i really want him to see this


Guys, I have not finished shouting my love for this. I particularly like this passage.

So I was reading this and … As. I can literally feel the excitement of the moment, like butterflies in the stomach. I like this passage because. Yura is surprised by what Yuri and Vic do. As. Shit. They are also suprising. And shit, it’s going to be HIS moment and not theirs. It’s an intense moment because Yura is again changing something. Because he wants to surprise others, be the best and stop Otabek so that he comes to join him. As Otabek told him earlier:“Then let’s make something that will absolutely blow their minds”. And Yuri reminds him.

This is the moment when Yuri catches Otabek, to see if Beka really supports him. This is the moment when Yuri counts on Otabek and sees if these words are true, even if his idea is a little crazy. This is the time when Yuri is afraid of less surprise than Victuri, where it is annoying if he “lose” again and asks Otabek If he will follow him to the end. This is the moment when Otabek appreciates the spontaneity of Yura. This is the moment when Otabek discovers Yuri and appreciates this angry boy and does what he wants. It is the intense moment between the two.

Are you in or are you out” is Otabek’s answer is as “I’m here to you to the end with you.”.Look at these boys at once afraid, angry, but damn HAPPY to support themselves and have someone at his side.


a couple of Bendys before bed because I can’t stop drawing this ink dork

at this point I’m really just using him for posing/hand/cartoon practice, he’s definitely not like any character I’ve drawn before

also took a crack at @doodledrawsthings‘s Bendy from their Hell’s Studio AU in the top right there, for no other reason than I wanted to see if I could draw him XD and I did, so yay, more style practice :) (love that AU btw, the best)

I might ink these later since I don’t have time tonight, but yep

Little Spoon

Requested : Yes

Breakdown : Harry as little spoon.

A/N - to be honest i had no idea how to make this more than a blurb

   Another sharp cough brought (Y/N)’s attention from her book. Getting lost within the words proved impossible tonight. Harry’s cold only seemed to grow worse as the week progressed. 

“You really do push yourself too hard,” (Y/N) sighed as she put her book away.

“Have to,” Harry responded quietly.

“Do you want some water?” 

“No, just sleep,” he sighed.

   Another coughing fit racked his body, halting any conversation. A groan of pain leaving his lips before he turned onto his side. She hated to see him turn away from her, but knew he’d be more comfortable. (Y/N) wrapped her arms around him, pulling herself closer to him. A good cuddle being all she could offer him.

“Thank you, love.” he yawned.

BTS: MTL To Find Nipple Piercings Hot

I don’t know why nobody requests something. TO ALL MY BEAUTIFUL 16 FOLLOWERS: PLEASE REQUEST SOMETHING.






is really kinky and he doesn’t even hide it. He’d be so turned on by them and find them really hot.

J-hope has alot of energy and probably goes more rounds in one night but the piercings would give him even more energy and he’d also be rougher.

Even though is see Taehyung as a switch the piercings would totally bring hin to dom you and just wreck you. I fist wanted to put him under Namjoon but then decided against it because even though he’d find your piercings really hot he’d also be really amazed by them. The first time seeing them he’d be amazed and then things get alot more heated.

Suga would really like them but not like the others above him. He would sort of be indifferent about it. It’s fine with him if you have nipple piercings and if you don’t have them.

I do see Jungkook as a dom (with small sub tendencies) but i think he would be sort of shocked. Amazed but also overwhelmed.

Jimin is in my opinion more of a sub than a dom so he would hesitate a bit. He wouldn’t pull them or play with them in fear that he’d hurt you. You would have to show him that it’s totally fine and if he gets over his fear he would use them to tease you when he’s in dom mood.

I placed Jin as the last one because he seems more traditional than the others. Don’t get me wrong he could get really kinky im bed but hurting you in any way would totally turn him off.

Part of some half baked golf au, Killua always shakes his booty before swinging.

EXO Reaction To Seeing Their GF In A VS Commercial

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Reaction Masterlist

pinkamaryllis46 said:

that’s all i wanted to say to you. oh, and you’re amazing as well! hope this won’t cause you anymore trouble cause of everything, but may I have another request of Exo when they see their gf in a VS commercial? no one, and I mean NO ONE is doing any of my requests at all!! :’( I’d really appreciate if you’d do it. thank you so much, have a wonderful day/evening. and remember, have faith! :3 :3

Xiumin: *definitely makes more excited about getting home, if you know what I mean*

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Luhan: *makes him wonder if he can get his girlfriend to give him a private show at home* 

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Kris: *Smirking to himself through the whole thing* 

Originally posted by i-growl-growl-growl

Suho: *minor freak out when he realizes its his girlfriend, in lingerie, on the tv, with all the members watching* 

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Lay: *trying to keep his smile from being too obvious*

Originally posted by fvck-kai

Baekhyun: *makes a little cocky with the members about his girlfriend* 

Originally posted by littlebyuns

Chen: *begins thinking about others moves he’d like to see his girlfriend do* 

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Chanyeol: *makes him just a bit frustrated considering they’re on tour* 

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DO: *makes him get subjected to a pretty brutal round of teasing* 

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Tao: *makes sure to take it in with all its glory* 

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Kai: *basically this, in a half-joking fashion* 

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Sehun: *transfixed*

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Bellamy X Reader: Angst, smut

Request? Yes:

Bellamy smut where he sees one of the delinquents try to get the reader in bed, and he beats him up. Reader argues with him and he tells her he just wants to protect her, and sweet sex comes afterwards.

Author’s note: I wrote this pretty quickly, so I apologize if it’s got some grammatical/spelling errors. I just wanted to give something to my lovely followers that have stuck with me since the beginning. I really appreciate those of you that haven’t deserted me since the Harry era began. I know it’s probably sort of annoying. Xoxo. Hope you enjoy!

It’s probably been the best night you’ve had on the ground. All of the delinquents are surrounding a monster of a bonfire. There’s been no sign of grounders for a week, and everything seems so peaceful. Monty made up a large batch of moonshine and Finn found a stereo somewhere, complete with a collection of music more than a century old. Everyone is bubbly with alcohol and calmed by the tunes. Even Murphy lets his head bob along to the beat.

Your own body is buzzing with intoxication, just to the point of a pleasurable, meditative happiness. All of your nerves are electrified and the music digs its way to your core. It only takes a few moments of observing the scene before you’re on your feet with another small group of delinquents, swaying with your eyes closed. Nothing matters but the soft beat of the drums and the chill of the air.

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anonymous asked:

I am so scared to meet Levi again and see the man he has become after 4 years. I do not want him to go on well with the recruits, they do not deserve his time, not after the way they treated him. :( I hope he has turned into a darker character.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to having similar thoughts Anon.  I’m really apprehensive about the next chapters.  I mean obviously I’m desperate to see Levi again, to find out what he’s been doing for the last four years, but still…. I can’t say I’m too thrilled by this subproduct of titan science business, that has all sorts of potential to go horribly wrong.

I’m trying to hold out hope though.  Yams plot and pacing may leave us shaking our heads, or yelling incoherently at our screens but, Ymir aside, he’s been relatively consistent when it comes to characterization.  So I’m hoping that when we see Levi again, he’ll be the same miserable bastard that we’ve grown to know and love.

As far as getting on with the remnants of the 104th goes, I think that if Levi is still a captain of the Survey Corps and they are still his soldiers, then he will continue to treat them as subordinates.   Whether they respond as such and respect the chain of command is anyone’s guess. I don’t expect Levi to treat them with kid gloves, and we’ve already seen that.

But at the same time, Levi is not a cruel man.

One of the things that has always fascinated me about Levi is that he is such a mess of contradictions.  He has an innate capacity for violence and will not hesitate to use it, but at the same time, he is defined by his loyal and compassion. Levi has consistently been one of the most selfless characters in the series.  He isn’t motivated by a personal dream or goal, but by his relationship to other people.  Perhaps it’s all part of the Ackerman thing, but if so, it manifests very differently in the three Ackermans we’ve seen.  The loyalty is always there for sure, but much as I love Kenny, compassion and selflessness were hardly his thing. For the sake of avoiding drama, I’d rather not comment on the other Ackerman.  

So I think the darkness has always been there in Levi’s character, but it’s been tempered by his compassion and selflessness, and to be honest I’m not sure if I expect that to change, unless someone or something prevents him from fulfilling his vow to Erwin.  If that does happen then all bets are off.

Of course having said all that, if Levi appears in the next chapter with his hair tied back and “Erwin Smith – Flame of Hope” tattooed across his chest, I’ll forgive Yams everything :P

I’m not gonna reblog any W*TTM spoilers for now, at least until we get more high quality material, but 



Title: Playing with Fire

@negantrashlucille23​ requested: Maybe OC being the daughter of a very important customer… but like Ike is still married so that there can be some angst but there’s definitely something between Ike and OC And smut x) fluff anything you want really ^.^

Character(s): Ike Evans and Reader
Summary: Your father stays in one of the suites at the Miramar Playa, and the hotel’s owner, caters to his every need. But, when you finally see what this man looks like, you cannot help but tease him every chance you could get.
Word Count: 2,877
Warning: SMUT!!!
Author’s Note: Thank you, @negantrashlucille23​ for this request! It was so much fun to write. Plus, I wanted this to be as steamy as possible, so I hope I accomplished that! I also changed it from being Ike and an OC to Ike and the Reader, if you don’t mind! Thank you again, and enjoy! :-)

Forever Taglist: @disfigured-it-out || @chunex || @jasoncrouse || @oceanicseries || @dixonsbait || @negan–is–god || @see-you-then-winchester || @sable-the-trans-ham || @k4veggies || @labyrinthofheartagrams || @purplemuse89 || @ladyynegan || @scentofpineandhazelnutlattes || @may85 || @a-girl-interupted || @spn-cw123

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anonymous asked:

I wanna rec "Unchain the birds from the sky" by Sororising. It's a modern!au with trans!Steve and it's really well written

oohh, thanks for the rec!

Unchain the birds from the sky by Sororising

“Jesus. I haven’t laughed like that in - well, in a long time.”

That made Steve smile cautiously, and Bucky decided there was no way he could wait any longer. He pulled Steve to the side of the street, turned to face him, and then ducked his head down so that their lips were only a few inches from touching.

“I had such a good time tonight,” Bucky said softly. “I really want to see you again, Steve.”

Steve’s eyes were wide, but he looked determined as hell. “Me too,” he said, and then he reached up and tangled his hand in Bucky’s hair, drawing them closer and closer together until finally they were kissing, only quick kisses in-between breaths, neither of them pushing for more, and Bucky realised that he never wanted this night to end.


the title gives it away and I really don’t want to go too deep into detail and make this post all cheesy. Just let me tell you how much I LOVE my time here with Chirrut and how much I adore te support you give me guys. How ya’ll square up when rude anons strike back and I just?? I love this character so much and I enjoy to flesh him out as much as I can and to see that you guys APPROVE of it is the best feeling in the world. So THANK YOU for being here with me and for making my Time here just hella great  ♥ xoxo Antonia ♥

under the cut I will tag ALL of my wonderful mutuals to let u know that I love you and how much it means to see you on my dash because yes, you all are wonderful and perfect. I might not talk to ALL of you but let it be known that I probably stalk your blog and adore you from afar. ( btw, this is in no real order I just scrolled down my following page lmao )

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New Cast: Part Two

Okay, guys. Part Two was really good tonight, really good. I’ll admit I still had/have some reservations about the cast after Part One but Part Two has smoothed many of those away.

Part Two opens with my favourite piece of choreography, led by Nuno Silva. Nuno didn’t come out of stage door tonight which was a shame because I wanted to tell him how glad I am that he’s stayed on. For those who don’t know, Nuno plays Bane, as well as other ensemble roles but his most important role is Movement Captain. He is basically Steven Hoggett’s (Movement Director) right hand man among the cast and he works with the rest of the cast to coordinate all the complex routines that are carried out on stage, often with very large set pieces. You could really see what Nuno does among the new cast today, how he guides them and the confidence in what he does.

Samuel continues to be the star of the new cast. He really is outstandingly confident and a total natural - you’d think he’d been doing it for years and the audience is absolutely focused on him  and him alone when he’s on stage. I think it was @mrsellacott who said that James Howard told her he loves his new son, and that shows. Samuel and James have a great chemistry on stage. As James is my favourite of Cast 2, I was really looking forward to tonight because Draco has his best scenes in Part Two. His first scene, in the Voldemort timeline did not disappoint. @bounding-heart did a post about why James is so good in this role and that is never more obvious than in this scene. But he also shows love and a sadness and a pain that flows under a Malfoy cover. He rarely shouts, which I like. He exudes menace and intimidation without doing so but he has softness hiding there. When he pinned Scorpius to the desk in this scene, he released him and then shook and twitched in his left hand, the hand he had used to pin Scorpius down. He was physically expressing regret with the movement, as though it physically pained him to be violent with his child. It very much felt as though violence had become a part of who he was in this version of the world, that it was now second nature but that deep down it wasn’t welcome there, a darkness that grips to him like a parasite. So, so good from Mr. Howard.

Elizabeth Hill is an excellent actress. She plays a firm, sporty Hooch with a cool Northen accent in Part One, and a bitchy, snotty Petunia, but in Part Two as Umbridge, she is genuinely unnerving. Her Umbridge relishes in the way she speaks. She’s posh, or at least pretends to be, and she milks it for all it’s worth, letting every word slither off her tongue in the most regal way possible in her desire to feel and to be seen as royal. Her laugh doesn’t induce laughter from the audience like Helena Lynberry did - it is really sinister. Her movements when talking to Scorpius were almost flirtatious, but in a really sickening way that made my skin crawl. Superb debut in the role.

David Annen as Snape - I was really looking forward to seeing David in this role and he didn’t disappoint. He is much more like book Snape than Paul was. He doesn’t raise his voice and he appears bitter and reserved. I never liked the dynamic between Snape and Hermione in the last cast - I get that they were working together but they were too touchy-feely for my liking. That’s gone with David. His “whatever you are” to Hermione was deliciously sarcastic and snotty The “How very pleasant for me” line dripped with sarcasm and the “I exist to serve” line was wonderfully but subtly aggrieved. When he threatened Scorpius with punishment, he deliberately and obviously moved his robe to reveal the pocket in which he kept his wand, making the threat very real. It was a cool detail. When Snape is taken by the Dementors, heave the most horrific scream once they had enveloped him in their cloaks. It really did sound like someone who was losing their life in a horrific manner.

Theo came out of his shell in this performance. Yesterday in Part One he showed signs of being good but he was visibly terrified (his first professional job is one of the biggest roles in a show that has won nine Oliviers - even John said that was terrifying for them) and as a result he was very stiff (I felt bad for Jamie G in the blanket scene in Part One because I felt Theo was giving him very little to work from). But the audience was great yesterday and I think that has put some of the cast (Theo was not the only one who was clearly nervous) at ease a bit more. I think Theo is going to be very good and I look forward to watching him evolve in the role. Also, for all you Scorbus shippers - if you shipped them with Anto and Sam, you’re going to go nuts for Theo and Samuel. They obviously already have a very close relationship as actors and the chemistry between them is fantastic.

Samuel, when he came out of the lake and saw his Dad, put his arms out for a moment as if he wanted to hug him but then lost his courage. It was sweet. James just pointed him in the direction he wanted him, with military-level authority. I really liked it. Alex often used to grab Scorpius by the scruff and march him off stage; I like this less aggressive approach from James because I think it contrasts the differences between Draco in the Voldemort timeline and in the present much more.

One of the Hogwarts kids slipped in some of the water left on the stage but luckily they didn’t go down and carried on.

Jamie finally started to show some Harry-temper in the scene where he visits Albus in the Slytherin dormitory although he only got half-way there.  I reserved judgement on Jamie in Part One yesterday. I agree with @torestoreamends that it’s very important not to compare Jamie G to Jamie P because I think we always knew that Jamie P’s Harry would always be incomparable and I’m OK with that, because I always knew that watching Jamie Parker was a privilege. In fact, it’s very important not to compare any of the new cast with the old cast - it’s not fair on them. Of course we love the old cast, but the new cast have to be given a chance to be different and make the role their own (within the context of the character, of course). But Jamie G certainly lacked something yesterday, for example, he did not sound nearly as desperate as a parent should when searching for their missing child in a forest. I think Jamie G was another cast member who was very nervous but he did much better in Part Two today. I think he needs time and I hope that with time he will push the role and feel his way further into it. This scene wasn’t as heated as it should have been and as a consequence, the argument with Ginny where she asks how heated it got, didn’t work as well.

More Samuel gushing - in the dormitory scene when Albus is sleeping and he wakes him up, he did it in the most brilliant way that beats Anthony and James. He first whispered Albus’s name. He then said “Pssst!” When this didn’t work, he tiptoed over to Albus’s bed and in a really high-pitched but soft voice said “Albus?”. Finally, he shouted it right into Theo’s ear and Theo reacted brilliantly. I always felt Sam underplayed the comedy of this moment slightly but Theo didn’t disappoint. He sat bolt upright with a yell and then turned and started whacking Scorpius with his pillow. It was fantastic.

Annabel as Delphi - finally, finally, I have seen Annabel’s Delphi and she is supremely unnerving. John said he thought she was smashing it. Her Part One Delphi is quite awkward and bumbling and Tonks-like, which I liked. Her Part Two Delphi is almost unhinged once she is revealed and it’s scary. Some stand-out moments for me were what appeared to be genuine, yet mocking pity for the shock and horror on Albus’s face after she kills Craig. It was pity, yet it was patronising. “Aw. Did you not understand?” Brilliant. Then, when explaining how the kids fitted in to the prophecy she kissed Albus. It was “Albus” *kisses his cheek* “is the unseen child who will kill his father”. It was the most possessive, horrifying action; that Albus is this most invaluable object to her that will make her dreams come true. Somehow it reminds me of the way in which Umbridge loves her kittens:  a repulsive obsession.

Emma as Ginny did much better in Part Two - she was another I was reserving judgement on yesterday. Yesterday I really felt that she lacked Ginny’s ovaries - her “So was mine” just didn’t feel strong enough. She definitely improved on that today, although I don’t feel the same warmth from her that I’d like to feel. Like Jamie G, I think she needs some time, perhaps. But I’m optimistic.

Jamie G in the Dumbledore scene was good. I’m so much more optimistic about him than I was yesterday. He can genuinely act and his break down in Albus’s bedroom was even better. He’s not Harry yet, but there is potential there. I’m looking forward to seeing him grow into the character. Harry and Ginny kissed twice when getting Albus’s message, just like in the script. (It used to be that they only kissed even though the script called for two.

On the other hand, perhaps I’m just too hard to please, because all the main cast (Albus, Scorpius, Draco, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Harry) got a standing ovation at the curtain call. I was slightly gutted for the rest that they didn’t but audiences do vary and I’m sure that there are shows when they will. The past two nights had a very good audience and the stage door reception was lovely. I think the cast that came out definitely felt the love and I’m glad because I think it will give them fuel.

Speaking of stage door, April Hughes, who plays Myrtle (and is outstanding - didn’t think anyone would beat Annabel but she smashed it and even Annabel said so) was absolutely adorable. I sang her praises to her and she seemed really touched and happy and asked if she could give me a hug, so we had a hug. She’s a sweetheart! As is Sarah Miele who plays a now-Scottish Polly Chapman with purple hair (we asked her about this and she said it was just something she was told they were going to go for with the character this time). James Phoon (Craig) is adorable. I can’t remember how we got onto the subject but we were talking about the Friday Forty and I said that all my CC friends had won it at least once and I never had. He said that he played the Friday Forty every week ever since the play opened and he never won it either (he’s such a FAN!!). I told him “Now you’re in it! Even better!” and then asked if that meant that I’ll be in the play next year too. He gave a dramatic gasp and said “Oh, my God! That’s it!” and then grasped my arm and said “I’ll root for you for next year.” I told him to show me the ropes when I get cast. What an absolute doll he is. Again, the cast that came out all seemed so touched by the reception and I’m really pleased they’ve been given that confidence.

On Sunday 21st, I met Sonia Friedman. I found her at the back of the stalls and approached her, told her how much I loved and related to the play and congratulated her on all her success. I asked if I could show her something and she said “Of course” so I showed her my poster and she said she loved it because she was a dog person. I thanked her and didn’t see her after that until I passed by her yesterday when she was talking to Jack Thorne at the end of Part One about the pacing of the new cast (they had been a bit slow on a couple of bits). I don’t think she saw me as they were deep in conversation. Anyway, tonight, she came out of stage door briefly to watch the reception that the new cast received. No one realised she was there as she just lingered in the doorway and watched for a few moments - she didn’t go to greet fans. She had her hair different to usual and was wearing sunglasses so I actually didn’t recognise her even though I saw her right in front of me but she recognised me (we were standing right in front of the stage door at the barrier). She went back in to speak to someone but then came out again and came and stood next to me and said quietly “So, what did you think?” I then realised it was her and apologised, telling her I didn’t recognise her with the sunglasses and she said something along the lines of “I like to go incognito sometimes”. @torestoreamends , @mrsellacott and I had a nice chat with her and she thanked us for the support of the new cast.

I was hoping John Tiffany might come out of stage door but he didn’t (because I didn’t ask him to this time =P - I’ll tell that story in another post). My train got delayed on my way to the show this evening and I got in really late (I think @torestoreamends was panicking that I wouldn’t get in on time, she gave me big hug when she saw me and told me she’d been anxiously waiting in the aisle of the stalls to see me come in). Anyway, John was at the back of the stalls (he didn’t sit near the front like he did on May 21st - maybe he didn’t want to be inundated by fans again - more on that in another post) but anyway, I’d spoken to him on Sunday and as I walked past this evening, he looked up from his phone screen and so I gave him a big grin and he smiled back. Then in the interval, I had a brief freak-out with @torestoreamends at the Girls’ Bathroom (obviously) about how good Part Two was and then she let me go to the loo and went back to Stalls. :P On my way back, John stepped out of the Mens’ right in front of me and went back to the Stalls so I was following right behind him, seriously worrying that he was going to think I was stalking him. He noticed me and I immediately apologised and said “I’m really sorry, I swear I’m not following you, you just stepped out of the Mens’ room right in front of me.” He laughed and patted my arm and said “Don’t worry.” We got back to Stalls, right by the tech box where @torestoreamends appeared out of nowhere and we had a lovely chat with him for a few minutes. John is such a lovely, warm person, he’s so happy to talk to fans about the show. I told him that I thought it was great that the first show of the new cast had gone so smoothly and that I thought it was funny that there had been no technical hitches, given that there were so many on the 21st with a cast of fourteen months’ experience. He grinned and said “Because I kicked arse, that’s why”. So yeah. Sounds as though the tech team got a spanking for the screw-ups on the 21st.

And that’s all I’ll say about the new cast! I look forward to watching them develop and I hope everyone going to see them keeps an open mind and shows them the Potterhead love. I really think in particular that Scorbus is going to be sensational - even more so than it has been and we’ve all got lots to look forward to. I thought the ultimate test would be whether they could make me cry and they did. Happy Cast Change, peeps! x

We all know relationships outside of marriage are haram. However it really grates me when I see a muslim girl in a relationship asking advice from a sister and the reply is something along the lines of ‘you need to break up with him immediately, haram relationships are wrong and always doomed.’
This type of advice, though well intentioned, is really insensitive and callous. It’s not so simple and easy for someone to just cut off a person they have strong feelings for, even though they know it’s wrong.
Also, if a couple have become guided and really want to try to do the halal thing and get married, who are you to say their relationship is eternally doomed because it initially started in a haram way? Islam a religion which places huge value on forgiveness and repentance. Stop making people feel ashamed and hopeless with these kind of answers.
There’s a way of advising people about such sensitive topics which is gentle and understanding.

Things I want to see in S3

(ft. Black Paladin Keith because people need to give this boi a little more credit) (Also ft. Klance because I can’t help myself)

  • Though everyone is in shambles after Shiros disappearance, Keith somehow pulls everyone together. He tells them he knows it’s really hard. Everyone knows it’s hardest on him. Shiro is the closest Keith has ever had to family.
  • He shows compassion for his team mates but he also reminds them gentle what they are there to do
  • Lance is really not ok with it at first
  • Things between Keith and Lance become very very rough. And for a while only seem to get worse
  • Lance is jealous and feels more insecure (Just feeling like he’s just a filler and just annoyed with the fact that he always seems to be deemed second right after Keith (again I’m not really about really depressing angst bc my boi deserves all the love in the world))
  • Keith is frustrated because he’s sick of fight with Lance
  • Hunk and Coran try to smooth things over with both the paladins but not much works.
  • At least not until Keith is forced to make a big conflicting decision and turns to Lance
  • Lance wants to know why he turned to him and not the others
  • Keith tells him that Lance is really good at detecting whether or not he’s being too impulsive.
  • Lance gives him his honest opinion and also feels included and they talk all night devising a plan
  • they then explain the plan to the others and alter it to other points the team brings up
  • that works out so well, Keith starts going to Lance more and more
  • they end up getting along and only bicker (but it’s really only friendly banter)
  • The team starts really working together as a team and Keith really pulls through and becomes an excellent leader and Lance is a great second in command
  • (Allura becomes one of the paladins and everyone is really worried about her because she is a princess but she asures them that this is her war too. And plus, what’s a princess with no kingdom? She tells them they are just as important as she is and also they all know Allura knows how to kick ass so…)


  • Pidge and Keith bond over Shiro’s disappearance and become very good friends
  • Keith hates fighting with Lance because he likes Lance and he just wants to mend things with him
  • The more Keith and Lance talk, the more they get into their personal lives and really bond
  • Hunk and Lance’s relationship grows and they spend lots of time with each other
  • Everyone silently ships Keith and Lance
  • The more Lance and Keith fall for each other, the more Lance and Allura become almost like siblings
  • Pidge is the first to find Shiro and he asks her in horror if Keith and Lance have been getting along (there’s no telling what trouble those two could get into with each other.) Pidge tells him that they actually have been getting along just great and Shiro says he’ll believe it when he sees it (sure enough… Shiro does a surprise)
Mute Galra Keith - Part 2

Anon: oh! I was reading your mute g!keith headcannons and I was like “why’s if he went home and his dad freaked out and didn’t recognise him and he can’t explain? (headcannons or something :o)

A/N: OW OW OW THIS HURT HAVE SOME SAD HEADCANONS. THESE are the Mute Galra Keith headcanons Anon was talking about if you wanna catch up.

This will go in the “Headcanon” category. If you want to take this idea and expand upon it, please do! Tag me so I can see what you create! And HERE are my other headcanons!

  • All the Mute Galra Keith events go down. Keith learns Altean Sign Language, everyone accepts him for being Galra, they take down the Galra Empire, everything’s all hunky-dory and the decide “Hey, let’s go back to earth!”
  • It’s a really great time! One by one, they reunite with their families and have the others come along to introduce them and help explain everything that went down.
  • We go down the line - Lance, Hunk, Pidge, Shiro, and we get to Keith’s family. Everyone’s been secretly dreading this because clearly Keith has changed the most and that could be a problem for his family. But they go and support him anyway.
  • They get to Keith’s old house, and Keith wants to go in alone at first because this is really important to him.
    • Everyone else thinks this is a horrible idea, seeing as humans didn’t even know aliens existed, much less tall purple sentient ones.
      • And in this Mute Galra Keith universe, maybe Keith’s mom wasn’t Galra, so for someone like Keith’s dad, who lives out in the sticks, he really doesn’t know aliens exist.
    • And there’s the fact that Keith can’t speak anymore and knows an alien sign language. But Keith is stubborn. He goes in on his own.

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OC story prompt: “Who’s just been fired from his job and just got a text from his girlfriend that she’s breaking up with him.. we see him look around as he contemplates his life.”

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how is L x Light abusive?

Okay, I’d just like to draw a distinction here.

LxLight as a fandom pairing does not necessarily have to be abusive. There are many writers out thee who evolve their relationship past what it is in canon and take it into more positive territory. There are other authors who prefer the hateship dynamic and keep things abusive. One way or another, there is nothing wrong with liking the ship and I think characterizing it as purely an abusive ship is just not really fair. 

Separate from the fandom pairing of LxLight is how Light and L interact in canon. In the manga, their relationship is based around wanting to see the other dead. People can try to sugarcoat this all they like, but that is their goal at the end of the day. In order to achieve this goal, both L and Light do incredibly abusive things to one another – lying and manipulating each other barely touches the surface of it. L repeatedly violates Light’s personal rights by invading his privacy, detaining him without legal consel, denies him due process, psychologically tortures him to try and extract a confession from him through a combination of solitary confinement and daily interrogations, manipulates his dad to shoot him in the head in a fake execution, and then continues to have his freedoms restricted without any recourse to the law. In retaliation, Light punches L in the face on two separate occasions out of complete frustration with how he’s being treated. 

L and Light’s canon relationship is incredibly emotionally and occasionally even physically abusive. 


Before I proceed let me say that this confession will be more that one and that it contains MAJOR ACOWAR SPOILER (ofc), so read at your own risk. I’ve waited a long time to post this so read with calm minds people.

I want to say that I’m actually okay with Tamlin now. I really can see that he really did love Feyre.

It made me wonder if beneath those rage he threw to borg Feyre and Rhysand (at the High Lords meeting) was loneliness. He was lonely, because the human girl that had loved him dearly, that had accepted him, ended up with another person and he—Tamlin—saw the love shininh brighter than anything he had ever seen in both of their eyes. That he felt betrayed and sad, perhaps a little broken. That he hoped those emotions Feyre gave Rhys, those love shimmering brighter and brighter than when Feyre was with him, was actually directed to him instead.

It was not only about accepting that Feyre no longer love him, but also accepting what he is and what he had done. And how both of their relationship no longer work out.

The fact that he told Feyre to be happy, in exchange for saving Rhys, told me that he had come in terms with everything. Everything, not only Feyre’s love to Rhys, and Rhys’ for her. Which means that he started to accept, and had started letting Feyre go.

And I don’t have any reason to hate Tamlin, I just feel so proud of him. And that’s a prove that Tamlin cam be a better person, and I hope he will also be happy in the future. Just like what Feyre said.

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i really want to read trc again but im also afraid that reading it again will taint my sorta ok view of gansey bc i actually genuinely liked gansey as a character in my first read....... maybe i should just Leave Him there.....

i read the dream thieves again after a year a few days ago and now i cant see gansey the same way again… maybe u should leave it as That kjhdjkf