i really want new ink

beauty & her beast

i. you fall in love with a girl
who is made of art and fairytales
and spirals of watercolors
in shades of rose petals

she is beautiful, and she is sad
she wears smiles like crowns
you wish she would breathe easier
(you wish you could breathe easier
around her)

ii. you are standing in a forest
waiting for the truth in stars
and chasing moonlight
your reflection in the river is twisted
a monster looks you in the eyes

the moon is full and empty tonight
as silver as your fur
wolves aren’t made for loving
(and who could ever learn
to love a beast?)

iii. you fall in love with a girl
who makes you feel human
her life is a masquerade ball
and you are made of masks

she sings laughter into your skin
the night sky fades
and the tides pull away from shore
drowning you in freedom

iv. you are standing on two feet
color fills your world
there are wolves in this forest
there is truth in these stars

v. you are in love with a girl
who carries poetry in her smiles
the sun sinks over the forest
she is in love with a wolf

— M.J.

music blasting an electronic beat, but nothing beats as fast as my pulse under his lips, mouth trailing down my neck.
his hair is short underneath my fingers, and i tug ever so slightly, as his tongue tangles once again with mine.
there is only darkness and lips, my hand tangled in his tshirt, his palms against my back pulling me closer over the console of the car between us.
my mouth tastes of fire and of heat, desire turning my cheeks a brighter shade, because of him. him. him.

his hands leave whispers of wanting across my stomach and i ignite, tugging him closer, dissolving any space that existed between us.

i am a wildfire. he is gasoline.

—  “drop a match, i go up in flames.”
(m.b, a pynch poem)
claim me as yours tonight
while i get lost in the gentle
lapping of water on the shore.
take everything in between
each word,
each i love you,
each second of me missing you.
make me your confidant,
your girl, and a place
you can call your home.
use my warmth to shelter
you from the storm in your heart.
my softness is yours
to protect you from your
own rough edges and emptiness.
be selfish with me tonight
and i’ll love you 
with a love that’s only
meant for you.

So I decided to finish the art raffle sketch from @yuuki-clyde because I really wanted to (I might do the same with the Genomie one :3  )

I heard you’ve been licking ink lately~ ;3 (I’m sorry you probably didn’t want to see this, I’ve probably scared you with bad art I’m sorry)

these days i can’t take a step into the sea without the waves biting my toes, & i wonder if those fangs savoring the chill of my bones are yours buried within the water, craving the gold of my blood, more feral than divine. but when i find you in my dreams, you’re clutching your heartstrings between your fingers, watching them burnish your palms with ink & venomous magic, desperate to bear your light again, even though all your eyes can see are our twisted, ruined silhouettes between the cracks of your skin. the waves tell me you’re drowning in your humanity, hiss at me until the saltwater sears claw marks into my flesh, & i didn’t think i’d gild ghosts of you into my footprints in the wet sand, but we were blessed to touch once more. 

you’re the sea to my sky, and i didn’t mean to ruin you // c.a.)