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I'm a language major. I really like reading literature from other countries and in other languages than my native one, and I hate that I don't know enough of any language to understand all the nuances and that I'd likely never have the time to understand everything I want to understand (translation isn't bad, of course, but it is interpretation. I want to understand the original story). Do you think the Gentry would be interested in me/willing to help me?

For the right price, you could find something willing to help you with anything. The gift of tongues is an old request, so there’s precedent. 

Every time I see people claim that the reason the DCEU movies get bad reviews is because the reviewers really hate diversity

(Suicide Squad had one of the first major Latinx superheroes, and a black guy in a gator suit. Justice League has two MOC and a queer Jewish man SO OF COURSE that’s why the reviews from pros and fans alike, that typically ONLY praise the cast are so negative towards the films themselves.)

I kind of just want to scream because no, the DCEU has been kind of mediocre and you can’t expect people to write good reviews for things they don’t think of as.. Good.

You can tell when reviews are steeped in bigotry. Check out how some major media outlets talked about Luke Cage when the first season came out.

They all but said “I’m uncomfortable with this many black people in a superhero show” in their sky comments about “real diversity” and how “Luke was better as Jessica’s sidekick”.

I have yet to see a single review of JL that’s like “the movie would’ve been great… Except for that pesky diversity”.

Apparently, it’s not a good movie.

I know it’s always weird to see me say that something isn’t about race (because like every is…), but as with Suicide Squad, JL is getting mediocre reviews because reviewers think it’s mediocre.

Not because they cast sort of diversely.

Claiming that we need to support the film for its diversity (and again, call me when these movies give multiple WOC main roles) because the reviewers supposedly hate diversity just reads as disengenuous to because that’s not the problem here and giving it points for diversity it probably largely doesn’t acknowledge so people ignore the fact that it’s just… Meh… Is weird.

(Like I’m still not over the “go see diverse suicide squad there’s a native man, a black man, another black man in a gator suit, etc” posts that were all over when suicide squad came out.

Slipknot, the Native character? Died like ten minutes after his entrance and Killer Croc’s on screen blackness was kind of… Stereotypical. But… Yay half-assed diversity, am I right?)

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I feel bad for ally though she doesn’t really stand out like the others and ‘ot5’s’ barely support her. Maybe if she sings soulful songs and not stick to pop she’ll be more appreciated and be her own person u know? I just want them all to be able to continue doing what they love and be appreciated man they deserve it they’ve all been through so much

I think it’s just the sad reality of the entertainment business in general, one has more luck/push/means, while the others don’t. Especially in girl groups (even boy bands), not everybody will shine (sometimes it’s because of unfair treatment from labels, sometimes it’s simply a lack of a certain mass appeal).

The thing is, unlike previous GGs from other generations, each member of 5H has the potential to make it as a solo act. They all have it - the talent, the charm, the personality. They’re not just fillers. Some members just get overshadowed because other members have a bigger presence, but I can see that the potential is there.

I know what you’re saying about Ally, she’s usually the one who is unnoticed, even though her contribution to the group (vocally speaking) is solid.

But I also think that it’s just a matter of tapping into the right niche for her. It’s all trial and error, and I love what they’re doing now. They’re all doing solo stuff and they’re finding their own sound. Of course there’s bound to be failed attempts at first, but I’m sure that if they continue what they’re doing, they’ll eventually find what they all are comfortable in doing. This year (and probably the next) is like them developing their own artistry, which is needed for a healthy growth. It’s organic, the way they’re all taking their time honing their skills and meeting new people.

Ally has been vocal in her desire to try acting or comedy, so maybe that’s where she’ll shine eventually.

The thing is, happiness and a sense of fulfillment differs for every individual. Like Camila may walk the path of a pop sensation, charts and all, and Lauren may choose a more indie or laidback sound, Mani may be RnB, Dinah tbh could do anything with that awesome voice of hers, and Ally is versatile as well because she has comedic timing and she has range. My point is, the others may not chart, but it doesn’t mean that they’re failing. It’s just a matter of finding the right place for their individual expression.

The important thing is, they are enjoying what they are doing.

slow it down

that vic fic (hehehe vic fic) where he wants to keep it on the dl, shenanigans ensue. when i was writing this i had slow it down by the lumineers on repeat (hence the title) so if u wanna give that bad boy a listen while reading, feel free


Vic liked you. He really, really did. It took him weeks to work up the courage to even ask you out; but when he did, he did it in secret, so that no one would even know it happened.

That should’ve been a warning sign that this would not be one of your typical “high-school-sweethearts”-cliche relationships. From that moment, there were no cheek-kisses in the hallways (no acknowledgements from him at all, for that matter), no cute prom-posals (or being asked to any dance, at all, ever), and there was certainly none of him talking about you, to anyone, ever. It was almost as if as soon as he asked you out, you stopped existing to him.

At first, you’d try to talk to him during the day. That didn’t go to well. He was distant, distracted… his full attention was never on you. It was always on whatever conversation the rest of the Gang was having. The occasional “Hey Vic!” or “So, what are we doing this weekend?” was usually acknowledged with a simple head nod or an, “I don’t know, I’ll call. See ya later.”

Eventually, you stopped asking. You weren’t dumb, or clueless, or ignorant. You could tell when your attention wasn’t wanted. In fact, you had almost considered calling things off. But then the weekend would come and you would see him, and he would pick you up off the ground and spin you around, and you’d giggle and he’d give you that beautiful smile, and all would be well with your soul.

The routine lack of affection might have concerned you, but you were used to being alone. On your own. In fact, the idea of not having to be constantly attached to Vic’s arm was quite appealing to you. You had always enjoyed independence, why should you have to give that up for some silly high school fling?

For the most part, the two of you really only hung out (went on “dates”) on the weekends. It was really just one-on-one time- driving around, picnics in fields, and the occasional coffee date at a cafe just at the outskirts of town. Places not many people were bound to see you. Almost as if he was afraid of you two being seen together.

At first, he thought it was great that you didn’t seem to have a problem with this. After all, he was the big-bad-bully Victor Criss, and he couldn’t go around having his rep ruined by being labeled as “soft” around some girl. But after a couple of weeks, he realized just how much this arrangement was bothering him.

”You and that chick still bangin’?” Henry abruptly asked him one day. “‘Cuz if not, I’m gonna see what kinda damage I could do to her,” he winked. Half-joking, half-serious.

”Hey, hands off, Bowers. We haven’t done anything yet, but she’s still my girl. I don’t share.”

”Damn, you sure? Doesn’t even seem like she likes you! Y’always stare at her in the hall and she doesn’t even give you the time of day. That’s cold, dude.”

That got the gears in Vic’s head turning. The more he looked for it, the more he noticed you really didn’t seemed bothered by his PLA- Public Lack of Affection. And then it started to bother him.

”Hey,” he stopped you in the hall one day, right after school let out and everyone was headed home. “You mad at me?”

You were slightly incredulous. “No! Why would you think so?” you wondered.

”We never talk. You don’t even look at me most of the day. Just wondering.”

”Vic…” you started, “You… you started that. You asked me out and then never talked to me. We only hang out where people can’t see us. I thought you just didn’t want people to think anything. That’s why I don’t draw attention to us in public.”

You were genuinely unfazed by his typical stoicism in regards to your relationship. “That… that didn’t bother you? That I don’t want anyone to know?”

”No, of course not. I’m perfectly content hanging out by ourselves. I’m not your property, y’know. I don’t have to be glued to your side 24/7. I get it. I like being on my own, really.”

He didn’t realized how much it upset him until you said it out loud. Why weren’t you upset he wasn’t showing you off? You were his girl, you should want his attention! Any other girl would never get off his case if he expressed interest in them. He knew you were different, and he appreciated it, but now he wanted to be wanted.

”Fine then. That’s cool. But just know, from now on, I’d like it if you were a little more friendly to me out in public. Like at school. Can you start hanging around the guys and I again? Just don’t want any other bozos gettin’ the idea they’re allowed to put their hands on you…”

You gave a soft, understanding smile. He felt his heart swell at the sight of you standing in front of him, just slightly shorter. “Of course. If it would make you feel better, then that’s what I’ll do.” He wrapped you up in his arms, engulfing you in his warm embrace. He walked you out to your car, an arm around you the whole way there.

While you drove together, you even took a detour to a little ice cream shop that was typically frequented by the other high school kids. You were surprised he had suggested it (other kids would see you both there! How taboo!), but you weren’t objecting. If he wanted to make it public, it would be public.

Eventually, as well, you warmed up to his friends. They were mean, to clarify, but you could tell they were loyal to one another. Patrick’s objectifying, intense, creepy gaze might’ve unsettled you, but you were confident in your ability to bust a creep’s nose with your palm if the need ever arose. Henry was just as creepy but slightly more vocal. More than once, he’d said something along the lines of, “So, Vic, when do the rest of us get a turn? Aren’t you gonna share?” but Vic responded by a hard glare and a tightened arm around your frame. You just rolled your eyes. (Henry secretly respected you for this. Not many people, not to mention girls, would openly disregard him like that. It was bold.) Belch, on the other hand, was not much of a problem. Sure, he had the capacity to be just as mean as the others, but he was much more respectful. To you, at least.

It was like that for you two. He’d be distant, you’d back off, and he’d miss your attention and come crawling back. But you would never just break it off with him. It wasn’t in your nature, you were kind and understanding. You respected his want for personal space and for human interaction. Vic was an enigma, to say the least. But so were you.

When I was in college, there was a girl that was in one of my classes. I didn’t know her well but she had a profound effect on my life. One day she looked really pretty and dressed up. I asked her was the occasion was.

She told me “I had a really bad day. Sometimes when I feel down I don’t want to put any effort into my appearance. Then I feel worse and it makes a bad cycle. So that’s when I put the most effort in. I like that control.”

That really stuck with me years later.

What is Sofias endgame?

Srsly since she appeared the first time, I asked myself what is it that she wants and I have the slight feeling now I know.
She wants to start a war between Oswald and Jim.
Everything started with the two of them. The second Jim decided to let Oswald live, he changed the history of Gotham. Forever.
And this game is so genius and mind blowing because Oswald was responsible for the fall of Falcone as much as Jim shot Sofia’s brother. Every time one of those two get in touch with the Falcone family, something really, really bad is happening to them.
So? How to get sure that both of them will pay for what they did? She simply makes the same move like Oswald in season 1 - back when he starts a war between Falcone and Maroni. She get sure that Oswald thinks she‘s a friend, loyal and someone he can ask for advice. Like he was once for Falcone. Jim is even easier to manipulate, because in season 4 he is going after Oswald for the first time. They lived side by side without getting into each other’s way since the middle of season 2! So she just needed to push him more and more to the idea that he‘s the last good cop in Gotham and it’s his duty to stop penguin. Now, after she got sure that he becomes captain, the war can begin.
For her, now it doesn’t matter if Oswald knows that she’s betraying him, because his biggest problem for the moment is Captain Gordon.
And even when Jim is sensing a trap, he’s still too dick-confused from Sofia, that he doesn’t see what the endgame is.
Even Martine could be a intelligent used supply for her, we saw how far Oswald will go to protect this child.
Gosh! I love Oswald and Jim, but Sofia is a savage queen and this is going to escalate so hard.


Lots of random things on my mind this morning:

I messaged Professor on Wednesday, asking if I was being blown off or if he was just busy. I hadn’t heard from him in a week. Turns out he’s preparing for a conference this weekend. And couldn’t be bothered to say anything? He asked if we could chat that evening, but I had plans with Sir. So he asked about early next week, but I’ll be in Palm Springs all week. Plus, I just didn’t want to be immediately available after being ignored. So I suggested we connect after Thanksgiving, but I’ve already got one foot out the door.

Sir didn’t get the job he interviewed for last week. He just got the news and sent me a text. I feel bad for him. This would have been a great opportunity. He really needs an ego boost and not getting the job is kinda the exact opposite.

One of my friends filed for divorce from his wife a couple weeks ago. He confided in me a while back about her alcoholism and it sounds like it got so bad that he couldn’t do it anymore. This man is so kind and caring and I know it kills him to leave her. But he’s doing what he needs to do for him.

I had a short text exchange with Kilo yesterday. He’s married, just moved to Oregon, and just adopted a cat. Sounds like he is doing well.

I found out that the guitarist for one of my beloved ‘90s glam bands died last weekend. I hadn’t seen Strange in decades, but remember him as very sweet. When I was living in Hollywood back in the day, I remember him being so drunk that he fell off the balcony from the 3rd floor and busted his wrist. He died of a heart attack.

And on that note…today is my last day in the office for 10 days. I’m taking all next week off and hope to be able to relax. My weigh-in was good this morning. I’m down almost another pound. I hope I don’t fuck it all up in Palm Springs.

I honestly can’t figure out jane and Petra’s relationship. Like I know they sort of hated each other, but even that’s a stretch because there was quite a few moments in season 1 where they got along (before one of them, usually Petra, did something dumb and messed it up)

Then there’s season 2 where Petra wanted to be Jane’s friend so bad that when Jane essentially broke up with her (when Petra had to lie to hide the fact her mother killed a guy) Petra looked so friggin heart broken. But they still had some really good moments later, like Petra giving birth and Jane helping her with her post partum depression. Then Anezka came along and messed everything up. Like Petra having to cover for Anezka and lie to Jane. And again, when Jane “broke up with” Petra again, Petra looked so heart broken. Thankfully that didn’t last too long, even though it looked super dramatic, and Petra financed Jane’s house (I’ll keep mentioning that until Petra knows that Jane knows, which again was ruined by Anezka)

Cut to during the time gap, where Jane and Petra spent every Saturday together for 9 months, and even longer than that when Rafael came back, having brunch together and their relationship seems to be exactly where it was. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but I feel like it should’ve progressed a little. And it feels like there’s some regression too, because are they so awkward with each other that they don’t see each other casually when it’s not Saturday? Who the heck does Petra spend time with other than Rafael?

I just have a lot of feelings about this and I wish Jane and Petra would spend more time together, and not just because I ship them. I love their friendship too, no matter how weird it is.

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Sometimes I can't believe that The Punisher is actually here after waiting for so long. I look at the scenes with Frank and Karen and still cant believe that they are talking with one another and how much chemistry they have. I don't care what the reviews say because good or bad, Jon Bernthal will always be the Punisher and how Netflix made a damn good series.

TBH ANON it took me til like episode 12 before it hit me that i was watching the punisher because i’ve wanted it for so long?? i couldn’t believe it was really happening?? then somewhere in the middle of 12 i was like OH MY GOSH THIS IS REAL. AND IT WAS FANTASTIC. JON DID SO GOOD HE BLEW ME AWAY I’M SO PROUD 

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I’m really sad about what happend with Kangin. He was one pf my biases but what he’s doing is unacceptable. You’d think he would do better after the dricing but now this? I really want to protect him but I can’t. I also feel really bad for the active member right now. Kangin is not only ruining his reputation but the other members too. And while they are promoting as well, it must really take alot on them.

i have absolutely no words to describe how disappointed and angry I am rn. But since he is your bias, it must be hard for you too so fighting.

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my partner has really bad depression episodes— ones that are so bad that i dont know how to make them feel better or even just to make them feel acknowledged. it’s taking a toll on my own mental health, but i want to be there for him and it’s not like i don’t love him anymore or anything like that. What should I do?

umm i dont know im not good at advice or stuff like this i think, while it’s good to be there for people, you also need to take your own mental health into account

So um,,,

This one actually goes for @nellos12

I just wanted to draw something nice for u, so,,,


cutie 🍇

hello there!! have you been doing well, angel? if not, this is a gentle but firm reminder to get your shit together. but hey, why shouldn’t you be proud of yourself? you have conquered so many years of your life and - no don’t you dare try to be modest, every single tiny achievement matters. + I’m here to tell you that failing is NORMAL. everyone fails at one thing or another but succeed at another. And if you feel that you aren’t successful at anything, then darling you haven’t tried hard enough.
alright alright, before I begin ranting out of the topic, let’s get started.

note: this is a part of the get your shit together masterposts. To view the other articles in this category and to view the topics in this that I’ll be covering in future, go here.

avoiding negative feelings

the biggest reason why I don’t have that many negative thoughts (note that I said “many” and not all. I too have bad days once  in a while) now because I realized that I, and only I, am completely on my side. I’m there for me at all times, throughout my life. And doesn’t it sound stupid to be against the only player on my team?

once i realized that, it become so much easier to work at par with myself and to love myself. I became more patient with myself, started embracing my flaws and loving the person that I was. sounds pretty cringy? that’s only because we don’t talk about these things and we feel they aren’t worth talking about. However if you really want to conquer life, loving yourself is the most important layer in this many layered cheesecake and yes, i like food.

cheat code: so how do avoid negative feelings? the answer lies in realizing your worth and capabilities and being on the same team as your own self.

dealing with negative feelings

now we come to the part when you are having negative feelings. Everyone has bad days and negative feelings but you can deal with ‘em in a better way than feeling low and wasting your entire day. and here’s way number one -

figure out what triggered you. when I have a bad day I sit down and list down what exactly provocated the bad day. these were my reasons -

  • someone said I was being annoying
  • I didn’t get much done that day
  • I felt gross and untidy

then, find solutions to those problems.

  • hey, everyone don’t have to like you. you are proud of yourself and that’s enough.
  • Make a list. Do those things. I don’t care if you’re tired, do those things. If you don’t do them, you’ll feel guilty and that’s never fun.
  • god, just go take a shower again. (taylor, you stink.)

as you see, the problems were really petty and solutions are pretty simple. but remember that these problems aren’t negligible. this method works bc once you figure out solutions to them, you figure out a method how to fight them so that the same problems to affect you again. Now I know that when I feel gross I need to take a shower and not roam around like a stinky animal. See what I mean?

lastly, realize that these things are not worth you losing control of yourself and walking around like a dead zombie #rip.

sometimes I have negative feelings because I feel under confident or not sure about something. when this happens, which leads me to way number two - I have a convo with myself.

ok mate, why do you feel down? um I don’t feel sure about this presentation. what if I screw this up? what if the teacher is like this is so shit?? what if I never get to eat donuts again???

seriously? well, I can assure you that donuts aren’t going extinct. as for this interview, listen child. you have prepared for this shit, you can do it. doN’T freak out and don’t think you can’t ace this. you can, trust me.

talking to myself not only helps calm me down but also gives me a sense of purpose. That I have promised myself to ace this and I cannot let myself down. 

loving yourself

  • understanding why

why should you love yourself?

bc you yourself crave the feeling to be loved. isn’t being in love simply magical? Well, so is being in love with yourself. it is even more magical tbh. this is bc you are with yourself 24/7 and when you start loving yourself you become much more aware of yourself and you have able to work much better since you are able to identify your flaws and strengths. Remember when you used to bitch about that girl on whom every guy had a crush and you none? (same fam #LongLiveTheHobos) Turns out that someone does have a huge crush on you. Love yourself, your brain craves for you.

  • take yourself out on dates

raise your hand if you think dates are great. I agree. They are even better when you go out to a restaurant bc like food is great. it is super important that you take your own self out of dates and not only bc you are hungry but bc a conqueror (yAS THOSE ARE MY PEOPLE) knows the value of taking time off for himself. These are not simply slogging through the weekend and binge watching Netflix, mind you. That’s a huge waste of time, froind. A conqueror makes a date official. cheat code: remember that your dates have to be memorable and most importantly, well earned. Here’s a checklist to make your dates more special.

  • positive energy, check.
  • more smiles and hugs, check.
  • a happy mindset, check.
  • and how about a list of things that you can do for yourself?

the turn a bad day around challenge

here’s the first challenge of the get your shit together series! I introduced this bc readers said that the topics on here were easy to say but harder to carry out.I do agree with that but hey, I never said that getting your shit together would be easy. by completing the challenges you can implement the ideas I’m trying to propagate here and also get a feel of having that particular area under your control.

  • task one: when you are having a bad day, sit down. list down the reasons why it was a bad day and why are you feel down. it can be as simple as not getting enough sleep and feeling grumpy.
  • task two: list down the solutions that you can use to overcome those problems.
  • task three: remind yourself that these petty problems cannot cost you your valuable time and that you are a badass bitch and you can handle everything.
  • task four: make a to-do list. I know you haven’t done no shit today so now is the time to shine. don’t put like a thousand things on the list tho lmao. three - four would do enough for the moment.
  • task five: do those things. seriously, do them.
  • task six: (and this is the nicest one) treat yo'self!! you have literally turned around a bad day and done so much shit! you have successfully conquered this day, a day which would have been spent lamenting and getting nothing done. maybe go treat yourself to some delicious pumpkin pie from a bakery (share with me pls); you really do deserve it!! I’m so proud of you :^)

and that’s it, it’s a wrap! if you have any questions/suggestions regarding anything I said up there (or maybe you just wanna talk about food), feel free to send in a message! my other masterposts are here and to request a masterpost, leave your question in my ask box!

I hope you all are well, stay safe and conquer life, you amaze conqueror :“)

hey i just wanted to say that if you’re already scraping by to make ends meet, the holidays are really hard. and that puts pressure on you and on your whole family. and if there’s one thing i hope you know it’s that you don’t need to prove you love someone by buying them something. i know we all want to get the people we care about really fancy things. but i’m okay if you get me like a smooth rock you found by the ocean. i know it’s true of other people, too. i’d rather you hand me a diy picture frame from popsicle sticks than something you had to go into debt to buy, and i think any person who’s worth their socks will tell you the same thing. and on that note? everybody loves socks, and they’re pretty cheap. yes, it’d be great if you and i stumbled on enough money to actually afford things. but love, i’ve learned, isn’t about the buying.

and on that note? for those of you out there who find the holidays a particularly dark time… i hope you know there will always be someone willing to open the door for you. even when it feels like there’s no one. even if that door is a window you have to crawl through. 

and for those of us who have more than we need, i hope we open those doors. if you notice someone who is going to be alone during the holidays, or who is usually depressed but for no apparent reason seems markedly happy and is giving away their things, please invite them over. hang out with them, no matter how awkward it is. sudden cleaning and long notes about how much they love you are also signs of suicide. with recent changes in insurance, it’s increasingly harder to find mental health care, so help a friend out (and maybe even yourself!) by figuring out who still takes the insurance offered so we can all give ourselves the gift of coping mechanisms, the gift that keeps on giving.

i hope you all are happy and safe this season!