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Okay, so here’s a mediocre picture of my big guy: you can’t really see from this angle, but he has several scales that are a really light, bright teal strewn across the darker parts, and they look like little stars! That’s why I named him Orion. He also has little spots here and there of a dark maroon, as you can see @ the base of his anal fin and mouth, and his front ventricle fins are all curly and white! Quirky part of him, but handsome nonetheless. 

Anyway, he’s adjusting quite well to his new home, and is energetic bordering on hyperactive, which is one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to get very many pictures. Constantly patrolling the tank or playing in the bubble stream from the little air rock I put in the far corner. At first I was worried the bubbles and the current from his filter (which I’ve baffled using a clean disposable shot glass lol) would be too strong for him, but even though there are a bunch of sheltered, still areas, he still spends most of his time swimming around in the choppier parts, so I guess he likes the workout. All in all, Orion is a very spunky, curious and somewhat jumpy guy and I’m glad I adopted him!

Headcanon time: one time when d’Artagnan is feeling very bad (possibly due to multiple things just piling over him) he tries to drown his sorrows like Athos would: with drinking. This obviously results in the three musketeers finding him more or less passed out at some tavern and all three of them carrying d’Artagnan back to the garrison to sleep it out.

After d’Artagnan wakes up, he encounters the angry and worried faces of Athos and Porthos and a furious lecture from them. By the time Athos and Porthos finish their lecturing, Aramis has woken (he had dozed off on d’Artagnan’s uncomfortable chair) and walked over to d’Artagnan who thinks Aramis is surely going to give him another lecture but instead d’Artagnan finds himself hugged.

“Just because Athos drinks”, Aramis says, “doesn’t mean it helps him. He won’t admit it even if you ask, but in fact all the drinking does is to make him more miserable. Try not to follow him there; Porthos and I have enough work trying to stop him from destroying himself.”

Athos, of course, is not very happy about what Aramis says but nods at the kid and tells him to never scare them like that again. Porthos just grumbles in affirmation and asks if anyone wants breakfast before leaving the room.

My mom told me a story about when I was younger recently that I didn’t remember.

My middle name is Orion. My first name is  Aimeé (Uh-may) No one ever pronounces it right when they read it or try to repeat it back to me. Apparently I didn’t care for the hassle of correcting people when I was younger, so I tried for a little while to go by my middle name instead. 

When I came to kindergarten and tried to tell people I wanted to go by Orion, no one really respected this decision. 

So, by about midday after I had corrected so many people to call me Orion, a boy in my class was really fed up with my decision. 
He stood up and said “I’m not going to call you that! Orion is a boys name, and you’re not a boy, you are a girl!” and started saying “boys name, boys name, boys name!” any time I tried to respond to him. 
By about the fourth chant, five year old me had enough. I pushed him down, sat on him, and then slapped him in the face, and started yelling
“It’s not a boy’s name because it is my name and I am a girl. I’m a girl and it’s my name! Orion is a girls name when a girl has it!”

My mom knew the story in such detail because my hometown is really small and my kindergarten teacher had my mothers cell phone number and knew her very well. So the teacher of course called my mom and told her all about it after she pulled me off the kid and put me in the corner. 

Way to go, five year old me. Way to not put up with any of that “gender norm” horseshit. 

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Your fave character from KH in pallete 14 maybe?

My favorite? What an impossible thing to ask, hahaha.
I guess at the moment I’m really lamenting Kairi’s minimal screen time (despite her obvious importance??) and looking forward to her having a bigger part in KH3 (please, Square, she deserves it) and Axel/Lea just for the sheer hilarity it is that he ended up being one of my favorites when the first time I met him in CoM I really hated him, hahaha. And anyways, I’ve already drawn Sora & Riku.

“Hey…I feel like we’re friends already.”

This is a Sigma-Minx for Virtue’s Last Reward, on a transparent background. I have black background versions with and without the title, but I don’t know if I should post them here :x


I would put a link to my deviantart, but I don’t really want anyone going near it >.>