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Could you give us a quick run down on the Riddler's early life?

    You can’t ask me to talk about Riddler and make it “quick” That’s pretty much impossible… but I’ll try. Hopefully you’ve gotten a chance to read his origin story? I’m going to assume you did because most of this stuff comes from there.

    OK SO! Eddie has a lot of back stories just because he is a major Batman rogue. He’s done it all from being a mail man (origin story) to video game designer/creator (BtAS) to working at for GPCD (Arkham games and Gotham), ect ect. But there are two things that stay relatively constant throughout his criminal careers.

    The frist is his home life as a child with his parents.

    Ed grew up in a fairly typical white middle class American home. This is later changed in different issues to an apartment. It could be a writer’s error or something later happens to the family that isn’t talked about. I have a ton of headcanons on it but you wanted quick so by passing. 

    Fun fact, Eddie actually didn’t care much about school. [insert gasp] If those notes weren’t hints enough, he wasn’t a prodigy or born genius. He was just a normal kid who found school boring and wished his teacher would hang herself. 

    More proof. He said he was mediocre. Meaning he probably got a lot of C’s and D’s all the way up to sixth grade. Why does this matter? Because later on in a different issue we find out about Eddie’s abusive father.

    Ok sooooooooooooo! Yes, Edward did cheat at the puzzle and this is actually where his deep seated need to always tell the truth (however twisted) comes into play. You can imagine where his father’s coming from. Mediocre son who’s never accomplished anything in his life, who has no friends, no social life, and no shared interests, suddenly becoming smart over night and winning a contest?  Well he MUST HAVE CHEATED! In no way do I to support or excuse his dad’s behavior but now it doesn’t look so out of left field. There is no physically drawn out evidence of any farther abuse from his father but a ton of hints towards it. Where there’s smoke there’s a fire.

    So we now we know about Ed’s relationship with his dad. But let’s talk about his dad’s relationship with his mom. Apparently it was a casual thing to hear his parents fighting. It could be this one night only they were throwing dishes and pans but I’m going out on a limb to say it happens more often than you’d like to think. Poor baby, not only does he have to hear his parents fighting, he finds out they’re fighting about him. “They were blaming each other for me”. There are many ways to interpret this: he could mean they were fighting about how he’s turned out OR he means they were fighting about him being alive at all. My two cents is that Ed was born out of wedlock and his parents had to get marry because it was back in the day so his parents held resentment towards him for that. This can be backed up with the fact that Ed mentions his mom was distant towards him (probably never hugged the poor child) and it’s later mentioned by James Gordon that Riddler was thought to have hated his mother. Apparently Ed complained about her enough that people just assumed he hated her.

    In new52′s retelling of Riddler’s origin, Edward comments about his checkered past which could be a throw back to when he ran a crooked carnival booth involving a diabolical puzzle, from the old comics.

    After childhood is when his road splits off into different career choices and ways of embracing the Riddler persona. Now we come to the second constant in his transformation to Riddler; the motive. There are two driving forces that tipped Edward over the edge. Recognition and Boredom.

  • In his original origin story, he was bored of his work-a-day life and went to crime
  • In BTAS Edward was cheated out of a game he created by Daniel Mockridge and tried to kill the man
  • In The Batman similar story as BTAS only throw in a love interest  
  • In the Arkham games he did it because he could
  • In New52 Philip called him an empty question mark and that no one would know or care about.

    Surprisingly for a man so OCD about riddles, they came as a side effect to his life of crime instead of the main driving force. Which could be why during the early stages of his career Riddler protested his mental instability because to him, he was in control of his riddles, not the other way around.


150 days of Riddler + ships — day 11

Riddler + Rec-room

I love the little cliques that form in the rec-room. The most frequently used characters for these scenes are Harley, Joker, and Ivy. I’d also like to point out that Riddler is a gossip girl to no end.

For reals tho, you know what would be cool? A Riddler comic series with a reformed Riddler. By reforming it means the writers can use him more easily without the need of those over complex riddles, you can do that cheap anti-hero thing that comics seem to love now a days, and his new secretary could be Kristen Kringle.

The comic series could revolve around Riddler trying to be a normal civilian with his PI job but costume freaks keep wrecking up his home and work life. And Batman won’t agree to be his body guard so he hires the skill sets of Query and Echo (after they tried robbing him).

The main over all plot could be the daunting question is he really reformed or just playing the system? Each move he makes seems to be out of character yet at the end of every issue his actions are very reasonable in that given situation.

Issues could range from plot heavy action to daily life events and he can travel outside of Gotham for cases, meeting up with different detective based heroes, Question, Constantine I’m look at you guys. But not too much because I really want more interaction between Batman rogues.

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Hello! :) I was wondering how many tutorials you have, and if you could post a link to them all? I find them very intsructive and helpful, thank you :3

Thanks so much! :D

Here are some links to all the tutorials I’ve done so far:

I really want to do a couple more tutorials, specifically on the History Brush and using Masks and Channels in Photoshop. However, I need some more of that free time stuff X’D. Hopefully these will appear on my Tumblr eventually :). For future reference, you can search “tutorial” from my blog search to see all of these and any future ones.

Preference #64. Peru.

I was inspected to write about Peru because I will be traveling there next January. Im so excited. =


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It was beautiful. Machu Picchu. The view was amazing, you could literally see everything. “I can’t believe we are at the top of Machu Picchu. In the Lost City of the Incas!” Harry yelled, throwing his inked arms in the air. “It’s beautiful.” The sun was hitting your face, making it warm. “I’m a little sweaty. Walking up all those stairs.” He said. “And they’re steep too!” You added, giggling. “Um, how high up are we, do you think?” Harry asked you. “I read that it’s approximately 7,970 ft high.” You answered him. “I wonder if you could stay out here.” You gave him an odd look, of confusion. “I mean like live up here .” “Oh, I don’t know. Probably not. ” You answered him. He moved closer to you, kissing your temple. “I could totally live up here with you.” He kissed your neck.


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You were laying in the hotel bed, sweating. The air conditioning was broken and the room itself wasn’t amazing. You and Louis were staying in Pucallpa. Louis was in the washroom. “Baby? What are we going to do today?” Louis asked, stepping out of the bathroom and sitting next to you. “I picked up a couples of brochures in the hotel lobby. I really want to visit an alpaca farm.” You told him. “Let me see that.” You passed him the brochure. “We get to feed them and we get to see how they make clothes with the fur! I don’t know, looks fun!” You told him. He put down the brochure and cuddled into your side. “Yeah, and the alpacas can also spit on us.” He said. You laughed. “Fine, we don’t need to go.” “Maybe let’s just relax today.” He said, cuddling into you.


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“Zaynie, when you said let’s get away, I thought you meant like a cheap motel, 20 minutes away. Not freakin’ jump on a plane and fly to Cuzco. You mad man!” You exclaimed. You wandered in the foreign airport, hand in hand. “I love you.” He said, kissing you temple. You blushed, your cheeks turning red. “I really do love you.” He added. “Yo también te quiero. su tan increíble!” You told Zayn. “Hun, what are you saying?” He asked you. You laughed. “It means, ‘i love you too. your so amazing’. It’s Spanish.” You answered him. “Thank you, for all this. You are an incredible man.” You added. “Let’s get our luggage and get the hell out of here. We need to get a hotel room. A nice bath? Maybe even a little sex, I think we deserve that, don’t you?” He asked. “Mmhm.”


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“It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?” You asked. You were in the midst of writing your paper for university. “What’s beautiful?” Liam asked, coming up behind you. “Peru. It looks so magical.” You said, showing him a picture of Peru. “I just wanna go, so bad.” “Yeah?” “Yeah. You know, when I was I little girl, my father used to tell me stories.” You started. “About what?” Liam asked you. You stood up, sitting down ext to Liam. “Well, my father was a traveler. He would be gone, for months at a time and to be honest, I never really missed him because when he can back he would show us tons of pictures. He would teach my mother and I new words and songs he picked up.” “Sounds wonderful.” He said. “Peru was the place I’ve been dreaming about. Ever since my dad went.” You said. “Your time will come love.” He said.


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“Niall! Quit playing around! If we’re going to South America we need to refresh our Spanish.” You yelled jokingly at Niall. “querida, yo sé hablar español!”(darling, i know how to speak spanish) “Oh? I bet you do!” You told him. “I do!” He answered. “Prove it!” “Que puedo hacer mucho más que hablar español. Si usted sabe lo que quiero decir.”(i can do a lot more than speak spanish. If you know what i mean) Niall said, winking. “Ew niall, you cheeky little chap!” You giggled. “For real, let’s practice.” “No.” He whined. “I’d rather do something else.” He whispered into your neck. “Fine, but don’t complain when you can’t even order your own food.” “That, I’m perfectly ok with.” He added, kissing along your neck.