i really want that umbrella


new favorite trope: anime girls hiding bandaged hands after working tirelessly on something for someone they cared about

i suppose this fits under the umbrella of compulsory heterosexuality but i really want this whole “character liked this person so they might be bi but can’t possibly be gay” myth like, permanently dispelled, forever, because this is just….literally not true.

there are gay people who have dated, loved, married, had sex with, fallen in love with, people who were a different gender than them. not all sexuality is fluid and it’s inappropriate to assume that someone’s sexuality is/will be fluid, but characters are non-sentient creations that do not have their own agency—and there is absolutely no reason that a character having legitimate feelings for someone of a different gender absolutely and totally rules out all possibility of them being gay.

sexuality is a largely personal, highly individualized experience. people change, people grow up. hardly anyone chooses a label for themselves based on what they used to be like. crushing on someone when you’re 5, 10, 15, even 20, doesn’t mean you’ve got to base your life and identity around this attraction. being attracted to specific people, or people “in theory” but without any modern, practical influence on your life shouldn’t dictate who is allowed to choose a label for themselves. straight people actually have no problem using this concept in reverse—you can be straight and have “girl/guy” crushes, you can be straight and make lists of people you would “go gay” for, you can be a “lesbian until graduation,” you can be straight and dabble around “experimenting” with gay hookups and even relationships. some of these experiences are actually people who are not straight battling internalized homophobia and compulsory heterosexuality, certainly, but the concept that your actions and past experiences don’t determine who you are still does apply to gay people.

it’s fundamentally homophobic to say it does, or should, in fact. it assumes straightness as a default, so straight people can “experiment” however they like, provided they return to “straight” at the end of the day. compulsory heterosexuality ensures that gay people will be expected to conform to the model image of straightness, and so much more gay people will have “experimented,” if you will, with being straight—and some people may even have had genuinely positive, emotional experiences in straight relationships. this does not mean they are any less gay, nor does it mean that they will always be able to find fulfillment in straight relationships, nor does it mean that they are bound to these instances of attraction for the rest of their lives, even when they no longer feel that way.

tl;dr: part of compulsory heterosexuality is forcing gay people to define themselves by few and far between positive experiences in straight relationships, and this is an inaccurate and homophobic assessment, and just because someone has experienced some form of genuine heterosexual attraction does not mean it is relevant to their identity or their life long term.

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I saw you said you were gonna do a tutorial series type thing about your taako cosplay, and i really wanted to know how you made the handle of your umbrella look like wood, if that isnt too much to ask! your taako is one of my favorite cosplays ive seen of him tbh

FIrst of all I’m so sorry it has taken me forever to respond to this!! Life was a little crazy there for a hot second. But now i’m home and back in the saddle so lets do this. Also, thank you so much !!! I’m so honored you like my cosplay ahh

Okay so my base umbrella i’m about 90% sure was this one , which i just found in my closet but I loved the size of it. I am also very small so an umbrella that was a little bit taller works really well proportion wise. LIke it almost could actually be a staff. Here is what the umbrella handle started out looking like: 

I started by removing the rubber grip thing and I was basically just left with the metal pole that makes up the center of the umbrella. I built a base shape with tinfoil so I could build onto it: 

Then for the fun part!! I used this new stuff called “Sculptamold” that I found in my local craft store. It was just the last bag sitting at the back of a shelf, i had never heard of this stuff before. Basically it’s like a plaster/paper powder that you mix with water, and the consistency depends on how much water you add. If you add a lot, you can use it like plaster to cast things in a mold. But if you don’t add a lot of water, it ends up with a very sculptable consistency like clay! 

Now unfortunately i’m incompetant and totally did not take any WIP pics of this stuff being put to use but basically: it takes a wHILe to dry, like at least overnight if not a couple days, and it dries really really rough. I basically just took clumps of it and covered my tinfoil base, waited an hour or two until the consistency was a little more set, and then went through with my fingers and a little water to smooth out big bumps. It WILL dry very rough regardless tho, but the beauty is–this stuff sands like a DREAm. Just with some regular sandpaper and like twenty minutes I was able to get it very very smooth, and for any particularly rough patches I just hit it with my dremel. 

So I had a smooth hook on the end of my umbrella, but i wanted to add a wood texture. Origianlly I tried dremeling it in, but that didn’t work so well because it did crumble a bit. So of course i turned to an obvious solution–hot glue! Seriously. I just started dripping hot glue all over this thing in a wood-grain texture. I took pencil and sort of patterend out the general idea of where my wood grain would go and followed that. A tip: don’t use hot glue that is super incredibly bubbly hot; if its a little cooler then it will hold its shape better as it lays down and it wont run into itself. 

Heres a quickl little example i did on some scrap paper::

Then you paint! I did a base coat in brown, then went in and added shadows and highlights in other colors

This was super fast and I only did one layer of shadow/highlights. For my actual handle i did probably five or six layers, just adding brush strokes and lines to give it more dimension! 

Also: Make sure you use MATTE paint!! Gloss or even satin will make it look shiny and not like wood! 

Yeah basically that is it!! It isn’t the *most* realistic wood texture, but I kind of like the stylized cartoony vibe that it gave! 

anyway, i hope this helps! Thank you so much !


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Hey would you mind doing a extra fluffy gladio x reader or either some ignis x reader~~~ if u do thank you so much. Iggy and gladio are best chocobros~~

Iggy and Gladio are two of my favorite Chocobros (my other two favorites are Noctis and Prompto) <3 If it’s fluff you want, than fluff you shall receive!  Gladiolus limited edition!,( his turned so long, I ran out of ideas for Iggy, maybe later)  ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚


Day 0

You grunted, standing on the tips of your babydoll shoes, trying your hardest to get the red spine book. Your pastel pink finger nails barely getting the item, only to gasp, as a large tan hand suddenly reached out plucking the book off for you. Turning as you had to step back to look at the giant man beside you, your book currently in his hand.

“This the one you’re after?”

He was so tall, easily dwarfing you, you hardly came to his shoulder, your small hand reaching to grab the book, as you noticed the large fingers took over much of the book.  “Thank you.”

A huge smile played over his face, “So what is that?”

Your eyes lit up, as you beamed, explaining the book excitedly without trying to give away the plot, the tall man following after you as you went to the counter to pay conversating. His arms full of books himself, the two of you paying, still in conversation about your favorite books.

“Too bad that’s the last copy, it sounds interesting.” He chuckled, holding the door open for you, as you exited the bookshop.

You turned to the large man, your eyes fluttering as you reached into your reusable shopping basket, pulling out the red book. “Please barrow it, I’ve read it hundreds of times.”

“Are you sure?”

“Mmhm, just so long as you tell me your name.” You giggled, tucking your hair behind your ear.

“Gladiolus, and you?”

You smiled giving your name, a name like Gladiolus seemed to fit him perfectly,

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- first of all i want to say that justin, trav, and clint all did a fucking phenomenal job rping their characters. the way that they were characterized was excellent - you got the sense of the way that the stolen century-selves and the amnesia-selves kind of meshed together. There was….a gravity to a lot of the interactions that was completely absent at the beginning of this campaign, but also sort of overwhelmed the stolen century arc. This episode combined the Classic Mcelroy Goofs with like….really solid character work. (not to mention griffins 5 million distinct character voices, god) 

- particular shoutouts to taako and magnus cause…….


          Cause like fuck! way to give me a feeling, justin you fuck! 

          This says a lot about what Taako believes in, i think. And i think it implies that by taking away lup and his history from him, a fundamental part of his personality and what he believes in and stands for was shorn away. …. hold that thought, gonna make a longer post to discourse that one out, there’s something interesting there. 

- and Magnus!! i was honestly really glad that travis played magnus as putting fischers safety above the safety of the realm. bc magnus is a good dude but also a dude who prioritizes the immediate over the long term, and is sort of an all or nothing guy. he refuses to do a bad thing to do a larger good thing. (furthermore, why does davenport think killing the jellies will release the information? i dont think they know that for sure.) also, the way that magnus was with the voidfish was just….way to give me an emotion, travis.

- Also! I thought it was kind of great how quickly everyone started listening to davenport again, and how even after getting his memories back and realizing all the shit he had gone through and was missing, davenport just immediately took charge and everyone but lucretia listened to him just like that. 

- speaking of. does anyone else think that lucretia is acting….stranger than usual? she doesn’t give any concrete reasoning for why she’s putting up the barrier other than she has to, and we know that relics can put even the IPRE crew under their thrall (ie taako almost grabbing the gaia sash). as @epersonae suggested i think it’s very very likely that lucretia isnt completely in control. 

- also i appreciated how….generally cool barry was in this. like, fuck, i like the dude and his relationship with lup is characterized a lot. he’s doing neato magic and offering to off himself to be a skeleton with lup. what a loser. 10/10 

- lup straight up murdered a dude in the umbrella, my guys. fuckin cold.

- I really desperately want griffin to explain why the voidfish hadn’t released any information beforehand. does it need a “master-level” work to release information? is it not the voidfish’s choice on what to release? like, why didn’t fischer or fischer’s bb release info beforehand? 

- ten bucks says that john….isnt in charge anymore. 

- ten bucks says that taako’s gonna do some funky transmutation shit to the glass circles to get to the other planes. calling it. 

- another ten bucks says that krav made a deal with garfield, the deaaaaaals warlock. 


DeLiteful rain

(the file name for this was “rooni dazlib btw)


rough sketch of THE SCENE

lemme draw something simple for once, also something I forgot to mention, Tiburon is taller than Harribel B) Meanwhile I really wanted to draw a colorful umbrella, and might be odd to see Tibu protecting Harri from the rain but then again, ain’t her outfit so constructed that it is less of a nuisance if it gets wet. In the end it does not rly matter if they stand in the rain or not.

Rambling about Raiment in Ragnarok

So in the set pictures from Brisbane, Thor and Loki are in New York wearing Midgardian clothes. Presumably this is the same excursion as the one in the trailer in which they meet Hela and she explodes Mjolnir. But in the trailer Thor, at least, is wearing Asgardian clothes.

So I think we can conclude that Thor’s clothes and probably Loki’s are illusions and they are, in actuality, wearing their Asgardian raiment. Mjolnir seems to be disguised as an umbrella. (Credit to my mum for guessing that a long time ago!)

This does, of course, raise the question–why, if the clothes are Loki’s illusions, is Loki wearing a haute couture suit and Thor wearing two colors of knit shirt, a holey denim jacket, etc.?

  • Because Loki wanted to be the best dressed?
  • Because Loki put them both in haute couture and Thor didn’t like it?
  • Because Thor specified that he wanted to look casual?

Who knows. I really like umbrella!Mjolnir. Who cares if it isn’t raining, right?


Favorites of Theatre - Laura Osnes

Rainy day au's:

“Omg you’re the douchebag who went over a puddle in your car and soaked me the other day. Perish in the rain, you fiend!! Ah but, you have your shivering kid with you…”

“It’s literally storming out here why are you still busking? Lemme get you a coffee man”

“It’s a stereotypical love scene; perfect time for a kiss in the rain… but then you ask to break up”

“There’s a leak in my ceiling and I had to ask my neighbour if I could stay in their apartment, only to find there a leak in their ceiling too so now we’re house hunting”

“Met a cutie working at an umbrella shop. I really want to see them again so I asked for a unique design (I visit to “see how it’s getting along”) and that gives me only a few weeks to make a move.”