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BTS reaction when you are doing ‘sexy concept‘ (you are an idol)

Jin: ‘As long as you are happy…

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Suga: Haha…You’re funny [Y/n], but seriously what’s the real concept? This better be a joke or else I’m going to have to have a talk with this guy..

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J-Hope: Do you really want to know my opinion?

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NamJoon:  *dead inside”

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Jimin: I will fight that guy… I swear… (no you are not cuz you re little bunny)

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V: Common, you are too cute for doing ‘sexy concept’

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Jungkook: *gives you that look*

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Based off the AU: “You stumble to me claiming I’m your ex, which in fact I am not and start hitting on me to try and win ‘me’ back, but I go along with it because you’re cute.” +

I walked into seven-eleven wearing my white bunny slippers, grey-shirt, and pajama shorts. The loud ding echoed through the store as I stepped inside, the cool air hitting my exposed skin. “Welcome, how are you doing?” The clerk asked from behind the counter.

“I’m good, thanks.” I replied, my car keys dangling from my hand.

I strolled over the back area looking for something to drink. All I really have is water in my house and I want something else for a change. I opened the glass door grabbing a Snapple apple then heading towards the candy isle. Another ding sounded making my head look up. A tall man with golden brown tousled hair. His dark jeans hung lowly from his hips matching his vans and t-shirt that formed around his biceps. I focused my attention back on the candy looking over all the sweetness. I heard footsteps and suddenly felt a presence behind me.

“Baby I’ve missed you.” The voice guy husked placing his hands on my waist. I turned around seeing the same guy who walked through the door a few minutes ago. His hazel eyes burning into mine.

“—Um what?” I mumbled. Even though this is kind of weird he’s hot so I’m not really going to complain.

“I-I said I’ve missed you. Why didn’t you answer my calls or texts.” He stuttered. Once the words left his mouth, I knew he was drunk so that’s probably why he thinks I’m some other girl. “Have you missed me as much as I’ve missed you—and your ass.” He ran his hands over the fabric of my shorts squeezing my bum in his large hands. God damn. “Tell me you’ve missed me.” He placed a sloppy kiss on my neck, nibbling on my skin.

“Fuck, I’ve missed you too.” I gasped putting my hand over his.

He surprisingly found my sweet spot, grazing it with his magical tongue. His hands left my waist turning me around and attacking his plump lips with mine. I leaned back on the candy giggling slightly as his hands roamed my body. Damn, he sure knows how to kiss. I wrapped my arms around his tattooed neck, running my fingers over a tattoo of the word patience. He tugged my body closer to his, his hands going under my shirt, touching my bare skin. I cupped his cheek in my hand, his tongue slipping into my mouth. I moaned once my tongue intertwined with his in a sloppy manner. I dropped my keys in from my hands making them clatter against the floor. His large hand grasped my bare thigh pushing my lower half towards  

“Hey can you guys take that somewhere else this is a gas station.”

I pulled away laughing as he gave me one last peck, “Come on baby girl.”


The “oops I shoplifted” haul

stores I went to first to last:

☆Forever 21☆(the only reason I even went to the mall was to go here and get hair bows and frilly socks. Don’t ask me why I just really wanted those two things) : •red heart shaped glasses ~$9 
•hair bows x3 ~$9
•bunny iPhone case -$8
•scrunchies ~$3 
☆Abercrombie☆ (I went here because forever 21 didn’t have frilly socks. First time in my life inside an A&F. Decided to steal some cute outfits because holy shit the place had like one employee and they forgot to tag like every other item. It was astonishing.)
•frilly socks x2 -$24 
•beige sweater ~$60
•windowpane dress -$58
•black tennis sweater -$58
•lace shift dress ~$75
•jeans -$40
•pink heart shaped glasses -$5
(Probably didn’t need two pairs of heart shaped glasses but whatever they’re free)
Floral hair bows x2 ~$14 

Total ~$363