i really want one so bad

Things I loved about Beauty and the Beast
  • Diversity slapped me in face and I welcomed it with open arms
  • The enchantress didn’t curse an 11 year old who obviously knew stranger danger
  • He was an actual douche bag who deserved to be cursed
  • Belle’s blue dress
  • “You’re library makes our small corner of the world seem big”
  • “But she’s so well read and your so… athletically inclined.”
  •  I want that music box. TAKE MY MONEY DISNEY
  • Belle Doing laundry
  • Belle teaching the little girl to read
  • I love that it’s eternally winter there that just seems really cool to me

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My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Here’s a hug for those of you who just got out of a relationship. 

Break-ups are tough but so are you - I know that this silly sentence can not take away the pain you go through and I don’t expect it to but i really want you to know that no matter how awful you may feel right now, you are not awful. 

No matter if they broke up with you or you were the one who ended the relationship, you’re not a bad person. Some relationships are not meant to last and that’s not your fault. 

*big comforting mommy hug* 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Judging you all hardcore right now!  We get so many “soft” and lame questions! (Off-camera: Who judges what are good and bad questions?)  Lets get some real good questions!  I mean really good ones!  Give us something to be EXCITED to want to answer.  Give us so many questions we can’t decide which five are best to answer per update!  

Other then that, have a great weekend!  Also, FREE GAMES really soon!  We teased this before, but we have gotten so much closer!

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What's the cutest Happily Ever After au you've heard?

Well obviously my #1 fave is the one where they meet before his mom dies. I love it so much because it’s what Veronica said she really wanted? When she says “I wish we’d met before they convinced you life is war” she’s saying “I wish I was there for you when everything’s went to shit so I could have saved you.” And honestly I think that’s true. Because if he grew up with her and he knew her before things turned bad, he would see that there actually WAS good in the world and he wouldn’t be so convinced it was a dark terrible place filled with terrible people. I’m not saying he would be some happy optimist, like he would still be through all the same emotional trauma and it would fuck him up, but having her there with him, holding his hand through all of it would make the difference he needed not to go totally off the rails. He’d still be the same person ofc, and would have mostly the same views/habits. He’d always be in love with slushies lmao because even tho he has Veronica, he’d still have all kinds of bad thoughts that he wants to block out by freezing his brain tbh. And he’d still be a huge pessimist, and hate pretty much everything except her, but because she’s with him he would be more stable and stuff. (Even if she left him - he would never recover from it, but he wouldn’t go batshit crazy because he never became as messed up in the head as he did in canon).
Anyway that was a long answer to a short question I’m sorry lol! But there it is

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hey nikk- my partner has come out as a trans woman and been out for a while. As a trans man myself I understand how much support she needs and will need, but I am finding myself less and less attracted to her as she gets further along in her transition - I am gay and simply not attracted to women. I still love her and want to support her, but the physical attraction is fading and so are the romantic feelings. Am I a bad person? I don't know how to end the relationship without seeming like one.

You are not a bad person at all and she should understand that. You can still give her all the love and support as a friend!

You are not a bad person for ending the relationship and I really hope she sees that. You’re gay and aren’t attracted to her and why would she want to be with you if you weren’t attracted to her???? I’m sure she will understand !

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so this topic was kind of mentioned recently so i thought i'd chip in ;; i'm really manipulative to my gf and i don't really know how to stop nor do i want to and i don't think she's aware of it, i constantly have thoughts about how i can do it and i'm happier when she feels bad about herself more than when i call her cute and there's positives vibes. i love her but dang i don't know

….. ok do your gf a favor and break up with her. she deserves better than this. its one thing to not know how to stop, but not wanting to stop is where i would draw the line.

( #abuse tw im on mobile rn srry)

Hey everybody, sorry to be making another text post so soon but I did kind of want to talk about something that’s been on my mind sometimes that I feel kind of silly about.

I don’t know if it’s from drawing him so much, but sometimes I do get kind of worried that after all the happiness (and stress - but the good kind!) that Popplio has brought me, he is going to be remembered as a pokemon that got a really bad reception or “one of the worst pokemon ever”.

I guess I feel silly about this is that, as much as I wish Popplio was the “favorite” of this gen - if it wasn’t for the fact that people were being so hard on him I probably wouldn’t have had a reason to come out here and start this blog at all.

I also do feel kind of embarassed about how attached I’ve grown to the guy to the point that it does bum me out thinking about this stuff.

I just hope someday, that people will remember Popplio for being the adorable bork child he is and I do hope that if I keep drawing him, it will happen someday.

im up because i wanted to see vinny’s reaction to my art… and it was the first thing he showed on stream. he really liked it and it honestly put the biggest smile on my face.

i love vinny with all my heart, his stream and he himself has helped me through some really bad times.. he’s pretty much a celebrity to me

i love from the stars, its easily one of my favorite song right now and im just so happy

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I know exactly who you're talking about and, tbh, they're so wrapped up in their own headcanons that it's like they've lost all sense of what the characters are actually like in canon. Like, I don't even understand why you'd even bother playing a game like diabolik lovers if you didn't want to engage in its darker aspects.

Yeah that’s basically one of the most infuriating aspects of the fandom. They’ve taken the demon out of them and replaced them with infuriatingly fluffy pussy bois with no other traits other than their ONE defining trait. And then a good 25% of all writers refuse to write about their actual sadistic traits because they are “triggered by past events” or something. If abuse triggers you, then why do you want the diaboys so bad? People’s headcanons destroy the boy’s true canon. Less than 5% of the time i see the boys portrayed as anything but stereotypes. And it really hurts them in canon. People tend to not like certain characters based on the shallow wat they are portrayed by the fandom. Newcomers in the fandom might expect a fluffy game where there is nothing but happy endings. When that’s certainly not the case. And then they run off scared and scream about how the fandom “glorifies rape and abuse” even though that’s not even close to the truth. But to an outsider, that’s exactly what it looks like because of the stark contrast between the real game and the fandom.

Fandom Shuu: apathetic sloth who loves “s/o”

Shuu in canon: apathetic self loathing man with symptoms of PTSD and depression and has issues attaching himself to anything. He is borderline suicidal and doesn’t want the connection of love with anyone. He is afraid of hurting the people around him that he cares whether he causes it or not. He desperately wanted a connection to hold on to to feel something other than emptyness and pain. He uses sex to alleviate his pain and sorrow.

Fandom Reiji: Nerd, loser virgin

Reiji in canon: severe inferiority complex regarding above mentioned older brother. Severely neglected by his mother and treated like a lowly back up dancer rather than his understudy. Maintains intelligent gentlemanly nature in order to help distance himself from the brother he despises.

Fandom Ayato: Dork, geek, easy to love,

Ayato in canon: severe narcissistic personality disorder. Wouldn’t mind snapping your neck for not calling him “ore-sama” truly believes that he is the greatest thing in the world. His mother has subjected he and his triplet brothers to severe abuse. His way to rationalize it was by developing an ego the size of Tokyo metropolitan area. Very dangerous person to try and appease. Most people don’t realize that they would die within a week. He won’t love you. He only loves himself and blood. Don’t you forget that

Fandom Kanato: angry smol demon child with a teddy bear. Can be appeased with sweets.

Kanato in canon: could possibly suffer from Asperger’s syndrome. Very severe bipolarity. Extreme mental abuse. Severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Doesn’t really understand complex emotions and it doesn’t matter to him. He has anxiety and constant nightmares and the only thing keeping him from going absolutely insane would be a teddy bear given to him by his mother and a vile of him mothers ashes, whom HE burned. WHICH HE EATS WHEN HE HAS AN ANXIETY ATTACK.

Fandom Laito: pervert who has no life other than to whip out his penis. Likes macarons.

Laito in canon: victim of sexual abuse by his mother throughout his “young adult” life. Ignored for not having a voice like Kanato’s or being the “heir” like Ayato. Severly beaten and scared beyond belief by his father after figuring out he situation. Then he gets cucked in front of him by his uncle. Truly believes that all love is fake and is all only lust. Rationalizes his traumatic life as sex=lust and love isn’t real therefore. He is suicidal and wants someone to be able to kill him. He too has nightmares about his mother and likes to preoccupy his time doing crosswords and drowning himself in the pleasures of sex to forget that woman who scared him so. He has really bad self loathing issues and doesn’t feel worth the life he was given. He is abusive to the reader/ Yui to project his unending suffering onto you. He throws women aside just as he was and he doesn’t care because he was taught that it was alright to just kill them or leave them behind when he got bored. And above all, he hides all his emotions behind his smile and cheery personality. He’s bottled himself up for years.

Fandom Subaru: sweet sinamon roll, an angel, a good boy. Super tsundere.

Subaru in canon: Grew up with a mother plagued by mental illness. She constantly fought with herself between loving him and hating him. Constantly begs her son to kill her. He developed severe anger issues. He distrusts all women and thinks they are all liars. Hates relationships because he is afraid that he’ll hurt the person around him or the people around him will try to break him down. Will kill those who get too close. He hates women who like him. He also hates formal relationships for fear of fucking it up or you taking advantage of him. Has emotional damage like his brothers.

All the boys are sadistic bastards who have no problem torturing you, raping you and leaving you for dead with no blood in your body or turning you into their personal slaves. Laito may even take your soul and turn it into an emotionally drained husk of a woman and turn it into a familiar which will follow their every command till the day you die. These boys are not relationship goals. These boys are not nice. They will not take care of you. They will kill you. This is not a nice fluffy fandom. This is a cruel, sadistic, sexually deviant, game series that focuses of dark themes of mental illness, child abuse that carries into adult hood and rape. And i hope to god that non of you forget that. And if any of those things or descriptions trigger you, why are you here?

Im sorry for the rant for my non DiaLover followers. It’s a lot more complex than you think.

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could I maybe ask you to do a background write-up for She-Hulk? (Similar to the one you did for x-23?) I was always confused with her backstory and I'd love to get into her comics, I just don't know where to start.

Already done, here you go, click the hyperlink down there. These were all from 2015 though. I don’t really have the time to do these nowadays, so probably won’t be doing anymore, but these are saved for posterity lol. 
She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters is one of the greatest Avengers of all time)
Carol Danvers
They’re all under the “who is that character” tag on my blog.

Idk how far back you want to dig, but the 2004-2005 She-Hulk series wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Just 12 issues. After that, there was a 2005-2009 She-Hulk series, 38 issues, enjoyed that also. 
But honestly, it doesn’t really matter too much where you start, comics are a mess lol.

You walk in while a RFA member is changing or showering

a request from @miyakokurono

I hope you enjoy this.

not really safe for work

warnings for naked people 


  • He had the hardest day he just could not believe they cast him as a corporate hair with a fluffy cat and the role was basically him playing Jumin Han.
  • Plus his allergy was acting up all day since they had to use a real cat for the show.
  • It was so bad all he wanted to do was to get home and take a long hot shower.
  • Zen was so annoyed he even forgotten you wanted to come over and he did not not close the bathroom door.
  • So when you arrived just a bit later you had no idea that he was showering and you where beat from your day too.
  • You don´t hear the water running you just see the open door and you opening it and then you see Zen.
  • And he is completely naked and you blush and you stumble backwards while mumbling weak excuses and you close the door on him.
  • You walk into the kitchen to cool your self down with water from the sink.
  • Zen saw you and he wonders what is up so he comes to the kitchen with just a towel around his waist.
  • You are still very embarrassed by this look still but he just finds you so cute that he completely forgets about his bad day.
  • He just wants to cuddle you but unless you both want more he will have to dress something.


  • You promised him to help him to study today so you bring some soda and snacks with you and head over to him.
  • Yoosung is really stressed since their will me a huge test soon and he really wants to do good on it.
  • He can barely concentrate on the learning also he failed at a quest in lolol and that really made his mood bad already.
  • You feel so bad for him specially when you want to cook something for you two and he forgot to buy anything.
  • So you go and buy something for him while he still studies more.
  • After you open the door back up you see Yoosung is topless and in his boxer shorts and you are so embarrassed that you slam the door and Yoosung gets just as embarrassed after he hears the door.
  • He quickly dresses something and explains the situation while you where gone Yoosung had opened the soda bottle and somehow the whole bottle exploded all over him and made him completely wet.
  • You feel bad for him and you both are still very embarrassed but you believe him and it was really not that bad to see him half naked.


  • She is always stressed and she barely sleeps
  • You wanted to have a sleep over with her and watch some movies with her she agreed on it and even said you should just use her keys to let yourself in.
  • Since Jaehee knew she would be late but then she got even more work and it got really late.
  • You pass out on the couch at some point you wake up when you hear her coming in.
  • Jaehee heads to the bedroom and start changing you just want to say hello to her.
  • Then you see she is in the middle of changing you say you are sorry and head out the room while blushing.
  • She gets in her pajamas dressed and comes back out to you Jaehee sees that you are still blushing,
  • Jaehee comes closer to you and tells you that you don´t need to be embarrassed even when she thinks its really cute that you are blushing from this.
  • And since you both are up now you have a very late dinner together and spend the night together.


  • When he is on business trips he always makes sure that he does not wake you up.
  • He just comes and makes sure you are their and looks at you while you are sleeping peacefully.
  • Jumin is really glad to come home to you and he can´t wait to tell you how much he missed you when you wake up in the morning.
  • He wants to take as shower before he joins you in bed so he goes to the bathroom and undresses in their.
  • You somehow wake up from a noise you think ít´s Elizabeth the 3rd and you are not thinking deeper on it while you go to the bathroom.
  • You open the door still half asleep and then you see Jumin naked and ready to take a shower and you are blushing and you are heading back out but Jumin calls you back in since now you are awake he wants to greet you probably.
  • You are still very embarrassed since he is still naked he finds it so cute how you are blushing since you life with him.
  • Now he will definitely not let you sleep again.


  • You slept at his place it had become quite common for you to stay their but you where not yet living together.
  • Uselessly you would sleep in the bed while Luciel was still working sometimes he would join you but you where already sleeping most of the time.
  • He was still getting used to a sleep schedule – what is this sleep schedule you talking about-
  • Since you are already asleep when he comes in he changes right in front of the bed while he only uses the light from the hallway to see.
  • He just doesn´t want to wake you up but this night you wake up somehow.
  • Luciel is very stealthy with coming in and changing you cant even blame him.
  • You are pretty much still asleep as you get up and then you stand up and see Luciel pretty much naked standing in the entrance of the room.
  • He is barely lit from the outside but its enough to make you fully wake up and then you blush heavily.
  • You try to get back into bed asap and hope he has not noticed but of course you are not stealthy what so ever and he sees you and he sees that you are completely red in the face.
  • He finds thins really adorable he comes to you and cuddles up to you but you just so embarrassed that he has to dress something.
  • He will defiantly use this against you soon – but tonight he is just really tired and wants some cuddles-  

Take a look at my Masterlist , I have headcanons ,writings and some drawings.

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I've wanted to say something to you for so long now and I feel bad for not doing it sooner because you have been such a good source of inspiration and pure Stanchez love for a while <3 I watched Moon last night as you recommended! So obviously I imagined Richard and Ricardo constantly, I wanted to know how closely these character personalities were inspired by the movie? And if there are any more little things we can learn about Richard since everyone has Ricardo sussed out pretty well

The characters of Ricardo and Richard are a very large mixed bag of influence and not really meant to be any one specific parody of anything. Moon no doubt is one of the influences, though I think they most heavily pull from other scifi duos I have adored over the years. To name the biggest inspirations for them would probably be Rimmer and Lister of Red Dwarf, and Newt and Hermann from Pacific Rim. I wanted a pair of citadel based Ricks that played up that goofball slacker thrown in with a ‘by the books’ comedic straightman coworker dynamic. The main influence Moon has on the AU is JERTY. I needed a boss figure for the janitors who wasn’t just another Rick, and wound up with an upgraded butter robot who’s somewhat a mix of GERTY3000, Marvin from HHGTTG, and Holly of Red Dwarf with my own spice thrown in. Plot wise, Moon really has nothing to do specifically with the janitors, but just is a movie I love that I thought they’d fit into the roles of well for a crossover screencap redraw. :)

As for the second half of the question, I’m always open to answering more specific questions about either Janitor, but I have a lot of fanfic in the works for them so some answers may stay vague for now so as not to spoil too much. Though I will say- I’m amused that everyone seems to think they’ve got Ricardo figured out and that Richard’s the only one with secretes. 

i feel like that’s the second time that person has reblogged one of my untagged posts about the reboot saying that ~it’s not bad, it’s just mediocre~

you don’t think it’s that bad, good for you!!! wtf, just let me dislike it in peace! my posts like that are untagged for a reason! i’m not going to go on to people’s posts trying to convince them it’s bad so don’t come on to mine trying to convince me it’s not.

y’all can like whatever you want, man.

and it really pisses me off too because it’s one part of a larger conversation i was having. i had already said earlier that there were a few glimmers of hope that ultimately ended up disappointing to me as well bc of quality control issues (E.G. PARTY GHOULS).

akhuna  asked:

Yes! There's something I wanted to ask you since I saw your blog, to be honest - are you fluent in English, Italian and German alike? Which language do you speak at home, if it's not too personal? :)

German is my mother tongue so I speak that at home :)

I speak English somewhat fluently, in class I’m one of the best in English, but here on the internet my English is just the worst it could get :’D

Since I live in Itlay I have to learn Italian in school, I’m not really the best at it (it’s actually really bad), but I speak it :) Let’s just say that I can understand everything in Italian, but writing and talking is really hard for me :/

I live in South Tyrol, most of the people here speak German, some speak Italian and a few people speak Ladin :) it’s really interesting :)

(and thanks for asking :3)

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spn isn't as good as it used to be :(

Me: I do not judge or say anything about that tbh because I feel like the “old” seasons were so different from the newer ones. There’s a dutch saying; you can’t compare apples to pears. I have some dislikes about newer episodes, but I have them too about earlier ones. You can’t compare especially with the way the characters have developed overtime etc. it’s too different. Also just wanting to point out that I think neither is bad. For example, 12x10 is in my top 10 of fav episodes overall, so I won’t ever say that the later seasons are worse. I actually really enjoy them and love them, just as much as I loved the older once.

Diana: i think to come all this way is amazing and honestly awesome by itself. a lot of the newer eps, especially now in season 12 are also epic. I’ll always love the “old school spn” but if they hadnt reinvented themselves they wouldnt have lasted this long, I think. Aaaand the latest seasons have added eps to my favorite eps list, like “Baby”, “Lily Sunders” etc

(send me and @thedisgraced unpopular or popular opinions and we agree/disagree)


Support the idea of a Gravity Falls Art Book!

See Alex Hirsch’s tweet above!  Link here:


If you have a twitter, go retweet @DisneyHyperion and let ‘em know!

This is a complete no-brainer.  I am SUPER EXCITED for the OTGW book.  And really, all of these are shows that are deserving of art books.  But so is Gravity Falls, which like OTGW, is one of the most gorgeous animated shows I’ve ever seen, period.


                 G l i tc h . E  XE 

Voltron Season 3

Okay, so, I can’t be the only one that doesn’t want Keith to lead Voltron in the beginning of season 3–at least, not easily at all. How much effort has been put into Keith and Shiro bonding with their lions aside, it just seems like a really, really bad idea for the team dynamic. 

Which I guess might be the whole point. If Keith does try to lead Voltron, I want it to go really, really badly. I want Red pissed at him and I want Black frustrated with the whole thing. I want them unable to form Voltron. I want Keith saying he’s gonna lead and Lance flipping his shit. But then Keith says “well, Shiro said he wanted me to do it!” And while this kind of shuts everyone up on the subject, tension is high (especially when every time Lance tries to say something, Keith shuts him down). 

I want Keith to be solely focused on rescuing Shiro, to the point where it’s a hinderance. Because, c’mon, ya’ll know he would be. While Keith isn’t selfish in his intentions (as he accused Pidge of being in the beginning of season 1), he can be in his actions. He’s always the first one to go off on his own, act rashly, and end up in battles he shouldn’t be facing alone. 

Keith is a loner and hasn’t yet learned to connect with his teammates enough to be a good leader. The only character he has a semi strong bond with is Shiro. And as he lacks the supportive leadership skills that Shiro has, it stands to reason that he’s not going to be very good at understanding his teammates. While in a battle he may know what needs to be done, he doesn’t know how to deal with people. His social obliviousness has been made clear multiple times. 

That aside, if we’re going to be changing the lions around, who’s taking over the spare lion? Is it Allura? Coran? And which lion is getting the switch? Why isn’t Allura getting the black lion and being the one in charge (this is how it should be, by all rights)? Maybe she will, we don’t know. 

BUT if she doesn’t–if Keith ends up in charge–it shouldn’t stick. There’s no way in hell Lance would rally behind Keith. Not with how poorly Keith will handle the team dynamics. It will fester, as will the fact that Shiro decided to put Keith in charge in his absence instead of someone else. And through Lance it will make Hunk and Pidge uncertain. 

I see them looking for Shiro and getting a distress call, but Keith wanting to ignore it in favor of looking for Shiro. Allura will have issues with this, but so will Hunk. After his reaction to the Balmera, you think he’d be okay with not trying to save enslaved peoples on their way through? Bad feelings begin to fester.  

They’ll find leads on Pidge’s family, but Keith will, again, want to focus solely on Shiro, feeding Pidge some bull about them being able to more efficiently look for her family after they find Shiro (look at how he reacted in season 1–you know that’s what he’d say). Again, bad feelings will fester. 

Until, finally, Lance loses it with Keith “bossing” everyone around, even if that wasn’t Keith’s intention (likely, Keith thinks he’s doing the right thing). They’ll get into a huge fight, Hunk and Pidge both agreeing with Lance’s points about Keith’s behavior. 

Keith will be frustrated. He feels out of place in the black lion and like he’s trying to fill shoes that are far, far too big for him (because they are). But he also feels like the others aren’t seeing the big picture. They have to find Shiro because they can’t save the universe without him. That should be their priority number one, in his mind. So you know what he does? In typical Keith fashion, he decides to deal with the situation on his own. He goes back to Red (if he’d ever left her in the first place) and leaves

He’s gonna find Shiro, even if he has to do it on his own. 

Thus, Team Voltron falls even more to shambles. 

Upon learning that Keith has left, Lance tries to remain bitter, but the guilt gnaws at him. While Lance does have the people skills that Keith lacks and could step up to the plate, his lack of self-esteem (because Lance’s confidence is about as thick as tissue paper) doesn’t allow him to do it. After all, he’s the jokester, the idiot, the one no one takes seriously. And he soon comes to believe that Keith leaving is his fault. 

So you know what he does? He goes after Keith. 

Which leaves Hunk and Pidge as the only lions left at the castle. This allows for two things–it allows Hunk and Pidge to stretch their legs in leadership positions as well as give the two the chance to form relationships with Allura and Coran. After all, Hunk wanted to be the head. Well, here’s his chance whether he wants it or not. Hunk being Hunk, however, wants to keep what little of the team is left together. Pidge was thinking of leaving too, to go look for her family, but Hunk stops her. He promises her they’ll look, explaining that going solo is only going to get them all into deeper trouble. Therefore, it becomes Hunk’s personal mission, and the heavy, heavy weight on his shoulders, to get the team back together. They go off in the direction they think Lance and Keith may have gone, answering any and all distress calls along the way. They get clues as to the locations of their friends, about the Galra, and make friendly with all kinds of peoples, even some that Allura probably doesn’t approve of. 

Because Allura’s arc will be her dealing with her own prejudice as well as the loss of her team and what she views as a failure on her part. However, Hunk is the perfect person to help rebuild her and get her back on the right track. 

Ultimately, it’s Hunk and Pidge, with Allura and Coran, that end up finding and saving Shiro. This is their big victory, so to speak, and goes very, very far in developing Hunk’s character, which is sorely needed. Big Man needs a situation to expand his strengths and become the rock of the team he’s supposed to be. It will, therefore, be Hunk who brings their leader back, as is fitting.  

You know who doesn’t get to save Shiro? Keith. Keith, who in his reckless determination has abandoned his family and realizes his mistake too late. Because, low and behold, he can’t do things on his own. I want Keith to learn some lessons because, frankly, he’s too much of a loose cannon not to. I want his lion stolen and him forced to trust and depend on others to help him from planet to planet hunting for for his lion and Shiro. I want him to learn nothing about where Shiro is and instead get lead upon lead about others in distress. I want him to see those families suffering at the hands of the Galra that he spoke of in season 1 and be unable to do anything. You want to know why? Because if there’s anything Keith has clearly never been, it’s helpless (at least, not since he was a child, which could make the whole thing even more interesting if he’s the way he is so as to avoid the helplessness he was dealt as a child *shrugs*). He needs to learn to depend on others and listen. In the end, he gets his lion back, but he’s faced with a crossroad. Does he follow a vague, undefined rumor he heard about Shiro, or does he follow all the clues he’s been getting about Pidge’s family? 

Keith gets to rescue and bring back Pidge’s father now (not the brother, because that’s too easy, obviously) because that’s what he learns is the right thing to do. Together–because Pidge’s father is a genius–they find the castle of lions and regroup, only to find Shiro already there. 

But Lance is still missing and learning that Lance left to go after him after he foolishly abandoned them eats horribly at Keith, as it very well should (Keith is one of my fav characters, guys, really XD).  

Lance, meanwhile, gets a treatment very opposite to Keith’s. He’s having doubts when it becomes clear he can’t track Keith. He’s reflecting on whether he even deserves to be a paladin and what he manages to bring to the team. he feels worthless and lost, and even his typical front of flirting and over-confidence begins to break down. But I want him to meet someone, someone older, that acts as a mentor to him. Because, frankly, Shiro makes a good mentor to Keith and Pidge, but hardly paid any attention to Lance and Hunk. And while Hunk doesn’t seem like the type to need that kind of support overly much, Lance is. But this person needs to be someone significant–maybe a member of an underground resistance outside the Blade of Marmora, maybe a previous paladin (I like this one a lot), I don’t care. But, one way or another, they–with Lance at the helm–save a fuckload of people and, you know what, because Lance deserves his moment too, they discover/save something/someone(s) huge. Or, better yet, diplomatically negotiate with a civilization that is powerful, but been in hiding as a result of the Galra empire spreading. Maybe they’re special because they know something about the lions. Maybe they built the fucking lions and it’s only through Lance’s growing confidence in his ability to be diplomatic–using the people skills he has but more or less abused in the past–that they convince this society and their awesome army/technology/badass ships/robots to join the Voltron cause. 

Lance’s character, above them all, needs this victory. He needs this proof of his value and as a way to solidify himself as the Blue lion. Lance needs his fucking moment, both for himself and the viewers, who have been as unable as Lance himself to truly see his value.  

When will this moment come? When he and this society (I really like this idea, okay?) hear through some high tech communication stuff that the castle of lions is in danger and that the Galra have brought down their whole fist in an effort to beat them/steal the lions. I imagine this society being either similar to the Alteans or related, so they’ll have the ability to make worm holes. 

Anyway, back on the castle of lions, shit is hitting the fan. They don’t currently have the support of the Blade of Marmora because, well, this isn’t the show finale and we need to leave some “gathering of allies” for later (you know, Avatar style). Which means they’re stuck minus one lion. But damn if they don’t come up with an awesome plan and make some epic dents in the Galra fleet (probably Lotor is around being a creeper too, because I get the feeling he’d probably have been around the whole time. Probably harassing team Hunk and being a passive-aggressive little bitch). Still, despite said awesome plan, they’re screwed. 

Until, boom, Lance shows up with the fleet of whatever it was he made an alliance with and the advantage is gained. The Galra are sent scattering (for once), Voltron is formed, and, uh, maybe Voltron fights Lotor, because this gives Lotor an excuse to see Voltron’s true power (and realize what his ridiculous father was always going on about). Upon being royally assaulted by Voltron, Lotor runs away. Which basically means he can’t go back to the Galra and, thus, we get a spoiled-brat prince with allegiance to no one continuing to cause problems in the next season (hint, hint, he’d eventually become good).    

Probably end the season with the team kind of getting a sort of victory (the Galra run away, so it’s not like they won the war or anything). There’s a bit at the end–maybe a cheesy reunion that doesn’t hold a lot of weight, because, boom, you have to wait till next season. Where we’ll get heavy on the Pidge and heavy on the Shiro again (since he’d been basically gone this whole season) and heavy on the Lance and Keith learning to be friends instead of rivals. 


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Maybe I’ll just end up writing this as a fic myself >.<

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