’s so cute and fluffy I cry ;u;
  • Triangulum Entangulum Coffee House Emporium by weelilghost ✔
    Summary: Dipper Pines is a tired grad student who just needs a coffee. Bill Cipher is a coffee shop employee… and an asshole.
    Note: the banter is so sassy I just can’t- it’s too perf c:
  • To Date a Cervitaur by MercuryHomophony
    Summary: It’s been about ten years, and the secrets of Gravity Falls still elude the casual seeker. The Pines family has done a stellar job of keeping the townsfolk’s biggest secret under wraps, but a wayward hunter’s curiosity might get the better of them all… (Dipper knows that hunters from outside the Falls are capital B Bad news… but this one hasn’t been all that bad. Mostly just annoying.)
    Note: monsterfalls au + well thought out + lots of detail + fast updates(!!) + bill’s dumb flirting = <3
  • Payment in Blood by SpyroForLife ✔
    Summary: Dipper and Mabel Pines have always been able to get out of bad situations. But eventually, they get into one so bad that it takes a certain dream demon to rescue them, and his services are not free. And the payment he asks for will change their lives forever.
    Paying Recompense by SpyroForLife ✔ (sequel)
    Summary: A few months have passed since the fire that claimed the Mystery Shack and the life of Stanford Pines. The Shack has been rebuilt and Dipper Pines is continuing its legacy, with Bill Cipher by his side… but can he trust the demon like he did before? And should he be worried about the return of an old foe who claims he wants to investigate the strange murders that have been happening over the past year?
    Fun in Vegas by SpyroForLife ✔
    Summary: Dipper and Mabel Pines have finally turned eighteen and their parents have taken them all the way to fabulous Las Vegas for a weekend of fun as their big gift to them. Mabel is right at home in the flashy city, but Dipper finds it to be a bit of a headache, and searches for some quiet. Instead, he finds the most exciting 'person’ he has ever met.
    Note: payment in blood/paying recompense are both really, really good, but also really, really dark. if you’re squeamish, be aware that there’s a lot of torture/gore/violence/character death (but dw there’s also a lot of fluffy billdip moments too)! fun in vegas is a fun (heh) read, and def a lot lighter :33
  • Sleeping Through the End of the World by OrphanCricket
    Summary: Dipper and Mabel agree to look after the Mystery Shack for their Grunkle and Grandpa when the victim of a car accident appears on their doorstep. Soon they discover the true identity and intentions of the stranger but it turns out to be more difficult to get rid of him than they had expected
    Note: I don’t know what’s happening but I really like it so far??/ just, the tone and the plot makes it a very suspenseful & exciting read :o
  • Conspiratheory by LCypherED
    Summary: Dipper returns from Gravity Falls with three journals, twenty postcards advertising the Mystery Shack, one sulking ex-dream demon and the lingering belief that life post-near-apocalypse is likely to bore him to tears.
    He’s wrong, of course.
    Note: ahhh this is really well written and i’m loving the plot and the style of this fic (and it updates semi-regularly)!! give it a read, it’s def worth c:
  • Yellow or Blue? by queersnakefairy
    Summary: Reverse au idea where Dipper is terrible to Bill but Bill is still in love with him anyway, but one day Mabel and Dipper push him too hard and it ends with Dipper breaking his heart causing him to run away and hide in the woods overnight.
    And because he knows he messed up by running away, he decides to open a little looking glass of sorts so he can check in and see how mad reverse Dipper and Mabel are going to be.
    Only he opens the portal on an alternate of Dipper who is kind and cute and everything he wants, and fancy that this Dipper happens to be smitten with an alternate of himself who appears to just be using him as well.
    So instead of going home he crawls through the portal hoping that this Dipper wouldn’t mind blue instead of yellow.
    Note: yes yes yes, rev!bill my precious cinnamon bun baby, you will bE HAPPY!! >:o
  • A Deals a Deal by Diamond
    Summary: Spoilers for Sock Opera
    But it’s an AU
    Bill asks for something different.
    Note: oh this is really clever ;)
  • Don’t Eat the Food of the Mindscape by halloweennut ✔
    Summary: based on the Myth of Persephone.
    Bill Cipher, enamored with now 17 year old Dipper Pines, decides to court him by kidnapping and taking him to the Mindscape.
    Note: hades/persephone au & billdip? awww yeah :33
  • What’s In The Box? by Jinngersnap ✔
    Summary: Dipper’s worst mistake in life was telling Bill that he ‘owed him one’. Because when Bill spouted out the idea of Dipper wearing dresses, Dipper had no idea how to say no.
    Note: *eyebrow waggles* ;)))
  • Codependance by Ciphernetics △ (series)
    Note: ok so the series didn’t have a summary but basically the premise is dip finding a bunch of random spells/incantations/etc. via the internet and deciding to use them on bill…except it backfires and has the complete opposite effect :’) augh my summary doesn’t do it justice, it’s really a lot better than how I worded it, and def worth a read!
  • The First Dance is Always Free by jenmakesjenni ✔
    Summary: A masquerade at the Northwest Mansion. A mysterious stranger. A night that Dipper will never forget.
    Note: this is absolutely adorable :)
  • Signal Flares by satan_copilots_my_tardis ♥ △ (series)
    Summary: Dipper and Mabel grow up with Gravity Falls hanging over them like a shadow, and they adapt. Sometimes their edges are too jagged, and sometimes they are as smooth as the amber signal flares the resident dream demon leaves for them. But they’re alive and happy, so they’re not sure how much anything else matters.
    Note: this is a gem, ok? def rec everything in this series, esp magnesium flint. magnesium flint wrecked me ;u;
  • Til Death Do Us Part by HeirOfSpace
    Summary: Dipper and Mabel Pines were sure their summer with their Great Uncle (Grunkle) Stan was going to be a boring affair.
    Of course they hadn’t expected to see a blonde boy jump off the roof their first day there.
    (In which Bill is bound to a human body and is there when the twins first arrive in Gravity Falls. )
    Note: super interesting au, really curious to see where this is gonna go c:
  • Like a Red Cloth Ceremony by foxwedding
    Summary: It’s their seventh summer in Gravity Falls, and Bill is up to something entirely new. Dipper’s confused and Bill is going to use that to it’s furthest extent- if he can persuade him correctly.
    Note: ahhh this is really well written uvu
  • Dipper Goes to McDonalds by trashy_cans ✔
    Summary: Five miles away from Gravity Falls is a McDonald’s that nobody had ever heard about, with a very eccentric drive thru employee. Dipper would know, since he had the pleasure of meeting said employee at midnight on a Saturday morning.
    “Dipper. Dipper, answer me honestly. Do you have a thing for the drive thru boy?”
    Note: oh god this is hilarious, I cracked up so many times reading this :’) def give it a read!
  • After a Normal Day by Katelena 
    Summary: What started out as a normal day in Gravity falls, Dipper finds out his true purpose for living. With deals made and tasks to be completed, he pushes forth with his full 100 percent in hopes of not being taken away by a demon he was promised to sixteen years ago.
    After a Strange Night by Katelena (sequel)
    Summary: It’s been years since that one fateful day. Almost everyone had given up on looking for Dipper, but not Mabel. Her efforts on getting him back were great, but proved to be pointless. Perhaps with a stranger’s help, she’ll be successful.
    Note: I really, really like possessive!bill ;)
  • Of Journalists, Celebrities, and Fashion Designers by Ofsweetestdreams
    Summary: Mabel asks Dipper to move back to California with her to pursue a career in Fashion Design. Dipper reluctantly agrees, if only to gain a footing in his own Journalism career. Things seem to be going fairly well, until famous actor Bill Cipher comes into his life and turns it upside down. Who knew one little date could turn into such a disaster?
    Note: I just love everything about this au omg
  • Solo Duo by beanena ♥ ✔
    Summary: To Mabel, it has become a solo story. On the other hand, Bill is mulling over the fact that he can’t have what is already gone.
    Note: this just simultaneously ripped my heart in two AND gave me the warm fuzzies ;u;
  • Ouja board AU by Malfas ♥
    Kings and Queens by Malfas
    Summary: Dipper Pines is smart. But he’s certainly not wise, and leaving a book full of curses and spells with him was probably not one of Grunkle Stan’s best decisions.
    In which the Journal proves too much of a temptation and Bill takes full advantage.
    (Older!Dipper, demonic deals and college applications, bullying, BillDip, and plans for world domination.)
    Note: ouja board au didn’t have a summary, but the title is pretty self explanatory. it’s basically bill haunting/flirting with dip ;) kings and queens is really, really good. like, in the beginning I thought it was just another high school au with dip making a deal with bill to help deal with his bullies- but it’s a LOT more than that. def rec these!!
  • Pit of Vipers by OfStrangeShadows
    Summary: The first time they met was through a collision of bodies as Dipper rushed out of the shop and the stranger waltzed in.
    Note: very well written- super smooth and flows really well :3 
  • All I See Are Stars by Momma_Ran
    Summary: After being gone for 10 years, Bill stumbles back into the lives of the Pines twins. Mabel has made him her new best friend. Dipper is pissed until he starts to realize that maybe Bill isn’t such a bad guy. There’s a lot of things about Bill that bothers Dipper but the biggest is: what deal did he make to get stuck in a human body? When Dipper finds out he’s going to be even more pissed at Bill! But don’t worry cause everything turns out fine in the end. Mostly.
    Note: oh this is an absolute gem; cute and fluffy and perf <3 tysm andre-oide for the rec!
  • I’ve Made Mistakes in My Mind by AureateParalian & BumblyBea ✔
    Summary: Dipper Pines spent most of his childhood being haunted by a cruel demon and was known as the school nut as a result. The other boys didn’t take kindly to him and half of that childhood was spent hiding bruises and cuts on his body from his worrisome sister.
    Eight years later, The year is 1951, and Dipper is escaping his old home on a train to find inspiration for his book.
    Fate works in mysterious ways, and inspiration seems to find him first.
    Love is a Polaroid by AureateParalian & BumblyBea (sequel)
    Summary: Bill gazed over the headstone that sat in the ground. ‘Dipper Pines 1926-1990 ‘Amatur et numquam dediscor,’ “He is loved and never forgotten,” sprawled out in writing across it. The headstone was made of a gorgeous smoky marble, vibrant golds etched into it, along with trees carved in and growing up the stone.
    Bill had designed it himself.
    Note: mY HEART… please give these a read, they’re very long (200k+ words total) and very good c: ty zephyreden for the rec <3
  • Devil with a Silver Compass by AureateParalian & interstellareloquence
    Summary: Some called him a rat. Others, the God of Gold. And some… Well, they were either too kind, or too thankful. God bless them all, wherever they may be. But here was Uncharted territory and all business. And business meant he’d be called Captain Cipher.
    Gazing about the old musk of the town, wooden and brick shops and worn glass. Children riddled the streets, hoodlums at few corners and finely dressed American ladies followed along their gentlemen, who smoked their fancy cigarettes and scoffed at the sight of the captain.
    Quite the sight he was, too..
    Note: I can’t even begin to properly express my thoughts on this fic, so i’ll just emote it: ;333c !!
  • Problems of the Heart by Citrus_Twist
    Summary: Grunkle Stan has a heart attack, Dipper is having strange dreams, and Mabel keeps throwing Dipper at customers. So what happens when Bill offers Dipper a deal?
    Note: I love this omg, very well-written, esp the interactions between bill & the twins <3
  • Out of the Blue by crispyChocolate ✔
    Summary: When Dipper Pines decided that hunting on his own was a good idea he quickly discovered that not every human was vulnerable to his song. He also found that pirate ships are full of lunatics and being stuck with the (way too good looking) Captain Bill Cipher would probably drive him to insanity.
    Siren’s Call by crispyChocolate ✔ (sequel)
    Summary: Dipper finds that he likes the now ex-pirate Bill Cipher way too much. He also has a hard time figuring out how to explain harmonizing to a human.
    Note: yes yes yes! good writing and sirens!! :D
  • In Your Dreams by hypercipher
    Summary: Bill has the tendency to text people in his sleep. One night, he texts a random number that just so happens to belong to a stranger by the name of Dipper.
    The format of this fic is all in the form of texts back and forth between the two boys. Bill is italicized and Dipper is underlined.
    This is sort of an AU fic(?) Bill and Dipper are both college age in this fic.
    Note: very cute read, bless the sweet anon who sent me this rec! c:
  • Two in a Million by Chromatic
    Summary: When Dipper’s soulmark is exposed, revealing the name of the psychopathic Emperor Cipher, he is brought to the palace to serve the demon tyrant. No one entertains the possibility of the truth— that his soulmate is actually the king’s newborn son, Bill Cipher, who grows up insanely possessive of Dipper and might possibly end up being madder than his father.
    Note: I am really loving this au: modern, magic, soul mates, and kings!! :D
  • The Name Game by Grotesque
    Summary: A new coffee shop opened in Gravity Falls while the twins were back home, when they get back Dipper finds himself in a sort of name war between him and the annoying barista that works there.
    Note: coffeeshop aus have so much sass I love it <3
  • Like A Two Year Contract by ZephyrEden
    Summary: Bill possesses Dipper’s cell phone. It all goes downhill from there.
    Note: interesting premise, can’t wait to see where this will go!
  • There’s a Demon In My Biology Class by Crystalmind
    Summary: When Dipper and Mabel arrive back in Gravity Falls after 4 years, they never planned on high school with an old, ah, “friend.”
    Note: high school aus are great and this is no exception ;)
  • Let Magic Lead Your Heart by Arach
    Summary: Bill messes with a witch because chaos is his thing and is given a love potion that can only be removed through True Love’s Kiss for his games. Now, all he wants to do is adorn Dipper with gifts and cuddle and take walks and be that lovey-dovey couple everyone envies.
    Dipper just wants the spell to be broken and for Bill to stop giving him animal parts.
    Note: the entire situation is just too perf. very cute and well written!
  • Ten Years, Two Weeks by Orphan ✔
    Summary: It’s been a decade since Dipper Pines spent one uneventful summer in Gravity Falls. Now he’s back, as the executor of his deceased great uncle’s estate. Gravity Falls may have more hipster bars and coffeeshops than Dipper remembers, but some things, and some people, never change. Between lunch with the Northwest-Gleefuls and beers with Robbie, it’s almost like Dipper’s picking up a life he never left.
    If only things could be that easy.
    Ten Forward, Two Back by Orphan ✔ (sequel) 
    Summary: Ten years ago, Dipper Pines and Bill Cipher first defeated the Bulk. Twenty years ago, Dipper Pines met his future self.
    Note: tysm @spellhorn & anon for the recs, it was a super action-packed and suspenseful read! :)
  • The Moral Ramifications of Dating a Ghoul by Miss_Yuki
    Summary: Dipper Pines is a young Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator under his great uncle, Stanford Pines. His first case is body clean-up for a serial-killer Ghoul who has thus far remained elusive. Due to his overprotective partner, he doesn’t believe that he’ll ever actively be tracking this murderer on an official assignment, but he quickly develops a great sense of curiosity in the case. It doesn’t go unnoticed, and all too soon he’s thrust into a dangerous game he never should have played…
    Note: it’s a tokyo ghoul au!!! w/ ghoul!bill :D this makes me so happy omg…ty @spellhorn for the rec
  • Down, But Not Out by BuyGold
    Summary: It’s 1927, and New York City is rife with music and creativity.
    Dipper Pines’ life is pretty good. He’s got reliable friends and is living pretty comfortably above the small grocery store he ran in lower Manhattan.
    Of course, all good things come to an end, and Dipper finds himself getting quickly pulled into the life of Bill Cipher, a notorious mob boss who’s got a reputation for being merciless when it comes to his… business.
    Just Dipper’s luck.
    Note: mafia aus are perf and so is this <3 thank @spellhorn for the rec :)
  • All That Glitters by IlanaNight ✔
    Summary: Cipher is the best dancer anyone’s ever seen, men and women flock from cities around to watch him perform. Bill is the most detached neighbor Dipper’s ever known. It’s difficult to believe that they’re the same person.
    Note: a really good stripper au ;)))
Taming The Brat Pt.8

And in the spirit of posting tradition I am once again posting yet another chapter I’m not 100% sure on… Okay, fine, I kinda like the smut in this one… A lot-ish.
Anyway, sorry it’s taken a little while, I’ve rewritten this so many times and I don’t think I can make it any better.
Also, I’m sorry if there’s any grammatical/spelling errors, I write on my phone and I’m terrible at spotting them when I’m editing. I hope it isn’t too distracting if there are any and I’ll edit through again a little later to make sure. Anyway, sorry for rambling, and I hope y'all enjoy ^^

Lil Disclaimer
Genre: Angst/Smut/Nora’s AU
Requested: Sort of
Warnings: NSFW, 18+ Content, long af as always, crude af, swearing, pretty big time skip, roughish sex, BDSM themes, D/s relationship setup, Daddy kink

Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.4 | Pt.5 | Pt.5.5 | Pt.6 | Pt.7 | Pt.8 | Pt.9.1 | Pt.9.2 | Pt.10

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At many points during pregnancy and throughout the stages of raising an infant, there will come many periods during a parents journey when numerous self appointed experts will come out of the woodworks to offer them copious amounts of varied and vast advice they’ll soon realise they never actually asked for, nor do they want. Luckily enough, along the way it gets relatively simple to sift out the worthwhile advice from the busy body, and one of the few people I now willingly accept advice from is my own mother. Though I’ll admit, I haven’t blindly followed along with everything she’s suggested, but I’m of the opinion that what she doesn’t know I’m not doing won’t hurt her.
One of her many recommendations I am glad I agreed to take up though, happens to be yoga and meditation.
Okay, technically my mom recommended Pilates, but all that extra apparatus didn’t exactly speak to me on a lazy ass soul level, so I opted for the version where all I need is my living room floor and a yoga mat. It’s great exercise, for both the body and the mind. I too, would recommend it to anyone. The thing I love about it though, aside from the whole healthy benefits malarkey, is how much it relaxes me. Almost always to the point where I end up falling asleep on the floor. According to my mom, this isn’t exactly the objective, but it’s been working great for me so I see no reason to fix my technique. Besides, it’s not like I fall asleep every time. Some days I force myself to stay awake and actually go through some of the steps. The only catch is that when I’m forcing myself to remain upright, I cant switch off my brain, and I often find it wandering. Today, my little family, asleep on the couch to the side of me, is what has my full focus.

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5 things you’ll find in my bag

  • chapstick, so much chapstick
  • my phone
  • wallet
  • sketchbook sometimes
  • gum

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • clothes
  • books
  • a mess
  • food  of all sorts
  • lots and lots of art stuff

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life

  • be an actor 
  • have an animal sanctuary
  • marry a cute person
  • not die too soon
  • have a house

5 things that make me happy

  • my friendarenos
  • food
  • drawing
  • animals
  • being gay

5 things I’m currently into:

  • voltron
  • sakana the webcomic its really good
  • depression lol
  • drawing
  • samurai jack

5 things on my to do list:  

  • move out 
  • graduate
  • get a job
  • get a place to live
  • college? maybe

5 things people may not know about me:

  • i have 6 cats
  • i live in california
  • im actually nb but i use she and they pronouns
  • im rlly loud and obnoxious
  • i have identical triplet brothers

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You're more of a dog person? That's awesome!! And... weird. Dogs are so bubbly and excited all the time, super energetic and rarely ever sit down. I have to say, I really thought you were more into cats. They literally would be a perfect match for you. Not constantly craving attention, independent, but very affectionate. Brushing a cat's fur is such a relaxing experience, too. Also, weren't you the one afraid to pet a bunny? You sure you want a dog because it'd lick you to hell and back, haha.

I do not mind giving affection when I am comfortable. Platonic affection for a dog is vastly different than intimate affections, or even the platonic kind for another person. Cats…everyone thinks a cat would suit me but honestly, I live alone. Having a dog to greet me every day and possibly take up the foot of my bed most nights might be pretty cool. But I’m not getting a pet any time soon. I have Kuriboh and he’s more than enough.

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I'm kinda curious...why do you ship Jackson with Jb? .-.

okayy,now i’m the one that is curious,why do you even ask?kkk kidding (or not) like this even a question?is obvious that they are a couple and if not,they are in love with each other,cause what the hell,you see the way that Jb look when he is looking to Jackson (X),is like Jackson is the most precious thing in his life,all the stuff that Jackson says even if is not funny he is laughing like a crazy man and he is always supporting Jackson in all the situations,see weekly idol and all the interviews and everything,that you will know what i’m talking bout.And Jackson really boi?you think you are discreet?cause you are not.The fanboying thing (X) and i know that Jackson fanboys everyone,but with Jb he goes to another proportion,and the way that he looks when he look to Jb,and the way that Jackson turns of the wild Jackson to the scary cat Jackson with Jb AND THE FUCKING SEXUAL TENSION…For those who doesn’t ship,i understand,cause they don’t need to be cause they are already real,kidding~ everyone has his own opinion,but i really don’t understand

And you guys see how Jackson is a caring boyfriend?in the fly concert is like~sighs~

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They have so many many moments that I really recommend to see this posts (X)(X)(X)(X)(X)

I’ve been struggling with suicidal thoughts a lot within the past few weeks and i don’t know how much more I can take
No 0ne in my house honestly gives a shit about me anymore. They are too caught up on their own lives my best friend isn’t really even my best friend anymore cause she never talks to me always hangs out with other people and probably still mad at me. Working helps keep my mind off of it for a couple hours but it always comes rushing back to me
I don’t want to be sad anymore I just want someone to give a fuck about me and not have it be pity.
I’d rather isolate myself with my computer and cat than go to hang out with friends (not that I even have any anymore) I don’t know what to do


I don’t understand why everyone is freaking out on my timeline. Scott and Mitch are 100% best friends and just because Scott is hanging out with Shawn and was cuddling with Shawn’s cat that doesn’t mean that Scott and Mitch are not friends anymore? You guys really need to chill, they are not “dating” one day and not friends anymore the second day. Mitch is not home in LA and Scott probably don’t want to be alone in their house, therefore he is hanging out with Shawn. You need to understand that they have other friends too, like you and I have more than one friend (hopefully). You don’t own them, just because they aren’t with each other for a couple days it doesn’t mean that they aren’t friends anymore. They live with each other, they are in the same band, they are with each other 24/7 so when they aren’t there’s nothing wrong with that. Please

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Ok, but is Nursey el chico del apartamento 512 for Dex???


anyways. yes.

he and his older sister are living in an apartment together while nursey gets on his feet to publish his book, he can’t really pay rent? but he cooks and cleans and walks her dog and his cat rly likes his sister’s dog so? it’s cool it’s cool, cool cool cool cool cool,, this also!!! works well bc i’ve been wanting to write about hispanic/latinx nursey. so. bad. 

i’m too tired to write this but, some bullets:

  • nursey’s sister’s name is lupe dohii
  • she’s nursey’s mama’s first child from her first marriage, while nursey’s an in-vitro baby and they got the genes of both his moms mixed in
  • lupe doesn’t look a lot like nursey (she’s a little darker, with straighter hair, and she has light brown eyes) which is part of why dex thinks she’s his girlfriend
  • lupe also calls nursey “papi” a lot, and dex, bless his white boy heart, doesn’t know that we tend to call our youngest sons that. for anyone who doesn’t know, it’s kind of like how a lot of people say “baby” to their significant others, and I did it to my ex, but I also call my youngest brother “baby”.
    • i mean you can also call your boyfriend papi but again, it’s like calling him baby
    • boys at school used to call me “mami” or “mama” and even “mamacita” sometimes. it wasn’t really sexual or anything, just sweet
  • plus, lupe and nursey are super touchy-feely and kiss a lot. nursey’s taller and kisses lupe on the forehead a lot and she hits him with her sandal every time
    • example: nursey is getting ready to meet with his agent and they’re standing in the doorway as he’s trying to leave. lupe’s rubbing cocoa butter
    • “papi, fix your belt”
    • “ya, ya, lupe, para con el regaño, ne?”
    • “cállate tonto”
    • “oye chill, okay?” *kiss on the forehead*
    • “ow! te amo lupe!”
    • “te amo dumbass don’t fall down the stairs”
  • they get along really well! they just love each other idk. nursey both can and will pick lupe up and toss her over his shoulder. she, again, hits him with a sandal
    • la chancla never forgives and it never forgets
  • dex works from home and so does nursey, so they see each other around a lot, but dex is. awkward and doesn’t really talk when he sees nursey. gives him like a jerky nod
  • nursey thinks dex doesn’t like him and is rude
    • dex gives those weird smiles. these ones. : ] 
    • nursey smiles politely at everyone and getting those in response is weird and you know people are doing it out of obligation
  • anyways!
  • dex is 24/7 complaining about his weird feelings for his hot neighbour to ransom and chowder. they’re terrible and laugh at him a lot
    • “hot guy from apartment 512 fucking got his mail in just sweatpants and sandals. he has a fucking tattoo. he’s got like THREE tattoos. i’m so done. what the fuck, i’m a good person, i don’t deserve this”
    • “are you really a good person if you oogle a guy with a girlfriend”
    • “are you really my friend if i didn’t ask for your fucking opinion and you gave it to me anyways, christopher”
  • nursey complains to lupe about how the hot dude from 534 seems cool but he’s a jerk
  • nursey also tripped and fell in front of dex, who was so startled he burst into laughter that was badly (read: not at all) restrained
    • nursey wants to die
    • he also thinks dex’s smile is really cute and hates that the only time he’s ever smiled at him was because he was laughing at him
  • it’s bad and they’re a mess i’ll write this one day I swear