i really want that ukulele



So I wrote out some more lyrics and ukulele chords.

This one is Secondhand by debbyryan + The Never Ending.

It’s a really beautiful song.

I tried to match up the chords with what Debby had posted on tumblr and the live video on YouTube. Also, the strings tuning is F#, B, D#, G#


HEYO! I’m Roman/Josie. I got the name Roman after my fren, @tarisiris and I figured out which Sanders side we were so she’s Anx and I’m Roman, it just kinda stuck. I’m a genderfluid pansexual, but questioning if I’m nonbinary. I’m just using she/her pronouns for now. I’m totally emo to the extremo. I love TØP, MCR, PATD, FOB, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Green Day, Melanie Martinez, Troye Sivan, and a lot of other bands/artists. I play the ukulele and I really want to learn piano. I’m a writer, an actor, a singer, and most importantly, trash.
Thomas is one of my favorite youtubers and I only recently got obsessed with his channel after Taris really introduced me to him.
I am always open to give you advice and be an internet shoulder to cry on. I will always, always, ALWAYS, be there for you and never judge you or harm you in any way, shape, or form. Come on in my children, my blog welcomes you with open arms.


The purpose of Engineer is a Tourist - other than Engineer being the definition of a tourist - was primarily scenebuilding & locked bones to showcase models & repurposing models. There’s a lot of pineapples that were used for the costumes not as pineapples, but head & armpieces. The red chest clothwrap are three Hero’s Hachimakis/Master’s Yellow Belts. 

Somebody on dA said they liked the designs from Pineapple Princess, which were made since last year. Pyro Kalama started off as some sort of tacky Tiki magical girl/home luau birthday party princess before I was like “wait, no”. So I gave Engie the tourist role while Kalama was made a local.

Tourist Engineer was initially going to play the ukulele while Kalama danced, but I really wanted to make Engie shake his hips like the stupid Hawaiian Holiday Donald Duck dance. The coconut bra was not part of the initial concept design but I said fuck it, he’s got that stupid pineapple hat and those plastic leis anyway.

I added Pyro Keahi with Kalama for balance between both Pyro worlds, then the ukulele was passed to a twin named Keao. I think they begrudgingly work in the tourism industry and know how to play the tourists right into their hand, hoping at some point using song & dance for the forces of cringe will reward them with riches (or enough to buy Kalama more wigs).