i really want that umbrella


rough sketch of THE SCENE

Item Description: A picture of the coolest brothers in the galaxy. Painted with extra care. One time use. Effect: ???

(This is fan art of http://askspacesans.tumblr.com/ where there’s about to be a showdown between Space!Sans and Error!Sans. This picture’s NOT a part of the original comic/blog!)

(I really enjoy this blog! It’s always enjoyable to read! ^^)

(Characters belong to: Undertale – Toby Fox, OuterTale - @outertale , AskSpaceSans - @askspacesans)

SonAmy Week Day 1 Umbrella

This is really rough but I still wanted to participate. I didn’t take the literal route for “umbrella.” 

I dont now how to make this a “read more” because i am inept with this tumblr BS but anyways heres my headcannon. 

Sonic confesses to Amy his feelings and they spend a night together. The next day they are headed in to the village where a Lightning Bolt Society member blocks them and reveals that Sonic was hypnotized. But instead of being hypnotized into thinking he was useless and unwanted they accidentally hypnotized Sonic into being more confident which is why he revealed his true feelings to Amy and so on. So the Lightning Bolt Society member says the magic words which releases Sonic and Sonic doesn’t remember anything that he said or did. Amy is heartbroken but she knows Sonic loves her she just doesn’t want to scare him by revealing to him what happened between them just yet. Until weeks later she finds out shes pregnant… She doesn’t know what to do. Soon the secret is out and Sonic confronts her and she doesn’t exactly lie to him but tells him she was seduced and made a decision she couldn’t go back from. Sonic wants to know who put her in this position more than anything so he spends more time with her as she and the baby grow bigger. Amy doesn’t want to tell him because there is no proof and she is afraid that if he finds out he is the one who did this to her that he will punish himself or run away. But Sonic tells her one day that he doesn’t care who the father is he only cares about her and he wants to “be her umbrella” and protect her. Basically he reveals he loves her for a second time and is willing to be with her and some other mans baby and she finally tells him. And instead of blowing up and leaving Sonic is revealed and his memory floods back in his head and he tells her he just knew he was involved because she wasn’t the type to let any man get so intimately close to her unless she cared for them.

Sharing one umbrella,
We have to hold each other,
Round the waist to keep together,
You ask me why I’m smiling-
It’s because I’m thinking,
I want it to rain forever
.”  -[x]

it was raining and i just really wanted to draw dean and cas sharing an umbrella  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rainy day au's:

“Omg you’re the douchebag who went over a puddle in your car and soaked me the other day. Perish in the rain, you fiend!! Ah but, you have your shivering kid with you…”

“It’s literally storming out here why are you still busking? Lemme get you a coffee man”

“It’s a stereotypical love scene; perfect time for a kiss in the rain… but then you ask to break up”

“There’s a leak in my ceiling and I had to ask my neighbour if I could stay in their apartment, only to find there a leak in their ceiling too so now we’re house hunting”

“Met a cutie working at an umbrella shop. I really want to see them again so I asked for a unique design (I visit to “see how it’s getting along”) and that gives me only a few weeks to make a move.”