i really want hannah to see this


you went missing on December 2ed 2016, no one gave up looking for you. The whole fandom posted, people you supported on YouTube retweeted including Hannah hart. We all had hope and expected you to be okay. But now a lot of us that found out are in shock.
@we-all-have-a-storyyy To know I’ll never see your handle pop up on my notifications again hasn’t set in all the way. We never really talked one on one but we knew of each other and we were both active on each others Tumblr… when I heard the news I didn’t want to believe it, you were an amazing person and didn’t deserve any of this to happen. I will never understand why this happened to you… I’m sorry for everything that happened, i can’t imagine the pain and fear you went through… The fandom will miss you like crazy. And My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends. RIP beautiful…💔💔💔

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hey hannah if you dont mind i was wondering if you wanted to tell us the story of how you saved someones life? it sounds really interesting!!

Okay.  So I was at work behind the reception desk and this guy came running in with his girlfriend saying she was having an allergic reaction.  I’m not medically trained at all, but I could see that this girl looked really ill.  So I ran in to tell the nurse who said “she’s fine, just get her to sit down” without even looking at her.

I wasn’t happy with that so I ran into our ambulance area and spoke to another nurse who said “well if the other nurse thinks she’s alright, then she must be fine.  We have ambulance patients to see”.  

I was really angry because they don’t take me seriously because I’m non-clinical but I was sooo sure she wasn’t okay.  I grabbed a doctor and literally begged him to look at her.  She ended up being rushed straight into the trauma bay and all of the doctors rushed in to treat her.  I then went for my break and when I came back, the lead doctor was asking for me and he said if we’d waited another minute she’d be dead because her throat was literally closing up and they had to stick a tube down it to get her breathing again.  

Then the family asked to see me and they were all hugging me and crying and saying that although I didn’t treat her, I saved her life.  I was so touched.  It was great.


Some more of my Until Dawn doodles! 
These children give me so many feelings… 
And I really wanted to draw the twins :’D
More of my sketches if you’d like to see them: [x] [x] [x]

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Everybody say something, keep it going, souls, blood and  grits, SAUSAGE!

Elizabeth: I like cute things but I still take SAUSAGE!

Madam Red: I might be married but I still like the SAUSAGE!

Baldroy: I blow up things trying to cook a frigging SAUSAGE!

Finnian: I’m really confused but I guess I’ll just shout SAUSAGE!

Meyrin: From a mile away I can see everyone’s SAUSAGE!

Tanaka: Ho Ho Ho SAUSAGE!

Snake: Emily says that her favorite meal is SAUSAGE!

Ash/Angela: Might be impure but we’re all out on the SAUSAGE!

The Triplets: We heard that Claude really wants Ciel’s SAUSAGE!

Alois: Only cause I’m young doesn’t mean I can’t like SAUSAGE!

Hannah: Even though my left eye’s gone I still want some SAUSAGE!

Claude: I want Ciel Phantomhive’s soul and maybe his SAUSAGE!

Undertaker: The joke the butler told had something to do with SAUSAGE!

Grell: I’m no slut but I want Sebby’s and Will’s SAUSAGE!

Ronald: I’m a fun ripper so of course I like SAUSAGE!

William: You should all be working, but fine. SAUSAGE!

Sebastian: I’m one hell of a butler and yes I like SAUSAGE!


Ciel: I hate all of you but I still want some sausage.

Have Hannah Simone Host SNL

Okay roomfriends!

For those of you who have instagram may have seen Hannah’s post about SNL hosts, and the racial issue in that department. She was really excited that Aziz was hosting a show. And shocked not more people of (South) Asian descent have hosted.
Now we want and put Hannah on SNL’s radar and get her host the show. I’m fully aware that SNL might not care for a few “roomfriends” who spam SNL twitter account, and don’t just let her host the first upcomming show, but it would be great to let Hannah see that what she said is being taken seriously and also, that we just really love her and want her to host. (One day.)
So, my question to every roomfriend on here is, maybe we can all tweet SNL at the same time (or around the same time. Damn time difference) and ask to let Hannah host!
In the twitter roomfriends DM we’ve brainstormed about some # and came up with #hannahsimoneSNL (duh) and #havehannahhost.
So who’s in? And maybe we can pick a date and time asap to spam snl. :) *evil laugh*

I’m sorry I’m not advanced in tumblr at all, I don’t know how to make a post all fancy and stuff.
If no one wants to join, that’s cool too.. i’ll just do it all by myself. (Am I making you feel quilty already? Okay good!)
I’ll post Hannah’s instagram posts, for anyone who doesn’t have instagram.

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If any of you get into a relationship what do you want to see in that person?

Lilly: Um…I don’t know. Frisky’s nice I guess!

Henry: Well, I never really thought about it.

Zoe: hehehe…(Zoe keeps glancing at Henry)

Iris: Someone intelligent, creative, and responsible!

Hannah: Someone with a kind heart willing to help people through their problems. No matter how they may have wronged you.

Blaine: Like I said, I’d like to avoid something like this. But I guess someone like Han…or…(sigh) never mind. It doesn’t matter.

@rileyhaydenjames replied to your post “Now I’m imagining Moira always working to keep Hannah’s old bike in…”

yes i agree like as much as i want to see how cain and chas deal with faith i’d really like hannah back, and amy tbh i miss her a ton

@inloveamateursatbest replied to your post “Now I’m imagining Moira always working to keep Hannah’s old bike in…”

your tag em, yesssss!!! as much as i do want to see cain and chas deal with the return of their absent mother after having been faced with their own parental shortcomings so often in the past year, the village doesn’t really need another dingle

yeah like if they make this ab cain and chas then this has major potential and i’d be really here for that bc cain and chas are my best sibs and i adore them and i’m all for exploration of their relationship and their dysfunctional af childhood

but if faith is primarily gonna be around to stir up ~drama~ for zak/lisa or her main involvement is gonna be with debbie/sarah then like yawn i’m bored no ty the dingles already make up half the village let’s get a brother for harriet or a long lost sugden or a sharma or rakesh’s daughter ya feel

and yesssss amy and hannah are my top two #BringThemBack characters tbhhhhh i miss them both dearly 

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As someone that have young cousins this 'it's only Doris all the time :(' is utter BS. I even remember when we were seeing so much of Ernest and no Doris but no one 'complained' then. I usually take a lot of pics of my cousin Hannah, so for some time it was only her until Jack also wanted attention and Hannah was all like 'no!' and didn't wanna take any pics anymore. They are kids, so it's really up to their moods and what they want... so I doubt it's Lottie that have a fav or something.

Yeah I remember when people were complaining that Lottie always posted pictures of Ernie but not Doris lol. Exactly, like u said, they’re kids! They don’t always sit still and wait for you to record them haha!

so apparently one of he guys that likes me, were gonna call him T. T asked me out ladt january and i was like lol no sorry bud. we didnt talk for a while but this january i found out he still really likes me. my bedt friend told me one day while we were in the car “t says if he could have any girl in the world, itd be you hannah. your his dream girl” and im like lol im throwing up just thinking about his crusty ass lo siento T. also another of my guy friends likes me i guess, were gonna call him N. N wanted to ask me to hoco, but hes a freshman and his mom said he couldnt, but we hung out the whole night anyway. my mysic department is going on a trip to see the chicago synphony orch and my other friend was like “n says he wants t onwith you. itll be like a little date” and once i was like lol no sorry N but like not to his face bc weve never talked about his feeligs to me oops.

but anyways, only 4 of my close friends (none of them were a part of this whole schpiel but they know that this is like a thing) they know im like REALLY NTO STRAIGHT LIKE HELLO GAY? YEA THATS ME LIKE 99%

lon story short 2 guys like me but im gay as hell and nobody at my school knows that and im sayig that my reason for rejection is thatbi just dont like them like that but in reality im just GAY

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So obviously Jessa and Adam are end goals, but I was wondering what else you wanted to see happen for her (personally I want her to actually become a therapist and end that toxic friendship she has with Hannah).

Ohh great question!!

Yes, I’d loveeee to see her become a therapist and find fulfilment helping others. Perhaps find another friendship group? Defo want her to end up with Adam (obvi)! I feel like Jessa has always been the most damaged one out of them, so to see her find fulfilment and happiness would be amazing, living a sober life, not having to put on a facade or purposefully create chaos like she usually does.

I mean really I want to see all of the girls happy and fulfilled. As someone the same age as them, I find myself relating to their struggles A LOT, like probably the most I’ve ever related to a tv show. Soshanna’s struggle finding a job after university was literally like a page out of my own life. So to see these girls settled and happy would mean a lot to me… because maybe I will one day achieve the same thing?

More specifically, I’d like to see Sosh killing it as an awesome career driven woman with a caring group of friends. I’d like to see Marnie finally have stability and more awareness of her world, I’d still like to see her with Charlie too. Hannah I’d like to see having success with her writing and finally getting over Adam. For Adam, to be with Jessa and to become a critically acclaimed actor - not Hollywood famous, but like a serious actor. Ray… idk tbh, maybe to move on from Marnie? They’re TERRIBLE together. Elijah to get back into dancing and find love. Desi… to pull his head out of his ass. Hannah’s Dad to accept his sexuality and find love with that cute man from S5, and Hannah’s mum to recover from her divorce and live life and a renewed woman.

I know you didn’t ask me about the other characters but… I have a lot of thoughts ahha

You know what I want? One episode of Hannah Montana maybe five years into the future after their years in college or ten. I wanna see Miley Stewart married (or engaged) I want to see lily and Oliver and their kid, maybe they’re married or not maybe they couldn’t make it work because Oliver was always on tour but still remain great friends , I want to see Jackson still living with his dad , robby finally with someone and even Rico who becomes like a really successful business man opening his own restaurant and shacks all over the place and features his favorite house special “cheese jerky” (a dedication to Ollie and Jackson) i just want to one more ep…for so many reasons

Don’t look me in the eye
For all you’ll see is
Are the lies I want you to believe
I love you, I swear, I’ll never let you down
Said the eyes meant to drown you
When I look up you will see
Everything I’ve said is just a fantasy
Stay away, run far from me
Before I can look down you
For the lies I tell can make you believe
Until I really look at you
—  Hannah Lorraine

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I love your art so much I am so in love with how you drew my gay babies I love them thank you!!! And you captured Hannah perfectly omg she tries to be all "Yeah that's right bitch I'm a badass sinnamon roll" but then she goes, "Oh my gosh diddly darn did you see that fluffy little kitty OMG I want one" and Cera cannot handle it omg!!! And I love how you perfectly portrayed Cera's "I don't really care about anything but look at the cutie and I'm gay AF"

I’m Gay™ for Cera

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ACCEPTING ..GIVE ME UR URL // @daemonslae //


Character in general: iris can fucking step on me thx bye. she is?? a really great character that we didn’t see much of and I WANT MORE OF HER dammit. 
The Mun: SCREAMS hannah ur my everything ok dont tell anyone bc that’s gay and i am Hetero ™


RP with them: y e s 


Overall Opinion:

look. look me in the eye and tell me this is not the Real Iris Amicitia. 

**note: mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

「 RULES: 」 - post a song that reminds you of your muse and then tag 6 people whose songs you want to see.

I was tagged by @purexpression, @virxlxngel  and @darkrccm (thanks guys!)

This is a tough one! I really like songs by Melanine Martinez reminds me of Max and Jefferson for sure! But for Max alone…I’d have to go with Hollow Glow by Hannah Telle (voice actress of Max) as it reminds me of Max singing in her room thinking about all the bullshit she goes through at school and how she just wants to live her life without all the crap that’s in it. I.e. Blackwell Drama, her rewind powers and all the choices she has to make.

This is me saying farewell
To all of those who live to sell
There must be more of life for me to see
Than famous folks and hip parties
Desperation, drugs and vanity
Give me something real, tangible and free

But these blues won’t seem to pass
And this pain it holds too fast
My dreams they all died a decade ago
I’m older now but I can’t let go
Of who I thought I’d be… It’s all too much for me.

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Dear Hannah Hart,

mydrunkkitchen: I sincerely apologise for the horrible criticism you received. I honestly can’t believe people can comment such negative things on a subject that isn’t their problem. I hope that you know that all of us aren’t like that.

I know you’re having a hard time and I really want you to take as much time as you need to process this. I’m absolutely disgusted in the way some people have acted because frankly it’s YOUR life. No one else’s, they shouldn’t be interfering at all with anything that is private or that you personally want to keep a secret. Being the loyal Hartosexuals that we are should respect you and your decisions. I am disappointed in the few people that decided to publicise this information for the world to see.

I love you very much Hannah. I hope Ollie ends up in an amazing home with caring and loving people to nurture and love Ollie. She deserves the world, and you have given all that you could to her. In the time we saw her, she was such a happy little puppy and I know that this must be the hardest thing to acknowledge but I want you to stay strong. I don’t know what made people resort to hatred and unkindness about the situation, but please remember that we love you.

I want you to be happy, Hannah. That’s all I ever want. You mean the god damn world to me. I hope you take this time to rest and get your mind around this little bump in the road. You’re allowed to keep things personal. You’re allowed to do things outside of YouTube and social media, most importantly you’re allowed to have a private life.

In other news, I hope you’re well and you’re keeping safe. Enjoy the rest of your trip here in London. I love you lots,

Love from
- Every single Hartosexual