i really want them to make out

somehow when i said i was gonna design 3-5 stickers my hands decided to go for 7 instead and now i am Suffering

these are the (mostly finished) summer-themed sticker designs i’ll print for AX this year and that i’ll just be handing them out for free to literally whoever wants one… it would be a great favor to me that if you’re attending this year and that if you’d be interested in getting any that you could reply/etc so i could gauge whether i should try to make it so ppl can find me in a later post, and also if i should print more than a really small amount ;; for now i’m planning to print just 2 of each design and be done with it lol i overprinted a lot last year

that said i looked at the cosplay meet schedule and i can make it to the hetalia shoot on day 3 so i’ll probably be there even though i still can’t tell if that thing is confirmed since it’s switched back and forth so much


Thanks to everyone that said such good things about my human!Sonic characters design! \(;7;)/ You really helped me taking them back!
So, let me show you my human!Knuckles design! :D

My really first design of him (back in… I don’t know, probably five years ago?) was really really boring. It wasn’t anything special, and since then I wanted to make it unique. It’s about five months that I had in mind to try to give him tribal vibes, and the result is so darn satisfying-!!
I’m so proud of this design!

And I also kinda used him right away to practice a little a sat pose, which came out better than I expeceted. Huzza!

While drawing him I also discovered how freaking awesome tribal tattoos are. I want one so much now-
The moon one on the chest is obviously a reference to the one his original version has, while the scorpion actually means both danger and life. I thought it was a perfect match for him!

Also, bonus with the absolute best drawing of all I did today:


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Please don’t repost my art and don’t use it without my permission.
You’re free to use this design yourself, but credit me if you do, and tag me in it if you wish! I’d love to see your drawings! :D

Honestly I feel like I’m missing out on a big part of what “friendship” is and sometimes I feel so empty because of it. I don’t hang out with people one-on-one, I don’t do sleepovers. The idea of going on holiday with a friend- or friends in a group- seems impossible to me. Why? Cause all these things make me uncomfortable. When I hang out with friends alone I, quite frankly, want to leave/for them to leave as soon as possible. I don’t really know why? It’s not an introvert thing I don’t think- it’s not because I need to recharge or anything like that, I just don’t wanna do it. I don’t get the same feeling in groups- I fucking love meeting up with my friends in groups and don’t like that time ending. But as soon as it’s one-on-one, or hell two-on-one, I suddenly get very uncomfortable.

I feel like I’m missing out.

Specialized Wards


The purpose of this is to just show you how I have done some of my more specialized wards in the past to give an idea of the kinds of things that you can do and what’s involved in them. The procedures for these were adjusted so that they can be used universally instead of being specific to me and my abilities. However, that means that I haven’t tested the efficacy of each when made from their new procedures. There really shouldn’t be much problem, I mean the major difference is just the way the sigils are programmed as I have a private and unique way for making sigils, but I wanted to throw the disclaimer out there anyway. Anyways, use at your own risk and I’m not responsible for anything that happens if you choose to do these. P: 

Remember that I did leave out some of the finer details to keep myself safe. 

Going under readmore because I feel like it should

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cannonu  asked:

Yall how do you deal with getting famous? Well not famous but kinda popular? Also how?????? How????

I’m really not that famous/popular lol. I’m just starting out! I’m a real baby! I’ve got one comic that got a whole bunch of notes, but honestly it doesn’t feel too great because it’s the one that has about 8 bajilion spelling mistakes in it!

If you’re looking for tips on getting attention on things you make the only tip I really have is….. don’t try. It’s perfectly fine to want to be popular or even famous, but generally I find that if you make things that you like because you like them, people will be more attracted to that than if you’re just making things you think other people will like, if that makes sense.

My whole life, all I ever wanted was friends… but no one ever wanted me back. So when I found people who did want me, I did everything I could to make them stay. And ever since then, I’ve lived my life in fear: that, one day, they’d find out who I really was, and they wouldn’t want me anymore.
—  Prompto Argentum (Final Fantasy XV)

anonymous asked:

What do you think about the whole wale , Joonie and that girl who talked shit about wale wanting promo from BTS ?-Puertorican anon 🇵🇷💘

well first off i don’t know if wale is ‘using’ namjoon’s/bts’ name for relevancy but i do know that namjoon sent him some beats or something like that. so obv namjoon wanted to work w/ him again.

the person who started this is not an army. she is most definitely a solo stan,, i’ve seen her problematic ass twt. she literally replied to wale’s twt about working w/ namjoon and said that he was using him. she did this because she was ‘bored’ and wanted beef between them which makes no fucking sense. like that doesn’t sound like an army. people are gullible as shit. she’s really out here trying to look like an army (now ppl are talking shit about us when they don’t know shit) when she’s not :/. fuck her honestly. like why would you do something like that if you claim namjoon as your mans? shouldn’t you be happy that he’s working with his idol? she’s a whole mess.

and wale gotta chill, he’s a grown ass man letting teenagers fuck w/ his feelings and influence his decisions on making moves. i understand that he has feelings too but cmon now.

belletiger  asked:

Hello. We all saw Au stories where lance is an altean and even a galra, but how about a situation where lance is revealed being a inhuman? Lance somehow got contact with some terrigenesis and that awaken his powers?

So, I’m gonna be honest…..I don’t really know much of anything about inhumans :((

Like, I just never really knew about them and when I finally did, (and don’t hate me pls) but I just thought they were pretty much mutants. I have looked up the difference tho and I hope that what I can give you is enough.

So the team are fighting on a Galra base (like always) and Lance and Shiro are going up against the commander of said base while the others get the prisoners out of there and make sure that the place will go down in smoke.

Lance and Shiro are working in tandem (which God do I want to actually see that happen) but then the commander throws a canister at them, making a cloud of what the Galra called a potent poison. Of course they get out of the gas as quickly as possible and make a quick retreat back to the lions.

But before they get there, Lance collapses on the ground shivering and coiling in on himself to try and keep some warmth in him. Shiro is freaking out because he doesn’t want to watch Lance die, he won’t let it happen. He bridal carries Lance back to the black lion and books it back to the castle.

Once there he puts Lance in a pod, praying to anyone for him to be okay. To be alright. Lance is in there for about thirty minutes before spitting Lance out, but he’s still freezing cold. And by freezing, I mean literally FREEZING. Ice starts to grow off of him, and his face starts to frost over certain areas, his hair is freezing on the tips. He has no idea what’s going on, and neither does anyone else on the team. They try and help him up from the floor (which has started to ice over from where he was touching it) but he immediately moves away from their touch, not wanting to freeze them as well.

It’s not until Coran gets the results from the pod that they get their answer. The ‘poison’ the Galra threw at them was Teriagen gas (I know I spelled it wrong, sorry) which is known to many other species of alien to be a deadly poison.

Cue Allura and Coran helping Lance figure out how to control his powers (he wouldn’t let anyone else get close enough to help, it was only after Coran insisted that he and Allura would be able to shift to whatever temperature he is to make sure he wouldn’t freeze them that he let them help.) of course it’s hella scary for Lance, who is so used to touching everyone to being to scared of himself to even let anyone bump into him, let alone hug him or pat him on the back for a job well done.

It’s really tough on everyone, but after months of training his body and his new found powers, he doesn’t completely shy away from quick physical contact. High fives and ruffle of his hair he lets them happen again. And although he still feels a bit colder than what their used to, and sometimes they’re hand comes back a bit frosted, they’re so happy to be able show their affection to him, even if it’s only a little bit.

I’m sorry I couldn’t do more for this, but it’s a really great idea and I hope I inspire someone who really knows a lot about the inhumans to really take his up a notch. Thank you so much for the prompt!


Samples of reversible charms I’m making with my girlfriend! Hopefully we can work out prices and sample images soon. I don’t think they’re going to be clear so a cute pastel rainbow background will be in place of the white instead. :D

I also hope to do Moon/Lillie, Hau/Gladion, Mohn/Lusamine, Guzma/Plumeria, Red/Blue, and some combo of Nanu, PSY4, Faba, Wicke? Maybe Colress or Grimsley??? I’m getting really ahead of myself right now… If I draw them right, I might be able to customize mix&match per order so if you wanted Lillie/Lusamine or Lillie/Gladion instead, it could be requested…

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That may sounds stupid but if I date someone who I tought was a girl but comes out as a trans man, if I don't want to be in a relationship with them anymore is that transphobic ? Because I'm a lesbian and don't want to date a man at all but I really don't want to be transphobic

No, you’re a lesbian. I know some lesbians continue to date trans men after they come out and that’s between them and their partner, but you not wanting to date a man doesn’t make you transphobic.

You’re acknowledging his gender that he hadn’t known about and/or told you about at the start, and it’s a gender you’re not interested in dating. That’s okay.

If you still want to be his friend and support his transition though, I would let him know that. Tell him if he’s up for being friends, you are also.

- mod dani

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hi so this is kind of a weird question but do you ever think dan and phil sorta play off our obsessive theories and stuff and "act gay" as fan service? (like dan says, "giving the people what they want.") i hate the idea and don't think it's true but sometimes they'll do highly requested stuff like the hair curling video and I start to wonder??? and then there's tons of anti-dnp people saying they're fake and it freaks me out idk. just curious as to what your thoughts are

nah i don’t think they “act gay” as fan service (and both of them have openly said they’re bisexual in old formspring posts) so they’re not really “acting” if anything. also when dan says stuff like “it’s what the people want” and all that i’m pretty sure it’s just his way of making his closeness with phil seem more relaxed. dan has always been a very private person when it comes to personal things, and im sure their possible romantic relationship would definitely be in that mix. as for them doing highly requested things, i honestly think that they want to do it for their own enjoyment? like there are definitely a lot of youtubers who will do whatever their subscribers request (which is fine) but dnp never really do any video ideas if they truly don’t wanna do it, ya know? i mean damn the phandom has literally been screaming at dnp to play monopoly for ages and they still haven’t smh. in conclusion though i don’t think it’s fair to say that they “act gay” for fan service. there are so many youtubers who ACTUALLY do that (such as joe and casper who will literally make clickbait yt titles about them being romantic). honestly i wish some people would just get it out of their heads that they’re “acting gay” when maybe… just m a y b e… they’re just being themselves around each other in a gotdamn video

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The sad thing is that Camila can't really come out at the moment, she would lose a ton of fans. I know at least 4 people, including one of my sisters, who are okay with gay people in general, and they were okay with Lauren being bisexual, but for some reason, the idea of Camila being gay or bi clearly disgusts them. I have no idea why, it literally makes no sense to me, but for some reason they don't want Camila in particular to be not straight.


Dating Advice NEEDED

Okay so here’s the deal. I got a crush. She’s fucking adorable and amazing and we’re amazing friends. The beginning of the school year when we first met, she said she had a boyfriend at another school district (coincidently the district I lived in). But a week ago she told me that she broke up with him actually awhile ago, but didn’t tell anyone cause of how our other friend would react (cause he really liked them together). I think she likes me back? Like the way she just smiles at me and listens to me. She makes me feel loved and special. I really want to tell her how I feel but I have no idea how. Like no clue. My last couple relationships I’ve just texted them and told them. But this time it’s different cause my crush rarely uses her phone. So this summer I want to try to ask her out or some shit in person but idk how. So please help! Any advice would be much appreciated :)

 “my  whole  life,  all  i  ever  wanted…  was  friends.  but  no  one  ever  wanted  me  back,”  this  seriously  broke  my  heart.  prom  was  so  lonely  as  a  child  that  he  turned  to  food  for  any  sense  of  warmth,  adopted  a  pup  n  named  it  n  made  it  his  first  friend  bc  no  human  would  do  that  for  him.

 “so  when  i  finally  found  people  who  did  want  me,  i  did  everything  i  could  to  make  them  stay,”  including  put  his  life  on  the  line,  every  day.  including  dismiss  his  own  emotional  trauma,  his  insecurity,  his  depression,  to  make  em  happy.  including  stress  about  never  being  ‘good  enough’  for  them,  good  enough  that  they  wont  abandon  him.

 “and  ever  since  then,  i’ve  lived  my  life  in  fear:  that,  one  day,  they’d  find  out  who  i  really  was,  and  they  wouldn’t  want  me  anymore.”  this  is  rlly  ???  the  most  heartbreaking  line.  prom  has  lived  w/  this  fear  since  he  was  a  kid,  though—-  he  grieved  birthparents  that  he  never  got  to  know,  felt  a  fear  of  being  replaced  or  left  by  his  adoptive  parents,  made  worse  by  the  fact  that  they  were  rarely  around.  it  isnt  just  noct  n  the  guys  that  he  worries  will  leave  him,  but  every  important  person  in  his  life.

 on  top  of  this,  was  the  knowledge  that  hes  different,  n  dangerous.  though  he  doesnt  know  y,  his  parents  do—-  n  they  fill  him  w/  the  fear.  prom  has  never  known  peace,  or  security,  not  even  as  a  kid.

 n  the  worst  part  is  that  he  then  goes  n  has  these  feelings  validated.  noct  pushes  him  off  the  train,  n  it  isnt  an  issue  of  “he  thought  i  was  ardyn,”  its  an  issue  of  “he  hates  me  now.”  he  thought  it  was  a  personal  attack.  one  that  just  so  happened  to  solidify  everything  prom  has  been  afraid  of  since  he  knew  what  solitude  was.

Bring Me a Dream (Pt. 7)

Originally posted by cranking-that-iplier

Summary: Nightly activities can be most interesting at times. 

Heyo! So, I’ll be honest. I really am sorry for another late update, it’s been a mixture of bad planning on my part, procrastination, and to be truthful, I felt a bit stuck on how to proceed. I have the main points I want to hit- just getting to them while also not making ‘filler’ chapters have been hard. But, I finally found my way again and I am so happy with how this chapter turned out and how it will advance the story! So hopefully, you guys like it just as much as me! Also for all those who love my descriptions of scenery per se, you’ll definitely enjoy this one! :) 


Check out the masterlist here :)  

Tags: @kourt-kay @boots-jpg @bananakid42 @mtttme @let-it-go-and-live-again  if you want to be on the tagged list,  just message me and it shall be done!



  The flames flicker in the darkness and struggle to give off as much light as possible to illuminate the room, the ones possessing a sunny yellow offer the most while the beautiful sea blue offers the least- yet, aside from its fellow green flames, seem to be the most entrancing of the candles. They vary in colors greatly, from a stark red to a mystic violet that intrigues the eye- they shake ever so slightly and their burning allows an earthy, flowery fragrant to spread throughout the room. Though seemingly set out randomly, the candles form a spiral if seen from above and in the center of their sequence- a sequence that places the candles in color order which also shows the rising in heat by default- is a relatively small plush cushion with you sitting atop it comfortably.

     Your hands rest in your lap folded as the magical chant, while coming out as nothing but a mumble, fills the silent room and seems to send a volt of electricity up your spine. You have to resist the urge to shiver as the words leave your lips- but you manage to stay strong and follow through till the end of this mantra, securing the perfect result of this spell. This one happens to be stronger than the previous spell and becomes even more specific to this beast you are fighting against.

     Once the spell was completely casted, your eyes open and instantly, the candle closest to you is blown out by an unknown source, the one after soon falling into that same demise and the rest, like dominos, do the same. One by one the flames quickly zap out of existence, the last one to go is out within seconds after your eyes opened with what appears to be a bright blue stream of smoke emerging from them. The room is now shrouded in darkness and the fleeting light of the magical plume of smoke dissipates and leaves you blind. Carefully, you stand up and tip toe around the burnt out candles and over to the bedside lamp, feeling around a bit, you finally find the switch and press down on the ‘on’ side, its soft orange glow filling up the room and brings about serenity. As if you hadn’t taken a true breath since you began the ritual, a heavy exhale leaves your lungs and soft smile works its way onto your expression- the energy of the room, of the entire house possibly, feels lighter and much more welcoming.

     You can’t help but picture the dangerous and menacing beast having a temper tantrum at this predicament you made for him.

     So far, you’re winning in this ‘game’ between the two of you- a struggle for power, and for whatever you lost while you were still in your ‘realm’- for lack of a better word- you seem to have reclaimed since you came back. Despite his efforts, which you feel during the castings, you truly are proud to say you always come out on top!

     Albeit, your methods have only been temporary and in the end, you’ve still no idea how to solve this dilemma permanently. So, you suppose the beast has got you beat there…

     Which, may very well be the most important place to win in after all is said and done.

      If you can’t find a way to eliminate this threat to Mark, will it eventually wear you down and completely seize control over him?

     You groan at the thought as you fall back onto the cozy bed; one way or another, you will find the right path that gives you the results you want.

     Pursing your lips, you look up to the ceiling and ponder over this problem. The light from the lamp spraying out against the white canvas above, its glows progressively fades into black as it reaches the further ends of the room and simply allows a calming transition that leads one deeper into thought- and you follow that lead- beginning to think out the little details and starting to develop a plan for your final victory. A factor of that plan being to find out methods the Dreamers even use against such forces- an easy task seeing as the Dreamers, you believe, have a name for this creature. Yet, the name and idea surrounding this creature is practically the opposite of what it really is, which makes you worry a bit over what a Dreamer’s methods may be about them. Even if you doubt there will be any tactics at all, you will look as far back as possible if it means even the slightest hint on how to take them down permanently.

     However, your thoughts also lead you to your old method of peaceful pondering and you can’t help but find the idea tempting! Do you dare take a dip in the pool so late at night? It wouldn’t be that bad of an idea… Especially since all your whimsical deeds are done for the night.

     You know what, why not!

     It can be your victory swim, adding salt to the beast’s already wounded ego.

     You hop off the bed and unzip one of your bags to pull out an outfit you don’t mind getting wet- that being a pair of jean shorts and a deep navy tee; you may or may not have prepared clothing this time around- save for you pajamas, which you are happy to keep as the ones Mark lent you; his old T-shirt and basketball shorts. They’re comfy and they remind you of him, so how could any other PJs be better? Along with that conclusion, you lay them out on your bed as something warm and cozy to change back into when you return.

     After changing, you walk to the door and look back at your room with a skeptical raise of the brow, if anyone happens to come in here… They would most definitely wonder about your motives. But, no one would right? Mark and Tyler both are respectful and would knock before entering, besides, Mark is already asleep and Tyler is still downstairs. There’s no reason to worry- so, you shut the door behind you and despite the nagging paranoia in the back of your mind, you continue down to the pool.

     As your feet pad down the stairs, you see Tyler passed out on the couch and you hold back a laugh at the adorable sight. You shake your head fondly and sigh, turning, you proceed on your path to the pool sliding the glass door as you walk outside, the rush of fresh air proving to be far more intoxicating than any other scent as it fills your lungs.

     Along with the city lights in the distance, the stars hang over the sky as if a toddler sparkled the almost-black-navy with a dash of glitter and ending up going a bit over board, though all the same, it ends up being beautiful and sends a wistful arrow to the heart making you long for the stars company. The desire being too strong and with a string of giggles from your lips, you run and jump into the pool.

     Water flies above you like wings once you dive in, the rest of the water; however, encompases you as you sink below the surface. The small bubbles acting like string as they rise up from your body and back into the air, almost like a marionette as you fall deeper and deeper into the water’s embrace. When your eyes finally open, a muted laugh literally bubbles from your lips- a feeling of energetic joy surges through your body and, while holding your breath, you rise up to break the water tension and fill your lungs with more of that intoxicating air. The smile on your cheeks never stops and you let out an airy giggle as you greet the stars once more- they create tiny diamonds in your own pools of color as you look up to them, wondering if your gaze manages to stare up into the world of Dream Makers. You doubt it- but that would be interesting, wouldn’t it?

     You make a swift movement backwards, feeling the water’s wake around you as you move, and rest into a simple float above the water and your eyes shut to merely experience every other sensory option in this moment.

     There’s typically a light breeze during the night, though it seems to overlook this night and along with the already warm water due to the sun’s cheerful rays from the day, you feel comfortably warm and content as you float about. Albeit, every now and again there does seem to be a faint brush of a breeze on your skin- you don’t mind it much, if it becomes more persistent; however, then you most likely would mind. Being dripping wet is one thing, but add a chilling breeze to that, and you end up with a cold, soaked, and grumpy Dream Maker. And a possibly sick one as well, though, in that case, you would be able to indulge in some soup or hot chocolate… Or both, so it’s not too bad.

     Either way, for the most part, it’s silent. There is no obnoxious or annoying sound waves lingering in the air and rattling in your ear and causing you distress- no, instead, there’s a soft melody that the ever so light breeze carries whenever it does come, it’s nice and welcome for its short debuts every couple of minutes that it decides to play. Setting your heart and mind at ease, it occasionally harmonizes with the distant sounds of the city, which are thankfully far enough away to not become overbearing.

     And last but not least, as said before, the smell of the fresh air puts you to ease. There’s little hints of other things though; for example, a possible crackling campfire with maple wood burning the scent into the atmosphere or the simple smell of chlorine from the pool surrounding you, or the slight scent of desert flowers and other flora that settle around the house. But, in any perfect mixing bowl, these fragrances meet one another and combine to make a relaxing scent that puts your senses at rest- allowing you to just breath in and breath out this unique yet simple blend that’s pleasing to smell. A reason that adds to your intoxication with the fresh air of Los Angeles.

     Those are all the senses, aren’t they? Sight, touch, hearing, and scent, right?

    … No, not right.

     There’s also taste.

     Although, you don’t exactly feel like drinking chlorine water to satisfy that sense and decide to skip that one all together. Later though, maybe you would sneak a quick snack as you go back up to your room. Yeah, that would be nice!

     All the same, you open your eyes again and smile to yourself as you dive back into the blue depth. You stay a bit longer in the sublime waters, simply swimming about and such, before you head back over to the steps and walk out- without the water as a heater- your skin begins to develop goosebumps and you shiver at the change in temperature. Another wonderful realization hits you, you forgot to bring a towel. “Dammit,” you mumble, a pout now residing on your lips. Your eyes scan the area and see a small bin, praying that there will be a fluffy towel waiting for you.

      Luckily, there is! Well, kind of. It’s not exactly fluffy or in anyway comfortable, but, it works and that’s all that matters. You attempt to dry off and once the majority of water droplets have disappeared, you wrap the towel around yourself and walk back into the quiet house, locking the door behind you.

     You peak over the couch and notice Tyler is still, indeed, passed out on the couch. Although, he seems to have developed a light snore while you were away as if the scene wasn’t cute enough already. You find it adorable how he’s such a gentle giant, even if he seems a bit stoic at times. Nonetheless, you wish him an almost silent ‘sweet dreams’ as you walk pass him and up the stairs.

     But, you stop midway, hearing soft steps on the carpet in the hallway. Your calm attitude shifts into one of a Knight’s: defensive and resolute. Despite the pounding of your heart, you proceed with caution- ready to take action against the beast, if that is who the unknown suspect is. Albeit, if it’s anyone that’s a possible threat, you have no problem solving that problem swiftly and justly.

     For beautiful and soft creatures like Dream Makers, the idea of a warrior doesn’t exactly line up with the stereotypical Dream Maker. However, due to ‘descents’ or fighting another supernatural being that’s a threat to one’s Dreamer usually calling for action- they can be a force to be reckoned with; especially if their Dreamers are involved. And with Mark’s room only feet away, your protective instincts are kicking in majorly.

     You make your steps light as a feather as to go unnoticed, continuing up the stairs cautiously and pausing as you meet the top. You wait and listen for more, your fists clenching as you feel the tension rise with whatever is around the bend- maybe they heard you, and as you wait, they sit and await your movements so they can attack. Or, maybe they’re creeping slowly, ever so slowly to mute their steps and then surprise you when they turn the corner. You weren’t sure and these nagging thoughts didn’t help you focus; instead, they cause your heart to pace faster than before and you become worried that whatever lies out there can hear the beating of your heart as well. The thump, thump, thump in your chest that doesn’t seem like it will cease anytime soon.

     And when all your paranoia seems to take over your mind- you hear their steps again and it relaxes you, easing you back into the protector status you had before.

     It’s a gentle pat, a pause… another pat, another pause… another pat… and an even gentler drum of fingers, or what you hope is fingers, against the wall that sounds far too close for comfort.

     You prepare to attack as the shadow of a figure then passes in front of you and towards your door frame. Rising up the final step, you stand behind the silhouette in the pitch black darkness of the hallway and watch it carefully as it appears to inspect your door- it’s hesitant.

     It raises a hand to the door knob, grips the silver knob and starts to turn it.

    It’s looking for you.

    Instantly, you reach out and grab the hand, pulling it back and easily throwing them to the ground with both adrenaline and magic running wild through your veins to give you much more strength and energy than you regularly have. Before the creature can even attempt to get up, you raise a foot and are about to slam it down onto their mid-section to make sure they couldn’t get up, ready to fight against whatever this beast throws at you.

     Only, you aren’t prepared for what happens next.

     As you’re about to continue your attack, you hear it groan in pain as it lies on the floor and that ever so familiar deep octave seems to deliver it- causing you to stall.

     Panic floods over your entire being as the worst possibility plays out, but no, no, Mark’s asleep isn’t he? And with the protection spell, there’s no reason for him to be up! He should be sound asleep in his room- under the covers and probably cuddling up to that sweet golden dog of his, that’s where Mark is. Mark is lost in a wonderful dream land this is simply a trick from the beast to-

     “Shit, that fucking hurts… Wait, (Y/n) is… is that you..?”


     Fuckity, fuck, fuck.

     You are a great protector.





     In a panic, all your smooth movements become stumbled and you almost trip as you walk past Mark and to the lights, switching them on and regret and guilt soon jumps into this mess of emotion you’re experiencing. You quickly rush over to the fallen Mark, who tries to sit up, and bite your lip as you try to help him up, apologizing profusely as you do so. Though no matter how many times you say it, you feel as though it will never be enough.

     “Again, Mark, I am so so sorry! I can’t believe I did that! How bad does it hurt? I can help! Oh my goodness, I’m sorry, what’s wrong with me? Mark, are you alright?” The questions pour from your mouth quicker than he can answer them and finally, he holds a hand up, motioning for you to be silent for a second.

     “Just… what the Hell happened first of all?” He asks, luckily, he didn’t sound angry! Or at least you think he didn’t… Averting your eyes, you sigh and give him a partial truth.

     “I kind of thought you were an intruder… So, I wanted to stop them…But, well… Obviously, I was wrong.”

     Mark stays quiet for a moment and you brew in anxiety until he replies, yet- a sigh falls from his lips before he does so, “It doesn’t hurt that bad… Though, I would love it if you could get some ice for me.”

      “Of course! Anything to make it up!” You nod eagerly, finally meeting those darling brown orbs- they cause another guilty pang to resonate in your heart, for a moment, the idea of simply coming clean and telling him everything seems like it would make this just. Wouldn’t it?


     Either way, you offer the ravenette a sheepish grin, “Wait in your room, alright? And I’ll grab some ibuprofen just in case, sound good?”

    “Sounds good, chickadee,” A gruff chuckle follows and brightens your smile- has he already forgiven you? If so, then you couldn’t be more thankful for such a forgiving Dreamer. With one last shared glance, you head back downstairs as Mark heads to his room.

     For how great this night was going, this accident definitely put a damper on things.


 So! Whatcha think? :D Haha either way, this will definitely lead to a really nice beginning for the next chapter that will be great to not only read, but for me to write! :) But hey! If you did enjoy this chapter, please leave a lovely like, complimentary comment or critique, and maybe a regal reblog? (Can you tell I like alliteration yet?) Thanks a bunches guys 💙

They say it is possible
to love someone
just so long as you don’t get to know them
all too well.

I guess that leaves us
shit out of luck.

I know you
better than anyone
I’ve ever met.

I know all your quirks
your tones
your idiosyncrasies.

I know how generous you are,
and how positive your intentions.

I know you want to be loved and admired and successful.
I know that you are your father.

I blamed you
I don’t know,
I guess.

I think I really hated you for a time,
and I think that you probably hated me too.

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I want to start off by saying i am not artistic at all. That being said i am pretty proud about how this turned out. It took me a couple weeks to get it to this point and I really like it. Mark and Jack are my two favorite youtubers. I love both them and what they do for their communities. It would make me so happy for them to see this so I can show them my love and thanks for all they do. Especially today because it’s my 20th birthday! (June 27th, the day before Mark’s!) Thank you again for all you two do! @therealjacksepticeye @markiplier

last year i made a website for my students because hello kids are hooked to technology these days (tumblr loves to deny this, but let’s be real) so i wanted a place where i could put educational games, interactive resources, and videos (like scishow kids and crash course kids) all in one easy-to-access place (bonus because they could access it at home if they had internet!)

but each time we started a new standard i would erase the website’s content and put up new material and now i’m really mad at myself because PAGES. why didn’t i just make new pages?? the site i used even allows me to password protect the pages, so i can keep them out of all the pages with content we haven’t gotten to yet. my poor overwhelmed teacher brain just couldn’t process i guess.

oh well, you live and you learn i suppose. and i’m going back to 4th grade anyway, so those standards wouldn’t apply this year.

i already set up the reading and spelling page (that one doesn’t really change–it’s resources and sites we use all year), and i created pages for each of the science standards. now i just have to find the content for them. hopefully my new students will appreciate this as much as my previous students did.

I’ve decided to make a really deliberate shift to using completely natural, chemical-free products on my body. I’m going to phase out all of my old soaps & makeup and such and replace them with healthier products. I also want to start buying in bulk - food & cosmetic products to start limiting the waste I’m putting out there. Today I made my first deodorant/body spray with lavender oil & vanilla extract diluted in  water and coconut oil and it turned out so well! I’m super excited about it!

5 thing tag~

tagged by @thekatsudonandtherussian thanks for the tag <3

Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. whatever book I’m reading atm
  2. a notebook
  3. like 5 pens
  4. my fidget cube
  5. my phone charger

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. AH/RT posters (everywhere, like, I have almost no wall space left)
  2. like 10 different throw blankets
  3. way too many stuffed animals for an almost 20 year old to own
  4. books (too many, all kinds, manga, coloring, actual, text)
  5. a crate full of my notebooks

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  1. visit Europe
  2. go to Pride
  3. vacation in Japan 
  4. fly (like no one said this had to be realistic right?)
  5. learn to dance

Five things that make me happy:

  1. AH/RT
  2. All the various ships I obsess with (I would need more than five to list them all)
  3. Reading a really good book
  4. Listening to music
  5. Rain, especially rain during a storm

(Sidenote: We had a storm here recently and I went out and just ran and had fun in the rain at like 3 am and it looked cool af whenever lightning struck)

Five things I’m currently into:

  1. I mean, AH as always
  2. Once Upon a Time/ Captain Swan
  3. writing
  4. Fairy Tail (it’s ending soon and I don’t know how to deal with the fact that the series that got me into anime is ending)
  5. I’ve refallen in love with klance/shance/shklance all over again

Five things on my to do list:

  1. get a job before the summer ends
  2. write the next chapter of my fic
  3. get back into my workout detail
  4. finish the book I’ve been reading
  5. finish my application to college this week 

i tag: @crys-at-acorns @dizzyowl @waiting-in-the-bushes-for-us @ultears-ass @pookelucy @cheesyplagg @elliejoys